Scent of ‘Germ’ Warfare Raises Fear in the Mideast by CLARE M. LOPEZ, JILL BELLAMY VAN AALST, REZA KAHLILI The sectarian war in Syria reportedly has claimed more than 60,000 lives and spawned concerns in the Middle East and the West about access to chemical weapons by non-state actors such as al Qaeda, Hezbollah and Hamas. Syria’s chemical weapons stockpiles are of immediate concern to Israel, Jordan and the United States, whether in […]

Rights vs. ‘Rights’ by EDWARD CLINE **** I developed a dislike for Franklin D. Roosevelt in high school because he was oversold by my history teachers. He was portrayed as a kind of canonized secular saint who had saved the nation and the world from the ghastly phenomena of the Depression and the Axis. Too young to judge FDR’s political accomplishments, […]


The two-day old tenure of Secretary of State John Kerry got off to a flying start today with an astonishing statement from his ambassador to Egypt, Anne W. Patterson, at a joint ceremony in Cairo to mark the delivery of four American-made F-16 aircraft:

Today’s ceremony demonstrates the firm belief of the United States that a strong Egypt is in the interest of the U.S., the region, and the world. We look to Egypt to continue to serve as a force for peace, security, and leadership as the Middle East proceeds with its challenging yet essential journey toward democracy. … Our thirty-four year security partnership is based upon shared interests and mutual respect. The United States has long recognized Egypt as an indispensible partner.


(1) Is not anyone in the Department of State aware that Egypt is now run by an Islamist zealot from the bowels of the Muslim Brotherhood whose goals differ profoundly from those of Americans?

(2) Willfully ignorant, head-in-the-ground statements like this are the embarrassment and ruin of American foreign policy.

(3) What a start for Kerry, whose mental vapidity promises to make Hillary Clinton actually look good in retrospect.


An Ambassador’s Warning to the French People
Here is a text from the pen of

René Servoise, former ambassador of France to Indonesia. It is posted atBivouac-Id,Le Post and Terre d’Israel.

Despite its length, I chose to abridge it only slightly

A mutation of our nation is in progress. It is growing, it is profound but uncontrolled. In all likelihood, the immense majority of Frenchmen are unaware of it.

Hundreds of thousands of Muslim families, from North Africa, the Middle East and black Africa – whose religion, aspirations and mores are radically different from ours – now live on our soil. Their birth rate is higher than that of European families. What is the consequence? Within 30 years the population of Islamist culture could be in the majority among those 40 years old or younger. “In France, we will have between 6 and 8 million Arabs by the years 2005 – 2010,” said Edgar Pisani, honorary president of the Arab World Institute. We have been duly warned: this is a radical transformation (political, economic, cultural and social) of our society.

This mutation is in progress at the very moment when, to use Toynbee’s expression, “an external proletariat” is forming on the southern and western shores of the Mediterranean Sea. This army of reservists came about as a result of the birth rate of these peoples, and the absence of an economic policy capable of guaranteeing them a decent life in their homeland. In front of them lie France, Italy, Spain and Germany, lands of mirage, highly developed, with guaranteed employment, free social protection and education. Who could resist the call of this “promised land”?

At the same time, all over the world, roused by immense hopes, Islam is enjoying an unprecedented revival. It is awakening after a long night. It has renewed vigor, pugnacity and ambitions. From Morocco to Indonesia, from the Muslim States of Central Asia to black Africa, more than one billion two hundred million men – young compared to the aging populations of Europe – constitute a “community” (Umma).

It is transnational, motivated by spiritual aspirations, material demands and political ambitions, and (here and there) financed by revenue from oil.

In France, the successive waves of Italians, Poles, central European Jews, Spaniards and Portuguese, had never posed comparable problems of integration. Why? Because they belonged to the European branch. Their religious traditions and their ambition to acquire more individual freedoms facilitated their assimilation. Finally – and this is far from the least important reason – these immigrants expressed a desire to share the destiny of the French nation. To meld into it. Integration cannot be decreed. In order for it to materialize it must be desired by two, this is obvious. And the two must converge. Today, the situation is different, radically different. An active and determined minority among the Islamists refuses integration. Deliberately.

In close communion with Islam (its matrix), it is receptive to orders from abroad, to spiritual counsel, ideology and financial support. And much more. Not only does it intend to keep its identity, but to re-Islamize the non-practicing, if not convert the natives of the host country to the true faith. Islam has never conceived of itself as a minority in a secular State, but necessarily as the majority religion. (…) Exalted by its renewal, propelled both by its demography and its absence of economic development, infiltrating wherever there is no resistance, Islam is advancing like a wave.

The French people can measure its vitality by the number of mosques multiplying on their territory (sometimes with the help of Catholic and lay leaders), mosques run by imams 96% of whom are from foreign countries. Also by the prospect of seeing – in the second half of the 21st century – the fall of Catholicism in France to second rank, leaving first place to Islam.

Thus two dynamics are developing: one inside our borders (…); the other outside (…) Concomitant and convergent, these changes are determining factors for Europe and for the French nation where the demographic stagnation is alarming.



Forget Springtime for Hitler. In the Era of Obama we have official Arab Springtime for Morsi, complete with Muslim Brotherhood rape squads going out for the very moral purpose of teaching Egyptian girls and women never to escape their sacred house arrest without a male escort. This is Shari’a law as enforced in Saudi Arabia as well as in the city of London.

StrategyPage, an excellent military website, gives us this information about who is paying for the worldwide jihad. On the Sunni side of the street it turns out to be our friends the Saudis:

“Where exactly did the current crop of Islamic terrorists come from? Basically, they came from Saudi Arabia… Saudi Arabia was also exporting billions of dollars, and thousands of Wahhabi preachers… Because of international media networks, Islamic terrorism was no longer a bunch of separate problems…”

And there we are today. The Saudis are using their billions to export 7th century Arabian barbarism to the rest of the world, and the Iranian mullahs across the Gulf are exporting their version to Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Gaza, and Syria. But basically it’s two flavors of the same criminal ideology, which sanctifies rape and killing for the sake of Allah.

As any Muslim theocrat will tell you, women are responsible for being raped. If they cover their bodies properly and are always escorted by their fathers or brothers, they would not be raped. On the other hand, if they escape their home jails and shame the family honor they deserve death.

PAMELA GELLER: NBC COVERS FOR MUSLIMS’ VICIOUS DESTRUCTION OF NON ISLAMIC ARTIFACTS The mainstream media continues to align itself with the jihad force. NBC News finally decides to address the Islamic destruction of ancient documents in Timbuktu, but instead of dealing honestly with this problem of Islamic contempt for the artifacts of other religions, it dares to assign this vicious, anti-human destruction to other religions. Ian […]

LEE KAPLAN: UNLIKELY PEACEMAKERS…. A REVIEW OF “TESTED BY ZION” BY ELIOTT ABRAMS Conventional political wisdom has long held that the Palestinian issue is the key to the Middle East. Yet as Elliott Abrams points out in “Tested by Zion: The Bush Administration and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict,” “Arab political life does not revolve around Palestine.” Rather, Palestine is “one issue among many and never the determining factor […]


Nothing could have harmed the nominee for secretary of defense more than his own confirmation answers.

It shouldn’t have been surprising that the Senate hearings to confirm Chuck Hagel as the next secretary of defense ended up shedding light on much more than this nominee and his qualifications. The trumpets had sounded long in advance on the main claim for Mr. Hagel—i.e., that his experience as an enlisted man, a combat veteran, had endowed him with special expertise not given to others, on matters of war, on our nuclear capacity, the size of our defense budget, a capacity to take the measure of Iran and North Korea.

Mr. Hagel had come by this wisdom, we were informed, because he had been at the front, seen men die, and knew, as we were frequently reminded, what the ordinary soldier thought and felt. All of this, the argument ran, gave him a unique capacity to head the Defense Department.

Could rational men and women seriously credit such a claim? The credential has been touted even by Mr. Hagel’s devout partisans on the left, delirious over the prospect of so conspicuous a voice of antiwar sentiment as secretary of defense. And of course by the president who chose, by this nomination, to make the dreams of those cadres come true.

The same argument was made for Mr. Hagel in the confirmation hearing before the Senate Armed Services Committee, though it would come less and less often as events took a decidedly disastrous turn for the nominee. Here was an affair sizzling with exchanges that seemed to come straight from a skillful Hollywood script of the old school—the kind whose most improbable scenes feel like gut-wrenching reality.


When I learned of the upcoming (Feb.7) BDS Movement against Israel, planned for Brooklyn College and sponsored by its Political Science Department, I was appalled. How could Shari’a law, so antithetical to our democratic principles and the school’s own mission statement, be accepted at the beautiful institution I attended so long ago?

How does spewing bigotry and propaganda against the only democratic country in the Middle East, by representatives of Islam who rally and burn our flags, conform to the educational welfare of BC students, alumni, and the community? How does Islamic intolerance on campus lead to outstanding achievements and the furtherance of education? How does permitting the accusatory lies against Israel, the only country in the region that actually does NOT practice apartheid, further democratic values? They clearly contradict the learning environment as they rationalize their irresponsibility and treachery to so many.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., stated, “The purpose of education is not just a tool to enable people to trample over the masses. Education is an opportunity to learn, to develop skills, and to improve themselves and society.” How can we improve our society by closing the minds of our students?

How can the school ignore the attempt to spread Islamic ideology worldwide, as Islam’s 1400-year history is replete with conquest, conversion, enslavement, usurpation, and slaughter of 270 million people in the Middle East? The current Muslim countries were once other cultures. While it may appear that these Islamists are here to discuss only one issue, they seek to conquer the sovereign nation of Israel, to deny her 4,000-year history, destroy her economy, and intimidate and manipulate non-Muslims into joining their war. Be assured that BDS is a war strategy to master the minds of Americans who will then join the fray in delegitimizing Israel, and absorbing the 8,000 square miles into their Islamic caliphate, while their counterparts are killing and overcoming the citizenry of Africa, France, Spain, England, Sweden, Norway, and the Benelux countries.

DOUGLAS DAVIES: THE RELENTLESS, OBSESSIVE FOCUS ON ISRAEL When will Israel’s achievements be recognised? Insomniacs lull themselves to sleep by counting sheep. Not me. I count Nobel Prizes being handed out in austere Scandinavian ceremonies. Modestly, I confess, I am the sole recipient. There is, however, a problem: the category for my Nobel Prize does not yet exist. But I am optimistic […]