PROFESSOR L.R. BERES: WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO KILL FOR A CAUSE? Before any country can fashion an effective counter-terrorism policy, it needs a clear and purposeful understanding of “the enemy.” For the United States, especially after discovering so-many behavioral contradictions in the Boston Marathon bombers, an underlying task must be to look more closely and explicitly at issues of normalcy. On the cover of yesterday’s […]



After Tuesday’s revelation about his post-resignation sexting and the ensuing press conference to deny its newsworthiness, it seems unlikely that Anthony Weiner could win anything — the mayoralty, a seat on his co-op board, or even the New Jersey Powerball. The same cannot be said for his wife. Huma has won the hearts of many in the commentariat, not least Tina Brown, who tweeted Wednesday: “I say Huma for mayor. She has all the qualities he doesn’t.”

Why do they love Huma? After all, this is a woman who has been enabling the ambitions of a husband almost universally understood as mendacious and narcissistic. True, that’s practically the job description of the political wife. But Huma went beyond the customary conjugal responsibilities. She orchestrated the rehabilitation of her husband’s public image and his campaign to lead the world’s premier city, starting with a willfully deceptive spread in People in which she assured the public, “Anthony has spent every day since trying to be the best dad and husband he can be” — even as his fingers twitched in preparation for his next sext.

ANDREW McCARTHY: CLOSING GITMO IS STILL A TERRIBLE IDEA Such unlucky timing for Senator Dick Durbin: He insisted on hearing today to push forward President Obama’s reckless project to close the terrorist detention facility at Guantanamo Bay. Apparently, al-Qaeda did not get the memo: The jihadist network has conducted bombing raids at two Iraqi prisons – including Abu Ghraib – in a successful plot to […]

PROFESSOR LOUIS R. BERES: NO NUCLEAR ARMS WOULD BE SUICIDE FOR ISRAEL No nuclear arms would mean suicide for Israel The Arab states’ call for a regional nuclear weapon free zone is coded language for preparing the last nail in Israel’s coffin. Once again, after a two-year hiatus, all 18 Arab state-members of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) are ready to single out Israel for […]

ANDREW McCARTHY: THE HUMA UNMENTIONABLES Charlotte’s revulsion over Huma Abedin’s calculated “stand by your man” routine is surely right. Still, it is amazing, as we speculate about Ms. Abedin’s political future, that the elephant in the room goes unnoticed, or at least studiously unmentioned. Sorry to interrupt the Best Enabler of a Sociopath Award ceremony but, to recap, Ms. […]

JACK ENGELHARD: ANTHONY WEINER? NOT IN MY NEIGHBORHOOD NEW YORK, July 24, 2013 — If Anthony Weiner were a horse he’d be gelded. That is what they do to sex crazed colts. So Dads – suppose your daughter came home one day and said she met this awesome  boy. Only trouble is, he can’t keep his pants on. He has a slight […]

IN SHILOH, ISRAEL: “WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT WHY WE ARE HERE AND NOT WHY WE SHOULD LEAVE” (AMEN) Politicians call for change in public discourse. Elkin: “We need to talk about why we are here. Not about why we should leave” By Maayana Miskin Ministers and Members of Knesset were among those who came to the Samaria town of Shilo on Wednesday to celebrate the opening of a unique new tourism center. […]

SARAH HONIG; DEJA VUE ….AGAIN Our memories tend to be so short that all too often déjà vu looks brand new. This is the case with the looming release of 82 convicted terrorists to facilitate the opening of yet another round of negotiations with the Palestinian Authority. But we’ve been there and seen that. Demanding “gestures of goodwill” and […]

Want Israeli-Palestinian Peace? by Fiamma Nirenstein How can any public support a peace agreement with the “sons of monkeys and pigs”? In Israel, even those who are afraid that the Israelis and the Palestinians may leave the negotiating table are hopeful. Talks may begin. The Palestinians waived their preconditions, which included the 1967 borders and halting construction in the territories, […]

Soeren Kern: France: Muslims Attack Police for Enforcing Burqa Ban Muslims say they are upset over police who are enforcing the secular laws of France. Police in the suburbs of Paris are working to restore order after hundreds of Muslims went on a rioting spree to protest the simple identity check of a Muslim woman who was wearing a full-face Islamic veil. It is […]