Burqa Ban Expanding In Africa :Stephen Brown

Cameroon latest country to outlaw Islamic garment after Boko Haram suicide bombers launch string of deadly attacks.

Only a month after the Muslim-majority nation of Chad announced in June a ban on the burqa and full-face veils, neighbouring Cameroon has done likewise. And for the same reason – to save lives.

Female suicide bombers wearing the Islamic garments left a trail of death and destruction in July in Cameroon, a West African nation of 22 million. Forty-three people perished in different attacks and dozens more were injured in the first suicide bombings ever to take place there.

The previous month, Chad had experienced the same devastation from suicide bombers, involving both men and women dressed in the all-concealing religious clothing. A twin suicide attack on June 15 in the country’s capital of N’Djamena, the first also for Chad, left 38 people dead. Another suicide attack in N’Djamena on July 12, involving a male bomber disguised in the Islamic dress, claimed an additional 15 lives. Chad announced its burqa and veil ban right after the June attack.

Shreya Sen :The Skin Game

A conservative of Indian heritage who is running for the White House, Louisiana’s Governor Bobby Jindal has committed what his detractors on the left regard as the greatest possible crime: He demands to be judged on this ideals and performance, not his race
The issue of race in politics is a contentious one, not just in Australia but also in the United States. In 2008, when Barack Obama became the first African-American president of what used to be called the Free World, there was massive celebration in the U.S. and, indeed, all around the globe. Yet Bobby Jindal (left), the conservative governor of Louisiana now running for the White House, has been showered with vitriol purely because of his skin colour. It seems the possibility of a brown man on the Republican ticket is such an affront to leftist sensibilities that no racist nor intellectually dishonest abuse is deemed beyond the pale.

The Washington Post, for example, opined in a Twitter post promoting its political coverage that “there’s not much Indian left in Bobby Jindal”. NBC News editorialised on the strength of minimal evidence that Indian-Americans reacted to Jindal’s presidential nomination bid “with jokes, embarrassment and critique”. That opinion must have taken its cue from little-known comedians and self-styled social commentators Hari Kondabolu and Aasif Mandvi, who launched the hash-tag #BobbyJindalSoWhite, prompting further abuse of Jindal wrapped in intellectual and political self-righteousness. Kondabolu tweeted, “I would rather have Apu (from The Simpsons) run for President than Bobby Jindal.”

Iran, the Munich Comparison, and the Abuse of History Posted By Victor Davis Hanson

The Iranian deal has called to mind the Munich Agreement of 1938. Then Britain and France signed away the sovereignty of Czechoslovakia, in hopes that Adolf Hitler would be content with absorbing the German-speaking Sudetenland borderlands and cease further territorial acquisitions. But that appeasement only accelerated Nazi atrocities, from Kristallnacht at home to the dismemberment of all Czechoslovakia and, the next year, the invasion of Poland.

Is the Munich disaster a sound analogy for the current proposed agreement with Iran?

The Obama administration and its supporters say no. And they have offered a variety of odd arguments. How can anyone compare the once most powerful state in industrial Europe with the current, relatively isolated, and backward Iran, whose theocracy supposedly poses a far smaller threat than did Adolf Hitler’s Wehrmacht?

How Obama Shrank the Military By Mark Moyar

He’s used the budget sequester to accomplish what looks to have been his political goal from the start.

News last month of the U.S. Army’s decision to cut 40,000 active-duty soldiers, shrinking to 450,000 by 2017, drew fusillades inside the Beltway. Sen. John McCain assailed “another dangerous consequence of budget-driven strategy.” Adam Smith, ranking Democrat on the House Armed Services Committee, fumed: “Sequestration and the Budget Control Act, which are responsible for slashing the defense budget, exist because the Republican Party held our economy hostage and threatened to default on our loans.”

These sound bites might bewilder Americans unfamiliar with the details of sequestration. Explanation is in order.

To start at the beginning: In 2011 Democrats controlled the White House and Senate, but Republicans promising fiscal restraint had swept the 2010 elections and controlled the House. That set up an inevitable confrontation, which culminated in the summer of 2011.

Clinton Needs to Read Up on the Castros By Mary Anastasia O’Grady

The embargo does not block the sale of books to Cuba, or isolate its economy from the world.

Getting to the left of Vermont senator and avowed socialist Bernie Sanders is no easy feat. But Hillary Clinton’s speech in Miami Friday was an excellent effort. What could be more reassuring to the extreme fringe of the Democratic Party (i.e., primary voters) than a candidate who uses the talking points of Fidel and Raúl Castro to explain Cuban isolation and misery?

The problem for the rest of the electorate is what the speech says about Mrs. Clinton’s foreign-policy judgment. Her remarks do not inspire confidence that she has a strategy for dealing with the intransigent Castro dictatorship.

States Should Shun the EPA’s New Power Mandate By Hal Quinn And Peter Glaser

The agency has failed to properly weigh the costs, even though the Supreme Court says it must.

On Monday President Obama is announcing the final version of his Clean Power Plan, the carbon-emission rules for power plants to secure his climate-change legacy. The plan is designed to hobble electricity generators much as the Environmental Protection Agency’s 2012 rule to reduce mercury and other emissions has harmed the coal industry.

Fortunately for consumers, on June 29 the Supreme Court slapped down the agency’s 2012 rule. In Michigan v. EPA, the court said the agency failed its legal obligation to compare the cost of its mercury standards with the benefits.

Tom Cotton: ‘It is Our Duty to Lead on the Global Stage’ by Michael Lucchese

HEAR SPEECH: http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/69400953
In a speech to the National Conservative Student Conference, United States Senator Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) harshly condemned President Obama’s proposed nuclear deal with the Iranian regime. Speaking to Breitbart News following the speech, Senator Cotton emphasized the importance of involving young Americans in foreign policy issues.

In an interview with Breitbart News, Senator Cotton stressed the need to communicate American principles to youth. “America was founded on principles that transcend time and space. It is our duty to lead on the global stage, and when we communicate our history to the youth, they will understand why we must lead,” the Senator said.

When pressed on what many perceive as a growing apathy among young people towards foreign events and national security, Senator Cotton replied that he was not particularly worried. “Our very best and brightest have always gone into the United States military. Those serving on the frontlines understand why we’re fighting, and they serve us well,” he said.

Release the Secret Iran Deals The Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act Requires that Congress Get all Documents, Including Those Involving Iran and Other Parties.By Sen.Tom Cotton And Mike Pompeo see note please

Senator Cotton, a Republican from Arkansas, is a member of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. Rep. Pompeo, a Republican from Kansas (District 4), is a member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. Mark Pompeo rates a -5 from the Arab American Association for his strong support of Israel. Tom Cotton is continually targeted by the Obamathons for his cogent criticism…..rsk

For those of us who are elected officials, few votes will be more consequential than whether to approve or disapprove the nuclear agreement President Obama has reached with Iran. Yet the president expects Congress to cast this vote without the administration’s fully disclosing the contents of the deal to the American people. This is unacceptable and plainly violates the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act—a law the president signed only weeks ago.

During a recent trip to Vienna to meet with the International Atomic Energy Agency, the organization charged with verifying Iran’s compliance, we learned that certain elements of this deal are—and will remain—secret. According to the IAEA, those involved with the negotiations, including the Obama administration, agreed to allow Iran to forge the secret side deals with the IAEA on two issues.

How California Promotes Energy Poverty – Fighting Climate Change Comes First — No Matter the Cost. By Robert Bryce

In a recent column in the Orange County Register, demographer Joel Kotkin wrote, “California is a great state in which to be rich,” but he added that affluence in California “co-exists alongside unconscionable poverty.” He pointed out that in the Golden State, the poverty rate for Latinos is 33.7 percent and for African Americans, 30 percent. Both those percentages are well above national averages.

Kotkin’s column, which carried the headline “Putting climate change ahead of constituents,” excoriates the energy policies being promoted by California’s liberal politicians, policies that he calls “environmental puritanism.” Kotkin (whom I am proud to call a friend) has it exactly right. California may be one of America’s most liberal states, but its energy policies are regressive, and the state’s headlong rush toward lower carbon-dioxide emissions and greater use of renewables will only make that regressivity worse.


On the surface lies and jokes may appear harmless. Many of the lies for Jews are so absurd it’s hard to imagine that anyone would believe them. But they do.Anti-Semitism and hatred for Jews are fanned by lies and jokes dating back centuries.

In the 14th.century a sickening lie ” Blood Libel” made the claim that Jews kill Christian children for their blood to make matzo (unleavened bread). To this day it is still circulated. Also in the 14th century Jews were blamed for poisoning wells across Europe causing the Black Plague.

The Protocols of the Elders of Zion , written in 1905 by agents of the Russian czar, claims to be minutes of secret Jewish meetings where they planned to rule the world. It is the most notorious anti-Semitic collection of lies widely distributed. Although discredited it is still circulated worldwide, notably in heavily populated Muslim countries.