The 5 Dumbest Lies in Obama’s Amnesty Speech By Daniel Greenfield

1. Obama isn’t implementing amnesty. He’s fighting amnesty or something.

“I know some of the critics of this action call it amnesty. Well, it’s not. Amnesty is the immigration system we have today… That’s the real amnesty – leaving this broken system the way it is.”

In a speech filled with howlers and crazy lies, Obama’s claim that deporting illegal aliens is amnesty but giving them legal status isn’t, tops the list.

Somewhere George Orwell is climbing out of a grave and calling his lawyer. Really, we can now add “deportation is amnesty and legalization is deportation” to the old freedom and war list.

2. We are a nation of laws

“Even as we are a nation of immigrants, we are also a nation of laws. Undocumented workers broke our immigration laws, and I believe that they must be held accountable… “

The least appropriate time to namecheck America as a nation of laws is when you have to decided to…

A. Illegally usurp Congress

B. Provide sanction to lawbreakers

C. Disregard the very immigration laws you’re mentioning

When you use phone and pen to run everything, then the country isn’t a nation of laws. It’s a nation of executive orders.

3. Amnesty for 5 million illegals isn’t “mass amnesty”

“Mass amnesty would be unfair. Mass deportation would be both impossible and contrary to our character. What I’m describing is accountability – a commonsense, middle ground approach”

Obama has a bad habit of claiming to be the centrist because he’s standing between two strawmen extremes. But this is pathetic even by that measure.

Here he’s seriously claiming that amnesty for 5 million illegal aliens isn’t “mass amnesty”. If not every single illegal alien has been amnestied, then it’s not “mass amnesty”.

Is there anyone out there stupid enough to believe that?

4. Which part of illegal don’t you understand?

“But even as we focus on deporting criminals, the fact is, millions of immigrants – in every state, of every race and nationality – will still live here illegally…”

Illegally entering the US is a crime. Illegal aliens are criminals. Identity theft, routine among illegals, is also a crime.

5. No, seriously

“I know that some worry immigration will change the very fabric of who we are, or take our jobs, or stick it to middle-class families at a time when they already feel like they’ve gotten the raw end of the deal for over a decade. I hear these concerns. But that’s not what these steps would do.”

After summarizing some of the problems from his amnesty, Obama’s response is “no they won’t”. That’s it. Followed by using some kids as human shields.

Obama isn’t even bothering to have a debate. He falls back into his usual sanctimonious “I hear what you’re saying, now let me ignore it.”

Amnesty for Unamerica : Daniel Greenfield

Obama’s excuse for his illegal amnesty will be that the immigration system is “broken” forcing him to act. But when Obama says that the system is broken, he means that some parts of it still work and so he intends to break immigration all the way through to benefit his own corrupt political allies.

That will hurt his own voters the most, but the Democratic Party has a notoriously masochistic relationship with its voting base. It beats them up and then it gaslights them by hugging them and telling them that it was really the mean Republicans who punched them in the face.

When African-American unemployment rates rise, the workers who can’t find jobs because of all the brand new DREAMERs won’t blame the White House, they’ll blame the evil Republicans for income inequality, assuming Sharpton manages to read the term correctly from his MSNBC teleprompter.

According to Obama our immigration system is broken because it doesn’t allow illegal aliens who illegally crossed the border to take American jobs. That’s not a broken system, that’s what the system is supposed to do.

When illegal aliens aren’t allowed to legally take American jobs, that’s how you know the immigration system is working. In the language of progressivism, helping means ruining and fixing means breaking. A system that fulfills any useful purpose must be reformed out of all usefulness. If the tattered shreds of the immigration system still keep a single Democratic voter from legally cashing a welfare check and casting a vote, then immigration must be reformed and helped and fixed until it is completely destroyed.

The immigration system is broken because it was reformed so many times that it makes as much sense as an outhouse on a space shuttle. Its main function now is to bring millions of people without jobs to a country where millions are out of work. Obama wants to fix that by adding millions more people.

Our system of immigration is a perfectly good system for importing lots of low wage workers. The only problem is they’re being imported into a country where there are a lot more low wage workers than there are jobs. The cost of providing food stamps and social services for the immigrants and the Americans they put out of work is passed on to the shrinking middle class which kills more jobs.

Some Republicans would like to modify it to help Mark Zuckerberg bring cheaper third world programmers and engineers to replace the Americans over at Facebook. Why settle for just wiping out the working class, when you can also take out chunks of the middle class?

Republican-led Benghazi Report Largely Clears Obama Administration….See note please


U.S. Embassy Spends $70K on Ads Denouncing Anti-Muslim Film for Pakistani TV

“The U.S. Embassy in Pakistan has started screening advertisements on Pakistani television featuring President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton condemning the film “Innocence of Muslims.”The ad cost the embassy $70,000 and started running on Thursday, the Associated Press reported. It features clips of both Obama and Clinton each denouncing the film and seeking to distance the United States from it, their words translated in Urdu.“A message from the President of the United States Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton,” the spot begins.

There is an old truism in Washington that if you have to release a piece of information, but would prefer that information not get a lot of publicity, the best time to do it is Friday afternoon. Not only are journalists less likely to cover cover stories that come down the pipeline on Friday afternoons, but people looking forward to the weekend are less likely to read them.

Not to cast aspersions on the motives of the Republican-led House of Representatives Intelligence Committee, but there may be a reason why its two-years-in-the-making investigative report about what really occurred during a 2012 raid on the U.S. embassy in Benghazi, Lybia was released to the public on a Friday afternoon.

The 36-page report found not only that neither the military nor the CIA acted improperly during the raid—in which four Americans were killed, including Ambassador Chris Stevens—but also largely cleared Obama administration appointees.

“We spent thousands of hours asking questions, poring over documents, reviewing intelligence assessments, reading cables and emails, and held a total of 20 committee events and hearings,” Mike Rodgers (R – Mich.) and C.A. Dutch Ruppersberger (D – Md.), the ranking members of the committee said in a statement to the Associated Press. “We conducted detailed interviews with senior intelligence officials from Benghazi and Tripoli as well as eight security personnel on the ground in Benghazi that night. Based on the testimony and the documents we reviewed, we concluded that all the CIA officers in Benghazi were heroes. Their actions saved lives.”

Obama’s Legacy (and Europe’s) by Guy Millière

It is difficult to think that President Obama — or leaders in Europe — want their names to go down in history as the fools who actually legitimized a rogue entity such as “Palestine” or enabled Iran to acquire nuclear weapons. But just as Neville Chamberlain is looked on as the biggest laughing stock in history for promising “peace” with Hitler, so can Obama’s legacy be that of an even bigger fool. Chamberlain, after all, did not have a Chamberlain to warn him.

On October 30, when the Swedish government recognized “the State of Palestine,” Foreign Minister Margot Wallstrom said she thought that the decision “shows the way” to other European governments.

It seems she is right. Even earlier, on September 30, French President François Hollande declared that “France will soon recognize a Palestinian state.” French Socialist representatives are presently working on a text along those lines. And on October 13, the British Parliament voted overwhelmingly in favor of the official recognition of “Palestine”, even if the vote was non-binding.

But non-binding votes can easily lead to binding decisions.

Sure enough, true to Wallstrom’s prediction, on November 18, the Spanish parliament did the same thing — on the same day as a murderous terrorist attack on Israeli civilians praying at a synagogue in Jerusalem.

Wallstrom had added that the recognition of the “State of Palestine” by the Swedish government would help to facilitate renewed negotiations and strengthen the positions of the “moderates.”

In reality, however, all recent diplomatic statements of Mahmoud Abbas[1] and other “Palestinian” leaders show a willingness to reach a formal recognition of “Palestine” but without the negotiations to which they had agreed under international law in Oslo II, and without any peace agreement.


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A Rational Scrutiny Sampler I highlight some of my prefatory remarks on the four Chess Hanrahan detective novels and on the seven Cyrus Skeen novels.

Taking a break from all the doleful and depressing news running riot in the MSM and the Internet and from around the nation and world, and also from reading a superb book on the Montesorri System which I will review later, I have decided to post a sampler of Rational Scrutiny: Paradoxes and Contradictions in Detective Fiction (Patrick Henry Press, 2014), which is available as a print book, on Kindle, and as an audio book. (With the odd exception of The Pickwick Affair, the print editions also are all available at Barnes & Noble, if you prefer to give them your custom instead.)

In this Sampler I highlight some of my prefatory remarks on the four Chess Hanrahan detective novels and on the seven Cyrus Skeen novels. To wit:

In this volume of nonfiction I present excerpts from novels featuring my own two fictional private detectives who take the “intellectual” approach to solving crimes: Chess Hanrahan, who specializes in solving “moral paradoxes,” and Cyrus Skeen, a denizen of the third decade of the last century. Both are college graduates and veterans of the New York City Police Department. Hanrahan went to Fordham University, quit the force after a tongue-lashing by a district attorney, and became a private detective. Skeen is a World War I era Yale graduate who spent a short time on the force as a plainclothesman before following his avocation of writing short stories, and moved to San Francisco where he gleaned most of his story ideas from his private investigations.

Readers of the print and Kindle editions of their stories (and also patrons of the audio book editions) will be familiar with their “inner narrations” or spells of introspection as they sort through a whirlpool of facts, appearances, and chimeras. Hanrahan operates on a motto he culled from a philosophy student’s test paper: Nothing that is observable in reality is exempt from rational scrutiny. Skeen has no motto, and later in his series is moving away from short story writing to publishable essays that plumb the motivations of the criminal mind.

Into the Fray: The Arabs’ War Against the Jews and What Must be Done : Martin Sherman ****

As long as Israel acknowledges that the Palestinian Arabs’ national claims to statehood in Judea-Samaria are authentic and legitimate, Israel can never be secure externally, or internally.

“The Arabs… will not flinch from the war of liberation… This is a fight for the homeland – it is either us or the Israelis. There is no middle road. The Jews of Palestine will have to leave…We shall destroy Israel and its inhabitants and as for the survivors – if there are any – the boats are ready to deport them.”

– Ahmad Shukeiri, Yasser Arafat’s predecessor as PLO chairman, few days prior to the Six Day War

Claims of historical or religious ties of Jews with Palestine are incompatible with the facts of history and the true conception of what constitutes statehood. Judaism, being a religion, is not an independent nationality. Nor do Jews constitute a single nation with an identity of its own; they are citizens of the states to which they belong.

– The Palestinian National Charter

In my column last Friday, I warned that we were on the cusp of carnage. This grim prognosis came true even more rapidly than I had feared.

Early on Tuesday morning, Arab terrorists brutally struck down Jews at prayer inside a Jerusalem synagogue.

New phase in old battle

In the wake of the column, I was interviewed by the Voice of Israel’s Dan Diker, who asked me whether the recent incidents of Arab terror constituted a new phenomenon, or merely a continuation of the Arab enmity experienced in the past.

My response was that they were, in fact, both.

On the one hand, they reflect the continuation of obdurate Arab refusal to countenance any expression of Jewish political sovereignty. On the other hand, they are part of the emergence of a new, more menacing phase of that process. It is, sadly and predictably, a ghastly culmination of almost a quarter-century of gutless, guileless Israeli policy that has drastically undermined Israel’s deterrence, and dramatically emboldened its Arab adversaries.


Terror in Jerusalem By Sarah Stern

Sarah N. Stern is Founder and President of the Endowment for Middle East Truth, an unabashedly pro-Israel and pro-American think tank and policy shop in Washington, D.C. (EMET)
Last week in Israel we awoke to the horrific news that four Jews were mercilessly hacked to death while at prayer in a Jerusalem synagogue. They were killed by terrorists wielding meat cleavers, knives, guns, and axes. A fifth Israeli Jew, a policeman who responded to the scene, was later pronounced dead. Three of the four worshippers were American citizens.

There is an old familiar feeling of trepidation in the steps we take, here; a quick glance over the shoulders when we feel someone is following us; a suspicion that I don’t like in myself, creeping up within me, when the Arab worker in a neighborhood store helps me out.

A friend of mine, whose parents were Holocaust survivors, confided in me, “If in a synagogue yesterday, who knows where next? In a neighborhood grocery store? In a kindergarten with children at play? …This is like a pogrom in our own nation”

Disgust is also an all too familiar feeling here. There is disgust with CNN who mislabeled the attack on Jewish worshippers in a synagogue as “An Attack in a Jerusalem Mosque”.

There is disgust with the stale, canned statements of leaders who for years, when Israelis are killed, have issued statements of moral equivalency, such as the assertion made yesterday by President Obama, that “too many Palestinians have died”, as well as Israelis. “At this difficult time”, he continued, “I think it’s important for both Palestinians and Israelis to try to work together to lower tensions and reject violence.”

Statements such as these fail to recognize the distinction between the arsonist and the firefighter. By President Obama’s failure to recognize this act for what it is: a pure, unadulterated act of evil, these sorts of statements only serve to reinforce the already growing feeling of triumphalism of the jihadist in his bloodthirsty quest for Islamic hegemony.

There is a disgust at the decades-old sentiment that that there is some sort of vast distinction between the jihadists that attack Jews at worship or babies riding on a Jerusalem train with their parents, and acts of Islamic terrorism throughout the globe. Who can be so naïve as to believe that the ISIS fighter in Syria and Iraq does not delight over the news of dead Jews in Jerusalem?



An artificial pancreas implant. Type-1 diabetes patients can one day avoid taking insulin injections if the bio-artificial pancreas, developed by Israel’s Beta-O2 passes its human trials in Sweden. The BAir delivers oxygen to replacements for the faulty islet cells that are essential for producing insulin in the patient’s body.

A smartphone for the disabled. Israel’s Sesame Enable is developing “the Sesame Phone,” which is specifically tailored to assist people who have limited or no use of their hands. The system enables control of the smartphone with a combination of small head movements and voice recognition.

Wristwatch to monitor Parkinson’s. Intel Israel has developed a Parkinson’s disease monitor that sufferers wear on their wrists. The device records pulse, slowness of movement, tremors and sleep quality, making up to 300 observations per second. Doctors previously relied on patients’ verbal reports and brief hospital checkups.

Diabetes finger monitor gets cash boost. (Thanks to Atid-EDI and Globes) I reported on the non-invasive diabetes finger monitor from Israeli biotech CNoga Medical in Sept 2013. CNoga has just received a $12.5 million investment from Chinese investment fund GoCapital to help expand development and marketing.

Over 100 DTMS devices in use. Israel’s Brainsway has now installed 101 Deep Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation devices worldwide – 50% in the USA and has orders for another 36. Brainsways depression-treatment service using DTMS is covered by the insurance policies of 193 million people in the US.

Mental health advice on New York street. The Israeli start-up Talkspace has erected large transparent bubbles on New York’s Fifth Avenue to offer free online psychological advice to pedestrians. Passersby can enter a make-believe living room inside an inflated dome and chat online with a psychologist.

Israel’s part in the comet landing. Two Tel Aviv University professors had key roles in the Rosetta project which completed the first ever spacecraft landing on a comet. Prof. Akiva Bar-Nun helped design the craft and its experiments. Prof Morris Podolak and other Israelis will analyze the Dust Impact Monitor experiment.

Israeli plants can resist climate change. (Thanks to Stuart) A study by scientists from Israel, Germany and the US shows Israel’s plants to be more resilient than other plant species in being able to withstand the stresses of any threat from global warming. One researcher said, “Our plants are strong and so are the people of Israel!”

Israelis win PayPal challenge. Israelis Shai Mishali and Pavel Kaminsky won the $100,000 grand prize at the global hackathon competition held at PayPal’s California HQ. They beat 3,000 international programmers by developing (in 24 hours) AirHop, for messaging without cellular reception or using devices without SIM cards.

ASA — Anti-Semitic Association By Tabitha Korol

The American Studies Association (ASA), allegedly a scholarly association – (“our nation’s oldest (1951) and largest association devoted to the interdisciplinary study of American culture and history,”) has abandoned its scholarly pursuits to boycott Israel, and banned Israel’s university representatives participation in a forthcoming academic conference at a California hotel/resort. The chain subsequently declined. Why would a once-respectable organization depart from its stated mission, and take on a jihadist agenda? Answer: moral bankruptcy – clearly and definitively anti-Semitic, they have chosen Marxism and Islamism over democracy, virtue, and integrity.

Jihadist professors want to isolate Israel for the “Palestinian cause,” a deflection and façade for the greater global threat of world domination. A blood-thirsty lot, Mahmoud Abbas has openly called for the murder of Israelis. The reign of terror has begun on the Jewish state, just as it is underway in other countries. This is the group that ASA supports; this is the group that ASA has become.

As I noted last December, 2013:

[Then-]President Curtis Marez admitted that there are worse countries than Israel but, he added, “One has to start somewhere.” Can you picture Marez as part of a firefighting team sent to extinguish a blaze in Southern California, and he’ll start “somewhere” in North Dakota? So they’re boycotting Israel’s universities, which are also attended by Palestinian students, rather than boycotting Palestinian universities, which were instituted by Israel but are prohibited to Jewish students.

All but the comatose know that Israel has won more Nobel prizes per capita than any other country, has more laureates in real numbers than China, Mexico and Spain; publishes more books translated from other languages, and Israelis read more books per capita than any other nation. She leads with the number of scientists and technicians in the work force (exceeding the U.S. by 63%) and most physicians and engineers per capita, ranks third in producing the most scientific papers per capita, and her contributions to medicine and agriculture are beyond miraculous. With Israel’s dedication to morality and improving life, she appears as the moral conscience that Islam and ASA resent. The association has chosen tyranny over democracy, using Palestinian propaganda to trash Israel, while also harming America and the entire non-Islamic world. We are all Islam’s despised infidels.


The government of Canada took an historic step yesterday by signing the Ottawa Protocol to combat anti-Semitism. By doing so, it recognized anti-Semitism as a pernicious evil and a global threat against the Jewish people, the State of Israel and free, democratic countries everywhere. As Prime Minister Stephen Harper has noted, “Those who would hate and destroy the Jewish people would ultimately hate and destroy the rest of us as Well.”

The protocol is a declaration that hatred of this nature will not be tolerated in this country. It sets out an action plan for supporting initiatives that combat anti-Semitism and provides a framework for other nations to follow.

It also sets out a vibrant definition of anti-Semitism which, for the first time in history, links anti-Semitism to the denial of the right Jewish people have to their ancestral home land — the State of Israel. This, in fact, is what sets post-World War Two anti-Semitism apart from its historic roots. Today’s anti-Semitism is all about denial: denial of the legitimacy of Zionism as a Jewish movement to reclaim the land of Israel; denial of a Jewish history in connection to the holy land and, in particular, the centrality of Jerusalem to the Jewish people; denial of The Holocaust (while at the same time accusing Jews of Nazism); and denial of Jews to live free of anti-Semitism, hate and intolerance.

In announcing the Protocols, Foreign Minister John Baird has expressed his government’s unequivocal support for the State of Israel. In referring to this week’s turmoil at the United Nations and the Palestinian threat to unilaterally declare a state, Baird said, “Canada will not stand behind Israel at the United Nations, we will stand right beside it. It is never a bad thing to do the right thing.”