Britain hymns Middle East democracy — except the one it throws under the bus While the British Prime Minister David Cameron is in Egypt hymning the prospect there of democracy and human rights (which looks increasingly as if it’s destined to remain merely a pipe-dream in the minds of western ostriches) what has been […]

KEVIN MYERS: LITTLE HOPE OF DEMOCRACY AS ARAB DESPOTS ARE OVERTHROWN Kevin Myers: Little hope of democracy as Arab despots overthrown And so, just eight years on, the neo-con dream that prompted the invasion of Iraq is finally coming to pass with the collapse of the various Secular Arab Despotisms.The great neo-con theory was that with such SAD dictatorships abolished, democracy, the rule of […]

ASTRONOMIC RISES IN OIL PRICES ARE THE RESULT OF THE BAN ON DRILLING!!! Editorial: $100 Oil Is Devil’s Due For Drilling Bans Energy: President Obama talks much of moving to sustainable energy. But as he blocks domestic drilling, the reality is he’s outsourced U.S. oil needs to mad-dog dictators like Libya’s Moammar Gadhafi. That’s even less sustainable. Oil prices hit $100 a barrel Wednesday as thousands of […]

THE SULTAN: THE THREAT OF GOVERNMENT POWER The Threat of Government Power Time and time again, the liberal defenders of government power have attacked any call for reform as a plot by the wealthy. Even now New York Times editorialists pound their keys about the “Concentration of Wealth”, invoking presidents from Andrew Jackson to Theodore Roosevelt. But in our America, the […]


REVOLT!: STATES LEAD THE WAY Published on on February 23, 2011 As predicted in Revolt! (Dick’s and Eileen’s new book) – States Lead the Way Toward Reform It is not only the Arab world that is in turmoil! Reform Governors like Scott Walker (Wisconsin), John Kasich (Ohio), Mitch Daniels (Indiana), Tom Corbett (Pennsylvania), Butch […]

CAL THOMAS: A GOVERNMENT PRICE ON OUR HEADS? “Where could a formula for a governmental valuation of human life lead? If government gets to determine our worth, it could lead to government determining when in its judgment we are worthless. It could lead to government deciding that when we are costing the state more than we are paying in taxes, we might […]

WE ARE AT WAR….ARE WE GOING TO WIN IT? Tom McLaughlin We’re at war. Our enemy is radical Islam. It’s the aggressor and its goal is to put the world under Sharia Law. Its biggest obstacle is the United States of America because we are the epitome of Western Civilization. Our goal is to defeat radical Islam. “Are we going to win this […]

THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD: GAINING CONTROL THROUGH THE BALLOT Dr. Mark A. Gabriel An interview given by the secretary general of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood shows that his group intends to gain power via the ballot box – and then introduce sharia law. The author, an expert in Middle Eastern History and Culture, an Egyptian native, graduate of Al-Azhar University. As the whole […]

TEENAGER BATTERED FOR REFUSING ARRANGED MARRIAGE AFTER FATHER SOLD HER Teenager battered for refusing arranged marriage after father sold her as £10,000 bride By Daily Mail Reporter A brave teenager has spoken for the first time of the harrowing ordeal of being beaten up in an arranged marriage after her father tried to sell her for £10,000. The 15-year-old girl was tricked into flying […]


Obama Retreats, Ahmadinejad Advances By James Lewis When Saddam Hussein’s tank battalions brutally invaded Kuwait in 1990, the United States was able to knock Saddam’s Air Force out of the sky in a matter of days. In the subsequent tank battles the United States ruled the air. After kicking Saddam out of Kuwait we […]