JED BABBIN: DIPLOMACY OF DUNCES The U.S.-Russian agreement, which is supposed to result in the seizure and disposition of Syria’s chemical weapons, is the crowning achievement of President Obama’s and Secretary of State Kerry’s diplomacy. Their achievements are threefold. First, they have given New York Times op-ed contributor Vladimir Putin everything he wanted and obtained precisely nothing in return. […]


If it were not for Iran’s former president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the Mullahs, Obama would have probably made a deal with Iran a long time ago. Now it seems that Washington’s acceptance of Russia’s scheme to dispose of Syria’s chemical weapons is part of Obama plan for a grand rapprochement with Iran. The September […]

The Munich Crisis, 75 Years Ago, Through the Eyes of Cartoonists: Rafael Medoff and Craig Yoe ****

The Allies’ sacrifice of Czechoslovakia, followed by a weak response to Kristallnacht, helped convince Hitler there would be no real effort to stop him.

Seventy-five years ago this month, Adolf Hitler provoked his first major international diplomatic crisis.

It would ultimately help pave the way for World War II and the Holocaust.

Hitler sought a pretext to invade Czechoslovakia.

Throughout 1938, the German government-controlled news media published a flood of wildly exaggerated accounts of the Czech authorities supposedly persecuting ethnic Germans who were living in the western border region known as the Sudetenland. (Because of the redrawing of the region’s borders after World War I, there were more than three million ethnic Germans residing in Czechoslovakia, constituting about one-fourth of the population.) At the same time, pro-Nazi Sudeten Germans staged violent demonstrations, claiming they were victims of “discrimination” and demanding “self-determination.”

Matters reached a boiling point in early September, as the Nazis financed a wave of mob violence by Sudeten Germans, including attacks on local Jews. Hitler then began threatening to intervene to “restore order.”

VICTOR SHARPE: FUNDAMENTALLY TRANSFORMING AMERICA With the de facto capitulation of President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry over Syria, and with Russian President Putin now very much in control and humiliating the United States in the pages of the New York Times, the towering peril to the world is now the re-invigorated Russian support of Iran. Equally, Iran […]


Will someone please remind President Obama that Republicans are Americans, too?

Republicans do bleed and among the 12 patriots murdered yesterday at the Washington Navy Yard, surely a good number were not Democrats.

But only hours apart from the slaughter, Obama chose to go ahead with a speech on the economy, peppered with the usual malice against Republicans, as follows and as reported by Fox News: “I cannot remember a time when one faction of one party promises economic chaos if it can’t get 100 percent of what it wants.”

Neither the dead nor the grieving needed to be reminded that they belonged to the wrong party. Terrible timing.

Extended words of comfort to a grieving nation would have been much more welcome.

Robert Seldon Lady: The Antiterror Spy Left Out in the Cold ….VERY INTERESTING STORY

Caught up in a terrorist rendition debacle, Robert Lady is wanted in Italy, lost his house and marriage, and says he has been abandoned by the CIA. When the anniversary of 9/11 came around this year, Robert Seldon Lady was moving between low-end hotels around Miami. An international arrest warrant keeps him from returning […]

JEAN BASINGER: A REVIEW OF BEN URWAND’S BOOK THE COLLABORATORS Did Jewish moguls in 1930s Hollywood take directions from Nazi officials when they edited their films for release? Actually, no. According to the Chronicle of Higher Education, “a debate is raging” over Ben Urwand’s “The Collaboration: Hollywood’s Pact With Hitler.” The controversy lies in Mr. Urwand’s premise, clearly stated on his book jacket: “To […]

THE PRESIDENT GOES TO WAR….ON REPUBLICANS President Obama likes to invoke his predecessors in the Oval Office, as all Presidents do, but in one sense he is unlike the others: Presidents traditionally try to reach a rough domestic consensus if they are faced with going to war abroad. Mr. Obama wants to smooth everything over abroad so he can get […]

Soeren Kern: British College “Unbans” Burqa “People are frightened of standing up and speaking out…because of political correctness and the intolerant reaction from Muslim groups who jump up and down with fury whenever anyone says it makes sense to for people to go around with their faces perfectly visible to everyone else, which is the way human beings were created […]


1. The US covenant with the Jewish State dates back to Columbus Day, which is always celebrated around Sukkot. According to “Columbus Then and Now” (Miles Davidson, 1997, p. 268), Columbus arrived in America on Friday afternoon, October 12, 1492, the 21st day of the Jewish month of Tishrei, the Jewish year 5235, the 7th day of Sukkot, Hoshaa’na’ Rabbah, which is a day of universal deliverance and miracles. Hosha’ (הושע) is the Hebrew word for “deliverance” and Na’ (נא) is the Hebrew word for “please.” The numerical value of Na’ is 51, which corresponds to the celebration of Hoshaa’na’ Rabbah on the 51st day following Moses’ ascension to Mt. Sinai.

2. The first recorded 7 day Sukkot celebration was – following the Cyrus Edict – in Nehemiah 8:17: “And all the congregation of them that were come again out of the captivity made booths, and sat under the booths: for since the days of Joshua the son of Nun unto that day had not the children of Israel done so. And there was very great gladness.”

3. Sukkot is the 3rd Jewish holiday – following Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur – in the month of Tishrei, the most significant Jewish month. According to Judaism, the number 3 represents divine wisdom, stability, permanence, integration and peace. Three is the total sum of the basic odd (1) and even (2) numbers. The 3rd day of the Creation was blessed twice; God appeared on Mt. Sinai 3 days following Moses’ ascension to the mountain; there are 3 parts to the Bible, 3 Patriarchs, 3 pilgrimages to Jerusalem, etc.

4. The Book of Ecclesiastes, written by King Solomon – one of the greatest philosophical documents – is read during Sukkot. It amplifies Solomon’s philosophy of the centrality of God and the importance of morality, humility, family, friendship, historical memory and perspective, patience, long-term thinking, proper timing, realism and knowledge. Ecclesiastes 4:12: “A 3-ply cord is not easily severed.” The Hebrew name of Ecclesiastes is Kohelet (קהלת), which is similar to the commandment to celebrate Sukkot – Hakhel (הקהל), to assemble.