Anti-Semitism and Israel Bashing? Must Be a European Parliament Paper URL to article: Posted By Stefan Frank The European Parliament is much like the General Assembly of the United Nations: it was founded for symbolic rather than for pragmatic reasons; it costs taxpayers a lot of money (what we obtain too cheap, we esteem […]


The New Apologists for the Muslim Brotherhood Intensify Their Whitewash Posted By Ron Radosh URL to article: Each day, the apologists for the Muslim Brotherhood continue to carry on their propaganda campaign, meant to gain acceptance for the group’s participation in the new democratic Egypt. The most outrageous example comes from the International Herald […]


Islam, Human Rights & The Iranian Regime’s Killing Spree Reza Kahlili is a pseudonym for an ex-CIA spy who requires anonymity for safety reasons. “A Time to Betray,” his book about his double life as a CIA agent in Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, was published by Simon & Schuster on April 6, 2010. How much […]

ISLAM AND THE EGYPTIAN POLITICAL FUTURE: BILL WARNER MUSTREAD…GO TO SITE FOR CHARTS Islam and the Egyptian Political Future By Bill Warner “There is less Jew hatred in Mein Kampf than in the Trilogy. Hence, Islamic texts can be compared to Mein Kampf. Ask this question: if Egypt becomes more Islamic, as the Muslim Brotherhood wants, what will the new Egyptian policy be towards Israel?” Politics in […]

THERE GO THE MODERATE DEMOCRATS….REP. JANE HARMAN EXITS Dems Show Centrists the Door Moderate Rep. Jane Harman resigns from Congress and the DLC suspends operations—more signs that the Democratic Party apparently has decided to stay the course.  John Fund By JOHN FUND Two news items on Monday confirmed the perilous condition of moderates within the Democratic Party. Rep. Jane Harman of California, […]

CAMERON’S WAKE-UP CALL: DOUGLAS MURRAY Cameron’s Multicultural Wake-Up Call The growth of Islamist extremism in the West is something even the politically correct can no longer ignore. ‘Multiculturalism has failed,” said British Prime Minister David Cameron last weekend in Munich. If anybody thought they had read those words before, it is because they have. Many times. Last October German […]

THE SILENT SAVIOR OF GERMANY’S JEWS:WILFRID ISRAEL**** The silent savior of Germany’s Jews German Jewish businessman Wilfrid Israel rescued tens of thousands of Jews from the Nazis, yet little is known about him. By Ofer Aderet KLM Royal Dutch Airlines flight 777 was on its way from Lisbon to Bristol on the morning of June 1, 1943 when it was attacked […]

ONE STATE ILLUSION: PETER BERKOWITZ One-State Illusion Peter Berkowitz, On June 14, 2009, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu delivered a historic speech at Bar-Ilan University, in which he declared his support for the creation of a Palestinian state living side by side in peace with the Jewish state. Netanyahu was not the first Israeli prime minister to make such […]

DEMOCRACY? THE VIAGRA OF THE NOECONS? DAN FRIEDMAN When someone whispers the word “democracy” into the ears of many neocons, their reaction brings to mind the mandatory yellow flag in Viagra ads: “Priapism is an erection that continues hours beyond, or is unrelated to, sexual stimulation. Priapism is a medical emergency. So in the rare event of an erection lasting more than […]

THE RENOUNCE THE VIOLENCE CHARADE: BILL SIEGEL The “Renounce Violence” Charade Bill Siegel As America’s relationship with its second best ally in the Middle East, Egypt, heads into transition, it is important for us to get clear about exactly what is and is not being determined. This is particularly critical as President Barack Obama seems to encourage the role of the […]