The New Flare-Up between Israel and Lebanon Over Gas :(COL.Ret.)Jaques Neriah

The New Flare-Up between Israel and Lebanon Over Gas :(COL.Ret.)Jaques Neriah The potential oil and gas fields off the Lebanese and Israeli coasts look set not only to become a long-term source of heavenly bounty – but also a source of conflict in the years ahead. Behind the tensions over the potential gas discoveries […]

KERRY PATTON: KEEP YOUR EYE ON OPERATION FAST AND FURIOUS The recently exposed ATF led Operation “Fast and Furious” has not saturated the media as it should. Budget dilemmas, economy, Casey Anthony, and other topics such as the withdrawal of surge troops in Afghanistan have played as distractionary news topics. These topics have shielded the United States government from possible violations of U.S. and […]


Man, Oh, Manischewitz By Jonathan D. Sarna “Holy Matzo!” a recent Forward headline read. The accompanying article announced the baking of the “world’s largest matzo” — 82 square feet — to mark the opening of the new Manischewitz matzo factory in Newark, N.J. The matzo proved ephemeral; it was soon broken up and distributed. […]

DAPHNE ANSON: THE BLIGHTED LIVES OF SDEROT Research carried out by a team at Natal, a trauma center for victims of terror and war, under the supervision of Professor Marc Gelkopf, shows one-third of the population of the southern Israeli city of Sderot,which  in recent years has been the target of thousands of Qassam rockets launched from Gaza (see, for instance, […]

HERBERT LONDON: THE ISOLATIONIST IMPULSE AND ITS IMPLICATIONS Like a recurrent tide that ebbs and flows isolationism, what some have called Fortress America, arrives at water’s edge each generation. War fatigue, monstrous expenditures, casualties and the cri de coeur that we cannot be the world’s policeman contribute to the belief from the left and the right that we should turn inward concentrating […]

Major Terrorist Snuck into U.S. – by Obama Administration Annemarie McAvoy Even now, the Obama Administration does not seem to understand fully the risks that terrorism poses to our country. Why else would they commit the outrage of sneaking Ahmed Abdulkadir Warsame, believed to be a senior commander with an al Qaeda group known as al-Shabaab in Somalia, into the middle of NYC from the Persian […]

BRET STEPHENS: THE FACE OF COURAGE IN PAKISTAN On Jan. 4, Salmaan Taseer, the liberal-minded governor of the Pakistani province Punjab, was shot 27 times at point-blank range by his bodyguard, an Islamic fanatic named Mumtaz Qadri. “The bullets pierced every organ in his body except his heart and his larynx,” his daughter Shehrbano told me recently. “So, in the end, they […]

William McGurn :Are You Better Off? Obama will have to answer the question Reagan asked in 1980 Are You Better Off? Obama will have to answer the question Reagan asked in 1980. White House adviser David Plouffe was hammered this week when he offered that “the average American” isn’t going to “vote based on the unemployment rate.” His remark gained instant notoriety after Friday’s dismal jobs report showing an unemployment rate […]

DANIEL GREENFIELD:NOW IT’S MASKOPHOBIA, MURDERPHOBIA AND BOMBPHOBIA Even as Australia was banning the veil, New Zealand was caught in a scandal over the veil after the Saudi consulate complained when two of their masked slaves were refused access to a Kiwi bus. But the two bus drivers dodged accusations of Islamophobia by claiming that they instead suffer from Maskphobia. Maskphobia being […]


Ibn Warraq: The Judeo-Christian Origins of Islam (Part 1) As Patricia Crone once put it, “new religions do not spring fully fledged from the heads of prophets, old civilizations are not conjured away.” Islam did not somehow emerge fully developed, as the Islamic traditional accounts would have us believe, but slowly, over a long […]