AN EVER DARKENING WORLD: VICTOR SHARPE In the first volume of my trilogy, Politicide: The attempted murder of the Jewish state, I ended the conclusion page as follows:  “I for one realize that Islam will never accept a non-Islamic state in lands once conquered in the name of Allah … Therefore I will no longer end my articles or essays […]


The crisis of the euro, the common currency of 17 European Union members, continues unabated. Because of massive, sustained budget deficits by several eurozone countries, some could default on their sovereign debt obligations, or the euro itself might disintegrate, profoundly affecting the EU’s political and economic future.

Very little media attention, however, is focused on a very different, but even more important, EU problem, namely its “democratic deficit.” This large, growing gap between remote EU institutions in Brussels and citizens of its member states dramatically highlights the rising frustration and impotence felt by individual voters. To combat the euro crisis, EU elites are ignoring or overriding popular opposition to harsh austerity measures and imposing on fellow democracies the policies demanded by leaders of other, more powerful EU countries.

Even if the EU-wide remedies and the requirements imposed on countries such as Greece and Italy ultimately prove to be correct financially, they come with an enormous, corrosive cost to basic concepts of representative government throughout the EU. Whether this widening of the democratic deficit ultimately will weaken the EU itself remains uncertain, but there is no doubt populist resentment is smoldering in many EU countries.

ELLIOT JAGER: ON NOVEMBER 2, 1917 THE ARABS SAID “NO” There are no uneventful months in the tortured history of the Arab-Israel conflict. November is no exception.  It was on November 2, 1917 that British Foreign Secretary Arthur Balfour sent Lord Rothschild, titular head of the British Jewish community, a letter—the Balfour Declaration—expressing the backing of the British government for “the establishment in Palestine […]


Dancing With The Devil: The Unconscionable Anti-Israel Stance Of The Victorian Multicultural Commission

But in the Australian state of Victoria the Israeli culture, of all the cultures practised in the island continent, is under attack from none other than the Victorian Multiculturalism Commission!

A club, consisting of both Jewish and non-Jewish members, which specialises in Israeli dance, has been singled out for discrimination.


For 2012, Be Wary of Obama’s Ties to Corrupt Project Vote Posted By Hans A. von Spakovsky and J. Christian Adams


“INJUSTICE:Injustice: Exposing the Racial Agenda of the Obama Justice Department by J. Christian Adams (Hardcover – Oct 3, 2011)

When an incumbent’s prospect of reelection looks shaky, his temptation to take advantage of holes in the security of our election process is the greatest — especially if he believes he can engage in fraud without being detected. Should we be worried over President Barack Obama’s reelection campaign given his prior connections to Project Vote?

Project Vote is an affiliate of ACORN, one of the most corrupt advocacy organizations in recent memory. Its employees have been convicted in case after case of voter registration fraud. They have submitted tens of thousands of fraudulent forms, often on the eve of elections, causing chaos and confusion for local election officials in states ranging from Florida to Indiana to Nevada. Project Vote had to admit in 2008 that its claim of 1.3 million newly registered voters was wrong: at least 400,000 were rejected by election officials because they were incomplete or fraudulent.

Some former employees-turned-whistleblowers claim that flooding election officials with an overwhelming number of new, faulty registration forms was planned conduct, intended to cause turmoil and to make it easier to convince election officials to accept questionable registrations and questionable voters on election day.

As Matthew Vadum [1] outlined in his recent book Subversion Inc. [2], ACORN and Project Vote are interchangeable: “Their staffs overlap, they share office space, and they share money. Employees migrate between the two legally separate organizations constantly.” The board of Project Vote was made up entirely of ACORN staffers and members.

In fact, even the New York Times reported that, based on its own interviews and an internal report conducted by ACORN’s lawyer Elizabeth Kingsley, the close ties between the two organizations “made it impossible to document that Project Voter’s money had been used in a strictly nonpartisan manner.”
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SOEREN KERN: MOROCCAN CRIME IN THE NETHERLANDS & THE MYTHS OF MULTICULTURALISM Forty percent of Moroccan immigrants in the Netherlands between the ages of 12 and 24 have been arrested, fined, charged or otherwise accused of committing a crime during the past five years, according to a new report commissioned by the Dutch Ministry of Interior. In Dutch neighborhoods where the majority of residents are Moroccan […]

Ever since the Arab Spring began videos have been making the rounds of massacres in Syria and Bahrain, photos of violent protests in Egypt, excited tweets, bloodied faces, Molotov cocktails and all the rest of the revolutionary chatter.

It is tempting to side with the people battling tanks, even when you don’t know why they are battling them. That was how Americans ended up cheering an alliance between the anti-American leftist Kifaya movement and the Muslim Brotherhood in Cairo against the Egyptian government. Or backing an Al-Qaeda linked Islamist group against Gaddafi in Libya.
America was built on revolution and sympathy for the underdog is in our national DNA. But it can also lead us to mistake a difference in force for a difference in moral standing. Just because one man has a Molotov cocktail and the other man has a tank, doesn’t mean that the man with the burning bottle in his hand is any more right than he is.
In a conflict there are two possibilities. Either one side is more moral than the other, or both sides are equally repugnant. Or close enough that it makes no real difference. Looking at the disproportion in force is not a useful guide and provides no relevant answers.


While we struggle for a “carbon-free world”, what we’re actually ending up with is a “money-free”, a “car-free” and a “food-free” world.

Do you know what Africa needs most of all? If you answered food or international peacekeepers, then you’re wrong and clearly not cut out to work for the government of a modern country. No what a continent filled with genocide, starving children, female genital mutilation and warring factions needs is help fighting global warming.

Even as Climategate 2.0 emails reveal that there’s less of science and more hot air to the whole thing, global leaders will do their part to cut carbon emissions by flying to South Africa to discuss how to cap global warming, and not in the usual way someone gets capped on the streets of Durban.

Robert Small’s /Holland Taylor’s Islam: The “Antics of Dilettantism and Played-Out Impressionism”, Redux. Andrew Bostom Robert Small’s new exercise in “Islam policy” conveniently ignores my detailed rebuttal of his initial presentation whose linchpin was that the Indonesian Nadhlatul Ulama (NU) party represented the apotheosis of Islamic “moderation.” As I pointed out, Small’s earlier claim was made because of an inadequate historical understanding of the NU on his part. NU’s […]

Good Riddance to “Ungrateful Volcanoes”

Written by:Diana West 11/27/2011 8:55:00 AM

The last hot meal to be served at Camp Victory, the largest of 505 military bases once operated by the United States in Iraq, was a Thanksgiving dinner on Nov. 20. Cooks served more than 2,000 pounds of turkey and more than 3,000 pounds of mashed potatoes to 6,000-plus military personnel.

Doing the dishes this time also meant shutting down the kitchen. That’s because Camp Victory, one of only 10 U.S. bases still in operation, will be closed soon. According to the agreement signed in 2008 by President George W. Bush and implemented by President Barack Obama, the U.S. military in Iraq is coming home.

Praises be. So what if the U.S. withdrawal comes only after Obama was unable to convince Iraq to extend its welcome under tenable conditions? I’ll take it, and give thanks. I am very sorry Camp Victory troops are on cold rations until they finally return stateside next month, but I am thankful to be able to see the day when they will have left Iraq – taking all of their Christian religious posters and symbols from base chapels with them, according to the New York Times.