THE YEAR OF THE REPUBLICAN IRAQ VET….. 2010: The Year of the Republican Iraq Vet By Kieran Michael Lalor When the 112th Congress is sworn in, all eight Operation Iraqi Freedom veterans in the House will be Republicans. This scenario was impossible to imagine just four years ago, when Patrick Murphy (PA-8), a JAG officer with the Army’s 82nd Airborne, became […]


The Malicious Media Maligns Israel Page Printed from: Jared Feldschreiber The media do the public a great disservice by implying settlements are holding up the current stalled Israeli Palestinian peace talks. Let’s start with the word “settlement.” Do we even know what that means? Illegal East Jerusalem — Last time, I checked Jerusalem is […]

CHEAPER BY THE 88TH?64 YEAR OLD FATHER OF 88 GETS A NEW TEENAGE BRIDE 64-year-old father of 88 to now wed 18-year-old Ajman’s superdad aims to have 100 offspring by 2015 Rahman gets pension from the UAE Armed Forces, financial aid and other benefits such as free homes from the government. (SUPPLIED) UAE’s superdad is all set to tie the knot again, with the aim of hitting […]

IN THE PEACEABLE SAUDI KINGDOM HOMOSEXUAL GETS 500 LASHES AND FIVE YEARS IN JAIL… Saudi gay gets 5-year jail, 500 lashes A Saudi gay will be jailed five years and lashed 500 times with the whip for indulging in homosexual activities and publishing obscene photos of himself online, the Saudi Arabic language daily Okaz reported on Monday. The court in the western Red Sea port of Jeddah sentenced […]

RECALLING HISTORY IN GERMANY…..LIGHT AND DARKNESS Recalling History on a Day of Light and Darkness By MICHAEL SLACKMAN BERLIN — Germans felt the push and pull of their history again on Tuesday, when Nov. 9 came up on the calendar. That is the day in 1938 when Hitler’s gangs attacked Jewish property in a prelude to the Holocaust, and the […]

REMEMBRANCE: MARK STEYN ON VETERANS DAY REMEMBRANCE Ninety-one years ago, King George V proclaimed that “the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month” would be observed throughout the British Empire as a commemoration of the cessation of hostilities in the Great War a year earlier. It still is. Two years ago, just before Remembrance Day, I was in the […]

REZA ASLAN BLAMES “ISLAMOPHOBES” RATHER THAN JIHADISTS…. As Islamic jihad attacks increase, Reza Aslan blames “Islamophobes” for negative perceptions of Islam Aslan: Obsessed, desperate, flailing Reza Aslan is an increasingly comic figure as he races around the country slandering freedom-fighters and trying to pretend that people have a negative view of Islam because of “Islamophobes” rather than Islamic jihad terrorism. It’s […]


Saudi Arabia elected to UN’s new women’s rights agency Pamela Geller sums it up: “This defies western logic, but not the agenda of the OIC-driven, sharia compliant UN. Saudi Arabia, where a 32-year-old woman is jailed for disobeying her father, where a pregnant gang-rape victim is sentenced to 100 lashes for committing adultery, where […]

THE PALARABS GET $150 MILLION….”QASSAMS AREN’T CHEAP” U.S. gives $150 million to Palestinians to “fill an urgent budget shortfall” Very urgent that the Palestinian Authority has a balanced budget, doncha know. The U.S. doesn’t need one, but the P.A. must have one. Won’t you sleep better tonight, American taxpayer, knowing that you have worked to help fill an urgent Palestinian budget […]


The Left Gives Up On Democracy… Again While grief counselors are once again being rushed to congressional offices, the left is throwing a full blown temper tantrum. After spending two years warning about the threat of right wing extremism, MSNBC featured Ted Rall calling for a violent takeover of America. It’s easy enough to […]