ALAN DERSHOWTZ: ASSANGE’S NEW LAWYER SPEAKS TO DER SPIEGEL,1518,746942,00.html “HE’S A NEW KIND OF JOURNALIST…IF THEY TRY TO PROSECUTE HIM W HAVE A VERY STRONG DEFENSE….” Alan Dershowitz has recently become part of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange’s legal team. He spoke with SPIEGEL about what the First Amendment has to say about WikiLeaks and the legal implications of social media’s role in the Arab […]

THE IMPOTENCE OF THE WEST…NOTHING EXCEPT COLLECTIVE INDIGNATION,1518,747135,00.html The Impotence of the West By Carsten Volkery in London Condemnation of the violence in Libya has been universal in Western capitals. But dictator Moammar Gadhafi shows no signs of calling a halt to the brutal repression of protests in the country. The West simply has no leverage in Libya. Western politicians have certainly […]

DAVID SOLWAY: THE MULTICULTI TANGO The Multiculti Tango Posted By David Solway It takes two to tango, goes the cliché, a truth so evident even the cliché must blush with embarrassment for expressing it. But what is true of the tango is no less the case for the complex immigration dance in which the newcomer is expected to partner […]

GAZA POLICE CRACK DOWN ON MALE HAIRDRESSERS…FACE ARREST AND FINES Gaza police order male hairdressers to quit working Five men face arrest and fines if they carry on styling women’s hair in crackdown blamed on Hamas Hatem Ghoul was on his way to work at his hairdressing salon in Gaza City earlier this week when he got word that his employees had been paid […]

WISCONSIN’S COWARDLY DEMOCRATS: DEROY MURDOCK Wisconsin’s Cowardly Democrats Public employees and Democratic lawmakers haven’t exactly offered conservatives a lesson in civility. Politically, Americans often use the word “coward” loosely and inaccurately. On Sept. 11, 2001, President Bush condemned al-Qaeda’s attack as the work of “a faceless coward.” In fact, the 19 hijackers had learned martial arts, bulked themselves up, […]


Nations United Against Israel The U.N. responds to multiple crises in Arab and Muslim countries just as you’d expect. CLIFFORD MAY Egypt, Bahrain, and Yemen are in turmoil. In Libya, Col. Moammar Gaddafi is using mercenaries to slaughter peaceful protestors. Hezbollah is staging a slow-motion coup in Lebanon. Iran’s rulers are executing dissidents daily, […]

DAVID SOLWAY: OBAMA AND ME…THE ROMANCE THAT DIED I have by this time written and posted maybe two dozen articles bitterly decrying the ruinous ascendancy of Barack Obama to the presidency of the United States. In developing my arguments, I have used every discrediting metaphor and analogy I could think of — Obama as a defective scholar, as a greedy restaurateur, as […]

MARK STEYN: THE POST WESTERN MIDDLE EAST Steyn on the World Listening to lifelong regime toadies belatedly call for the seizure of Mubarak’s assets or calibrate the precise moment when it’s safe to demand the overthrow of the strongman you’ve happily served all your life, I’m reminded of the Hakim of Bahrain’s visit to London for the Queen’s Coronation in 1953. Late […]

OBAMA CONDEMNS LIBYAN TERROR…THREATENS SANCTIONS Obama decries terror in Libya Speaks of sanctions, no call for ouster By Ashish Kumar Sen President Obama strongly condemned the violence in Libya but failed Wednesday afternoon to call for the resignation of Moammar Gadhafi hours after the Libyan dictator unleashed a wave of terror in the streets of Tripoli against opponents demanding […]

MITCH DANIELS IS OUT OF THE RUNNING WITH CONSERVATIVES Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels did himself no favors with many conservatives yesterday in his response to a walk-out by Indiana state legislators protesting action on a right-to-work bill. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie may be facing down teacher unions, and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker may be pushing back against public sector privileges, but Mr. […]