RUSSIA’S BRUTAL ATTACKS ON JOURNALISTS CONTINUE,1518,727871,00.html Another Journalist Attacked in Russia Reporter in Artificial Coma after Ambush By Benjamin Bidder in Moscow Oleg Kashin’s appparent transgression was to report on a controversial highway project outside Moscow. The brutal attack on the Russian journalist has outraged many in and outside the country. Still, official organizations had campaigned against the reporter and […]


The Age of Decadence Posted By David Solway URL to article: I have just been reading about a Queer Studies Conference [1] hosted at UCLA which seems to have come straight out of Jonathan Swift’s “A Voyage to Laputa [2]” or Petronius’ Satyricon [3], works that anatomize the pretentious folly of intellectually decadent societies. […]

FEEL SAFER NOW? TONERS AND CARTRIDGES TO BE BANNED IN FLIGHTS…. This will solve the problem: toner and ink cartridges to be banned from U.S.-bound commercial planes I wrote this last December: “One thing we have seen over the years since 9/11 is that airport security is always one step behind the jihadists: after jihadist Richard Reid attempted to set off a bomb hidden in […]

MELANIE PHILLIPS: CANADA’S HONEST BROKER And speaking of Canada, can anyone imagine Britain’s Prime Minister or America’s President saying what Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper has just said about the current global tsunami of Israel-hatred: Stephen Harper says he’ll take a forceful stand against anti-Israel rhetoric no matter the political cost to his government at international organizations such as […]


Nancy Pelosi — Party Animal While Rome Burns! Posted By Roger L Simon URL to article: Excuse the cliché but …. is Nancy Pelosi the gift that keeps on giving to Republicans or is she the gift that keeps on giving to Republicans? Nancita — the woman who recently told us her “children and grandchildren […]


Apocalypse Denial Now: A Week of Islam in the News By Stella Paul Just for laughs, I collected a week of headlines about Islam around the globe. (Admittedly, the laughs are heavy on black humor.) The week I randomly chose began on October 4, 2010 and turned out to be the typical apocalyptic nightmare […]

THE SULTAN: TEN COMMANDMENTS FOR THE NEXT TWO YEARS Ten Commandments for the Next Two Years With the 2010 election, the game has changed. Republicans in congress are no longer powerless to do anything, but cast mostly symbolic votes against another piece of the radical Obama agenda. There will be pressure on the Republican congress to engage in bipartisan compromises and blame for […]

FBI ARRESTS 885 IN CHILD PROSTITUTION….WHO ARE THESE CHILDREN AND WHO ARE THE CRIMINALS? FBI-led raids rescue 69 child prostitutes 885 arrested in multistate sweep By Jerry SeperSixty-nine children in 40 cities being used as child prostitutes were rescued over the weekend by a law enforcement task force headed by the FBI, which also arrested 885 people, including 99 suspected pimps. “Operation Cross Country V,” a three-day national […]

APPALLING: OBAMA WILLING TO STRIKE A DEAL WITH SUDAN’S GENOCIDAL BASHIR U.S. offers to delist Sudan as terrorism sponsor Tied to south’s bid for freedom By Ashish Kumar SenThe Obama administration has offered to take Sudan off a U.S. list of state sponsors of terrorism if the Sudanese government holds a credible and on-time referendum on southern independence. The Obama administration has taken a decision […]

THE VERY TONY BLAIR NOW HEDGES A TAD ON MUSLIM INTEGRATION SEE NOTE PLEASE HE UNDOES HIS CAREFULLY SCRIPTED ARGUMENT WITH THE FOLLOWING DRIVEL AND BY DOING SO IGNORES THE ROOT OF THE PROBLEM…..JIHAD AND THE FAITH DRIVEN DESIRE FOR EMPIRE AND CALIPHATE.“This narrative links justifiable sentiments (whether you agree with them or not)—anxiety about injustice to Palestinians, dissent over military action in Afghanistan or Iraq, anger about […]