In light of Rabbi David Saperstein’s recent condemnation of Michele Bachmann’s concerns about Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s closest aide, Huma Abedin, it is important to offer proof that Bachmann’s concerns both are appropriate and are not emblematic of a witch hunt.

This proof is offered in the very detailed-oriented work of Andrew Bostom. His recent 9,000-word article offers a comprehensive overview of the interlocking ties among Muslim Brotherhood operatives and proves that the Abedin family has very close and personal ties to the Brotherhood. Thus, an investigation that would include “subpoena power and access to classified materials” is very much in order.

Can the “sins” of a father be visited upon a child? This seems to be an implicit question swirling around the controversy. In the case of an individual who will have access to the national security of the United States, it is, indeed, a very salient and critical question. Furthermore, is there proof that Huma herself was involved in any activity associated with the Muslim Brotherhood? Has Huma Abedin ever publicly renounced the Muslim Brotherhood or its aims? Is she prepared to break ties with her very Muslim Brotherhood-connected family members?

Bostom analyzes how for the “past 33 years, Huma Abedin’s family has been responsible for the editorial production of a number of journals from the Institute of Muslim Minority Affairs (IMMA)[.]” All members of the Abedin family have been involved in this enterprise. In fact, from 1996 to 2008, Huma was on the editorial board! Recall that since then she has been at the side of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

But who are the individuals connected with the IMMA? Bostom reminds the reader that Dr. Abdullah Omar Nasseef, chairman of the IMMA, is “the President of the Muslim World Congress and the Secretary-General of the International Islamic Council for Da’wa and Relief (IICDR).” This includes a “large number of affiliated organizations, many of which are associated with the global Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas fundraising, or support for Al Qaeda.”

IMMA’s executive director, Dr. Ahmad Bahafzallah, served as secretary general of the Muslim World League (MWL). The Muslim World League as well as the Muslim Brotherhood both espouse the strict Wahhabi form of Islam. One of the senior Muslim Brotherhood figures, Kermal el-Helbawy, has “demanded the release of the terrorist Omar Abd Al-Rahman a.k.a. the Blind Sheik[,]” who was instrumental in the 1993 World Trade bombing. El Helbawy’s virulently anti-American remarks can be read here.

Andrew McCarthy explains that “[i]n the pantheon of Islamic supremacism, there are few positions more critical than secretary general of the Muslim World League. In fact, one of the MWL’s founders was Sa’id Ramadan, the right-hand and son-in-law of Hassan al-Banna, the Brotherhood’s legendary founder.”

Huma’s mother, Saleha, has been very involved in the IMMA since its founding in 1979 by her husband Syed Abedin. She is currently the director and editor-in-chief of the Institute’s Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs (JMMA). In addition, as chairperson of the IICWC or International Islamic Committee for Woman and Child, she is a fierce proponent of sharia law. She advocates child marriage and female genital mutilation.

Other board members of the JMMA include Zafar Ishaq Ansari and John Esposito. Esposito has long been an “academic apologist for jihadism” and has said that Yusuf al-Qaradawi “embodied a reformist interpretation of Islam and its relationship to democracy, pluralism and human rights.” Qaradawi has denounced the United States and supported suicide bombing. To those unfamiliar with sharia law, see here, and note that democracy and sharia can never be mutually inclusive. Yet, Saleha Abedin concurs with Esposito’s ideology.

Bostom’s new source material, drawn from the most current issue of the IMMA journal, now known as the JMMA, highlights the deception and ongoing strategies that Muslim Brotherhood operatives employ in addressing the West. In the section entitled “Islam Uber Alles and the JMMA Today — Melding Tendentious ‘Victimology’ With Sharia Supremacism,” Bostom focuses on the following:

* Jihadists conveniently ignore the entire legacy of aggressive Islamic jihad.
* Jihadists twist and deliberately misrepresent the ideas of objective analyses of Islam by such pundits as Bernard Lewis and the late Samuel Huntington.
* Jihadists play upon ignorant Western guilt and call genuine concerns about Muslim terrorism “irrational reactions.”
* Muslim leaders such as Atif S. Siddiqui undermine the objective work of Dutch Orientalist C. Snouck Hurgronje and create “warped critiques” that evade the true character of Islamic terror tactics and global caliphate designs.

Particularly important for Westerners to understand is the linguistic convolutions concerning the concept of freedom in Islam and that of American democracy. Without knowing this crucial difference, the West continues to make excuses for a sharia-based doctrine that “rejects basic freedom of conscience and expression.” For example, “Hurriyya, Arabic for freedom, and the uniquely Western concept of freedom are completely at odds.” Hurriyya means “being perfect slavery.”

Thus, a Muslim must subordinate “his own freedom to the beliefs, morality and customs of the group as the only proper course of behavior.” Western concepts of freedom, liberty, and equality cannot exist in a sharia-dominated society which insists — in fact, demands — total compliance to a set of laws that run counter to any independence of thought or action.

Earlier in his paper, Bostom had enumerated the odious punishments for any infraction of sharia law. Anyone who spurns the absolute truth of Islam can never have equality in the Muslim world. Dhimmitude status is to be conferred upon them. One need only read Soeren Kern’s dispatches to see how Islam has adversely changed the judicial and religious landscape of Europe.

Bostom warns his reader not to fall for the notion that Muslims are an oppressed minority. This concept known as “Fiqh al-Aqalliyyat or Jurisprudence of Muslim Minorities” is really a methodology of aggressively overtaking the non-Muslim societies whose systems “are antithetical” to Islamic law.

Former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton has asked “[w]hat is wrong with raising the question [concerning Huma Abedin’s vetting.] Why isn’t even asking whether we’re living up to our standards a legitimate level of congressional oversight?”

It is a particularly apt remark in light of Louay Safi, a Syrian-American Islamic leader who has been actively engaged with groups close to the Obama White House. Safi has been involved in the Pentagon’s Muslim military chaplain program as director of leadership development for the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA). Safi was also responsible for teaching about Islam to American troops deploying to Afghanistan and Iraq. Yet ISNA has been named an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation case, which was the largest terrorism financing trial in American history.

Strange bedfellows, indeed.

Live Presser Today: “Sheikh” McCarthy, Sheikh Al-Banna, and the National Security Five: Andrew Bostom

http://www.andrewbostom.org/blog/2012/08/08/live-presser-today-sheikh-mccarthy-sheikh-al-banna-and-the-national-security-five/ Live Presser Today: “Sheikh” McCarthy, Sheikh Al-Banna, and the National Security Five Andrew C. McCarthy is an accomplished former federal prosecutor who convicted the infamous jihadist “Blind Sheikh” Omar Abdel Rahman for his role in orchestrating the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, and planning other acts of jihad terror. McCarthy recounted this prosecution in […]



The Muslim Middle East has three types of governments. Military, Tribal and Ideological. A military government is formed when senior officers take power. A tribal government is based around a group of prominent families. An ideological government is based around a party, whether secular or Islamist. All these governments are tyrannies, though they may occasionally hold elections, they never open up the system. The elections serve as a means for passing from one tyranny to the next.
While these types of governments are different in some ways, they are not exclusive. Most overlap in a number of ways.

Military and ideological governments will become tribal as a few officers, leaders or Ayatollahs use their control of the economy to enrich themselves and their families. That is what happened in Egypt and in Iran. The Muslim Brotherhood differs from Mubarak in any number of political ways, but on a personal level, its leaders share his goal of enriching their families.

Whether a new government starts out as Islamist, Fascist or Socialist; these facades inevitably revert to the tribal. That is the fate of all governments in the Muslim Middle East, which do not evolve, but devolve.

Every Muslim leader, beginning with Mohammed borrowed ideas brought in from outside to form a new system that became identical with the old. Mohammed borrowed from Judaism and Christianity to create the religious structure for yet another tribal government controlled by his father-in-law. In the 20th Century the Muslim Middle-East borrowed from the British Empire, France, Fascist Italy, Nazi Germany, the USSR and the United States, to create hybrid systems that were either overthrown or devolved into tribalism with an ideological facade. Like Mohammed, the bright new ideology ends up with a bunch of relatives in charge of the loot.

Muslim countries are forever at war with themselves. Military governments fear popular protests organized by ideological movements to seize power. And the ideological governments fear military coups. Tribal governments fear everyone and cripple their own military and bribe their own people to avoid being overthrown by officers or ideologues.

The Romney Hood Fairy Tale The false, invented analysis behind Obama’s tax claims.


As he escalates his class war re-election campaign, President Obama has taken to calling Mitt Romney’s economic plan “Robin Hood in reverse” or “Romney Hood.” The charge is that even though Mr. Romney is proposing to cut

tax rates for everybody across the board, Mr. Romney will finance this by imposing a tax increase on the middle class. His evidence is a single study by the Tax Policy Center, a liberal think tank that has long opposed cutting income tax rates.

The political left always says Daddy Warbucks gets all the tax-cut money. So this is hardly news, except that the media are treating this joint Brookings Institution and Urban Institute analysis as if it’s nonpartisan gospel. In fact, it’s a highly ideological tract based on false assumptions, incomplete data and dishonest analysis. In other words, it is custom made for the Obama campaign.

By the way, even the Tax Policy Center admits that “we do not score Governor Romney’s plan directly as certain components of his plan are not specified in sufficient detail.” But no matter, the study plows ahead to analyze features of the Romney plan that aren’t even in it.


http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10000872396390444860104577558723207171952.html?mod=WSJ_Opinion_LEFTTopOpinion ObamaCare’s Phony Deficit Reduction Lost in the fuzzy budgetary math is a simple truth: Repealing the law means lower taxes and spending. Defenders of President Obama’s health law are flaunting a Congressional Budget Office claim that overturning the law would worsen the federal deficit. Repeal, said a CBO report late last month, would cancel […]



Congress might be on recess and business slow, but this month always has its disproportionate share of world-historical events.

What is it about the month of August? Why should we still persist in regarding it as a quiet time—with Congress in recess, business slowed down, and people on holiday—when so many world-historical events take place in this month? You can ignore the Ides of March, but history shows that it’s in the dog days of August that great events take place.

Ever since the Roman Senate proclaimed in A.D. 8 that the eighth month of every year be named after the Emperor Augustus (63 B.C.-A.D. 14), nephew and adopted heir of Julius Caesar, the month has seen a disproportionate share of cataclysmic events.

In the last century alone, World War I broke out on Aug. 4, 1914, and Adolf Hitler ordered the invasion of Poland on the night of Aug. 31, 1939. World War II was only won with the dropping of two atomic bombs in August 1945. Other 20th-century conflicts sparked in August: the Vietnam War, with the Gulf of Tonkin incident of August 1964; the Russian invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1968; and the Gulf War, when Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait in August 1990.

August was also the month when German President Paul von Hindenburg died in 1934, paving the way for Hitler to become fuhrer; when the U.S. passed the Social Security Act in 1935; when Germany mobilized during the Sudetenland crisis of 1938; when the Nazi-Soviet Pact was signed the next year; when British rule in India ended in 1947; when the USSR broke off diplomatic relations with the U.S. in 1948; when the Berlin Wall was built in 1961; when Nelson Mandela was arrested in 1962; and when China’s Cultural Revolution began in 1966.

Across the 1970s, this supposedly quiet month saw Richard Nixon’s resignation from the presidency (1974), the signing of the Helsinki Final Act by the Soviet Union and Western nations (1975), and the beginning of South Africa’s Soweto Riots (1976). Over the next decade, August saw fascist terrorists kill 82 people at Bologna railways (1980), the founding of the Solidarity trade union in Poland (also 1980), the assassination of Filipino opposition leader Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino (1983), and the beginning of the Iran-Contra scandal (1985).

Might there be a reason why this month keeps cropping up when great men and great events collide? In Europe and America, August is usually the hottest month of the year.


2012.08.07 (Paghman, Afghanistan) – Hardline Islamists blow up a civilian minibus, sending nine souls to Allah.
2012.08.06 (Okene, Nigeria) – Sharia proponents enter a church and open up on members with machine-guns, slaughtering at least nineteen, including the pastor.
2012.08.06 (al-Haswa, Iraq) – Jihadi car bombers take out three Iraqis.
2012.08.05 (Maiduguri, Nigeria) – Four people are shot to death in their homes by Boko Haram Islamists.
2012.08.05 (Maguindanao, Philippines) – At least one woman is killed when Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Movement members overrun a Catholic village.
2012.08.05 (Gilgit, Pakistan) – Two passengers bleed out from splinter injuries after Islamic militants toss a grenade into a bus.


Apple has removed an app that would have allowed users to watch the Hezbollah channel Al-Manar TV on their iPod, iPhone, or iPad, and that’s good news; the channel is a mouthpiece for anti-Israel, anti-West, and anti-American propaganda that is violent in nature.

The bad news is that Apple has not yet removed an app called ATN Live TV that would allow users to access Al-Manar TV. After 9/11, President Bush listed Al-Manar TV in Executive Order 13224 as a Specially Designated Global Terrorist (SDGT). U.S. regulations prohibit U.S. persons from entering into certain transactions with SDGTs, including the making or receiving of any contribution of funds, goods, or services to an SDGT. Hezbollah itself is listed as a Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO) by the State Department. Thus Apple providing access for Al-Manar to be disseminated possibly violates the regulation, and Apple may be violating the federal statute that bars providing material and technological support and services to an FTO.




Matthew Gould’s comments reveal an institutional catatonia at the FCO. One that will ensure Britain’s role in the Middle East declines in perpetuity.When Matthew Gould was appointed as the British Ambassador to Israel, Labour Member of Parliament Paul Flynn caused quite a stir in questioning Gould’s ‘loyalty’ to the United Kingdom.Because Ambassador Gould is Jewish, it was implied that he would suffer from an affliction known as ‘dual loyalty’ and be therefore unable to carry out the tasks set to him by his paymasters at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO). Even the usually carping Owen Jones made sense of this issue in the New Statesman at the time.

But Flynn must now be eating his words, as not only has Gould proved the offensive comments to be incorrect, he actually, at times, seems to be batting for the ‘other team’. And you’d expect no less from a British diplomat.

If it is to be believed that Gould is a staunch FCO bod (he is), then his comments this week regarding Israel’s popularity are simply an extension of an ever wrong-headed FCO narrative, effectively propagandising against the Jewish state.Gould remarked that “Support for Israel is starting to erode and that’s not about these people on the fringe who are shouting loudly and calling for boycotts and all the rest of it”.He went on to describe Israel as ‘Goliath’ and the Palestinians as ‘David’ – in an attempt to reflect British public opinion – a claim that rests on little evidence. But when did the FCO ever care about facts, eh?

Sure, Israel has a public relations problem – one that is needlessly inflated by off piste FCO comments such as these. Far from having a ‘dual loyalty’, Gould has recently shown that he is all too delighted to trot out the unnuanced FCO line.

The British Foreign Office is complicit in ensuring that Israel becomes defined by its inability to unilaterally solve the conflict in the Middle East, much to the chagrin of many Israeli leaders who offered the Palestinians better and better deals – only to be rejected in perpetuity.

Britain’s role in the Middle East conflict is becoming less that of an external mediating party who has something positive to bring to the table, and more that of an antagonist. At best, we seem to be the less than subtle cousin at the dinner table. At its worst, the drunken uncle slumped in the corner shouting irrelevant facts in the face of heated discussions.





A new online video shows a rogue Afghan soldier receiving a hero’s welcome from Taliban commanders, after returning from a mission where he killed an American soldier in cold blood.

The video, released by the Taliban’s media propaganda wing, shows the soldier returning to a Taliban village in Ghaziabad in Kunar province, with dozens of Taliban men lined up to greet him. The soldier, wearing an Afghan Army uniform, identifies himself as Ghazi Mahmood, or “Warrior Mahmood.”

Men with white Taliban flags, some with their faces covered, others carrying rocket propelled grenade launchers, throng around him, parading him through the village as insurgents shower him with flower garlands and chant “Long Live Mahmood.”

“I opened fire on three Americans who were sitting together,” the man explains calmly in the video. “The reason I killed them is because they have occupied our country. They are enemies of our religion and they kill our innocent people.”

In another scene, the rogue soldier is seated outside a wooden structure, surrounded by armed insurgents, some of whose faces are blurred. Standing in a row in front are dozens of young madrassa students, who pump their fists into the air cheering “Jihad, Jihad” and “Long Live the warrior.”