PATRICK POOLE: EGYPT’S MORSI PLANNING TO REPLACE PRIME MINISTER WITH MOSLEM BROTHERHOOD HARDLINER A possible stunning development may be occurring in Egypt. With President Mohamed Morsi, former spokesman for the Muslim Brotherhood, in office just over 100 days, the official website of the Muslim Brotherhood reported on Monday that Morsi is considering replacing current Prime Minister Hisham Kandil with Brotherhood hardliner and former presidential candidate Khairat al-Shater […]

ANDREW McCARTHY: THE CEASEFIRE It’s amusing to read (in Patrick’s update) that the Israeli government has agreed, as part of the “ceasefire,” to stop the “targeting of individuals.” What moral universe do we live in where Hamas launches hundreds of missiles and sets off bombs the intent of which is the mass homicide of civilians, yet what the […]

CAROLINE GLICK: THE LIBERAL ANTI-SEMITIC PROJECTIONS SYNDROME AND WAR MAKES CERTAIN THINGS CLEAR I’ve been on the road for the past several days and out of the loop so to speak. I just got home last night. I read a blog post by Jonathan Tobin from Commentary today where I discovered that the post-Zionist poster boy of the American Jewish left Peter Beinart is now accusing Israel’s […]

PROFESSOR MOSHE SHARON:THE AGENDA OF ISLAM – A WAR BETWEEN CIVILIZATIONS (FROM 2003)…. There is no Fundamental Islam. “Fundamentalism” is a word that came from the heart of the Christian religion. It means faith that goes by the word of the Bible. Fundamental Christianity, or going with the Bible, does not mean going around and killing people. There is no fundamental Islam. There is only Islam full […]


Israel and Hamas announce cease-fire, while US, Egypt helped both sides reach agreement

“Hudnah” and “Sulh” Do Not Mean “Peace”. By: Moshe Sharon

(A Hudnah is a cessation of hostilities for one reason; and that is to
permit Muslims to re-fortify themselves and continue Jihad, until a just
peace is achieved, under Shari’ah. It’s so simple. Muslims are compelled to
do so because systemic Islamic text demands it and all Muslims must follow
the ethics and lifestyle of Prophet Muhammad, because his behavioral example
is to be emulated by all Muslims).

The war of terror, which has been waged against Israel since October 2000,(
actually for hundreds of years), has brought again to the fore simple facts,
which the government of Israel, as well as most of the media, refuse to
understand and face boldly. The facts are derived from one truth which
should be presented in the clearest words possible: the Arab-Moslem
strategic decision has always been, and will always remain, the destruction
of the State of Israel, and the annihilation of its Jewish population. The
Palestinians are the spearhead of this Arab-Moslem long-term strategy, and
terror has been chosen as the method to weaken Israel by spreading in it
defeatist feelings, and loss of self-confidence.

JAMIE GLAZOV INTERVIEWS DAVID HAYDEN AUTHOR OF MUHAMMAD AND THE BIRTH OF ISLAMIC SUPREMACISM: THE WAR WITH THE JEWS 622AD-628AD Frontpage Interview’s guest today is David Hayden, the author of the new book, Muhammad and the Birth of Islamic Supremacism: The War With the Jews 622-628 A.D. FP: David Hayden, welcome to Frontpage Interview. Let’s begin with what motivated you to write this book. Hayden: I’ve always had a keen interest in history, but […]

LLOYD BILLINGSLEY: NATURAL BORN KILLERS…..A JIHADIST ARRESTED IN L.A. Frontpage recently noted that the Federal Bureau of Investigation has been handing out awards to mosques. Frontpage should also note that the FBI has not neglected its undercover work against terrorism. That work has now culminated in the recent arrest of four Muslims eager for “violent jihad.” The more I think about it, the […]

P. DAVID HORNIK: ISRAEL ON THE SEVENTH DAY OF WAR Tuesday, by the evening, had been the roughest day so far for Israel since launching Operation Pillar of Defense against Gazan terror last Wednesday. A soldier and a civilian were killed by fire from Gaza. A rocket with a heavy warhead hit and severely damaged a building in the city of Rishon Lezion near […]

DANIEL GREENFIELD: MIDDLE EAST BURNING It is in the nature of the media beast that anything that happens in or around the Jewish State gets far more attention than anything that happens throughout the rest of the region. Israel has also created a safe zone for reporters. It is one of the few places in the Middle East where […]

The story of Thanksgiving is one that involves many of the great things that are generally associated with America – but it has become infused with myth. The Pilgrim Fathers are sometimes portrayed as “Puritans” which they were not. In many ways the Pilgrims were free thinkers. Several who had made the journey from Plymouth had earlier been living as exiles in the Netherlands.
The original Pilgrims belonged to the “English Dissenters” a religious group who wanted to worship God in their own way, without belonging to the hierarchical state church. At that time, they had suffered persecutions for not attending official “Anglican” church services. Genuine Puritans obliged the government of King James I, and attended Church of England services. Anyone who did not attend these official Sunday services was fined. Two of the leaders of the English Dissenters had been executed for “sedition,” and these executions hastened the desire of the Pilgrims to leave England. The Netherlands had provided a safe refuge for many of their number, but America seemed more promising.
There were two boats that were scheduled to make the journey – the Mayflower and also the Speedwell. The latter boat developed problems on two initial attempts to set sail, and eventually only the Mayflower crossed the Atlantic, leaving in September of 1620. A year earlier, the Pilgrims had gained a permit to settle in North Virginia in 1619.
William Bradford (1590 – 1657), a 30-year old man at the time of the journey, would write a journal, whose contents were later published as “Of Plymouth Plantation.” He was traveling with his wife, but they had to leave their four-year old son behind. At this time, the troupe of Pilgrims heading for America were calling themselves “The Saints.” On November 11, 1620, they arrived in Cape Cod. The “Saints” were happy when they had arrived, but Bradford noted: