Stennis Admiral Reassigned on Allegations of ‘Inappropriate Judgment’ By Robert Burns A.P…..Stay tuned WASHINGTON (AP) – The Navy said Saturday it is replacing the admiral in command of an aircraft carrier strike group in the Middle East, pending the outcome of an internal investigation into undisclosed allegations of inappropriate judgment. Rear Adm. Charles M. Gaouette is being sent back to the USS John C. Stennis’ home port […]


Monitoring Israel’s Academic Fifth Column
Following anti-Israel Extremism on
the Israeli Campus

Professor Ziva Shamir, a high-ranking researcher of literature in Israel and abroad, recently published a sharply worded essay against “the political anarchy in academia” • She says that university faculties have become breeding grounds for lecturers with radical world views, and that they “harass students politically” • “The greats of Hebrew literature — Bialik and Alterman — have become a platform that staff members use to present their radical opinions,” says Shamir, “Hebrew literature was the dove that heralded Zionism. It must not become the raven that heralds its destruction.”

I first met Professor Ziva Shamir about 20 years ago through her seminal book, “The Vagrant Bard: Avant-Garde and Alterman’s Poetic Style,” a look at Nathan Alterman’s poetry through the lens of modernism. Since then, I have recommended that excellent book as an introduction for people who want to learn about the work of one of Israel’s greatest poets.

Shamir, who took her first steps into the world of literature research in the late 1960s, has written many books, mostly about Hayim Nahman Bialik and Alterman. Now she has published her latest work, “The Child Is the Father of the Man,” about Bialik’s long narrative poems for children. For 40 years, she taught in the Hebrew literature department at Tel Aviv University. After her retirement, she continued to teach at Kibbutzim College and the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya. She offers an uncommon perspective about the intellectual world in Israel.


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To order Jamie Glazov’s new book, High Noon For America: The Coming Showdown, click here.

Dr. Jamie Glazov is the editor of FrontPage Magazine and the author of the new book, High Noon for America: The Coming Showdown. Glazov is the son of Soviet dissidents Yuri and Marina Glazov. He holds a Ph.D. in history from York University.The following is’s National Security Analyst Ryan Mauro interview with Jamie Glazov:

Ryan Mauro: Your book’s title states that there is a “coming showdown.” Who is this showdown between, and when should we expect it?

Jamie Glazov: The showdown is between the free world and Sharia. The showdown is already here. We have a U.S. president who is telling the world: “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.” In other words, the leader of the free world is now ready to carry out Islamic blasphemy laws. This kind of attitude is of course leading to a much more serious showdown on the horizon. Very soon we will have to take a concrete stand, either for our free way of life or for Sharia. We will also have to face Iran — and the Muslim Brotherhood that is coming to power all over the Middle East, thanks to Obama. An attack on Israel is mounting, and we have to ask ourselves: Are we on the side of Israel and freedom, or will we cave in to jihad and Sharia?

Mauro: To be fair, in his speech at the U.N., President Obama did rule out placing restrictions on criticism of religion. He said, “Here in the United States, countless publications provoke offense. Like me, the majority of Americans are Christian, and yet we do not ban blasphemy against our most sacred beliefs.”

Glazov: When Obama announces to the world that, ”The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam,” it contradicts and cancels out anything else he says that seems to be in defense of free speech. When Obama oversees Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, the filmmaker behind the controversial movie “Innocence of Muslims,” being dragged out of his house on U.S. territory by law enforcement for some kind of parole violation, it sends the message to the Islamic world: You are right, and we are carrying out your blasphemy laws for you. When you ponder these realities, you have to ask yourself: Is it a coincidence that Obama has also facilitated the Muslim Brotherhood’s rise to power throughout the Middle East and, as Frank Gaffney has meticulously documented, its penetration of the U.S. government?

“Standing Down” in Benghazi — on The Glazov Gang by Jamie Glazov

“Standing Down” in Benghazi — on The Glazov Gang
by Jamie Glazov
Exploring the ugly details of why backup was denied to save American lives in Benghazi.

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The Benghazi Sharia Factor by Nonie Darwish According to Sharia law, it is a capital crime for a Muslim to shoot another Muslim to protect a non-Muslim. To jihadists, Obama is just another disbeliever American President who should not be trusted. Not only did the Obama administration never receive even a promise of peace from the Muslim world; the murder of […]

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AMERICAN DRONES ARMED AND READY BUT OBAMA REFUSED TO GIVE ORDER? Perhaps no more glaring example of today’s media blackout is when NBC’s David Gregory cut off a guest who attempted to raise the Benghazi issue by promising to “get to that later” and then ignoring the issue for the rest of his Sunday morning news show. More important than even that though was a […]

DANIEL MANDEL: THE PRESIDENT’S SILENCE OVER LIBYA ATTACK In the final presidential debate, President Obama told us what he did after the Sept. 11, 2012, terrorist murders in Benghazi of Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and three other Americans. He also told us what he did to take the United States into Libya before the attack. But he didn’t tell us how and […]

Islamists Target US Embassy in Indonesia By: Lori Lowenthal Marcus The U.S. Embassy and other sites connected with the U.S. were allegedly the target of terrorist attacks that were thwarted by the arrest of 11 suspected terrorists in Indonesia over the weekend.The U.S. Embassy in the capital city of Jakarta, the U.S. Consulate in Surabaya, the local office of a U.S. mining company, as […]