ECONOMIC WARFARE INSTITUTE’S POSTING TODAY MIDDLE EAST & AFRICA  HEZBOLLAH  ITEM 1: AP: As White House and Congress fight, US security fears Hezbollah commander will be freed EGYPT  ITEM 2: FINANCIAL TIMES: Banks expected to keep Egypt afloat AL QAEDA  ITEM 3: AP: Police tell Australians to be vigilant after extremist website posts Sydney opera […]

IRAN TO SAUDI ARABIA…LET’S END OUR MISUNDERSTANDING…JIHAD IS THICKER THAN WATER  Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi said on Friday that he hoped “misunderstandings” with Saudi Arabia could be resolved after a war of words erupted over its military intervention in Bahrain. Salehi said that Iran respected the sovereignty of Sunni-ruled Shiite-majority Bahrain and hoped that a national dialogue launched by King Hamad after the […]


Ibn Warraq: The Judeo-Christian Origins of Islam (Part 9) Part 1 here; part 2 here; part 3 here; part 4 here; part 5 here, part 6 here, part 7 here, part 8 here. CC go on to argue that the town we now know as Mecca in central Arabia (Hijaz) could not have been […]

RAYMOND IBRAHIM: NEW SAUDI FATWA DEFENDS PEDOPHILIA AS “MARRIAGE” Raymond Ibrahim: New Saudi Fatwa Defends Pedophilia as ‘Marriage’ Muslim “child-marriage” — euphemism for pedophilia — is making headlines again, at least in Arabic media: Dr. Salih bin Fawzan, a prominent cleric and member of Saudi Arabia’s highest religious council, just issued a fatwa asserting that there is no minimum age for marriage, and […]

POLITICAL CORRECTNESS GONE MAD: HOMELAND SECURITY PORTRAYS ALL TERRORISTS AS WHITE, MIDDLE CLASS MALES If you see something silly, say something: Homeland Security training video portrays all “terrorists” as white, middle class males Don’t they know stereotyping causes alienation, and alienation and poor self-esteem lead to radicalization? Now these poor men are going to have to deal with those additional radicalized Misunderstanders of Middle America and worry about […]


Christians For Israel July 21, 2011 By Nurit Greenger There is a new phenomenon in our world, Christians are rising to defend Israel.  Since Christians and Moslems persecuted, hounded and killed Jews, for centuries, many Jews are leery of this phenomenon. Several years ago I went to a very small gathering event in which Pastor […]

THE PRESIDENT’S HOUSE WRECK: PETER HANNAFORD Often, the National Park Service gets things right. Sometimes it gets them very wrong. The recently opened “re-imagining” of the President’s House in Philadelphia is one of the wrong ones. In November 1790, President George Washington and his family moved into the two-story brick house Congress has rented for them from financier Robert Morris. […]

THE GROWING THREAT IN GAZA,7340,L-4098551,00.html Growing threat in Gaza Op-ed: Fall of Mubarak regime allowed terror groups to smuggle in huge quantities of arms Seven months passed since the outbreak of Arab world uprisings. The wave is not over yet and it is still difficult to estimate its implications and how it will affect, in the long run, Israel’s […]

MARTIN PERETZ: WHAT EXPLAINS FASHIONABLE HOSTILITY TOWARD ISRAEL Cambridge Journal: What Explains Fashionable Hostility Toward Israel? Martin Peretz We live in a world in which the contagion of anti-Semitism is spreading once again. Indeed, the profusion of hostility to Israel is the proof that hatred of Jews is now quite alright, thank you. But, whatever individual and isolated wrongs Israel commits, there […]

WES PRUDEN: CRASHING THE PARTY AT PEARL HARBOR The Japanese tea master said his ceremony was meant to “heal,” invoking the favorite soothing syrup of the therapeutic age, and no doubt it was. (Cue applause.) But some wounds can’t be healed by a pot of tea, hot or iced. A tea party aboard the remains of the USS Arizona, however well-meant,  is […]