Chechnya Terror Link to U.S. Well-Established by Feds Since 9/11 Posted By Bridget Johnson

URL to article: At a Friday congressional hearing, the House Foreign Affairs Committee will begin what’s sure to be the lengthy process of lawmakers diving into the Islamic terror threat from Chechnya and Dagestan. But disturbing ties between the U.S. and Islamic radicals in the Caucasus region were known to authorities long before Tamerlan […]

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PETER BROOKES: OUR MUCH NEEDED MISSILE DEFENSE Our attention is focused on the terrorist attack in Boston last week, but just two weeks ago we were gripped by North Korean threats of a new Korean War and the possibility of New York’s being hit attacked by long-range missiles. While North Korean promises of thermonuclear war have faded from the news for […]

DEROY MIRDOCK: OUR SOUTHERN BORDER WELCOME MAT FOR TERRORISTS The Southern Border: Our Welcome Mat for Terrorists We regularly intercept large numbers of individuals from terrorist-sponsoring nations. By There are at least 7,518 reasons to get the U.S./Mexican border under control. That equals the number of aliens apprehended in fiscal year 2011 from the four nations the U.S. government labels “state sponsors of […]

Two-time Oscar winner two-times

By Tabitha Korol

David Miliband, former Secretary of the United Kingdom, current president and CEO of The International Rescue Committee, said, “Israel is a strategic partner and close friend of the UK,” yet we have people in the limelight who use their positions of influence to destroy that alliance. Case in point, “two-time Oscar-winning actress and director Emma Thompson” is two-timing the alliance, the State of Israel and the Jewish people. She sides with Islamic Palestinians who have been occupying the Biblical Judea and Samaria since they lost their war of aggression in 1967, but repeats the Islamic mantra that Israel is the occupier. Thompson’s acceptance of propaganda over historical documentation is an indication of woeful or willful ignorance.

Thompson eschews Palestinian terrorism, the murder and mayhem against Israeli children on school buses or asleep in their beds, and prefers a fabricated Palestinian victimhood that captivates UN and world attention through generations and provides them with enormous financial support – “one of the highest levels of aid in the world” To maintain their free medical care from Israel and financial aid from the US, UK, UN, Europe and Israel, Palestinians utterly destroyed, with “no hope of repair,” the extensive greenhouses and infrastructure in the Gaza Strip so generously left them by the departing Israelis in 2005.

Why is Thompson oblivious to Jewish Jerusalem for more than 3,400 years, more than 2000 years before the followers of Muhammed began their deadly advance across the Middle East, in 624, raping, enslaving and killing?Why ignore the seven neighboring Islamic armies that joined together to completely annihilate the new State of Israel in 1948, and the Six-Day War they began in 1967, which they also lost? Why ignore that the fleeing Arabs assumed a new identity, “Palestinians,” for the sole purpose of creating a bond to land that was never theirs? Why does she disregard the Jewish Palestinian Brigade that fought with the English against the Nazis and side with the Arabs who fought with the Nazis against England’s forces? Is this not two-timing?


You can’t beat Fleet Street when it comes to the cherchez la femme angle. Today, the London papers are full of Mrs Tamerlan Tsarnaev:

As a girl growing up in Rhode Island Katherine was known to her friends as Katie. One school friend who asked not to be named recalled: ‘I saw her like a few months ago and she was just totally transformed. She was not the same person at all.’

Another agreed: ‘She was just this All-American girl who was brainwashed by her super-religious husband.’

He didn’t do it all himself. He had a lot of “support“:

“They are a very nice family, with three lovely daughters who are friendly and well-mannered,” said Mrs Gillette. “And they were so happy to have a granddaughter. This is terrible for them”.

Neighbours said that Mr and Mrs Russell had been “very supportive” of their daughter’s decision to take up Islam, which saw her begin wearing a veil covering her hair, in line with Muslim practice.

The important thing is to be “very supportive”, regardless of what it is you’re being “supportive” of. Daniel Greenfield:

The story of Katherine Russell is the story of Europe and America. It’s the story of what happens when you tolerate and tolerate until you’re wearing a Hijab and a black eye and your husband roams the streets murdering your friends and neighbors in the name of the religion you accepted even though you don’t really understand it.



I’m sure the disgraceful announcement by the Spanish government that it will soon open a consulate in Gaza, a territory ruled by HAMAS, the internationally designated group of terrorist killers, has not escaped your attention. However, you may have missed the news that Spain has ordered several new warships with glass bottoms. This, no doubt, is so the new Spanish navy can get a better look at the old Spanish navy!

Best regards,

Paul Schnee

The Opening of a Spanish Consulate in Gaza – Alan Baker

Spain announced on March 14, 2013, that it would open a Spanish consulate in Gaza, accredited to the Hamas administration. Opening a consulate in Gaza is incompatible with the provisions of the 1995 Oslo II agreement, under which the Palestinians are committed not to exercise powers in the sphere of foreign relations, and specifically not to permit the establishment of diplomatic or consular posts in the West Bank or Gaza. In opening a consulate in Gaza, Spain would be in violation of the Interim Agreement, in contravention of the EU’s status as signatory and witness to the agreement.

Furthermore, the opening by Spain of a consulate in Gaza would be seen universally as a formal act of diplomatic recognition of Hamas by Spain, in direct contravention of the EU designation of Hamas as a terror organization.

Moreover, Spain’s foreign minister might consider recent expressions by Hamas bodies calling for Spain to be returned to Muslim rule as “Al Andalus,” and calling for acts of martyrdom, suicide bombings and resistance as the way to achieve this.

‘Armed and Dangerous’: Beck’s Latest Revelations on Saudi National Once a ‘Person of Interest’ in Boston Bombings: Erica Ritz For the past week, Glenn Beck has been investigating a Saudi national once identified as a “person of interest” in the Boston Marathon bombing.  The story has taken a number of alarming twists and turns, but on his radio program Wednesday, Beck released some of the most interesting information yet. But first, here are […]


The BBC’s news challenge

There’s no reason to envy James Harding, the man recently chosen to head the BBC’s news department. Harding is going to fill the most senior position at the most important channel in Great Britain, and perhaps in the world. You can’t overstate BBC’s status and power. The company has enjoyed long-lasting prestige throughout the decades (for the sake of full disclosure: I am a former BBC employee in London and learned to appreciate Harding’s broadcasting culture).

The man with the new job, who was selected to shape the channel’s news policies, is a Jewish supporter of Israel. Over the past six years, Harding has also held the coveted position of editor in chief of The Times of London.

And why doesn’t Harding deserve our envy, despite the prestigious appointment? Because after taking office he is going to be put immediately under not only the U.K. Jewish community’s watchful eye, but the entire country’s as well. Polls have shown that the BBC is the main source of news for most of Britain’s Jews. It is no surprise, therefore, that this appointment has raised a great deal of interest.

There are already voices calling on Harding to abandon his “pro-Israel” views at a time when Israel is most often associated with terms like “boycott,” and when the BBC has been regularly blamed for taking a blatant anti-Israel stance. But if the company’s chief executives decided to leave this senior, highly sensitive position in Harding’s hands of all people, it’s a sign that he has been blessed, among other attributes, with a great deal of integrity as well as exceptional journalistic talents.

Unsatisfactory Response Special Operations Officers Demand More Answers on Benghazi: Adam Kredo Former special operations officers say that a much-anticipated congressional report investigating the Sept. 11, 2012 terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya leaves vital questions unanswered and proves that the Obama administration abandoned its responsibility to protect those who were under siege. The House released on Tuesday what lawmakers claimed is a comprehensive report detailing the […]