WATCH THE GOVERNORS….AND NIKKI HALEY IN SC:ELECTIONS ARE COMING – NewsReal Blog – – Voters to Dem Gubernatorial Candidates: Don’t Let the Statehouse Door Hit You on the Way Out Posted By Scott Spiegel Amidst the embarras de richesses of House and Senate seat pickups Republicans anticipate this midterm election cycle, one plum reward they should remember is their likely aggressive gains […]


A Tale of Two Bishops Posted By Robert Spencer URL to article: Recently two prominent Eastern Catholic bishops have made statements that are not only curious and counter-factual, but apparently contradictory of their earlier statements, or at least not obviously emanating from the same point of view as those earlier remarks. Both cases are […]

OUTRAGEOUS VOTING SCAM AND SHAKEDOWN IN PA Exclusive: Patrick Murphy’s Campaign Linked to Fictitious Voter Office Scandal By Thomas A. Shakely Tags: Pa. Bucks County, Pa. – Last week, it came to light that voters in southeastern Pennsylvania’s 8th district were receiving notices warning that their right to vote could be in jeopardy if they did not return an absentee ballot […]

RAYMOND IBRAHIM: THE ONE INCONTRIVERTIBLE PROBLEM WITH ISLAM Offensive Jihad: The One Incontrovertible Problem with Islam Posted By Raymond Ibrahim A recent MEMRI [1] report titled “Arab Columnists: Stop Talking About Offensive Jihad” alludes to the ultimate problem between Islam and the non-Muslim world: offensive jihad — the Islamic imperative to subjugate the world. The report opens by saying: “One dominant theme during […]

WHAT MAKES THE LEFT TICK: DAVID SOLWAY The “deep ideology” of the left, rooted in the triple assumption that the ideal of earthly perfection is realizable, that human nature is a social construct which can be remade or transformed, and that radical change is preferable to gradual amelioration in the evolution of human societies, is the bane of the modern era. […]


NRO — The Corner Taking the Public Out of NPR[1] October 28, 2010 7:41 A.M. By Andy McCarthy When you write a lot, it’s important to stay mindful of the tendency to presume that just because you know the full record of what you’ve said on some subject, the reader is also aware of that […]

THE REALLY NUTTY PROFESSORS…NOW IT’S COLLEGE FOR THE MENTALLY DISABLED College for Those Who Can’t Learn By Robert Weissberg It is not easy being a connoisseur of educational foibles — just as one is recovering from the latest foolishness, along comes something new, and it’s back to the anti-depressants. The latest installment of Educators Gone Wild is the push to enroll the “intellectually disabled” […]

DIVERSITY IN NOT….REPEAT NOT….A MILITARY NECESSITY Diversity is Not a Military Necessity Posted by Jim Hanson Diversity as defined and used by the professional left is complete unmitigated horse crap. It is s cudgel they use to bash the racist, sexist neanderthals who stand in the way of their crusade. You see until every group of people in every possible […]

JEWS AND THEIR HISTORIANS Jews and Their Historians By Yehudah Mirsky “Historians, he writes, should be “able to take a certain distance on their objects without denying their own standpoints.” Even now—and especially now—the enterprise of Jewish historical writing has a crucial role to play in the articulation of Jewish identity and belief. The most enduring works of […]