SOEREN KERN; QATAR (PRONOUNCED GUTTER) FUNDING WAHHABI ISLAM IN EUROPE Qatar, the most fraudulent “moderate,” is “sparing no effort” to spread Wahhabi Islam across “the whole world,” discouraging integration, encouraging jihad. The Persian Gulf Emirate of Qatar says it plans to invest €50 million ($65 million) in French suburbs that are home to hundreds of thousands of disgruntled Muslim immigrants. Qatar says its investment […]

CAL THOMAS;:FUDGING THE NUMBERS The Obama administration is touting the latest unemployment numbers released last week by the U.S. Department of Labor as proof its policies are working. But a closer look at the actual number of able-bodied people who are willing to work, but are not, reveals a different picture. As economist John R. Lott has written, […]

THOMAS SOWELL: A FUNNY THING HAPPENED TO ROMNEY ON THE WAY TO HIS CORONATION A funny thing happened to Mitt Romney on the way to his coronation as the inevitable Republican candidate for President of the United States. Minnesota, Missouri and Colorado happened. Rick Santorum beat him in all three states on the same day — and beat him by huge margins in two of those states, as […]

BRUCE KESLER; TRAVELING DOWNHILL WITH OBAMACARE Traveling Downhill With Obamacare Some have compared the impact on agents of ObamaCare’s medical loss ratio (MLR) to the impact of online technology on travel agents. Yesterday, I spent hours studying many web sites to decide on a hotel to take my family during spring break. Although the web sites were very informative, most […]

White House risks charges in probes of Fast and Furious, Solyndra

The clock is ticking for the Justice Department. As officials continue to withhold documents relevant to the administration’s fatally flawed gunrunning scheme, House lawmakers grow more anxious to get to the bottom of what happened. Unless the material is produced before the deadline, Republicans shouldn’t waver in issuing contempt-of-Congress citations.

House Oversight and Government Reform Committee members investigating Fast and Furious have given Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. until Thursday to turn over subpoenaed material and avoid an unpleasant battle between the executive and legislative branches. During his sixth Fast and Furious appearance before the committee last week, Mr. Holder repeatedly insisted the department was trying to comply with the numerous information requests. For Republicans who have heard his assurances before, his Feb. 2 testimony was “Groundhog Day” all over again, but no one was laughing.


Keystone pipeline bill clears House committee The Hill Wednesday, February 8, 2012 News The House Energy and Commerce Committee on Tuesday approved legislation that would reverse President Obama’s rejection of the Keystone XL oil sands pipeline. Read more… Read more at: Obama wages war on Christianity while media yawn CNS Wednesday, February 8, 2012 Commentary […]

FRITZ VARENHOLT, GERMAN ELECTRIC UTILITY EXECUTIVE”I FEEL DUPED ON CLIMATE CHANGE”,1518,druck-813814,00.html Breaking Global Warming Taboos ‘I Feel Duped on Climate Change’ Will reduced solar activity counteract global warming in the coming decades? That is what outgoing German electric utility executive Fritz Vahrenholt claims in a new book. In an interview with SPIEGEL, he argues that the official United Nations forecasts on the severity of climate change are overstated and supported by […]


Let’s say you’re Israel. An enemy dedicated to your destruction is developing the means to wipe you off the face of the earth, with the covert and overt help of world powers like Russia and China. It’s only a matter of months before that enemy achieves its goals – and when it does you will not be able to stop the mushroom cloud rising over your cities.

So you come up with a sophisticated military plan to strike your foe in an extraordinarily targeted fashion. And you ask for the help of your longtime ally – virtually your only ally – the United States. All you want is covert logistical support … and secrecy. Secrecy is of the utmost importance, since a full-scale aerial assault on your enemy is unfeasible.

Let’s say you’re Israel. What would you say if the United States promptly proceeded to broadcast your military plans to the rest of the world?

Two little words come to mind. And neither of them is “thanks.”


Harvard Promotes the Palestinians’ Slow-Motion ‘Final Solution’ Posted By Bruce Thornton

There is no idea so hateful or useless that some university somewhere won’t hold a conference on it. The latest example of this unfortunate truism is the recently announced “Israel/Palestine and the One-State Conference” scheduled for early March at the Harvard Kennedy School. Nineteen speakers and ten panels will spend two days explaining why “’two-states for two peoples’ is no longer a viable option for Israel/Palestine,” as the organizers assert, and discussing a “solution” to the Israeli-Arab crisis that has absolutely no chance of ever being implemented.

The adherents of this veiled assault on Israel argue that the “two-state solution,” “in which Israel is secure and the Palestinians have sovereignty,” as President Obama told Time magazine, has been a failure. Of course, the two-state solution has failed because since 1948, the first time Arabs rejected a Palestinian state, a critical mass of Palestinian Arabs have wanted something more than sovereignty: they want Israel destroyed and her land possessed by Arabs from “the river to the sea,” as PLO chief Yasser Arafat used to say. The one-state solution, which envisions a single nation comprising Arabs and Jews under a single government, is a way to achieve the same aim. Such a state would obviously require the end of Israel’s Jewish identity, and would result in an Arabic demographic explosion that in any kind of representative government would marginalize Jews. Moreover, we can see the most likely sort of regime that would rule the “one state” by looking next door at Egypt, where Islamists are now in control and relations with Israel have deteriorated. Whatever the result, such a state would not resemble the liberal democracy of Israel today.


The political furor over President Obama’s birth-control mandate continues to grow, even among those for whom contraception poses no moral qualms, and one needn’t be a theologian to understand why. The country is being exposed to the raw political control that is the core of the Obama health-care plan, and Americans are seeing clearly for the first time how this will violate pluralism and liberty.

In late January the Health and Human Services Department required almost all insurance plans to cover contraceptive and sterilization methods, including the morning-after pill. The decision came after passionate lobbying by religious groups and liberals from the likes of Planned Parenthood, amid government promises of compromise.