THEY NOTICED! OBAMA ADMINISTRATION CALLS AL-QAEDA BIGGEST THREAT TO US: KEITH JOHNSON The Obama administration said Wednesday that al Qaeda and its acolytes—including radicalized Americans—remained the “preeminent security threat to the United States” even after the death last month of Osama bin Laden. In its first formal document on counterterrorism strategy, the administration said direct attacks on the homeland by foreigners or homegrown militants were its […]


Republicans and the Thatcher Legacy Mitt Romney has adapted her ‘Labour Isn’t Working’ slogan, but would he emulate her steely leadership? In 1978, with the British economy in crisis and unemployment hovering at 1.5 million, or 5.1% of the working-age population, Margaret Thatcher’s Conservative Party turned to its advertising gurus, Charles and Maurice Saatchi, […]

The French Deception Europe’s latest Greek debt scheme is one more political evasion. . If it’s Thursday it must mean that Europe is out with another scheme to delay its eventual reckoning with Greek insolvency. This one comes courtesy of France and is, no surprise, tailor-made to help French and German banks. Unfortunately it leaves Greece in a worse fiscal position and increases risk to European taxpayers and […]


Hugo Chavez back on TV after surgery in Cuba CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) – Hugo Chavez has reappeared in photos and videos on state television, chatting with Fidel Castro in Cuba after a prolonged seclusion following surgery that has left Venezuelans guessing about their president’s health.The images aired Tuesday night were the first to be […]

CHINESE CRACKDOWN DOCUMENTS LEAKED: DIANA WEST —It’s not that anyone believes Chinese dictator — sorry, “premier” — Wen Jiabao when he says, as in London this week, “tomorrow’s China will be a country that fully achieves democracy, the rule of law, fairness and justice.” Obviously, this is just the sugar to make the medicine go down. But the economic prostration […]


HILLARY’S GIFT TO ROME: LADY GAGA Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is quoted as saying that the State Department was “instrumental in sealing the deal” for Lady Gaga to appear at the June 11 Euro Pride concert in Rome. Catholic League president Bill Donohue responds as follows: The Obama administration has U.S. troops fighting in […]

DANIEL GREENFIELD: THE LEAVE ME ALONES VS. THE MAKE IT BETTERS The two streams in American politics are not liberal vs conservative, they can be roughly defined as “Leave Me Alone” vs “Make It Better”. Leave Me Alone seeks personal independence, self-reliance and freedom from interference. Make It Better believes in the progressive betterment of society through regulation, intervention and education. Most people associate the […]

GEERT WILDERS: FREE AT LAST? EDWARD CLINE,css.print/pub_detail.asp In The Netherlands, a European country least likely to generate good news, Geert Wilders, the outspoken Dutch politician who was on trial for “hate speech,” was acquitted of having committed the alleged crime. We are patiently waiting for such news to emanate from other least likely European countries that are also beset by masses […]

The Gaddafi Indictment: Arbitrary, Political and Counterproductive: Daniel Hannan International law has ceased to be international. Where it used to be about relations among states, it is nowadays about human rights violations within states – which suits its practitioners down to the ground, as it gives them virtually unlimited jurisdiction. For hundreds of years, we operated on the basis of the clearly understood […]

NOT FOR PEOPLE WITH HYPERTENSION: CLIFF KINCAID American Revolutionary War Museum to Honor Al-Jazeera!!! The General Henry Knox Museum is honoring a representative of Al-Jazeera, the channel associated with various terrorist organizations, on July 28 on the stage of The Strand Theatre in Rockland, Maine. The museum says that an intimate Gala dinner and reception will follow at 7:30 p.m. at Camden National Bank’s historic Spear Block location […]