A rough preliminary list of media, blogs re today’s protest in support of Rep. Peter King’s upcoming Congressional hearings.  We also have video. On tv so far we have people reporting they’ve seen it on CBS, NBC, Fox, News12 Long Island. If anyone sees any other reports, kindly let me know. This was organized in […]

EUROJERKS TELL ISRAEL THAT GROWING INSTABILITY MAKES IT IMPERATIVE TO RESUME THE PROCESSING EU urges Israel to resume talks with Palestinians By SLOBODAN LEKIC – Associated Press BRUSSELS — The EU told Israel on Tuesday that growing instability in the Middle East makes it imperative to resume the stalled peace process with the Palestinians. Israel agreed that direct peace talks should resume, but said the pro-democracy unrest […]

THE SULTAN: NO SETTLEMENT IN SIGHT **** During a week in which half the Middle-East was in flames, the diplomatic chatter over a UN condemnation of Israel’s so-called “settlements” showed just how irrelevant Western diplomacy is to the real issues in the region. The riots in Bahrain, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt and Iran were not about a few Jewish villages on one […]

TWENTY SIX REASONS J(OKE) STREET SHOULD NOT BE MOURNED Twenty-Six Reasons J Street’s Demise Shouldn’t Be Mourned A compendium of their falsehoods, misdirections, and anti-Israel activities. February 22, 2011 – by Lenny Ben-David I recently conducted a week of meetings on Capitol Hill, and it’s clear that Israel’s supporters on the left need a better organization than J Street to represent them. J […]

RYAN MAURO: THE LEFT’S HAND IN FORT HOOD When Major Nidal Malik Hasan went on a shooting rampage at Fort Hood on November 5, 2009 and killed 13, his shouts of “Allah Akbar” during the attack left little doubt that it was motivated by radical Islam. A new Senate report finds that that the attack was preventable and that the government failed […]

LEADER OF MUSLIM MOVEMENT ARRESTED FOR FOREST FIRE ARSON Islamist Leader Arrested for Forest Fire Arson by Maayana Miskin ( The leader of a major Muslim movement in Israel is suspected of setting fire to a forest less than three months after the worst fire in modern Israeli history. Sheikh Ra’ad Salah, head of the northern branch of the Islamic Movement, has been […]


US HAS CUT EMISSIONS…WITHOUT CAP AND TAX By DICK MORRIS & EILEEN MCGANN Published on on February 21, 2011 While the federal Environmental Protection Administration is about to impose regulations and taxes on carbon emissions by executive fiat – in the name of stopping global climate change – the United States has already dramatically […]

THIS WEEK IN MILITARY HISTORY From the Alamo to Mount Suribachi This Week in American Military History:Military History, W. Thomas Smith, Jr. Feb. 20, 1944: U.S. Army Air Forces and Britain’s Royal Air Force begin Operation Argument – also known as “Big Week” – a massive thousand-plus bomber offensive (with all of the bombers’ supporting fighter aircraft) aimed at […]

REMEMBERING IWO JIMA The Honorable Allen B. Clark February 19, 2011 was the 66th anniversary of the initial beach landings in the epic Marine battle for the tiny island of Iwo Jima on February 19, 1945. A Dallas group, Daughters of World War Two, sponsored an incredibly touching and poignant historic event at the Majestic Theatre in […]

UN TRIBUNAL RULES THAT TERRORISM CAN BE PROSECUTED UNDER INTERNATIONAL LAW….SEE NOTE,1518,746835,00.html Landmark Decision by Lebanon Tribunal Court Ruling Opens Up Terrorism to International Prosecution WHY AM I SUSPICIOUS? TERRORISTS AND THEIR ENABLERS WILL NOW RULE ON THE DEFINITION OF TERRORISM?…RSK Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri was killed in a 2005 bomb attack in Beirut. The UN tribunal investigating the assassination of Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik […]