ANDREW McCARTHY: ABOUT THAT “MODERATE” REPLACEMENT FOR “MODERATE” IMAM RAUF Moderate Replacement for Moderate Imam Rauf: “Public Apostates from Islam Should Be Jailed[1] By Andrew C. McCarthy Aaron Klein is the World Net Daily reporter and WABC radio host to whom Imam Feisal Rauf could not bring himself to admit Hamas is a terrorist organization, an episode I wrote about in a column[2] last […]

TIME WARNER’S TWO FRONT ASSAULT ON ISRAEL Time Warner’s Two-Front Assault on Israel Posted By Moshe Phillips The Time-Warner media conglomerate has definitively started off 2011 with a bang. It launched a vicious two-front assault against Israel’s image using both its print flagship Time Magazine and its CNN TV cable news behemoth in January. The article “Israel’s Rightward Lurch Scares Some […]

AND THE MOST HONEST MAN IN THE MIDDLE EAST IS?…..ABU/MAHMOUD/ABBAS PALARAB APARTHEIDIST “We don’t want one single Jew in Palestine” At least Mahmoud Abbas is exceptionally honest when he says he will tolerate not one single Jew in his new country “Palestine.” He expressed his positions before journalists in Ramallah clearly and unmistakably: “We have already said completely openly, and it will stay that way: If […]


January 24, 2011 9:09 P.M. Islam and the State of the Union Don’t expect the president to tell the truth about Islamic doctrine tonight. ‘The state of our union is . . . denial — at least when it comes to Islam.” I’m not holding my breath waiting for President Obama, as denier-in-chief, to […]


The Palestinian Authority: Hypocricy, Lies and Double Talk by Khaled Abu Toameh Documents revealed by Al-Jazeera, the popular and influential Qatari-owned TV network, have reconfirmed the widely believed perception that the Palestinian Authority speaks in more than one voice. These documents expose the Palestinian leadership’s double standards and hypocrisy. They show that the Palestinian […]


An Open letter to Vladimir Putin from President Shimon Peres:  STEVE PLAUT January 25, 2011 To: Mr. Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation From:  Shimon Peres, hero of peace Re:  Those protests this week at the Moscow Airport by Activists and Militants My heartfelt sympathies to you and the […]

THE SULTAN: IN THE CROSSHAIRS OF THE SPEECH POLICE In the Crosshairs of the Speech Police In the weeks since the Arizona massacre, the media has revealed a preoccupation with language almost as intense as the one that motivated her shooter. Loughner’s obsession with Congresswoman Giffords seems to have begun in 2007 when she mockingly replied to his question, “How do you know […]

SO WEAK AND NETTLESOME…SOTU…. Weak and Nettlesome “But the mullahs laugh outright at our empty threats. One lovely meal “of chicken saltimbocca with smoked tomato squash, steamed seabass, ravioli, baldo pilaf, grilled vegetables and deserts” down—after all, even tieless Persian thugseat like a nice piece of fish before they eat us for lunch—and it’s back to Natanz with […]

MELANIE PHILLIPS: “PALARAB PAPERS” HAS ARABS SCRAMBLING TO SHOW THEY REMAIN TRUE TO THEIR GENOCIDAL CAUSE: MELANIE PHILLIPS “And either way, the paper has in turn stuffed its friends the Palestinians, now scrambling desperately to show the Arab street that they remain true to their genocidal cause.” There are two ways of reading the Guardian’s ‘Palestine Papers’, the swathe of Wikileaks-style ‘leaked’ diplomatic records supposedly chronicling the negotiations that have taken place […]

THE REAL THREAT OF GOVERNMENT HEALTHCARE RATIONING About Those Death Panels . . . The very real threat of government health care rationing. WESLEY J. SMITH When Sarah Palin warned that Obamacare could lead to medical rationing and “death panels,” supporters were outraged. Alarmism! they roared. A lie! Right-wing propaganda! Alas for supporters of the Patient Protection  and Affordable Care Act, […]