MARILYN PENN: THE WORST OF TIMES AND THE BEST OF TIMES The 21rst century in urban America has been a decade in which we have seen daily life grow more problematic for most people.  In addition to the macro problems of security against terrorism, economic distress, unemployment, downturn in the housing market, overcrowding in public schools, rising cost of college tuition and health care, there […]

VICTORY: SALZBURG FESTIVAL CANCELS SPEECH BY U.N. RIGHTS OFFICIAL OVER QADDAFI TIES Victory: Salzburg Festival cancels speech by U.N. rights official Jean Ziegler over Qaddafi ties GENEVA, March 31 – After UN Watch’s latest campaign of UN speeches, articles and TV appearances exposing Jean Ziegler’s ties to the Qaddafi regime, the Austrian province of Salzburg cancelled a keynote speech by the UN Human Rights Council official at […]

OBAMA’S ISLAMIC MIDDLE EAST BY JEFFREY T. KUHNER KUHNER: Obama’s Islamist Middle East President encourages turmoil undermining American influence President Obama is presiding over the end of American dominance in the Middle East. Across the region, U.S. power is receding – and radical Islam is filling the void. Mr. Obama has betrayed our allies and emboldened our enemies. He is slowly helping […]

DAVID PRYCE JONES: A REVIEW OF “THE EICHMANN TRIAL” By DAVID PRYCE-JONES Escaping to Argentina after World War II and adopting a false identity, Adolf Eichmann might never have been recognized as the Nazi criminal that he was. But in 1960, Mossad secret-service agents traced him in hiding and smuggled him to Israel. He was put on trial the following year for his […]

AL QAEDA TO OBAMA: “THANKS”….WASHTIMES EDITORIAL President Obama’s advisers give him credit for energizing the Arab revolts and saving the Libyan rebels. For al Qaeda’s leadership, this is all a gift from Allah. Al Qaeda central’s views are detailed in the latest issue of their English-language propaganda magazine Inspire, which features a special section on “The Revolution.” American-born cleric Anwar […]

PROTECTING THE ENEMY IN LIBYA? MATT GURNEY Protecting the Enemy in Libya? Posted By Matt Gurney On March 31, 2011 @ 12:50 am In Daily Mailer,FrontPage | No Comments As the war in Libya continues, and as the anti-Gaddafi opposition suffers serious setbacks, it is becoming more obvious that the success of the rebels is inextricably dependent on the military might […]


The Children of Sderot Posted By David Solway the-children-of-sderot/print/know it is not mannah falling from the skies the children of Sderot know it is not the ram’s horn for its blast is heard in the night as well as in the morning and it is not a mitzvah the children of Sderot know it […]

UCI Facilitates Secret Meeting with Hamas for their Students: Roger Simon UCI Facilitates Secret Meeting with Hamas for their Students Posted By Roger L Simon Some people wonder why Jews are so often destructive of their own interests; some of the answer to this dilemma may be in the education of their children. No greater laboratory for this study exists than Orange County’s University of […]

THE SULTAN: THE UNSOLVED PROBLEM OF LABOR Both national and local newspapers have made a great show of commemorating the Triangle Waist Company fire, a horrifying event in which women working in a sweatshop burned alive or fell to their deaths. The Triangle fire was not the only example of sweatshop abuses, but it was the most horrifying, and even a […]

The Archeology War By Alex Joffe The Islamic Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (ISESCO) was founded in 1979 by the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC). It has three basic goals. The first is to spread a Saudi version of Koranic education throughout the Islamic world. The second is to publicize Islam to the non-Islamic world, both positively by touting […]