“So what is the answer? Should conservatives throw in the towel and say America, as passed down to us by previous generations, is no more? That was President Obama’s announced goal four years ago when he promised to “fundamentally transform America.” He’s doing it and sufficient numbers of us appear happy to let him. When they realize what they have done, however, it may well be too late to reverse course.” | Great nations and proud empires have always collapsed from within before they were conquered from without.President Obama’s re-election mirrors the self-indulgent, greedy and envious nation we are rapidly becoming.

Pollsters Michael Barone and Dick Morris got it horribly wrong. Both predicted a 300 electoral-vote win for Romney. It was President Obama who reached that mark.

The central message coming out of the election seems to be that we are no longer the America of our Founders, or even the America that existed during World War II, which produced our “greatest generation.”

They the People By Nidra Poller ****

The gap is enormous; it’s an abyss, and its name is Benghazi. They the people have re-elected Barack Hussein Obama, and we have been talking to ourselves. If the disastrous consequences could be clearly perceived, they might lead to a national awakening, but I fear they will be as muddled and confused as the public mind, and the public mind will adjust as it goes along, for the same reasons why it chose to intoxicate itself with the Obama illusion. The hope may well be a crucible of empty promises, but the change is implacable. The United States has slipped out on its history.

It seems that the economic factor was, as expected, decisive for the vast majority of voters. And that’s why they chose Obama over Romney? When European voters dissatisfied with the state of their economies systematically reject incumbents, Americans, of all people, reward economic failure? Foreign policy, on the other hand, apparently weighed less than zero in determining the choice of voters. Logical, isn’t it? Iran races to go nuclear, the Arab-Muslim world is in a paroxysm of rage and destruction, Israel’s existence is under dire threat, European societies tremble as their providential economies run out of gas and their demographics link up with the enraged sharia-imposing forces massed on the borders of the free world, so why should foreign policy be an issue?

Why have issues anyway when you can just groove with a guy who tells you he’s done a great job, the economy is on the mend, al-Qaeda is on the run, and Osama bin Laden is dead? Here comes the 21st-century inside-out version of the Know-nothings — pro-immigrant and anti-American, anti-Christian and Islam-friendly, the Know-nothings welcome with open arms the cool trendy vanguard of totalitarian conquest. And they can’t get enough of it. They sincerely believe they are defending noble humanitarian values against the greatest danger known to humanity — restriction on abortion and gay rights.

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Despite a good look at the bankruptcy of entitlement democracy playing out across the euro zone, Americans have gone to the polls demanding to join the death spiral. Offered a clear choice, the promise of free stuff vanquished our abandoned heritage of freedom. The ideals upon which this country were founded can now be buried […]


Equities are down hard, more than erasing yesterday’s gains on concern over the fiscal cliff. We think President Obama will try to open a bipartisan discussion on the fiscal cliff, but the scheduled tax increase is a big problem that won’t go away (discussed below). His choice for the new Treasury Secretary will be an […]

Is a “Two-State Solution” Our Only Hope?
Stanley Kurtz provides a likely summation of what is in store in Obama’s second term.

What would that be? Obama’s first term.

Kurtz explains:

That’s because the president’s first term hasn’t really happened yet, at least not in the conventional sense. Ordinarily, a president enacts various policies in his first term, the public test-drives the changes, and the president’s reelection campaign is a referendum on those new policies. The difference in Obama’s case is that in order to secure reelection, he has backloaded nearly all of his most transformative and controversial changes into a second term. Obama’s next term will actually put into effect health-care reform, Dodd-Frank, and a host of other highly controversial policies that are already surging through the pipeline yet still barely known to the public.

I don’t think even Machiavelli thought of that.

Obama’s transformative changes to date have been far more theory than practice. While reelection may bring sullen public acceptance when Obama’s most controversial policies actually take effect, the reverse is equally possible.

Sullen acceptance or … revolt?

Once people actually begin to experience de facto health-care rationing, for example, they might get even angrier than they were in 2009–2010, when rationing was only a prospect. The same principle applies to a host of other issues (cap-and-trade via regulation, financial regulations, comprehensive immigration reform, national school curricula, urban-suburban policy). And this time, the public could be angered not only by the policies, but by growing recognition that actual enactment of Obama’s agenda was delayed for political purposes.

History tells us the Russian masses didn’t do so well on this count as totalitarian government burgeoned around them. Russian dissenters, of course, had the firing squad and Gulag to worry about. We face no such threat. Further, Russian dissenters didn’t have a history of liberty behind them. Our dissenters, however, have had their faith in our history of liberty shaken by at least three-quarters of a century of Marxist conditioning; they have become overwhelmed, also co-opted, by the soft-focus-Marx-inspired legions who lead and give voice to a body politic, fully half of which, now, is soldered to the public teat.

It may be that a “two-state solution” becomes our only hope.


Please don’t blame Mitt Romney….the circular shooting squad is now beginning and it is loathsome to watch. Mitt Romney gave it his all. He is a decent man who deserved to win. Americans let him down.

Bye bye to Sarah Palin and the Tea Party which failed us where and when it counted most. So long for a while to Fox News except for Megyn Kelly, and now all those post menopausal harpies can get their abortions on the government’s dime. Maybe Obama’s next move will be the appointment of a “Reproductive Rights Czar”…..