—-Goldstone Missed a Golden Opportunity By Nurit Greenger During December 27, 2008 the Israeli military IDF launched its Operation Cast Lead with the intent to attempt to curtail or bring to an end the ongoing rockets and mortars being launched, almost daily, from Gaza at Israeli towns across the Gaza border. Justice Richard Goldstone, known to […]

WHEN THE WOLVES GET RELIGION: SRDJA TRIFKOVIC Letter From Turkey When the Wolves Get Religion by Srdja Trifkovic Chronicles Online, January 24th, 2011 The city of Istanbul reflects Turkey’s transformation over the past decade. Almost eight years after my previous visit I am greeted by an impressive new international terminal at the Atatürk International Airport—Europe’s seventh busiest—and by the massive office […]

IT’S FREEZING OUTSIDE BECAUSE OF GLOBAL WARMING…..???? ABC Blames Global Warming for Extreme Cold Temperatures and Snow By Brad Wilmouth | January 24, 2011 | 09:17 On Friday’s World News on ABC, correspondent Linsey Davis filed a one-sided report in which she cited the views of climate scientists who blame the recent cold temperatures and high amounts of snowfall on global […]

CAIR’S NIHAD AWAD TRANSLATED CAIR’s Nihad ‘Awad Refuses to Condemn Hamas This interview is a little old (2004), but I’ve never seen it translated anywhere into English for the American public to read, and I think it’s important to have out here, especially with Rep. Pete King’s upcoming hearings on Islam in America. This is an organization […]

OBAMA AND THE SECURITY COUNCIL OF THE UN:TO VETO OR NOT TO VETO: VICTOR SHARPE “America is the greatest, freest and most decent society in existence. It is an oasis of goodness in a desert of cynicism and barbarism. This country, once an experiment unique in the world, is now the best hope for the world.” The above words were written by Dinesh D’Souza but they are not the […]

JOHN BERNARD: AFGHANISTAN STRATEGY CHANGE NEEDED Afghanistan Strategy Change Needed; Making the Case Much of the discussion about war strategies, ROE, nation building and the like has been steeped in one side or the other denouncing existing strategies or defending them. All of it is based on intelligence reports and analyses by third parties trying to untangle the seeming conflicting […]

ROGER KIMBALL: WHY DOES THE ACU WELCOME SUHAIL KHAN? Why Does the American Conservative Union Welcome Suhail Khan? Posted By Roger Kimball The annual meeting of CPAC [1], the American Conservative Political Action Conference, is just around the corner. It’s a big deal, attracting some 10,000 conservatives to the nation’s capital each year. The roster of speakers is a who’s who of conservative […]

FORGETTING ABOUT THE SAVIOURS OF OUR COUNTRY: FRANK GAFFNEY Forgetting about the ‘Saviors of Our Country’ By Frank Gaffney, Jr. In 1892, Rudyard Kipling wrote a poem about the paradigmatic British soldier, Tommy Atkins, and his paradigmatic treatment at the hands of an indolent democratic society that takes him for granted – until he is needed.  It read in part: “For it’s Tommy this, […]


A French Intifada by Nidra Poller A process described by some as the Islamization of Europe, by others as the failure of Europeans to integrate Muslim immigrants, has reached a breaking point in France. One of the most troubling manifestations of this discord is the development of a particular type of violence that is […]


China announces its real foreign policy (updated)  Thomas Lifson “The Americans are so dumb that they don’t even know when we insult them in their inner sanctum of power. Laugh at our enemy.” In the context of Chinese culture, the state dinner piano  tune scandal is a particularly troubling insult — for what it […]