ISRAEL: LOVE, TRUE LOVE AND STATISTICS: ELLIOT JAGER By Elliot Jager The depth of sympathy for the Jewish state among ordinary Americans ought to be cause for positive amazement. In stark contrast to strikingly negative European attitudes, a far-reaching CNN poll released on May 31 presents an uplifting picture of American public opinion toward Israel: 65 percent of those surveyed had a generally favorable […]

ALEX JOFFE: ANTI-SEMITISM AND MAN AT YALE The modern university is no longer made up simply of departments and regular professors teaching students. Ancillary centers, programs, and initiatives proliferate, undertaking research on every conceivable topic and, in exchange for use of the university’s name, bringing in prestige, money, and the occasional celebrity. The fates of such entities rarely make the New […]

MARK PROWISOR: YAWNING CHASMS, OR THE PHILOSOPHICAL DISENFRANCHISEMENT OF ISRAEL Yawning Chasms, or the Philosophical Disenfranchisement of Israel Recent polls (for those that believe in the tooth fairy) have shown the dark side of the relationship between American and Israeli Jews, given what is claimed to be the opinion held by the majority of US Jewry. According to these polls, 78% of American Jewry […]

Lebanon’s Islamist Stronghold by Hilal Khashan

Lebanon’s Islamist Stronghold by Hilal Khashan Middle East Quarterly Syrian president Bashar al-Assad has apparently retained the hope of a military return to Lebanon from where he summarily withdrew in 2005 following the Rafiq Hariri assassination. In a 2008 interview with a Lebanese newspaper, he accused the northern city of Tripoli of becoming a […]

What They’re Reading in American Mosques, Pt. 1 – ‘Gardens of the Righteous’: David Reaboi NOTE: In addition to the alarming results of the survey, Shari’a and Violence in American Mosques– where 81% of mosques in this country contained texts that advocate violent jihad– the survey presents a standard that can give law enforcement a way to monitor or potentially to predict where violent jihad may take root. The […]

FRANK GAFFNEY:Gates’ Choice: His Damage to the All-Volunteer Force In this space a few weeks ago, we discussed the peculiar case of outgoing Defense Secretary Robert Gates.   He has spent the past month warning about where the U.S. security posture is headed if President Obama has his way on further budget cuts, if forces are withdrawn from Afghanistan prematurely and if many of […]

A GOOD NIGHT FOR ROMNEY AND BACHMANN…BUT BAD FOR PAWLENTY: JONATHAN TOBIN A Good Night For Romney and Bachmann; An Awful One for Pawlenty Coming into this debate, a lot of pundits thought Mitt Romney would benefit from having the other challengers gang up on him about health care. They were wrong since doing so would have exposed Romney’s vulnerabilities not confirmed him as the frontrunner. […]

JOHN BOLTON: PALARAB STATEHOOD…WHAT’S THE U.N.’S ROLE,0,4707176.story Palestinian statehood: What is the U.N.’s role? John R. Bolton, former U.S. ambassador to the U.N., says a vote would only diminish the world body. An aversion to reality can be a powerfully destructive force. Its most visible manifestation in international affairs lies in trying to create political “facts on the ground” through the […]

IS PAKISTAN’S NUCLEAR ARSENAL VULNERALE TO TERRORISTS? AND HOW…..DAVID CASE Is Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal vulnerable to terrorists? Pakistan – David Case – June 13, 2011 06:50 Editor’s note: this article is part of “Too Dangerous to Fail,” an occasional series on nuclear security issues in Pakistan and beyond. BOSTON — Pakistan, it appears, badly flubbed its role as America’s key partner in the global […]

MORAL INVERSION IN OUR FOREIGN POLICY: IRA STRAUS It is a curious pattern. When Qaddafi and Assad came under attack, our elites — foreign-affairs journals, major media, government officials — warned of dire destabilizing consequences if they should fall. When Ben Ali and Mubarak came under attack, our elites said their downfall was inevitable and warned of dire destabilizing consequences if they […]