The World’s Largest and Most Advanced Underground Hospital is Preparing to Open its Doors in Northern Israel

The world’s largest and most advanced underground hospital is preparing to open its doors in Northern Israel.
The 2,000 bed underground hospital has been designed to protect patients and hospital staff in warlike conditions.

The 2,000 bed underground hospital has been designed to protect patients and hospital staff in warlike conditions. This one-of-a-kind medical facility is located seventeen meters below the surface of where Rambam Medical Center is expanding its medical campus to include the Ruth Rappaport Children’s Hospital, the Fishman Oncology Center, a Cardiovascular Hospital and a Biomedical Discovery research tower.

The northern region of Israel is no stranger to missile attacks and the realities of war. During the 2006 war with Lebanon, Rambam Hospital was under attack and in direct line of fire for an entire month. The staff had no choice but to evacuate half of the hospital, placing patients in unrealistic conditions such as basements and corridors. It became clear to the hospital’s committee that protective measures needed to be taken for future situations, and a new provision would have to be made in order to continue to function during wartime.

With the conflicts that Israel faces daily from neighboring countries, it was widely accepted that an underground medical facility was nothing short of a necessity in Israel. Even now, despite the “relaxation” of war within Israel, officials say it is imperative to complete this project before any other unpredictability can disrupt it.

Once the idea for an underground hospital was born, the Israeli government became involved, joining forces with Rambam to expedite this process. The project was made possible after receiving a sizable donation from Israeli billionaire Sammy Ofer. The Israeli government and other donors provided the rest of the finances needed. Once signing on to the project, the government had ideas of their own. The Ministries of Health and Finance, together with the official governmental bodies that deal with country’s preparedness, suggested making it a regional hospital, dictating the number of beds it offered. The above-ground facility at Rambam has only a 1,000 bed capacity, while the underground one will have twice as many to meet the demand of providing a strategic solution for Haifa and the Northern region in the case of war.

While there are other underground hospitals in the world, Rambam’s is the only facility that will be able to transfer 2,000 patients, their staff, and the necessary equipment underground in the period of 48-72 hours.

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For the first time – and never again – the first day of Chanukah will be celebrated on Thanksgiving, the fourth Thursday in November, November 28, 2013. Since the Jewish calendar is based on a 19 year cycle (when a “leap month” is added – seven times – to the shorter Jewish year) and Thanksgiving is part of a 7 year cycle, they coincide every 133 years. However, Thanksgiving was formally adopted by President Lincoln in 1863, and therefore it could not coincide with Chanukah 133 years ago, in 1861. Moreover, due to the moving gap between the Jewish lunar calendar (with 29-30 day months) and the general Gregorian solar calendar, they will not coincide before the year 79,811….

2. David Ben Gurion, the first Prime Minister of the Jewish State, stated: “The struggle of the Maccabees was one of the most dramatic clashes of civilizations in human history, not merely a political-military struggle against foreign oppression…. The meager Jewish people did not assimilate, as did many peoples. The Jewish people prevailed, won, sustained and enhanced their independence and unique civilization…. The Hasmoneans overcame one of the most magnificent spiritual, political and military challenges in Jewish history due to the spirit of the people, rather than the failed spirit of the establishment ….” (Uniqueness and Destiny, pp 20-22, Ben Gurion, IDF Publishing, 1953).

3. Chanukah is the only Jewish holiday that commemorates a Land of Israel
national liberation struggle, unlike Passover (the Exodus from Egypt), Sukkot/Tabernacles and Shavuot/Pentecost (on the way from Egypt to the Land of Israel) and Purim (deliverance of Jews in the Persian Empire). Chanukah is the longest Jewish holiday (8 days) with the most intense element of light (8 consecutive nights of lighting candles).

4. The critical Chanukah developments occurred, mostly, in the mountain ridges of Judea and Samaria: Mitzpah (also the Prophet Samuel’s burial site), Beth El (Judah’s first headquarters), Beth Horon (Judah’s victory over Seron), Hadashah (Judah’s victory over Nicanor), Beth Zur (Judah’s victory over Lysias), Ma’aleh Levona (Judah’s victory over Apolonius), Adora’yim (a Maccabean fortress), Elazar and Beit Zachariya (Judah’s first defeat), Ba’al Hatzor (where Judah was defeated and killed) and the Judean Desert. Unified Jerusalem was the Capital of the Maccabees. Thus, Chanukah is not a holiday of “occupied territories;” Chanukah highlights the moral-high-ground of Jews in their ancestral land.

5. Shimon the Maccabee – who succeeded his brothers, Judah and Yonatan –
defied an ultimatum by the Syrian emperor, Antiochus (Book of Maccabees A, Chapter 15, verse 33), who demanded an end to the “occupation” of
Jerusalem, Jaffa, Gaza, Gezer and Akron, Shimon declared: “We have not occupied a foreign land; we have not ruled a foreign land; we have liberated the land of our forefathers from foreign occupation.”

6. The name Maccabee (מכבי or מקבי) is a derivative of the Hebrew word Makevet (מקבת), Power Hammer, which described Judah’s tenacious and decisive fighting capabilities. Or, it could be a derivative of the Hebrew verb Cabeh (כבה), to extinguish, which described the fate of Judah’s adversaries. Another source of the name suggests that Maccabee, מכבי, is the Hebrew acronym of “Who could resemble you among Gods, Jehovah” (מי כמוך באלים יי). However, the saga of the Maccabees was written, during ancient times, in Latin, which sometimes pronounces C like a TZ. Hence, Maccabee could be the Latin spelling of the Hebrew word Matzbee, the commander.

Raymond Ibrahim on Obama’s War Crimes Charges – on The Glazov Gang

Raymond Ibrahim on Obama’s War Crimes Charges – on The Glazov Gang
Egyptian lawyers file formal complaint at the International Criminal Court accusing U.S. president of crimes against humanity.

Lies smooth the transition to a fundamental transformation of our health-care system.

Fraud can be so brazen it takes people’s breath away. But for a prosecutor tasked with proving a swindle — or what federal law describes as a “scheme to defraud” — the crucial thing is not so much the fraud. It is the scheme.

To be sure, it is the fraud — the individual false statements, sneaky omissions, and deceptive practices — that grabs our attention. As I’ve recounted in this space, President Obama repeatedly and emphatically vowed, “If you like your health-insurance plan, you can keep your health-insurance plan, period.” The incontrovertible record — disclosures by the Obama administration in the Federal Register, representations by the Obama Justice Department in federal court — proves that Obama’s promises were systematically deceitful. The president’s audacity is bracing, and not just because he lies so casually while looking us in the eye. Obama also insults our intelligence. It is one thing to tuck evidence of falsehood into a few paragraphs on page 34,552 of a dusty governmental journal no one may ever look at. It is quite something else to announce it in a legal brief publicly filed in a case of intense interest to millions of Americans aggrieved by Obamacare’s religious-liberty violations. To be so bold is to say, in effect, “The public is too ignorant and disengaged to catch me, and the press is too deep in my pocket to raise alarms.”

Still, to show that politicians lie is like pointing out that it gets dark at night. The lie, the fraud, does not tell us why they lied in this instance. The fraud does not tell us what the stakes are. To know that, we must understand the scheme — the design.


“First, do no harm” sounds nice, but contrary to legend, it is not part of the Hippocratic Oath, one of the oldest binding documents in history. Hippocrates invoked the medical deities Apollo and Hygeia for physicians to treat the ill to the best of their ability; to respect privacy; to teach the next generation; to guard the ill from harm and injustice; to remember obligations to all infirmed regardless of their soundness of body and mind. This oath is still sacred to the medical profession, and, in general, it is adhered to by physicians throughout the world.

Although FIMA, the International Federation of Islamic Medical Associations states, “Islamic Medicine is defined as the art of practice of medicine in the service of humanity under Islamic guidelines as ordained in the divine book al-Qu’ran and taught by the Prophet Muhammad.” ….and In discussing Islamic medical ethics: “a physician derives his conclusions from rules of Islamic laws (Shar’iah) and Moslem medical ethics.” The site goes on to state their four basic principles: respect for the autonomy of the patient; beneficence; no malfeasance and “distributive justice.”

Oh well that has not come to America yet.

However if you follow the dots on Obamacare, the bureaucrats have taken the hypocritical oath. The irony is that the subsidies for insurance will provide a form of “Medicaid”- the choice will be to pay higher rates or be herded into programs that will send patients back to the bad old days that prompted Medicare- hospital emergency rooms which will turn away most patients except those brought in an ambulance; “triage” where receptionists will decide who gets medical treatment; perfunctory ward care by understaffed and under qualified and under paid staffers; lack of access to costly but critically needed laboratory and high tech diagnostic testing.

Seniors beware! The worst is still to come.

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The Haunting Design of ObamaCare — on The Glazov Gang

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The Gang gathered to discuss The Haunting Design of ObamaCare, shedding light on the president’s true morbid objectives in implementing his health care plan.

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