Limited Government, Religious Liberty, and Joe Biden’s Rosary Posted By Roger Kimball URL to article: I was talking to a friend in California yesterday about the Obama administration’s latest assault on religious liberty — the “interim final rule” issued by the Department of Health and Human Services requiring all health plans, including those at […]

JERROLD SOBEL: ISRAEL’S SECURITY FENCE From time immemorial, security fences have been built around the world often in disputed territories to disrupt terrorists, drug smugglers, and illegal immigrants from entering.  No doubt, these fences often cause difficulties for native populations in the vicinities where they’re built.  To name just a few: India/Pakistan:  India is constructing a fence along the majority of […]


GERMANY’S ANTI-SEMITISM PROBLEM: By Melody Sucharewicz WHY HAVE JEWS GONE TO LIVE IN GERMANY? ….I’LL NEVER UNDERSTAND IT…. RSK The complex context within which German youth learn about the Holocaust, relate to their fellow Jewish citizens or form an opinion about Israel, requires more creativity, coordination, long-term budgets and interdisciplinary synergy. The beauty of […]

THE AMAZING OBAMA BUDGET He’s proposing higher spending and deficits this year. Federal budgets are by definition political documents, but even by that standard yesterday’s White House proposal for fiscal year 2013 is a brilliant bit of misdirection. With the abracadabra of a tax increase on the wealthy and defense spending cuts that will never materialize, the White […]

WHO IS XI JINPING…THE NEW LEADER OF CHINA? BRET STEPHENS Americans will get their first close look this week at Xi Jinping, the man who’s expected to replace Hu Jintao later this year as China’s paramount leader. Mr. Xi is one of the Communist Party’s original princelings—his father was a top Mao lieutenant until he was purged in the early 1960s—and press accounts of […]

ISRAELI OFFICIALS BLME IRAN FOR ATTEMPTS TO KILLE ISRAELI DIPLOMATS IN INDIA AND GEORGIA   JERUSALEM — Israeli officials blamed Iran on Monday for nearly simultaneous attempts to bomb Israeli diplomats in India and Georgia in what some analysts suggested may be Iranian retaliation for a series of attacks on its nuclear program that have been widely blamed on Israel.  In New Delhi, the explosion wounded four people, […]

WES PRUDEN: OVER THE TOP TO THE GUILLOTINE “Over the top” is the preferred destination of all politicians, and nothing inspires candidates to go over the top like a presidential primary season. Newt Gingrich goes over the top to fly off to the moon. Herman Cain goes over the top to buy a pizza for all the lovely ladies. Mitt Romney goes […]


Shariah’s Police? Over the weekend, a drama with potentially horrific consequences for freedom-loving Americans played out half-a-world away. A Saudi newspaper columnist named Hamza Kashgari was detained in Malaysia, reportedly on the basis of an alert by the International Criminal Police Organization, better known as Interpol. Reuters quotes a Malaysian police spokesman as saying […]


Egypt’s Downward Spiral Towards Self-Destruction Posted By Nonie Darwish

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The Arab Spring brought Egyptians new freedoms: kidnapping and robbing American tourists, the arrest of 43 NGO workers, including 19 Americans, senseless killings, endless riots and chaos, burning of churches and the killing and kidnapping of Christians.

Arrests of Westerners and accusing some of espionage and stirring up the riots and attacking and accusing Christians of working with the enemies of Islam, is nothing new and is almost always politically motivated. Focusing on the outside non-Muslim world rather than focusing on urgent internal matters and taking responsibility for previous failures has always been the norm in almost all Muslim countries, especially Egypt. With a straight face, an Egyptian MP recently commented on the Egyptian soccer riots that resulted in the killing of over 75 people and injuring hundreds, by saying “This anarchy is caused by America, Israel and the former regime.”


Obama’s Assault on America’s Prestige Posted By Bruce Thornton

In 1868, a British army led by Sir Robert Napier sailed from India to Abyssinia (Ethiopia) to rescue several English and European hostages from the mentally unstable, sadistic King Theodore. Theodore had become enraged a few years earlier because his letter to Queen Victoria asking for military assistance had been ignored, and so he retaliated by taking the hostages. Napier’s expedition required the building of a port, railroad, and road in order for his army of 13,000 soldiers to march to Theodore’s stronghold Magdala, 400 brutal miles from the coast. After the three-month march, the British met Theodore’s army at Magadala and routed it. The hostages were released, and Theodore committed suicide. Then Napier led his army back to the coast and sailed away, surprising many who believed that rescuing the hostages was a pretext for colonial expansion.

The Abyssinian expedition illustrates the British awareness that an empire must defend not just its material interests, but also its prestige. Insults and injuries to its citizens cannot be tolerated, for rivals and enemies will interpret such forbearance as a weakness to be exploited. The expedition was an expensive, massive undertaking, but one necessary in order to warn the Empire’s potential enemies that England would pay any price to defend its honor and interests. Power is not just about material resources, but also the perceptions of others that power will be used, a perception that works as a force multiplier. As Vergil says in the Aeneid, “They have power because they seem to have power.”