The Trouble with Romney and the Perils of Perry

“The solution? Perry needs to go retail and talk radio/online media in a big way. Perry should forget the attacks on Romney, just deliver his message and explain his record in a disciplined and relentless way. Do multiple daily appearances in Iowa explaining his plans and message to everyday voters, get those appearances captured and posted on YouTube and moved on blogs and social media. Get them in the local newscasts. Run positive issue ads in Iowa and South Carolina. Attack Obama often, get under his skin and make him respond directly to you. Hit the president on specifics and show where, for instance, Perry’s energy plan will undo the damage Obama is doing and thereby create jobs. As for the debates, attend some, skip some, as the schedule allows, but don’t make an issue of skipping them and don’t let them control the campaign schedule.”

Mitt Romney’s support and his negatives are baked into the GOP primary. To Romney’s supporters, either his various contradictory policy and issue positions don’t matter or they’re outweighed by his “electability.” They think he is best positioned to defeat President Obama, and so far nothing seems capable of dissuading them. His air of inevitability is gone, but his support remains steady in the 20s. He isn’t going up, and he isn’t going down.

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USA Today has published an excellent house editorial explaining why it is important for the Obama administration to approve construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline that would deliver oil from Canada’s oil sands to refineries along the U.S. Gulf Coast.

USA Today points out that the United States imports approximately half of its oil, “which puts the nation at the mercy of the mercurial world oil market. Imports from Mexico and Venezuela, two of the USA’s biggest suppliers, are declining, and that’s projected to make the nation even more reliant on producers in the unstable Middle Eastand Africa. The Keystone pipeline would provide about a half-million more barrels a day from one of this nation’s closest and most reliable allies.”

JAMES ROSEN: ARAB SPRING OPTIMISM GIVES WAY TO FEAR OF ISLAMIC RISE Fox News From the first stirrings of change in the Middle East nine months ago, optimism at the prospect of 100 million young people rising up to seize their democratic freedoms has been tempered by fear in Western capitals that radical Islamists might also rise up and try to hijack the so-called Arab Spring. […]

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AMIL IMANI: ISLAMISM AND SADISM,css.print/pub_detail.asp
It is not about God or love, it is about control and domination—just as sadism is not about human intercourse or love; it is about control, torture, punishment and domination.

Why else name a so-called religion “submission?” Islam’s provisions are intended to dominate every waking moment in the life of a believer. Islam seeks nothing less than a total global domination. There is no room for being a half-hearted Muslim and no toleration of watering down its invocations.

How do the Islamists prey upon their victims? For one, Islam is stamped on the impressionable mind of the child from birth. The parents and immediate members of the family are the ones who make the very first impressions on the tabula rasa of the young mind. These early impressions are the grid-work for further formation of the person’s mind and belief system. It is by far easier, as life goes on, to incorporate “items” that readily fit into the grid-work, than to modify it or dismantle it altogether and begin anew. It is in recognition of the importance of early training and education that people such as Saint Augustine and Freud considered the first few years of life as critical for molding the person.

It is some consolation; however, to realize that there are many practicing religions who are willing to stand up to the extremists, even at their own great peril. It is also quite human to fight against control and domination. However, marrying Islam with government is stoking fire with explosives. That is what the Islamic Republic of Iran currently represents.


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