http://www.frontpagemag.com/2014/dgreenfield/the-angry-left/print/ The American left has never had it this good with two terms of an uncompromising leftist in the White House dedicated to its agenda, making and unmaking laws at a whim, siccing the IRS and federal prosecutors on his political enemies and transforming the country at a breathtaking pace. Obama is what generations of […]

The Problems of Power Inequality: Americans Resent Decisions About Their Lives Being Made in D.C. and Not Their Local Communities. Jonah Goldberg

http://www.nationalreview.com/node/370420/print On my wife’s side, I have a very large family in Fairbanks, Alaska. Culturally, Fairbanks is a lot farther from New York City (where I grew up) or Washington, D.C., (where I live now) than the several thousand miles on the map might suggest. Alaska wins a lot of comparisons, and not just the […]

High Court at a Crossroads “Nonpartisans” are Trying to Reverse Citizens United One Investigation At a Time. By Stephen M. Hoersting

http://www.nationalreview.com/node/370454/print What if Chief Justice John Roberts’s admonition, on the subject of restrictions on independent political advocates, that “enough is enough” had been met with the retort, “Oh, we’re just getting started!”? Consider the travails of Crossroads GPS, a group that operates independently of candidates and is constituted as a social-welfare organization under section 501(c)(4) […]

Government Health Care A British Doctor is Bullied for Protecting Patients. By Alec Torres (A Preview of ACA in America?)

http://www.nationalreview.com/article/370437/government-health-care-alec-torres Great Britain’s National Health Service (NHS) is threatening to shut down the practice of a general practitioner because he isn’t readily volunteering his patients’ private medical records to a new government data collection program. Dr. Gordon Gancz decided to opt all of his patients out of the “caredata” medical-information scheme due to privacy concerns […]


http://www.nationalreview.com/node/370451/print Feminism is not an idea or a collection of ideas but a collection of appetites wriggling queasily together like a bag of snakes. Feminism has nothing to do with the proposition that women should be considered whole and complete members of the body politic, though it has enjoyed great success marketing itself that way. […]



February 1st was National Freedom Day. It commemorates Lincoln’s signing of the House and Senate resolution that later became the 13th Amendment. Lincoln signed the Amendment outlawing slavery on February 1, 1865.

Short of another Civil War, Americans have reached a point verging on the loss of their Constitutional freedoms as ever before. The issue then was slavery, but Americans are rapidly moving toward having their Bill of Rights annulled by a President intent on ruling as a despot, making them slaves of a regime that rules as he wishes, ignoring the Constitution and Congress.

His actions have been supported by the Democratic members of Congress and because Republicans only control the House they have seen their legislative efforts to oppose the regime blocked, often by one man, Harry Reid, the Senate Majority Leader. The nation’s media with few exceptions have supported or ignored the President’s actions.

Why is this happening? A brief review of the means put forth in Saul Alinski’s “Rules for Radicals”, written by a “community organizer”, outlines what Obama is doing as he seeks to turn America into a socialist state. It is a process that progressives/liberals have been pursuing since early in the last century.



There has been a lot of damage done to the United States Constitution courtesy of the Progressive Movement over the years. The passage of the 17th Amendment alone removed a critical constitutional check-and-balance meant to make sure the rights of the minority were protected, in this case the right of the many States to protect themselves from an over-reaching federal government. So, it is with a wary and suspicious eye that I view the actions of one of the 1990’s most successful Progressive operatives, the now Governor of Virginia, Terry McAuliffe.

To refresh everyone’s memories, Mr. McAuliffe is not only one of the closest confidants of the former President Bill Clinton and former Secretary of State Hillary “I-Forgot-to-Answer-the-Phone-at-3am-when-Benghazi-Called” Clinton, but, according to DiscoverTheNetworks.org, was:

“…chairman of the Democrat National Committee…He began his career as a financier for the Democrat Party when he worked on the unsuccessful re-election campaign of President Jimmy Carter in 1980. More recently, he developed a reputation as an exceptionally effective fundraiser for the Clinton administration. He raised money not only for both of Bill Clinton’s successful presidential bids, but also for Hillary Clinton’s victorious New York State Senate run. During the Clinton presidency, when the Monica Lewinsky scandal threatened to cause a decline in the President’s war chest, McAuliffe initiated and chaired Clinton’s multimillion-dollar legal defense fund.

“McAuliffe is particularly adept at the raising of soft money – funds that, by endorsing an overall cause or party rather than a specific candidate, are legally permitted to exceed the limits normally placed on contributions to a political campaign. Because they are not bound by such restrictions, soft money contributions are often so large – frequently in excess of $100,000 – that donors naturally expect to receive some form of payback in return for their generosity. McAuliffe’s soft money strategy was responsible for President Clinton’s 1996 scandal concerning the Lincoln Bedroom sleepovers and the White House coffees, two tactics employed to solicit huge donations from wealthy friends and patrons of the Clintons…”

Obama Admin Unilaterally Changes Law to Allow Immigrants With ‘Limited’ Terror Contact Into US By Caroline May



he Obama administration has issued new exemptions to a law that bars certain asylum-seekers and refugees who provided “limited material support” to terrorists who are believed to pose no threat from the U.S.

The Department of Homeland Security and the State Department published the new exemptions Wednesday in the Federal Register to narrow a ban in the Immigration and Nationality Act excluding refugees and asylum seekers who had provided limited material support, no matter how minor, to terrorists.

“These exemptions cover five kinds of limited material support that have adversely and unfairly affected refugees and asylum seekers with no tangible connection to terrorism: material support that was insignificant in amount or provided incidentally in the course of everyday social, commercial, family or humanitarian interactions, or under significant pressure,” a DHS official explained to The Daily Caller.

Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson and Secretary of State John Kerry signed the exemptions.

DHS contends that the law change is “commonsense” and that immigration procedures will remain the same in other respects.

Cuban Activist Arrested Ahead of Human Rights Summit….Alana Goodman

http://freebeacon.com/cuban-activist-arrested-ahead-of-human-rights-summit/?print=1 Home of activist ‘Antúnez’ raided before UN Watch human rights event in Geneva A prominent Cuban opposition activist has been arrested ahead of a United Nations-related human rights conference he was expected to attend in Geneva, his supporters said Wednesday. Jorge Luis García Pérez, known as “Antúnez,” was reportedly arrested with several other activists […]

Muslim Brotherhood Leader Meets Obama in White House: Adam Kredo



Controversial British MB leader participates in Iraq discussion

A senior member of the Muslim Brotherhood was recently hosted at the White House for a meeting with President Barack Obama, prompting an outcry from critics of the global Islamist organization.

Anas Altikriti, a top British lobbyist for the Muslim Brotherhood whose father heads Iraq’s Muslim Brotherhood party, recently met with the president and Vice President Joe Biden as part of a delegation discussing problems in Iraq.

Altikriti, whose work has also been tied to Hamas, can be seen smiling in photos published by the White House as he stands next to Iraqi Parliament Speaker Usama al-Nujaifi, who is pictured shaking hands with President Obama in the White House’s Roosevelt Room. The meeting was first highlighted by the blog Harry’s Place.

The Obama administration has been criticized its outreach to the Muslim Brotherhood, the international Islamist organization whose members’ brief reign in Egypt was supported by the White House.

Nujaifi, Altikriti, and other members of the Iraqi delegation were in town late January to discuss al Qaeda’s growing presence in Iraq. Nujaifi himself was reported to have met twice with President Obama, though it remains unclear if Altikriti accompanied him on both occasions.

“President Barack Obama greets Speaker Osama al-Nujaifi, Iraqi Council of Representatives, after he drops by Vice President Joe Biden’s meeting with the Speaker in the Roosevelt Room of the White House,” read the White House’s photo caption, which clearly shows Altikriti standing to al-Nujaifi’s right side.