SEN. MARK KIRK OF ILLINOIS ON DELTA AIRLINES WASHINGTON – A US senator has called for an investigation into whether Delta Air Lines is discriminating against Jewish passengers under an agreement it recently entered into with Saudi Arabian Airlines. Illinois Republican Sen. Mark Kirk wrote to J. Randolph Babbit, an administrator for the Federal Aviation Administration, on Friday and urged him to […]

MARK STEYN: SPEECHWORLD VS. REALITY The Democrats seem to have given up on budgets. Hey, who can blame them? They’ve got a ballpark figure: Let’s raise two trillion dollars in revenue every year, and then spend four trillion. That seems to work pretty well, so why get hung up on a lot of fine print? Harry Reid says the […]

BEYOND BELIEF: POLITICAL PROPAGANDA IN THE ANGLICAN CHURCH Beyond Belief: Political Propaganda in the Anglican Church. A while ago, Elder of Ziyon published an article well worth a re-read in which he explained why these commonly found maps are both inaccurate and deliberately misleading. Commonly found they indeed are, but I for one did not realise just how broad their spread has […]

DAPHNE ANSON: THE LIE OF THE LAND The Lie of the Land Recognise these four maps? I’m sure you do, for they’re all but ubiquitous – they have found their way into the handouts of anti-Israel organisations, decorate many Israel-delegitimising websites, and take pride of place on the stall the local Palestine Solidarity Campaign – a veritable witches’ coven if ever […]

MODERN IRELAND: PROGRESSIVE, LIBERAL AND JEW HATING:BERNARD McCABE Ireland is a slave to history with regard to the virulent anti-Semitism problem. What makes it persist? Article In 1904, Limerick’s Jewish community was devastated by an infamous pogrom that saw them largely driven from the city. The words that catalysed this pogrom come as no surprise to anyone: the Jews, said Father John Creagh (who kick-started the […]

DANIEL GREENFIELD: THE WEEKLY ROUNDUP What’s your mental image of prison. Breaking rocks, risky showers and listening to trains go by where rich folks are eating from a fancy dining car? Forget all that. If you’re a Muslim terrorist in Israeli prison, life is smartphones, salaries paid for by American taxpayers and access to your own Facebook fan page. […]

WHO DEFENDS REP. LYNN WOOLSEY’S ANTI-ISRAEL TANTRUM? J STREET, OF COURSE: ALANA GOODMAN Rep. Lynn Woolsey, the congresswoman who joined in an anti-Israel chant during a Code Pink event last Sunday, has been denounced by Jewish groups across the political spectrum – with one notable exception. The activist organization J Street, whose PAC endorses Woolsey and contributed financially to her 2010 campaign, actually defended the congresswoman in […]


Friedman Goes Sarcastic on Rush’s Climate Skepticism, Confesses to Obama Vote; Anti-Obama Jews Full of ‘Crap’ By: Clay Waters ALSO READ : Obama’s pro-Israel critics are talking “pure crap,” said columnist Tom Friedman on PBS host Charlie Rose’s show Tuesday night. Rose was hosting a roundtable of Times columnists. Along with Friedman there was […]

JIM DENTON, EDITOR: CHESS CHAMPION GARY KASPAROV’S WARNING TO US CONGRESS…READ THE ENTIRE TESTIMONY Jim Denton: Chess Champion Garry Kasparov to US Congress: Put Putin’s Russia in Check Last week, one of Russia’s leading and fearless proponents of democracy and rule of law, Garry Kasparov, testified before the House Committee on Foreign Affairs on the grim developments in Russia during the Putin era. His testimony presents a succinct […]


Honig – Remember the tsunami of 1949 Fear-mongering is largely the forte of the fringes. When it infects the mainstream, however, we ought to get seriously worried. This denotes a successful scare-job by forces who, in the words of America’s immortal satirist H. L. Mencken, aim “to keep the populace alarmed – and hence […]