“Iran is now at the last lap of the nuclear marathon,” Ambassador Yoram Ettinger, former Israeli Minister for Congressional Affairs, stated during a January 14, 2014, conference call. Sponsored by the Endowment for Middle East Truth (EMET) after a January 8 EMET/Center for Security Policy (CSP) panel on Iran (video here), the two policy discussions highlighted growing dangers from an uncontained Iranian nuclear weapons program.

Nuclear weapons were part of an Iranian “long term strategic vision” dating from the 1980s, Lebanese-American Middle East scholar Walid Phares explained at the Russell Senate Office Building. Along with these “fissiles,” Iran was developing missiles as weapons delivery vehicles, an arsenal currently capable of striking Israel and in the future targets like Moscow. Iran’s Islamic Republic “perceived itself as a superpower” challenging infidels such as the Israeli “Little Satan” and the American “Greater Satan” with an international revolution analogous to Soviet Communism. The subsequent presentation by Andrew Bostom on canonical Islamic anti-Semitism recurring throughout history emphasized the troubling ideological nature of the Islamic Republic.

There is in Iran currently, however, “nothing to compare” with Mikhail Gorbachev’s reforms, Phares determined. Despite contrary hopes, Iran betrays the “opposite of reform.” Phares dismissed impressions of Islamic Republic moderation as manifesting how this regime is “not predictable on the tactical level” while maintaining a consistent strategic vision. The Islamic Republic is willing to go “very far” in the name of pragmatism and “sell you anything.” Iran, for example, is currently claiming to be “part of the war on terror” alongside the United States in opposing Al Qaeda in Iraq, a “narrative” of “common enemies” designed to impress “Ivy League experts.” Yet “there is no difference” between the infamous Islamic Republic founder, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, and the current Islamic Republic Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.


Crude obfuscation is the stock in trade of many political actors. Not so the president of Iran.

This column is about Iran. But first a word about a bearded bully closer to home.

On Monday, New York Times columnist Paul Krugman accused this newspaper of “crude obfuscation” for failing to run a correction for a mistake I made in a recent column on income inequality. “Oh, and for the record,” he wrote with his customary charm, “at the time of writing this elementary error had not been corrected on the Journal’s website.”

In fact, a formal correction was posted on Jan. 5 and I addressed the subject at length on Jan. 3.

Columnists make mistakes, and when we do we post timely corrections. Well, some of us do. What’s amusing about Mr. Krugman is that he should now commit his own elementary error in the service of a loudmouth accusation. While he’s paying attention, maybe he can explain his August 2002 contention that ” Alan Greenspan needs to create a housing bubble to replace the Nasdaq bubble,” or his January 2010 claim that “Europe is an economic success.” Misreading Census Bureau data, as I accidentally did, is a misdemeanor intellectual offense compared with those whoppers.


Now that President Obama’s promise in December of a “pretty definitive statement” about the nation’s electronic intelligence-gathering practices has been fulfilled with Friday’s speech, it is worth looking at what will actually happen as a result, at least in the near term, and what won’t.

The speech was preceded by seven months of arguably the most damaging leaks of national-security information—how we collect electronic intelligence—in the nation’s history, as the result of disclosures by former government contractor Edward Snowden. Yet the president made no recommendation as to how such leaks might be stopped.

To be sure, he mentioned the “avalanche of unauthorized disclosures” that resulted in “revealing methods to our adversaries that could impact our operations . . . for years to come.” But the rhetorical afterburners immediately kicked in to carry us to a higher altitude: “[T]he task before us now is greater than simply repairing the damage done to our operations or preventing more disclosures from taking place in the future.”

Forgive this brief demurrer, but consider: A young man gets a medical discharge from the military notwithstanding that his avocations include kickboxing, then has a rocky and brief tenure at the CIA that ends with his negotiated retention of his security clearance—which allowed him then to be employed by a military contractor in a job that gave him access to the secrets he later leaked—and then he manages to disable a complex computer system and steal more than a million-and-a-half documents. Are we not entitled at least to some brief assurance that the holes in the system that allowed Edward Snowden to do what he did have been sewn up?

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The last American government push was “The Affordable Health Care Act”, previously known as “Obamacare”. We know how well that is working out.

Now they are diverting our attention to “Income Inequality” because that is supposed to be a very bad thing; it is unfair, it is un-American. Equality means absolutely equal. Period. It does not mean less inequality. However, this smacks of George Orwell’s “Animal Farm”: “All the animals are equal but some are more equal than others”.

If we are to have income equality, then a homeless person and Tiger Woods have to make absolutely the same amount of money. Either everyone makes nothing or everyone makes $74 million a year. If everyone makes $74 million a year, then $74 million is effectively nothing. We can take the pre-Nazi Weimar Republic as an example but Zimbabwe makes an even better example. $1 Zimbabwe dollar became $1 Trillion Zimbabwe dollars and a loaf of bread cost $1 trillion Zimbabwe dollars.

There would be an advantage if this happened in the United States: we could pay off the National Debt with 18 loaves of bread.

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Maya Wind and Eran Efrati are alleged peace activists who are touring the country and warning university students about the sins of the Jewish people. They call themselves “The Soldier and the Refusenik; and my friends and I had the unfortunate opportunity of seeing them lecture at Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Efrati, a former IDF soldier who now hates both the IDF and his own country, talks a good game. He begins his introduction to the students with a well rehearsed sentimental story of how he was a sweet naive soldier who, in a desire to see love and peace between Arabs and Jews develop, offered candy to a young Arab child, in Hebron. Later, allegedly, in a random house drawing exhibition on the part of the IDF, Efrati finds himself in that same boy’s house. After making the mistake of pointing a gun at the child and, due to his own negligence, getting the boy’s father arrested, Efrati apparently then sees the proverbial light, and decides to fight against Israel, Zionism, and the self-determination of his own people. All because of his own stupidity which he of course blames on the very existence of the Jewish state. So, like most psychopaths, he blames his own pathologies on a completely unrelated entity, namely Israel, and to justify this action, makes up stories about the Zionist state. For example, He laments the checkpoints, which keep Israelis, both Jews and Arabs, safe from terror attacks. He says checkpoints are axiomatic proof of “apartheid,” (which by this standard means that the JFK airport is proof of American “apartheid” as well).

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