The Middle Eastern Nuclear Domino Posted By Ryan Mauro Iran’s pursuit of nuclear weapons is forcing its enemies in the region, such as Saudi Arabia, to also consider acquiring them to counter the threat. A Middle East nuclear arms race will soon begin that could quickly spiral out of country and spread beyond the […]

CLAUDIA ROSETT:How About a Goldstone Rating System for the UN? Since Richard Goldstone published his semi-apology for the United Nations Goldstone Report on Gaza, there have been lots of suggestions about what ought to happen next with Goldstone and his voluminous, pro-terrorist, anti-Israel 2009 report. The UN ought to retract it, but won’t. Goldstone wrote that if he’d known then what he knows now, […]

DAVID SOLWAY: SETTLING THE BIRTHER CONTROVERSY For some time now, even before his assumption of the presidency, the subject of Barack Obama’s origins has been a vexed and tenacious issue, with no sign as yet of diminishing. Is he a “natural born citizen,” as per Article 2, Section 1 of the U.S. Constitution, the criterion of eligibility for the office […]

JOHN BOLTON: IRANIAN WINTER COULD CHILL THE ARAB SPRING By JOHN BOLTON Since the “Arab Spring” began four months ago in Tunisia, U.S. media have focused constantly and generally optimistically on the turmoil in the Middle East. Unfortunately, the rising threat of an Iranian Winter—nuclear or otherwise—is likely to outlast and overshadow any Arab Spring. Iran’s hegemonic ambitions are embodied in its rapidly […]

DUBAI: UK TOURIST BEATEN TO DEATH FOR SWEARING…. THANKS TO: Briton ‘beaten to death’ in a Dubai police cell after being arrested for swearing By Arthur Martin, Nick Mcdermott and Rebecca Evan THE EMIRATES ARE TOUTED AS “MODERATE” WITH GREAT BEACHES, HOTELS, AMENITIES…IT WAS A REGULAR ON CRUISES…..RSK   ‘The guards tried to hush it up and pretend nothing had happened’ […]


Afghan mullahs push peaceful protest in wake of Quran-burning violence Kandahar, Afghanistan – As the dust settles in Afghanistan after sustained protest over a Florida pastor’s Quran burning, many residents in Kandahar are facing an unpleasant truth: More Qurans were burned in the course of their protests than by Terry Jones. The demonstrations, which […]


Mark Steyn On The Most Historic Budget Cutting Bill In History…That Spends $3 Billion More Than Last Year HH: The non-deficit reducing, deficit reduction bill has passed, 260-167, 59 Republicans voting against it. The chairman of the Appropriations committee, Hal Rogers, said I just want this bill over with. But here’s the kicker. Although […]

VITTORIO ARRIGONI-”ACTIVIST” WITH PRO-PALARAB GROUP KIDNAPPED AND KILLED BY MOSLEM GROUP IN GAZA “The Italian was killed by suffocation and his body was found in a street of the city of Gaza,” a spokesman for the Islamist movement which controls the Gaza Strip told AFP. A Salafist group of radical Islamists killed an Italian activist after kidnapping him in Gaza, a Hamas security official said Friday.Two suspected […]

TOP DOJ OFFICIALS ABANDON TERROR FINANCE PROSECUTIONS: FRANK GAFFNEY Misprision of Treason: Top DOJ Officials Abandon CAIR Terror Finance Prosecutions Posted by Frank Gaffney It is a felony offense to know or have reason to know that seditious activity is underway and do nothing about it.  The term used in the U.S. Code for such a crime is “misprision of treason.”  Counterterrorism expert […]

AUSTRALIA’S BOYCOTT AND DIVEST MOVEMENT SLAMMED BY KEVIN RUDD “It’s unproductive. It’s completely disconnected from the reality of Middle Eastern politics,” Australian Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd  says of the Greens-driven BDS obsession that now is impelling the inner Sydney  Marrickville Council to throw away all items in its possession with links to Israel. (Hat tip: reader Shirlee) This BDS move, which conjures up distasteful images […]