JOEL MOWBRAY: PUTTING TEETH IN OBAMA’S LIP SERVICE House could send tough message about Hamas subterfuge It has been a week since Arabs marched on Israel’s borders on four sides, yet that media spectacle remains a potent metaphor for the mounting threats facing the tiny Jewish state, from Hezbollah taking over Lebanon to the Hamas-partnered Palestinian government attempting to circumvent peace talks […]

DUTCH TREATS FOR SHARIA….APPALLING Expert witness in Wilders trial: “The Dutch will, from now on, have to live with unpredictable limitations of the freedom of speech” The great Islamic scholar Hans Jansen, who is an expert witness in the Geert Wilders show trial and charged judge Tom Schalken with witness tampering, has sent this statement on the trial […]

JIHADIST WHO FOUGHT AMERICA SNEAKED INTO PORT NEWARK Jihadist who fought against Americans in Fallujah eluded border checkpoints, sneaked into Port Newark Near “the kind of oil refineries that Osama bin Laden talked about blowing up as part of a global-chaos plot in papers found in his Pakistan hideout.” “Stowaway at Port Newark sparks terror probe,” by Philip Messing in the New […]

ADRIAN MORGAN: Taliban Terror Network Establishes Itself in Southern Pakistan,css.print/pub_detail.asp On May 11, the Pakistani Taliban carried out a twin suicide bomb attack against a police training center in Shabqadar, Charsadda district, in Pakistan’s Northwest Frontier province. That attack claimed the lives of 80 police personnel, in a Pashtun region of Pakistan that is renowned as a center of Taliban and al-Qaeda activity. Yesterday, […]


A Foreign Policy Institute Obamamania Love Fest Seeing the President as a “Born Again Neocon” Alyssa A. Lappen To hear former CIA agent Reuel Marc Gerecht tell it, Ottoman governor Muhammed Ali and his Menemencioglu tribe supporter, Ahmed Bey, spawned Egypt’s current parliamentary and democratic longings in the 1830s. Gerecht presumably somehow credits the […]

PAT BUCHANAN: BIBI VOTES REPUBLICAN….A WARNING…SEE NOTE PAT BUCHANAN IS A NASTY MAN WHO WILL SHED ALL REAL CONSERVATIVE VALUES TO SLAM ISRAEL….AND HERE HE OFFERS A WARNING…AND HE IS ABSOLUTELY RIGHT…..RSK “In the short run, Bibi won the confrontation, hands down. Like no other leader before him, he humiliated a U.S. president in front of the world, forced him to […]


The Iconoclast May 25th is Jordanian Independence Day: Celebrate by saying “Jordan is Palestine” by Jerry Gordon May 25th is the Kingdom of Jordan’s Independence Day.   The Hashemite Kingdom reckons that date when Britain granted Independence on May 25, 1946.  However, in 1923 the Hashemite King Abdullah I had been gifted the eastern half […]

Wael Ghonim Deserves the Spring Time for Sharia in Araby Award: Andrew Bostom Wael Ghonim Deserves the Spring Time for Sharia in Araby Award Posted By Andrew Bostom On May 24, 2011 Sweet Cairo-line, Sharia Times Never Look Good Wael Ghonim, Google’s head of marketing for the Middle East and North Africa was presented [2] Monday 5/23/11  with one of the 2011 “Profiles in Courage” awards  by […]

Conversion, Adultery, and Savagery Strike Egypt by Raymond Ibrahim

Conversion, Adultery, and Savagery Strike Egypt by Raymond Ibrahim The true story behind the recent Islamist attacks on Egypt’s Copts—wherein over a dozen Christians were killed, hundreds wounded, and their churches torched—is as illuminating as it is sordid. To recap, Islamists—or “Salafists,” as many in the Egyptian media are referring to the “Taliban-looking […]


Dick Morris is a pollster, political wonk and analyst. Last night on Hannity he interrupted the host several times saying he had to speak about Israel. Hannity is no slouch when it comes to the defense of Israel, but Morris spoke as a Jew and invoked the history of 1939 when the Jews stood alone. […]