AMIL IMANI:POLITICAL CORRECTNESS IS THE INCUBATOR OF ISLAMISM Time and again we are told by the politically correct “experts” not to worry about Islam posing a threat to our way of life. We are repeatedly lectured that only a very small minority of Muslims are troublemakers who are giving the peaceful masses of Muslims a bad name. We are also informed that […]

DAILY VIDEOS FROM FSM 1. Video: Krauthammer Criticizes President for Treating U.S. Troop Shooting in Germany like ‘A Bus Accident’ 2. Video: Clinton Lauds Virtues Of Al Jazeera: ‘It’s Real News’ 3. Video: Islamists murder only Christian in Pakistan government outside mother’s home 4. Video: U.S. Leaders Refuse to Call Deadly Jihadist Attack on U.S. Airmen in Germany […]

THREE DUTCH MARINES ARE HELD HOSTAGE IN LIBYA,1518,748831,00.html Failed Evacuation Attempt Three Dutch Marines Held By Libyan Forces A Dutch attempt to evacuate workers from Libya has failed, and three members of a helicopter crew are being held by forces loyal to Gadhafi. Meanwhile, warships from around the world are gathering in the Mediterranean. The International Criminal Court says it will investigate Gadhafi for […]


Resurrecting the Caliphate Posted By Ryan Mauro The Islamist forces are enthusiastic about the uprisings throughout the Arab world, knowing they will offer an opportunity to begin gradually recreating an unofficial Caliphate. Oppressive pro-Western governments, nationalist sentiments and secular forces stand in their way, but the Islamists’ organizational capabilities and clerical support give them […]

HILLARY’S AMNESIA? QADDAFI AND THE CLINTONS Qaddafi and the Clintons Posted By Lisa Daftari It may have been Bill Clinton who whetted Qaddafi’s appetite, cozying up to a terrorist, but now, ironically, among others it is Secretary of State Hillary Clinton who is demanding the ouster of a man her husband helped to bolster. There was a palpable strain in […]

LONDON SCHOOL OF ECONOMICS DIRECTOR RESIGNS IN SHAME OVER QADDAFI LINKS Libya: LSE director resigns over university’s Gaddafi links Sir Howard Davies, the director of the London School of Economics, resigned last night over the university’s financial links to Col Gaddafi’s family. WON’T IT BE LOVERLY WHEN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES ARE INVESTIGATED FOR GETTING BIG BUCKS FROM ARAB THUGS?….RSK By Richard Spencer, in Tripoli, and Andy […]

HOORAY FOR GOVERNOR JOHN KASICH OF OHIO Wisconsin’s donnybrook pitting taxpayers against public-sector unions and their Democratic clients continues to unfold, but it looks as if Ohio may now pass an even more ambitious agenda. There are some lessons here for the GOP, namely about political resolve, which is the only way to modernize government amid opposition from the usual pro-spending […]

GINGRICH AND SANTORUM “OUT-FOXED”…SEE NOTE PLEASE Fox News suspends the contracts of two high-profile contributors. By SCOTT CONROY BIZARRE…IF THEY ARE PUTATIVE CANDIDATES….SO ARE HUCKABEE, BOLTON AND PALIN…..WHO HAVE NOT BEEN AXED BY FOX…..RSK Fox News announced yesterday that it was suspending the contracts of two high-profile contributors — former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum. […]

THE MEAD LIST: THE WORLD’S TOP QADDAFI TOADS The Mead List: World’s Top Ten Gaddafi Toads Walter Russell Mead When Muammar Gaddafi, the ‘Commander of Islam‘, Africa’s King of Kings and the Great Loon of Libya addressed the United Nations General Assembly at unusual length in 2009, he asked about the hanging of Saddam Hussein.  “How is the member of a government […]

EVELYN GORDON AND HADASSAH LEVY: JUDAISM HAS YET TO RISE TO THE CHALLENGE OF SOVEREIGNTY Azure no. 43, Winter 5771 / 2011 Halacha’s Moment of Truth By Evelyn Gordon, Hadassah Levy Judaism has yet to rise to the challenge of a sovereign state. In one of the Talmud’s most famous stories, the invading Romans are readying their final blow to the Second Temple in Jerusalem. R. Yohanan ben Zakkai, […]