NOAH BECK: A MIDDLE EAST WITHOUT CHRISTIANS? “Because Israel is the only non-Muslim state in all of the Middle East and North Africa, it represents a small victory for religious minorities in the region, and serves as the last protector of freedom and security for Jews, Christians, Bahai, Druze, and others. Without Israel, how much more vulnerable would Christians in the […]

DAVID HORNIK: IRAN’S NEW DEFENSE MINISTER- AN ANTI-AMERICAN TERRORIST The job description for Iran’s president, or for that matter, defense minister, seems to include “strong yen for mass murder, if not involvement in it.” It’s a requirement that continues to be upheld. It was certainly honored by previous president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, whose frequent calls for Israel’s annihilation were a direct violation of international […]

‘Innocence of Muslims’ Filmmaker Fears Further Detainment After Completing Sentence: Kerry Picket The man once accused of inciting 2012’s terror attack in Libya fears that once his prison sentence for a probation violation ends, authorities may continue to detain him for his own “protection.” Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, the 55-year-old whose online short film “Innocence of Muslims” was falsely blamed by the Obama administration for setting off […]

DAVE BOYER: DID YOU KNOW? WHITE HOUSE’S DAILY E-MAILS USE TAX DOLLARS TO BOOST OBAMA’S AGENDA President Obama often rails against “perpetual campaigns” in politics, but the White House is increasingly waging a partisan-edged campaign funded by taxpayers through a flood of daily emails to the public in support of his agenda. Whether the topic is gun control or immigration reform, the White House is using taxpayer dollars for staff […]

ANDREW BOSTOM: FDR’S TRAITOR? A controversy has re-ignited over Franklin Delano Roosevelt “co-President” Harry Hopkins’s potential role as an agent promoting Soviet influence operations during World War II. Diana West, in her new book, American Betrayal (and summarized here), makes the case that Hopkins was a conscious agent; Ronald Radosh rejects this contention .   The career trajectory […]

Obama Promotes Racism By Eileen F. Toplansky   A distinct pattern of racial bias can be seen in three recent actions that have President Obama’s blessings. The first was the Executive Order of July 26, 2012 wherein Barack Hussein Obama “establishes a government panel to promote ‘a positive school climate that does not rely on methods that result in disparate use […]


My Rock of Gibraltar (Not Yours)
Sure, Britain should give the rock back to the Spanish. But why stop there?

Francis Drake setting sail from Plymouth to fight the Spanish Armada it was not. Yet on Monday the British press ran heavy with images of the helicopter carrier HMS Illustrious leaving Portsmouth Naval Base, destination Gibraltar. Madrid is kicking up a fuss, again, over the Rock they have coveted ever since ceding it to Britain “for ever” in the 1713 Treaty of Utrecht. And London, says the Times of London, “is drawing up plans to take unprecedented legal action against Spain for imposing additional checks at the Gibraltar border.”

I’m sympathetic to the Spanish claim. Rather than waste time and money on a fruitless diplomatic brawl, Prime Minister David Cameron should say he’s prepared to relinquish Gibraltar to Spain—on just one condition.

That would be a declaration by the Spanish government that it will renounce its own claims to the cities of Ceuta and Melilla, which lie opposite Gibraltar on the northern coast of Africa. Morocco has long claimed these Spanish enclaves for itself, and in July 2002 it even sent troops to seize an uninhabited Spanish islet near Ceuta. Madrid responded a week later by deploying its navy, air force and special forces to bloodlessly retake the island, but tensions still simmer.

Spaniards might object to returning the two cities on the grounds that local inhabitants overwhelmingly consider themselves Spanish and wish to remain a part of Spain. Then again, the last time Gibraltarians took a vote on their sovereignty, 99% of them wished to remain British.

A Primer on Japan for Caroline Kennedy by Michael Auslin
President Obama’s choice as ambassador may find herself dealing with a Beijing-Tokyo military confrontation.


Having the most famous name in American politics hasn’t spared Caroline Kennedy criticism over her nomination to be the next U.S. ambassador to Japan. Writers from across the political spectrum have questioned her qualifications or decried her selection as evidence of celebrity and fundraising power trumping substance in today’s Washington.

Ms. Kennedy’s nomination will undoubtedly be approved by the Senate, but she would help silence her critics by showing at her confirmation hearings that she understands that Japan faces a turning point in the coming years, as does the United States in Asia.

First, Japan appears to be ending a 20-year cycle of political realignment. High hopes for a viable two-party system seem not to have come to fruition. Japanese voters apparently prefer giving one party control over both houses of the Diet. The Liberal Democratic Party, which ruled Japan largely uninterrupted from 1955 to 2009, has been returned to power by an electorate disillusioned with the incompetence and unfulfilled promises of the Democratic Party of Japan. If LDP Prime Minister Shinzo Abe similarly fails to deliver economic growth and reform, Japanese voters may well settle for a permanently fragmented political system, as in Italy, thereby never reaching a truly stable realignment.

Second, Japan is at its most critical juncture for economic reform since the bursting of its bubble in 1990. Two-plus decades of stimulus spending, export-oriented strategy and regulatory tinkering have neither produced sustained growth nor ended the threat of deflation. Since taking office in December, Prime Minister Abe has embarked on a fiscal stimulus and monetary expansion policy that has given a short-term boost to the economy. Now Mr. Abe must deliver meaningful structural reform to stimulate growth, reduce regulation, and free up the labor market. If he fails, there may be no hope for serious reform that will revitalize Japan.

David J. Bobb: Howard Zinn and the Art of Anti-Americanism Hollywood and the academic left have made the late Marxist historian more influential than ever. Upon the death of the Marxist-inspired historian Howard Zinn in 2010, eulogies rang out from coast to coast calling him a heroic champion of the unsung masses. In Indiana, then-Gov. Mitch Daniels refused to join the chorus and instead […]

CORE ROOTS OF PALESTINIAN TERRORISM: LOUIS RENE BERES Jerusalem will soon have to confirm its final Road Map decisions on “peace.” Then, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu will need to determine whether the still-fractionated Palestinian side is willing and able to overcome some of its deepest cultural roots. Without such a determination, any formal agreement could be perilous. Here, insight requires memory. Before […]