HUDA BEN AMIR: QADDAFI’S SADISTIC PAL By Nick Meo, Benghazi 6:00AM GMT 06 Mar 2011 When Colonel Gaddafi hanged his first political opponent in Benghazi’s basketball stadium, thousands of schoolchildren and students were rounded up to watch a carefully choreographed, sadistic display of the regime’s version of justice. They had been told they would see the trial of one of […]

HANNAH ROSENTHAL OBAMAPPOINTEE….BREAKS PITA WITH ISLAMIC RADICALS COMMENT FROM AN OBSERVER…. Friends, Look what we have here! Hannah Rosenthal, the head of the State Department’s International Anti-Semitism Committee (Appointed by Hillary and Obama) recently delivered a keynote speech at the March, 2011, Islamic Society of North America’s (ISNA) D.C. interfaith event. Do a little research on ISNA and you learn that […]

THE LYBIAN/LONDON SCHOOL OF ECONOMICS: MICHAEL WEISS….FABULOUS!! The Libyan School of Economics by Michael Weiss “Professor Mundy is an interesting sort of British academic, a woman who looks as if she might deceive an experienced undertaker into embalming on sight and yet can grow quite visibly animated when it comes to the issue of Jewish statehood and its discontents.” For a […]

ANNALS OF ISLAMIC INTIMIDATION: AMATEUR HOUR….ROGER KIMBALL “Buzz off.”  I wanted to put it less politely, but what follows is a message that should be taken on board by even by the most tenderhearted, so I decided on delicacy. A few days ago, the journalist Michael Weiss posted a column on The New Criterion weblog called “The Libyan School of Economics.” […]

PAUL JOHNSON: WHY AMERICA WILL STAY ON TOP Why America Will Stay on Top Eminent historian Paul Johnson on Sarah Palin, the tea party, and ‘baddies’ from Napoleon to Gadhafi. By BRIAN M. CARNEY London In his best-selling history of the 20th century, “Modern Times,” British historian Paul Johnson describes “a significant turning-point in American history: the first time the Great Republic, […]


SERVES THE DESIGNER JAMAL TASLAQ RIGHT. HE LIVES IN ITALY AND HIS OFFICIAL BIO SAYS HE WAS BORN IN”PALESTINE”…IN 1970 Ramallah fashion show draws condemnation from Hamas By KHALED ABU TOAMEH Event featuring designs of famous Italian designer of Palestinian descent dubbed “immoral and corrupt” by radical Palestinian groups. A fashion show that was […]

NOT A SINGLE STATE, INCLUDING THE US HAS OPPOSED THE MEMBERSHIP OF IRAN ON UN’S TOP WOMEN’S RIGHTS GROUP!!! FOX NEWS – Today, IRAN officially becomes a member of the U.N. Commission on the Status of Women. Only three days ago, the U.N. General Assembly voted to suspend Libya’s membership on the U.N. Human Rights Council in a desperate bid to save the Council’s tattered reputation and itself. But not a single state, including the […]

PRESERVE TALK RADIO FROM FCC ASSAULT: DICK MORRIS PRESERVE TALK RADIO FROM FCC ASSAULT Published on on March 6, 2011 REVOLT! Tells how to save free speech talk radio from assault by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). The FCC is planning to cripple talk radio. Not by the fairness doctrine, but by something far worse – threatening to close down stations […]


Norming Evil: Race-Baiter and Jew-Hater Farrakhan to Keynote City Event READ FULL COLUMN RE PITTSBURGH BELOW: So you tell me how America went so horribly wrong. Those of us fighting for freedom and justice and against oppression, gender apartheid, individual rights are slammed, smeared, libeled, and marginalized on a daily basis. And the […]

UK IMAM THREATENED WITH DEATH OVER DARWINIST VIEWS Muslims threaten imam with death over Darwinist views Why reform is Islam will be difficult, if not altogether impossible, part 12203: “Scientist Imam threatened over Darwinist views,” by Tom Peck and Jerome Taylor in the Independent, March 5 (thanks to Buraq): A prominent British imam has been forced to retract his claims that Islam […]