Remember the “Current Threat Level?” You know, the red, orange, yellow, blue and green color bar that the Department of Homeland Security uses to keep the public up to date on the U.S. terror threat? Bet you have no idea what color it is today.

The government website Terror-Alert explains the system,

The Homeland Security Advisory System is a means to disseminate information regarding the risk of terrorist acts to federal, state, and local authorities and to the American people.

In case you’re interested, we are currently at ‘yellow’ and incidentally we have been at “yellow” since September 10, 2007. The last time the color or level changed was back on June 30, 2007.

The system was created by a Homeland Security Presidential Directive 3 on March 11, 2002 and was unveiled on March 12, 2002. The original system was phased out on April 27, 2011, and replaced with a new system called the National Terrorism Advisory System.

I’m happy to say that it serves its purpose today about as well as it did when I wrote my article “Why is Our Government Hiding the Truth About Our Safety?” back on February 21, 2010 three years ago.

Interestingly enough I had written about the TSA in that article,

In Capitol Rotunda, Barack Obama Draws Disconsolate Mourners by EDWARD CLINE Special New York Times report. March 9, 2014 Washington. D.C. – The body President Barack Obama, who on Tuesday succumbed to an injury from a golfing mishap on Martha’s Vineyard, was put on display in the Capitol Rotunda, and viewed by thousands of solemn, often weeping mourners in a line that stretched for over […]


The influential bi-monthly The American Interest devotes the front section of its March/April issue to the end of American Exceptionalism. As Mark Twain said about rumors of his own death, it’s exaggerated. All depends on demographics: what has made the United States radically different from all other big industrial nations during the past generation is a fertility rate above replacement.

After the 2008 crisis, the United States’ fertility dipped below the replacement line. Whether that continues or reverses depends, in turn, on America’s religious character, and that is the least predictable facet of American life.

There are many good arguments against the idea of American Exceptionalism, but there has been – until very recently- one outstanding argument in favor. The United States is the last remaining Christian nation in the industrial world, and was until 2010 the only industrial nation with fertility above replacement.

That is an issue of fact; the American Interest addresses ideology. Prof Walter McDougall’s entry claims that ”Exceptionalism” itself was an invention of Cold War propaganda that the Pilgrim Fathers never had in mind. Another piece by Nils Gilman states that all nations have a ”master narrative” of their uniqueness to which the United States is, well, no exception. And UCLA’s Peter Berger argues that the United States used to be exceptional but isn’t any more. Two of the three pieces start by quoting President Barack Obama’s 2009 comment that the US is exceptional the same way that Greece or any other country is exceptional.

There is a good deal of truth in all three accounts. During most of US history, Americans had no vision of a City on a Hill, as 17th-century Massachusetts governor John Winthrop paraphrased the New Testament words. Prof McDougall correctly points out that the image came into rhetorical focus during World War II and the Cold War. That does not prove it false, however.


NEW YORK, March 11, 2013 — Well, it could have been much worse, and in some ways it was better than expected.I missed the first part of the History Channel’s series on the Bible, that begins at, well, “The Beginning,” as in Genesis, but I caught up to it last night by the time Moses, not Yasser Arafat, reaches the Promised Land, yes, Israel.

Those of us who study the Hebrew Bible daily and religiously but are not necessarily religious, indulging in the forbidden cheeseburger after study and prayer or the ballgame we may watch after Sabbath services, were afraid that the series may take too many liberties in this, the age of political correctness.

ABC-TV, for example, once tried to re-do Cecil B. DeMille’s 1956 “The Ten Commandments,” but forgot to mention that the people Moses was leading were Hebrews. They could have been anybody in that pasteurized version.

In this “Bible,” at least the script was clear enough.

But I must admit that even in this telling it was difficult to imagine anybody as Moses except Charlton Heston or Pharaoh as anyone except Yul Brynner.

Was this version accurate? I’ll let our doctors of divinity get into that, but as for me, not bad, and showing Samson as a black man was a good touch. Jews have become distilled and we do trace our lineage back to Abraham (some would say his grandson Jacob and the 12 Tribes, specifically Judah, hence Judaism), but we come from a mixture. We never were “the white man.”

The best part, for me as a casual observer, was that there was no hiding the fact that God promised the land of Israel to the Jewish people. Period. End of story. But as we know, this story is without end. Read he headlines and the Hebrew Bible itself foreshadows everything we read in the papers today.

But whoa! Where’s this been all these years? Even Israeli politicians are afraid to mention Israel’s indelible Biblical connection for fear of rocking the boat.

Frankly, I had expected “the other side of the story,” namely that the Arabs enjoy an equal claim to the Land, and if they do, it’s political, and not Biblical. The History Channel stuck to the Bible, the Hebrew Bible…told, of course, in King’s English, and there is even more to this to prove King Solomon’s maxim that there is nothing new under the sun:

Saudi dissidents jailed – a post Arab Spring crackdown?
A judge recently sentenced two activists to a decade in prison and ordered their civil rights organization, which lobbied against government corruption, to be shut down.

Saudi Arabia’s decision this weekend to sentence two of the country’s most prominent human rights activists to 10 and 11 years in prison, respectively, has sparked a surge of discontent among the kingdom’s reformers. In just one indication, an economist-blogger’s poll on Twitter drew 10,000 responses, 85 percent of them opposed to the decision.

While many activists appear undeterred, the sentencing of Mohammad al-Qahtani, together with that of Abdullah al-Hamid, cofounders of the Saudi Civil and Political Rights Association (ACPRA), represents a significant step backward in reform efforts.

The small opening for reform created by King Abdullah when he took over in 2005 has been gradually closing since the Arab Spring, says Prof. Gregory Gause, a scholar of Saudi Arabia at the University of Vermont.

“The last two years have seen a closing of what had been a very small opening of what had been acceptable discourse in Saudi Arabia,” says Professor Gause, who chairs UVM’s political science department. “I do think it’s a signal … it’s part of the post-Arab Spring Saudi crackdown.”

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ANDREW BOSTOM’ YOUNG MOROCCAN APOSTATE ON THE ARAB SPRING AND ISLAM The invaluable blog Gates of Vienna, has translated the Die Welt interview of a thoughtful, courageous 22 year-old Moroccan “apostate” from Islam, Kassim al-Ghasali. Requisitely threatened with death because of his openly professed rejection of the Muslim creed, al-Ghasali fled Morocco in February, 2011, and now lives in exile in Switzerland   Young Mr. […]


I believe that a child who pretends his pastry is a gun poses an imminent danger, but 5,000 criminal illegal aliens released from jail enhance public safety.

I believe that New Yorkers must be protected from the risk of drinking 16 ounces of soda, but exposed to the risk of bringing Osama bin Laden’s son-in-law for a civil trial blocks from Ground Zero.

I believe that every American child deserves to be loved and cherished, except for certain 16-year-olds who deserve to be killed by drones.

I believe that a Muslim woman who applauds 9/11 and admires Hitler deserves a State Department award for her courage, at least until someone reads her tweets.

I believe that the federal government should confiscate guns from law-abiding Americans, but give thousands of guns to Mexican drug gangs to kill our Border Patrol agents.

I believe the president should stay up late partying with Jay-Z and Beyonce, but hit the sack when our Libyan consulate is under attack and our Ambassador is missing.

I believe that plastic bags are a menace to the earth, but Iran’s nuclear weapons are no big deal.

I believe that mankind controls the weather, but is helpless to get a job.

Want to Export an F-16 Fighter Jet? MICHELE FLOURNOY….SEE NOTE PLEASE

Michele Flournoy Presents Bipartisan Option for Secretary of Defense…/Michele-Flournoy-Presents-Bipartisan-Option-…Cached
Feb 5, 2013 – With Chuck Hagel’s chances for securing the position of Secretary of Defense decreasing more each passing day, Michele Flournoy may be the …
Ms. Flournoy, a former Pentagon official, is a senior adviser at the Boston Consulting Group and a co-founder of the Center for a New American Security.

The United States rarely conducts military operations alone, so it is in America’s interests to ensure that its allies and partners are well-equipped, well-trained and able to operate effectively with U.S. forces. Key to achieving this objective—and to helping other nations keep their neighborhoods peaceful in the first place—is this country’s ability to export weapons technologies.

Defense exports also are vital for the economy. They can help America maintain its industrial base and technological edge, not only in weaponry but also in vital civilian sectors such as software, aerospace, steel and electronics. Thousands of jobs depend on these industries, and so does America’s capacity to ensure that its warfighters remain the best-equipped in the world.

As straightforward as the national-security and economic arguments are, there is a fundamental dilemma: How does America make military technologies available to its global partners without also allowing them to reach adversaries who would turn them against us?

Over the past six decades, Washington has developed a system that applies one-size-fits-all bureaucratic requirements to defense exports. The system is plagued by maddeningly lethargic timetables for approving technology transfers. It handles airplane windshield wipers essentially the same way it handles air-to-air missiles. It forces American companies and foreign partner militaries to await separate approvals for every latch, wire and lug nut on an F-16 fighter jet—even though the U.S. government has already approved the export of the whole aircraft.

When I served as undersecretary of defense for policy from 2009-11, no issue consistently generated greater frustration and anger among my foreign counterparts than U.S. export controls.