Click here: In Ohio, ObamaCare Will Increase Premiums 55-85% – Maggie’s Farm In Ohio, ObamaCare Will Increase Premiums 55-85% Then add in the additional taxes within and caused by ObamaCare. High price to pay, huh. Hope there’s any Change in left in pockets. At the request of the Ohio Department of Insurance, benefit consultants Milliman, […]


Questions for Gov. Romney on the Constitutionality of Social Security By Andrew C. McCarthy Reading Katrina’s post, I think it’s very interesting, and welcome, that Governor Romney is pressing Governor Perry to answer the question of Social Security’s constitutionality. I just hope that he’s also prepared to answer the question himself. Governor Romney was very […]

EZRA LEVANT’S GREETING TO THE SAUDIS :”TAKE YOUR SECRET SAUDI THREATS AND SHOVE THEM” Take your secret Saudi threats and shove ’em BY EZRA LEVANT,QMI AGENCY FIRST POSTED: MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 19, 2011 11:44 PM EDT | UPDATED: TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 20, 2011 12:15 AM EDT Saudi Arabia has hired lawyers to threaten Canadian broadcasters who dare to run a TV ad critical of Saudi conflict oil. I know this […]

THE WAGES OF DURBAN: ARCH PUDDINGTON Tomorrow, the United Nations will host “Durban III,” the third gathering of the World Conference Against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia, and Related Intolerance.  The chief aim of this conference is to “mobilize political will” for fuller implementation of the Durban Declaration, issued on September 8, 2001.  That declaration, which called for the establishment of a […]

JOHN BERNARD: LEGITIMIZING COLD BLOODED MURDERERS: THE NEW RAVE -new.html Legitimizing Cold Blooded Murderers; The New Rave!  There is barely a day that passes without the drone-like reminder that the world we now live in is riddled with the carnage left by the blood lusting and demonically influenced hordes in our midst. One would think that after 10 years of studying and fighting […]

THE SOLYNDRA NON INVESTIGATION: ANDREW McCARTHY The Solyndra Non-Investigation Bankruptcy examiners aren’t prosecutors. As Andrew Stiles reported Tuesday on NRO, House Judiciary Committee chairman Lamar Smith (R., Texas) has written to Attorney General Eric Holder to seek the appointment of a special bankruptcy investigator in the Solyndra case. The operative word here is bankruptcy. The bankruptcy process conducted under the […]

JEFF DUNETZ: RICK PERRY’ SPEECH ON ISRAEL WAS RIGHT ON TARGET Was Rick Perry’s Israel Speech Over-The-Top? Let’s Look At the Facts Sep 20, 2011 08:29 pm | Jeff Dunetz Rick Perry came to New York today to give a foreign policy speech. He focused on Israel and the Middle East. His criticism of Obama was taken by some as over-the-top. “Simply put, we would […]


I have been writing about 21st century anti-Semitism since the turn of the century.

Words don’t fail me, nor has my spirit grown dim. But what is now going on is so ghastly, so omnipresent, so “over the top,” that even a careful wordsmith is hard-pressed to describe it accurately without sounding (and being accused of sounding) “paranoid,” “hysterical,” “strident,” and, yes, “utterly without a sense of humor.”

I am finding it hard to laugh about John Heilemann’s cover story in New York magazine. Heilemann is a regular contributor to New York’s pages and has also penned a book about Barack Obama’s “hope” campaign on which he worked.

In a scandalous town and in a scandalous time, the cover of the 9/26 issue of New York magazine may be in a class all its own. It depicts President Obama, seen from behind, wearing a kippah. The title: “The First Jewish President.” [1] The truth?

Barack Obama is the best friend Israel has right now.

COUNTERPRODUCTIVE “CRAZINESS” AT FEDERAL AGENCY: D.J. JAFFE  Presidents Ford and Reagan and Rep. Gabrielle Giffords were all attacked by people with untreated serious mental illness. In spite of the risk to public safety and homeland security posed by letting some people with serious mental illness go untreated, the federal agency charged with helping them is instead working to see they don’t […]

STATEHOOD IS PART OF A PHASED PLAN: DROR EYDAR Statehood is part of a phased plan Adopted by the PLO in the 12th session of the PalestinianNational Council, in Cairo, June 9, 1974 Phase One: acquire as much territory as possible Phase Two: Use the territory to launch terror on Israel Phase Three: Destroy Israel If Israel givesup Judea and Samaria, as it […]