MOSHE DANN: ARE SETTLEMENTS WORTH IT? Conflating security and defense costs with assistance to settlements distorts reality and masks more serious economic problems. Opponents of Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria (“settlements”) charge that they drain our economy, diverting funds that should be spent within the 1949 Armistice (“Green”) Lines. They accuse the government of giving settlers unwarranted discounts and […]

JACK ENGELHARD: NOBODY SURVIVED THE HOLOCAUST — We were waiting for the jitney to take us to the train station after a day and a night of gambling in Atlantic City.  I had not done too well with the horses at Caesars, but there is nothing new about this. There were a few of us standing around. The lady with […]


The paper’s new Egyptian columnist has repeatedly appeared on Arabic media outlets expressing the kind of circular, paranoid reasoning normally confined to fringe blogs in the United States.

Alaa Al-Aswany is Egypt’s preeminent novelist. His 2002 best-seller “The Yacoubian Building” highlighted the political corruption, moral duplicity, and economic inequality of contemporary Egypt, and established him as one of the most influential critics of Hosni Mubarak’s regime. His star grew brighter following the 2011 uprising that ousted Mubarak, when Aswany became an oft-quoted voice of the Egyptian opposition — “The Face of Egypt’s Uprising,” as the Wall Street Journal put it — and he is generally regarded in the Western press as an authentically “liberal” Egyptian intellectual. It is likely thanks to this reputation that the New York Times announced earlier this month that it was giving Aswany a monthly column as part of its newly expanded opinion section.

It is a choice that the Times will regret, however, because despite his brave stance against Mubarak and his broadly progressive pronouncements in English, Aswany is hardly a liberal. He is, in fact, among Egypt’s most prolific conspiracy theorists, and he often uses his very public platform to reinforce some of Egypt’s most popular bigotries — and he typically does this when speaking or tweeting in Arabic, which is why the Western press often misses this aspect of his public persona. Aswany said on Egyptian television, for instance, that a “massive Zionist organization rules America,” which is why “Obama is not able to go against Israel’s desires.”

SARAH HONIG: ATTRACTING A CROWD OF PEOPLE It sometimes becomes downright politically and diplomatically inconvenient to tell it like it is. At such junctures creative copywriters conjure up imaginative alternatives. This was the kneejerk inclination after a Gazan bus driver slammed his vehicle on February 14, 2001 into a bus stop at the Azur junction, killing eight and wounding a further […]

ISRAEL’S EUROPEAN CHALLENGE: CAROLINE GLICK Only be exposing the truth behind the lies will we strengthen our European friends and so increase the possibility that our relations with Europe may improve one day. Last month, the European Union pushed European- Israeli relations to a new low. In mid-September, the IDF enforced a High Court of Justice order to destroy […]

“THE DONALD’ EXPLAINS WHY THE O’CARE ROLLOUT CRASHED AND BURNED: JOHN WOHLSTETTER Last night Donald Trump, the honoree at TAS’s annual Robert L. Bartley dinner (RLB was the legendary Wall Street Journal editorial page guru for three decades), told an anecdote that explains why governments mess up so often.  During the mayoralty of Ed Koch the city tried to renovate Wollman’s skating rink, a legendary Central […]

REZA KAHLILI: TOP IRANIAN GENERALS WARN AMERICA OF TERRORISM Two top generals of the Islamic Republic have warned the United States of coming terrorism, Fars News Agency reported Sunday. Brig. Gen. Masoud Jazayeri, the deputy chief of staff of the Iranian Armed Forces, attacked U.S. policies in the region and warned, “America on the one hand arms al-Qaida (in the Syrian civil war) […]

To Crush a Swastika — on The Glazov Gang This week’s Glazov Gang was joined by John Duffy, a Film Producer from the South Bronx, Ann-Marie Murrell, the National Director of, and Orestes Matacena, a Filmmaker whose latest project is, dedicated to the memory of the Jewish resistance in the streets of Warsaw in WWII. The Gang gathered this week to […]

Emboldening and Empowering Islamic Fundamentalists Posted By Majid Rafizadeh In the last few months, the Obama administration has removed some non-economic sanctions on Iran, has stopped its efforts to push for more pressure on Iran’s nuclear defiance and clandestine uranium enrichments, has described the Islamist government of Iran (which holds the top rank on the list of nations with the highest human rights […]

DAVID HORNIK: KERRY AND NETANYAHU SPAR IN ROME AP reported this week that Iran’s deputy foreign minister Abbas Araghchi “predicted…the nuclear talks could take as long as a year…with the first milestone coming in three to six months and negotiations concluding within the year.” That “prediction” should come as no surprise. The same report says “significant gaps remain between what the Iranians […]