MEANWHILE IN PETRAEUSTAN: TWO US SOLDIERS KILLED BY A “LONE” AFGHAN ALLY These latest slayings took place inside a compound in the northern Afghan province of Faryab where the soldiers were providing security for a meeting between US trainers and Afghan border police. I can’t find more details, not even the soldiers’ names, but let’s use our imagination. Two presumably young soldiers arrived safely with their […]

JEROLD AUERBACH: THE RISING CHALLENGE TO ISRAEL’S LEGITIMACY The Rising Challenge to Israel’s Legitimacy By Jerold S. Auerbach Israel confronts a looming legitimacy crisis carefully promoted by its enemies. In September the United Nations General Assembly intends to recognize a Palestinian state in east Jerusalem and the West Bank, the ancient homeland of the Jewish people where more than 500,000 Jews now […]

ARYEH TEPPER: DOGMA FOR MUSLIMS AT WAR WITH THE WEST “WE LOVE DEATH” “We Love Death” By Aryeh Tepper In 2007, two years before he killed thirteen people and wounded twenty-nine at Fort Hood, Texas, Nidal Malik Hasan prepared a slide show for his fellow Army doctors on the subject of Islam. One of his last points read: “We love death more than you love life!” These […]


British Quakers Get Infected With Boycott Derangement Syndrome The British Quakers (Society of Friends), who muster 23,000 strong and have 475 meeting houses, are the latest religious group in the UK to join the ranks of the BDS Movement, which aims to force Israel to abandon the “Occupation” – in other words to be cajoled […]

ANDREW McCARTHY: ON LINDSAY GRAHAM’S MOCKERY OF LAW AND COUNTERTERRORISM Not Unlawful, Not an Enemy Combatant Senator Graham prepares to set the law of war on its head. Is there a limit to the damage this government is willing to do to American credibility and security in its sudden haste to rid the world of Moammar Qaddafi — known until recently as a valuable […]

THE RUSH TO CONDEMN PASTOR JONES….NOT THE “DISPROPORTIONATE” AND VIOLENT RESPONSE her_terry_jones_is_innocent_of_murder_rush_to_condemn_him_is_d.html  Koran-burning preacher Terry Jones is innocent of murder: Rush to condemn him is deeply disturbing By James Kirchick When a mob of radical Muslims attacked a United Nations compound in Mazar-i-Sharif, Afghanistan last Friday, killing 12 aid workers, it didn’t take long for pundits to point the finger. No, it wasn’t the actual […]

PASSOVER’S GIFT: THE PROMISED AND UNDIVIDED LAND VICTOR SHARPE Millions, perhaps billions, of the world’s population do not know the meaning of the towering festival of freedom and liberty known as Passover; a festival recognizing an event that has blessed the world for some 3,300 years. The festival begins on April 18th of this year and always on the 15th day […]

Obama’s Misguided Libya Policy by Raymond Ibrahim President Obama’s recent explanation for militarily engaging Libya is yet another example of how U.S. leaders increasingly rationalize their policies by sentimental and idealistic platitudes, rather than reality, the long view, or just plain common sense. As even Obama explained it, not only does his decision to intervene militarily in Libya fail to serve […]


A Revolting Middle East Policy In the last three months we played a role in overthrowing nearly every Middle Eastern government we were allied with– that wasn’t supporting terrorism. We pushed out Ben Ali in Tunisia, but let the Saudis move tanks into Bahrain. Egypt’s Mubarak was a monster who had to go, but […]

NEW YORK HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH ACCUSES PALARABS OF ABUSING JOUNRALISTS Rights group: Palestinian forces abuse journalists By DANIEL ESTRIN, Associated Press Daniel Estrin, Associated Press 1 hr 15 mins ago JERUSALEM – A leading human rights group on Wednesday criticized Palestinian security forces in the West Bank and Gaza Strip for what it said was an increase in attacks on local journalists, including arbitrary detentions and abuse. A […]