The research continues to affirm it. The statistics highlight it. But actually reading what young people have to say about the reality of missing dads and overworked but caring mothers confirms it. There is no pretense, and the pain is evident.

After assigning Langston Hughes’s “Thank You Ma’m” and Anthony Brandt’s “My Grandmother: A Rite of Passage” to my college composition class, I asked them to select one of the following writing choices.

Describe a person who has acted as a mother to you. Even though she may not be your biological mother, what makes you see her as a mother-figure? Why do you view her as special?

Do outside research on the importance of fathers in children’s lives. How do mothers and fathers differ in their parenting styles? Why is a father important in a daughter’s life? In a son’s life? Be very specific and make sure you cite your research.

How has the loss of a parent affected your outlook on life? Is the loss a result of divorce, death, separation or desertion? Does it make a difference what caused the loss? In what way?

Here is a part of the selection from a 19-year-old single mom.




Some notable conservatives have reacted with a fury to Karl Rove’s announcement that he has formed a Super Pac to help nominate “electable” Republicans to the House and Senate in 2014.

Even Newt Gingrich has entered the fray. In a memo to fellow conservatives, the former House Speaker scoffs at the idea of Mr. Rove as kingmaker. “I am unalterably opposed to a bunch of billionaires financing a boss to pick candidates in 50 states,” he writes. “This is the opposite of the Republican tradition of freedom and grassroots small town conservatism. No one person is smart enough nor do they have the moral right to buy nominations across the country.”



Stipulating that foreign aid can be an important part of American foreign policy, and further that trade is an important component of U.S. foreign policy; Secretary of State John Kerry made two really important mistakes in his maiden speech, delivered to a fawning audience of American university students.

The first was in the definition of America’s challenges in the second decade of the 21st Century. Mr. Kerry posited:

“Our challenge is to tame the worst impulses of globalization even as we harness its ability to spread information and possibility, to offer even the most remote place on Earth the same choices that have made us strong and free.”

“Our challenge” is, in fact, to defeat the forces of Islamic radicalism that threaten us at home sometimes, and that threaten our friends in the Middle East, Southwest and East Asia all the time. Secular people, Christian people, Jews, women and progressive people in those regions — including Afghanistan, Pakistan, Indonesia, North Africa, Egypt, Jordan, Nigeria, Mali, Iraq and Turkey, and more — feel the pressure of the Muslim Brotherhood, Salafists, al Qaeda and Taliban forces snuffing out the tentative whiffs of freedom and equality presaged by President Bush’s “democracy agenda” and the now-cold “Arab Spring.” The less-than-optimal “impulses of globalization” are far more benign than the less-than-optimal impulses of a political-religious philosophy that holds the 7th Century to be the apex of human endeavor.

The destruction of the Bamiyan Buddhas and the Sufi treasures of Timbuktu are object lessons; Nedha Sultan and Malala Yusufzai are object lessons in the threats posed by a maleficent strain of Islam.



Hypocrisy is endemic in Hollywood. That is one reason Barack Obama and other Democrats feel so welcome there. Hypocrisy is a wide spectrum disorder in Hollywood. Similar to a virus, it has many types and mutates as time goes by. There are the obvious displays.

However, one form of hypocrisy mostly escapes notice, and it cuts to the heart of the Democrats’ phony posturing. President Obama slammed Mitt Romney for the same thing during the campaign but, of course, is silent when it comes to celebrities. Its practice may also be responsible for the sheer mediocrity of movies.

Hollywood stars routinely tout the virtues of the little guy battling the rich and powerful. They are legendary in their support for the income-leveling agenda of Barack Obama-while enjoying a sybaritic lifestyle (multiple houses, servants, nannies to act as proxy parents, chauffeurs) that make them the 1% of the 1%. They have access to private planes (John Travolta has a veritable air fleet) to avoid long lines and exposure to the hoi polloi at airports. These are the same planes that Barack Obama condemned while vilifying the rich. Of course, Barack Obama and his family hypocritically revel in the same luxe lifestyle.Fat cats abound in Hollywood-anyone think Obama would scathingly attack them as he has other wealthy figures?

Of course, this lifestyle sucks up as much energy as Al Gore does calories. The carbon used up by giant and multiple houses, the limos, and other accoutrements of great wealth cannot possibly be paid back to Mother Earth by showy driving around of donated Teslas. Meanwhile, Matt Damon uses Arab oil wealth to campaign against the miracle of fracking that has saved Americans many billions of dollars through cheap and relatively green natural gas and oil, while enriching communities and the “little people” across America.

Exposing the UN’s Dirty Little Secrets; Daniel Schwammenthal

A gathering of the tortured in Geneva shames the UN Human Rights Council by giving victims not perpetrators a platform to tell their story

The speakers were never meant to live and tell their stories. Their torturers expected them to either submit or die. But somehow these men and women managed to escape from their dungeons and concentration camps to gather at the seat of the United Nations Human Rights Council.

They came to bear witness to the crimes committed by some of the very members of this esteemed UN body. Naturally, at the Palace of the Nations, where over 80 international officials, including Foreign Secretary William Hague, will over the coming days address the Council, there will be no space for these brave freedom fighters.

This is why UN Watch, together with over 20 other NGOs, organized the Geneva Summit for Human Rights and Democracy last week. Now in its fifth year, the annual summit does the sort of work the UN shies away from. It gives the victims, not the perpetrators, of state terror a podium.

While the international dignitaries will speak under the auspices of Council Vice President Mauritania, the Geneva Summit participants heard from a former subject of the North African country—Abidine Merzough, a man born as a slave to slave parents.

MAGNUS NORELL: Hezbollah: Calling a Spade a Spade

Hezbollah remains confident that the influence of Germany and France will see to it that the EU will not proscribe the group
Following seven months of investigation, the Bulgarian government finally announced at the beginning of the month that Hezbollah was responsible for the bus bombing in the coastal town of Burgas in July 2012. This attack, which left five Israeli tourists and the Bulgarian bus driver dead, demonstrated yet again Hezbollah’s willingness to conduct its terror operations to Europe; a graphic reminder that it has no hesitation about endangering EU citizens in pursuit of its goals.
What’s more, the investigation has revealed the extent of Hezbollah’s activities on European territory in planning further attacks. Last July, a Lebanese-born Swedish citizen was arrested in Cyprus, for allegedly conducting surveillance work for Hezbollah. He has since admitted to being a member of the organisation and his trial is currently on-going in Limassol.
Previously, Hezbollah and its Iranian sponsors were linked to attacks in the early 90s against the Jewish community in Argentina and more recently, there was the attempted killing of Saudi Arabia’s ambassador to the US in Washington DC in 2011, as well as a botched attack in Thailand.
Nonetheless, following the Burgas bombing, the EU still refuses to designate Hezbollah as a terrorist organisation, though Europe’s own police force, EUROPOL, stores Hezbollah on its database as a “terrorist entity”.


http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2013/feb/23/depardieu-officially-bids-taxing-france-adieu-gets/ MOSCOW — French actor Gerard Depardieu got a new permanent address in Russia — 1 Democracy Street — on Saturday, adding a final touch to his quest to get Russian citizenship. After receiving his Russian passport from President Vladimir Putin last month, Depardieu had it stamped with the new address in Saransk, a city […]


The Left’s Chris Dorner Romance — on The Glazov Gang
by Frontpagemag.com
PJTV’s AlfonZo Rachel joins Dwight Schultz, Ann-Marie Murrell and Reagan Murrell to discuss why progressives love cop killers.

REZA KAHLILI: Iranian Regime Concerned about Radiation Leak from Fordow Blast

http://www.newenglishreview.org/blog_direct_link.cfm/blog_id/47737 The Iranian regime persists in a cover up of the Fordow blast, while panicked about radiation leaks that may spread to major cities. New details have emerged identifying the names of Iranian and North Korean scientists among the more than 76 killed of the 219 trapped underground when the blast allegedly occurred at enrichment […]

Hagel 2009: Send U.S. Troops to Impose Peace on Israel, Palestinians Joel Pollak

http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Peace/2013/02/24/Hagel-2009-U-S-Troops-to-Impose-Peace-on-Israel-Palestinians Former Sen. Chuck Hagel (R-NE), President Barack Obama’s nominee for Secretary of Defense, co-authored a 2009 report that called for U.S. troops to lead a peacekeeping force that would patrol the future borders between Israel and a Palestinian state. The report, referenced Saturday by Israel National News, also suggested that peace could be imposed […]