Equality and The Court by HERBERT LONDON

http://www.familysecuritymatters.org/publications/detail/equality-and-the-court The word “equality” is woven into the fabric of the nation. Despite the clause in the Declaration of Independence and Lincoln’s continual efforts to preserve it, most people assume we are born with different endowments, have different temperaments, behave in different ways and, most assuredly, are unequal. In fact, the more we as a […]



MY ONLY CAVIL WITH TIFFANY GABAY IS THE FOLLOWING: “Whether the U.K. is now paying the piper for its colonialist past” The UK’s colonial past despite its bigotry toward native populations had established solid infrastructures, communications, judicial systems, health services, agriculture and parliaments, when the British flag came down throughout its empire. The rest is history….the Zimbabwe model….where one man one vote became one thug no vote and resulting famine, epidemic and chaos. The Brits are paying a price for immigration of Moslems with no demands for assimilation and patriotism…rsk

By now, the outrageous story of Louis “Chip” Cantor, an American Jewish student who was detained and interrogated at U.K. customs, allegedly subjected to anti-Semitic slurs, and then deported to the United States, has made its rounds across the Internet.

While the details of Cantor’s ordeal seem almost too egregious to be true, based on the U.K.’s policy of appeasement towards its Muslim population, I do not doubt this young man’s story.

When I was a young, impressionable youth coming up in the world, I was what you’d call an “Anglophile.” Despite being raised in a devoutly pro-American household and being incredibly patriotic myself, I was also seduced by the supposed culture and sophistication that, at the time, it seemed only the “European way” could offer — that and I was an aspiring writer whose literary idol was Shakespeare.

So enthralled was I with my romantic notions of Southwark and the banks of the Thames where so many of my lifelong heroes and heroines came to life, that I actually packed up and moved to London and would remain there, on and off, for five years.


http://frontpagemag.com/2013/andrew-harrod/undaunted-elisabeth-sabaditsch-wolffs-fight-for-free-speech/ The self-proclaimed Austrian “anti-jihad”  and “anti-sharia activist” Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff appeared on June 21, 2013 at the Rayburn House Office Building in Washington, DC, at an event co-sponsored by the Center for Security Policy (CSP) and the Endowment for Middle East Truth (EMET).  In introducing the event, CSP’s Christine Brim called people like Sabaditsch-Wolff the “defenders […]

Who Lost the Middle East? Posted By Richard Fernandez

http://pjmedia.com/richardfernandez/2013/07/04/who-lost-the-middle-east/ Behold, the White House’s Middle East wrecking crew. Both of these developments were reported last evening: Al Arabiya [1] published the article “Saudi king congratulates Egypt’s new interim president”; Time [2] magazine reported that ”Obama expresses ‘concern’ over Morsi ouster, orders review in military aid to Egypt.” In the light of the Saudi king’s fulsome congratulations, Obama’s sour reservations […]


http://www.nationalreview.com/node/352731/print Harry Anderson, a magician and comic (made famous by his stint as the judge on the old sitcom Night Court), used to have a routine where he’d promise to juggle George Washington’s ax. I’m quoting from memory here, but he’d say something like: “I have here George Washington’s original ax — the one he […]


http://www.nationalreview.com/node/352739/print Washington is riven by conflict and deep-seated division. It is rare indeed when both sides can agree on anything consequential. Therefore it is incredibly heartening that there is now bipartisan agreement that the implementation of Obamacare is a mess. Republicans have long maintained this, but now the Obama administration has lent its implicit assent […]

Secretary Kerry’s Initiative and Middle East Reality: Ambassador (ret.) Yoram Ettinger ****


The chaotic Arab Street is raging violently, uncontrollably, unpredictably and incessantly, from northwestern Africa through Egypt, Syria and Jordan to Iraq and the Persian Gulf. Arab countries are imploding; Iran is galloping towards nuclear capability that haunts Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States; Islamic terrorism is threatening the US mainland via the proliferation of sleeper cells; Pro-US Arab oil-producing regimes are increasingly vulnerable to subversion; the Arab Middle East is growing Islamist and anti-US, jeopardizing vital US economic and national security interests; Turkey has changed colors from a pro to anti-US pillar; and Russia and China deepen their involvement in the region.

However, John Kerry, the well-intentioned US Secretary of State, just paid his fifth visit – since February – to the Middle East, preoccupying himself with the Palestinian issue, which is a sideshow in the volcanic Middle East. The Secretary has ignored this advice: when smothered by lethal sandstorms, one should not be preoccupied with tumbleweeds.

Kerry assumes that the Palestinian issue is a core cause of Middle East turbulence, a crown jewel of Arab policy-making, a trigger of anti-US terrorism and the crux of the Arab-Israeli conflict. He believes that progress on the Palestinian front would upgrade the US stature among Arabs and would moderate the region. However, the recent developments on the Arab Street are totally independent of the Palestinian issue, which has never been a Middle East pace-setter. Moreover, the Arab states have always regarded Palestinians as a subversive element, and therefore have showered them with rhetoric, but never with resources. Islamic terrorism has plagued the US despite US pressure on Israel to make sweeping concessions to the Palestinians in 1983 (the US Embassy and Marines Headquarters in Beirut) 1993 (the 1st Twin Tower terrorism), 1995/6 (the Riyadh and Khobar Towers), 1998 (US Embassies in Kenya and Tanzania) and 2000 (the USS Cole). No Arab-Israel war erupted because – or on behalf – of the Palestinians, as initially evidenced by the conclusion of the 1948 War of Independence, when Judea & Samaria and Gaza were occupied by Jordan and Egypt, which did not transfer these regions to the Palestinians. Furthermore, no Arab country rallied behind the Palestinians when Israel fought Palestinian terrorism in Lebanon (1982), Judea & Samaria (the 1st and 2nd Intifada) and Gaza (2006, 2008 and 2012).


http://www.nationalreview.com/article/352690/obamas-global-warming-folly-charles-krauthammer The economy stagnates. Syria burns. Scandals lap at his feet. China and Russia mock him, even as a “29-year-old hacker” revealed his nation’s spy secrets to the world. How does President Obama respond? With a grandiloquent speech on climate change. Climate change? It lies at the very bottom of a list of Americans’ concerns […]


http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424127887323936404578579520272321576.html Will Mohammed Morsi join the pharaohs, caliphs, pashas and strongmen that came before him? On Sunday millions of Egyptians poured into the squares and streets of Cairo, Alexandria and other cities to register intense dissatisfaction with their first freely elected government and demand President Mohammed Morsi’s resignation. On Monday the Egyptian military gave Mr. […]

Dismiss the Egyptian People and Elect a New One Posted By David P. Goldman

http://pjmedia.com/spengler/2013/07/04/dismiss-the-egyptian-people-and-elect-a-new-one/?print=1 Update: Why can’t we get 14 million people into the streets to proclaim that Obama is an idiot like the Egyptians did? Over at ZeroHedge, Jim Quinn posts pictures of the banners in the mass demonstrations. They are inspiring. One read: “Obama you jerk, Muslim Brotherhoods are killing the Egyptians, so how come they […]