Confronting the Muslim Brotherhood in the American Heartland — on The Glazov Gang

Confronting the Muslim Brotherhood in the American Heartland — on The Glazov Gang
One group’s brave battle against the Brotherhood’s malicious plans in Omaha, Nebraska.


Following are two reviews of Dr. Norman Berdichevsky’s book: Modern Hebrew: The Past and Future of a Revitalized Language

Among the many almost incredible feats of Israel in 1948, was the in gathering of Jews from all over the world who spoke myriad languages, with different alphabets, dialects and idioms. Within years they all learned fluent Hebrew.

In America we struggle with “bi-lingual” education. In the case of Spanish it has simply led, with some exceptions into a population that speaks neither proper Spanish nor proper English. Trust me, I speak, read and write both languages fluently and correctly (give or take occasional problems with “who” versus “whom”). Only days after arriving in America I was sent to a public school in Portland, Oregon where there was no “bi-lingual” program. My brother and I faced a “sink or swim” situation, and within a month we understood and made ourselves understood in English.

Perhaps our educators should take the time to study the system of “ulpans”- which were offered to all immigrants in Israel, instead of fostering terrible and useless programs foisted on immigrant students.

As my late Aunt Sadie- my American statue of liberty in an apron- used to say: “Learn English foist!”



President Obama’s order for air strikes that are to last “several months” against the northern and eastern edges of the Islamic State In the Levant (ISIL) is a small part of a political effort to promote a “more inclusive” Iraqi government in Baghdad. This undercuts the missions that American air power could accomplish in short order – namely strengthening Kurdistan, America’s only ally in the region beside Israel, and saving the masses of refugees now fleeing ISIL. Nor is it part of any strategy for dealing with ISIL.

Obama’s objective is neither more nor less than that of George W. Bush: birthing “a united, democratic Iraq.” U.S. aid is meant to stimulate the forming of a new Iraqi government “that represents the legitimate interest of all Iraqis.” In short, Obama is using the air strikes as bait with which to influence intra-Iraqi political bargaining. The only change from the Bush administration is the diminution of the bait.

But settling the quarrels of Mesopotamia’s Shia, Sunni, and Kurds is a fool’s errand. Since these peoples dislike one another and wish to live in (at least) three separate states, a united Iraq is possible only if one of them lords it over the others. America killed Iraq by introducing democracy, which has ensured separation of these three groups. Nothing that Obama might do can revive Iraq. Expecting new attempts to yield results different from those of previous ones is as good a definition of madness as any.

The insincerity of Obama’s August 7 official declaration of purpose – protecting Americans in Erbil, Kurdistan’s capital, and rescuing uncounted thousands of Yezidi and Christian refugees from ISIL – was clear from the conditionality of his commitment: to strike ISIL forces ranged against Kurdistan (“should they move toward the city”) and to help the refugees (“if necessary, to help forces in Iraq as they fight to break the siege…”). Obama knows very well that the Kurdish army is not going to allow ISIL inside Kurdistan’s borders, and that no Iraqi forces are fighting to rescue the refugees. U.S. strikes in these areas have been token gestures at best. Obama is not worried that Kurdistan will fall any more than he is concerned for the lives of the refugees.

Obama’s commitment to “the only lasting solution…reconciliation among Iraqi communities,” however, was unconditional and central to his order. On Sunday, August 10 Senator Jack Reed (D-RI)explained the President’s position on Face the Nation: “we have to begin at the fundamental core, which is leadership in Baghdad, Iraqi leadership, which will work together in a unified way to defend and protect their country and defeat ISIS.”

Peter Smith Jihadis, Moderates and Feel-Good Cliches

Of course the majority of Muslims disapprove of their more ardent co-religionists’ massacres, fatwahs and suicide bombings. Trouble is, tribal loyalty mutes what should be a loud and constant disavowal of the fanatics’ methods and madness. Patronising Western apologists for “the religion of peace” don’t help either

I had finished my self-imposed quota of wine for the night and felt desolate enough to believe that watching Q&A couldn’t make it worse. I was wrong. What tipped the balance was the discussion of the rights of certain Australian citizens (don’t mention that they are Muslims) going overseas to behead people and then return. First let’s start with Greg Combet and a sensible old-fashioned perspective:

“It’s just unbelievably shocking. I mean this is where you move from rights into responsibilities. And, to the extent that there are Australians going over there fighting for the Islamic State, involved in beheadings and murder, dreadful treatment of people, persecution, I’m not too concerned about their rights, to be honest.”

Now to a dumb post-modernism perspective volunteered by Jennifer Robinson, the “human rights lawyer” who represents Julian Assange:

“I think that there is a real question about the way in which – the way in which these people are incited to engage in this sort of act and start thinking more broadly about what is it in our society that’s driving people to engage in these acts.”

moderate muslim poster girlAh, you see, it is our fault. Ms Robinson didn’t stand alone in the dumbness stakes. Sussan Ley, assistant minister for education, said this:

“We must recognise several things about Muslim Australians. One is that Islam is a religion of peace. It absolutely is. I was attending some Eid Festival celebrations in my hometown of Albury on the weekend and talking to people who are concerned about the image that they have in the wider Australian community. But we must be also careful that we don’t encourage young Muslims towards a more radical interpretation of their faith. We must be inclusive. We must reach out to particularly young Muslim Australians who feel aggrieved by some of the things that they see around them, that they feel reflect unfairly on them.”

Ah, you see, once again it is our fault. And exactly where did this ‘religion of peace’ come from?

Andrew McIntyre : In Denmark, a Bruising Multiculturalism-70% Of Danish Youths In Detention are Muslims!

The statistic is shocking: some 70% of Danish youths in detention are Muslim. As psychologist Nicolae Sennels (left) learned when he set out to discover why, the reasons have much to do with an insular community’s disdain for what, other than welfare payments, a modern and liberal Western nation represents

As a regular visitor to Europe I have long pondered the delicate question of Muslim immigrants’ ability to integrate in the West, particularly in France the Netherlands, Great Britain and Scandinavia. In preparing for a planned trip to Denmark last year, I came across the outstanding work of Nicolai Sennels (left), a clinical psychologist working in youth prisons in Copenhagen, and his recent, thought-provoking book, Among Criminal Muslims. A Psychologist’s Experiences from Copenhagen Municipality.

Not yet published in English, the book is based on ten years’ intensive clinical work with around 150 Muslim and 100 non-Muslim Danish youths. It provides a unique understanding of the culture and minds of young Muslim offenders, their often violent behaviour and the high crime rates that characterise their communities.

The highly controversial publication by Jyllands-Posten of satirical cartoons of Mohamed put Denmark on the world stage overnight, but that occurred nearly a decade ago, so I went to Copenhagen to get a closer look at how things have developed since then. I was able to speak briefly with Sennels by phone, following up that encounter with emailed questions. After our brief discussion and subsequent exchange of emails, I find it hard not to think of Shakespeare’s Marcellus and his observation that there are indeed some things rotting in the state of Denmark.

Sennels set himself the mission of learning why violence and criminality figure so prominently in the Muslim community, and further, why Muslims appear to have difficulty integrating into Western society generally. According to Denmark’s Bureau of Statistics, some 70% of inmates in Danish youth prisons come from immigrant backgrounds, and almost all of those were raised in Muslim families. In terms of numbers, the top seven nationalities listed for criminal behaviour come from Muslim countries.


With events in Iraq in mind, while it may be dawning on some of our leaders that we face an existential threat from Islamism one really wonders what it will take for them to get their act together. Do we have to wait for a bomb in the Channel Tunnel?

It is just possible that our leaders recognise that there is now an existential threat to the West, both external and internal. What is happening in Iraq needs to be understood. ISIS is not a terrorist movement. It is an army that means to seize and hold territory, create a new state that will roll back history to the 7th Century and enforce adherence to the most rigorous form of primitive Islam.

Its atrocities have been horrendous, but this is not just the barbaric behaviour of savages; it is deliberately calculated to spread panic and terror amongst the opposition. This is why they have flooded the internet with pictures of horrors rarely seen since WW2.

Small wonder that Iraqi soldiers scarpered at the first whiff of powder and shot when they contemplated being summarily beheaded if caught. And western leaders must have pondered on what the media would make of pictures of decapitated US marines or RAF helicopter pilots.

The situation needs statesmanship. It is not getting it.

Prime Minister David Cameron has no clout due not least to his incomprehensible slashing of the defence budget whilst increasing foreign aid by a staggering 38 percent. In any event, Britain has no coherent foreign policy as is witnessed by Liberal Democrat leading light Vince Cable’s mischief-making declaration that there could be an arms ban on Israel in direct contradiction of Britain’s long-standing support for the Jewish state and its right to defend itself.

President Obama has shown mostly indifference. His low-key actions are typical of his de minimis foreign policy. His weasel words say that US troops have been sent to Iraq protect US citizens in the region, whom he could easily have recalled when the troubles began. He speaks of ‘US military advisors. Now, where have we heard that before?

He says the US intervention can be terminated because there are ‘only’ 5,000 people left on the mountain


The IDF and Bibi Netanyahu deserve a Nobel Peace Prize for their restraint during such a challenging war. Israel has indeed been disproportionate; it has been disproportionately decent.

When observers describe or denounce Israeli military actions as, “disproportionate,” they glibly assume sweeping legal conclusions without sufficient proof or analysis. But the evidence shows that Israel has acted with disproportionate decency while Hamas has committed war crimes.

Hamas’ indiscriminate rocket and missile attacks – which now total about 3,500 in the last month – target primarily Israeli civilians. The effects of Hamas’ attacks have been serious (contrary to what most media reports suggest):

a) increasing premature births,

b) shutting down Israel’s biggest airport, blocking 90 percent of incoming and outgoing passengers,

c) forcing about 8 million people to live on the edge 24/7, fearing that if their missile defense system or scramble to shelters falters, they could die,

d) constant interruptions throughout the day and night, with as little as ten seconds to find shelter,

e) billions of dollars in economic damage.

The principle of distinction requires belligerents to distinguish between combatants and civilians. Hamas’ violations of this principle amount to a double war crime: first by targeting Israeli civilians, and second by using Gazan civilians as human shields for these attacks, thereby making it much harder for the IDF military response to distinguish Gazan combatants from non-combatants.

Hamas exhorts Gazans to act as human shields and its combat manual encourages this war crime while admitting that Israel avoids civilian casualties – an avoidance that Hamas exploits for tactical advantage.

Alan Dershowitz deftly highlights yet another proof of Hamas war crimes: Hamas chooses to locate its military efforts in the most densely populated parts of Gaza, instead of in the far less populated areas nearby – a decision calculated to maximize Gazan civilian deaths.


There being not much happening around the world at the moment, the President played golf today at the Vineyard Golf Club:

“While eating, overlooking the golf course, guests had to stand up and be wanded.” One asked if he could finish his hot soup first, and an Obama security man cracked, ominously, “So, you’re not cooperating?”

Funny. Even funnier if he’d had to be “accidentally” shot while refusing to “cooperate”. As the Instaprof points out:


True. But Americans have lost the republican spirit. You have to have your genitals wanded at the airport, so what’s the big deal about extending it to the country club? As Professor Reynolds says:

If the President wants to go out in public, fine. If he can’t do it without assaulting the rights of citizens, then he should stay home.

Couldn’t they find a couple of bigtime Obama bundlers willing to pay for converting the White House and grounds into the clubhouse and course of the Barack Obama Golf Club? They don’t seem to be using the building for anything else.

The problem is that flood-the-zone overkill security is all American statism knows. One day we will all be policed like Ferguson, Missouri.


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7. Anti-Semitic flyers put on Jewish-owned business in Los Angeles
8. Calls for Glasgow politician’s resignation after he waves Israeli flag
9. And on a lighter note… spike in demand for IDF soldier sperm donations



That politicians lie is to be expected; that people believe them is unfortunate, but understandable. But, that a free and independent press ignores them is reprehensible. On September 9th 2009, speaking before a joint session of Congress, newly elected President Obama laid out his healthcare plan. In doing so, he claimed that illegal immigrants would not benefit from his plan. Representative Joe Wilson (R-SC) indecorously called out: “You lie!” The media attacked him as a pariah. For his transgression, Mr. Wilson later apologized. Nevertheless, while ObamaCare theoretically disallows illegals to sign up, states have found ways, such as the DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) to get around the law’s supposed restrictions.

In reading Hillary “We were dead broke” Clinton’s well-publicized interview in The Atlantic, I wrote a note to myself: “Why do I read this bilge?” Ms. Clinton’s words, carefully parsed, are filled with prevarications and ambiguities. As Mark Twain wrote in A Tramp Abroad, “An honest man in politics shines more than he would elsewhere.” The same could be said for a woman in politics. Interviews that politicians grant (such as Hillary’s) and books that they write are obviously self-serving and politically motivated. They would more accurately be called “infomercials.” The rationale behind lying during political campaigns is that no agenda may be pursued unless one gains office. In the world of politics, the ends justify the means. All dictators, from Caesar to Hitler felt the same.

Small lies, like other seemingly unimportant transgressions, inevitably lead to big ones. Like children who test parents, politicians test their constituents with little lies. If not called out on the small, harmless ones, they matriculate to those more substantial and more damaging. Elizabeth Warren’s claims of being of Cherokee and Delaware heritage were obviously bogus – even amusingly so. Supporters avow they did no harm, though her acceptance as an instructor at the University of Pennsylvania and Harvard deprived a true Native American of a job. However, in lying about something so basic, how can we trust her on matters more substantial? Does she have no sense of honor? Did not the editors of The Boston Globe detect a flaw in her character that might have consequences for one in a position of public trust? Have we become so cynical that we overlook such fabrications with an off-handed gesture that all politicians lie, so, as Hillary Clinton once asked, what difference does it make?