The Church and Israel: the Truth by Giulio Meotti Who killed Jesus two thousand years ago is simply not the question at hand. What is happening now is what matters. Pope Ratzinger, in a new book, exonerates the Jews of allegations they were responsible for Jesus Christ’s death. Israel’s relationship with the largest Christian […]


Paul Ryan Tops the 2012 Tea Party Presidential Poll Posted By Jeffrey H. Anderson….SEE THE WHOLE LIST HERE A recent NBC/Wall Street Journal poll finds [1] that more than half (53 percent) of those who plan to vote in the Republican presidential primaries are self-described Tea Party voters. The preferences of Tea Party voters […]

THE RED ARABS: A FRONTPAGE SYMPOSIUM ON THE HARD LEFT AND ISLAM Symposium: The Red Arabs Posted By Jamie Glazov In this special edition of Frontpage Symposium we have assembled a distinguished panel to discuss how and why Arab socialists and Islamists have been preparing for this Mideast moment for many years. Our guests today are: Michael Ledeen, a noted political analyst and a Freedom Scholar […]


Obama’s Social Security Hoax The president will demagogue Social Security as his ticket to reelection. Everyone knows that the U.S. budget is being devoured by entitlements. Everyone also knows that of the Big Three — Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security — Social Security is the most solvable. Back-of-an-envelope solvable: Raise the retirement age, tweak […]

MORE ON KEITH ELLISON’S TURPITUDE….HE LIEAD….MATHEW SHAFFER Rep. Keith Ellison’s Bigotry The congressman told a teachable story this morning. One problem: It’s untrue. This morning, Rep. Keith Ellison (Democratic-Farmer-Labor party, Minn.) appropriated a hearing on Islamic radicalism by weeping his way through a speech about whata-buncha-nasty-bigots Americans are. He chose as his case in point Mohammed Salman Hamdani, a Pakistani-born Muslim […]

HERBERT LONDON: A BARRAGE OF FALSE IDEAS A Barrage of False Ideas Posted By Herbert London Ordinarily I do not repeat my private conversations after a social gathering. Moreover, most of the time the talk is trifling, banal, or silly. But recently, I have noticed a change: a consensus has emerged on important issues that is thoroughly misguided but still deserving […]

DOJ TO SOLDIERS WHO WERE DEPRIVED OF THEIR VOTING RIGHTS: “GET LOST” DOJ Tells U.S. Soldiers: Go Bother Someone Else! Their new website just tells servicemembers to go call the Pentagon if they didn’t get their 2010 election ballots on time. March 11, 2011 – by J. Christian Adams The Department of Justice has launched a new website to rehabilitate its damaged reputation among uniformed servicemembers. […]

ROBIN SHEPHERD: HYPOCRISY IS AN ART FORM AT THE UN Libya exposes high hypocrisy at UN By Robin Shepherd, March 10, 2011 There’s nothing like a good bit of spring cleaning. So when the General Assembly of the United Nations suspended Libya from the Human Rights Council on March 1, there was a distinct sense of a fresh start. You could almost smell it […]

WHY ARE WE FUNDING LA RAZA? Stop government funding of La Raza Ralph Alter As we observe the baby steps being taken by the newly elected budget-cutting Congress of 2010, we are coming to realize how absurd the old Washington political approach of throwing money at our problems is. The remarkable capitalist engine driving our free republic had become so […]

KEITH ELLISON LIED: DAN RIEHL…. READ BOTH COLUMNS PLEASE Thursday, March 10, 2011 Rep. Keith Ellison’s Shameful Tears At Radicalization Hearing Were Keith Ellison crying for Mr. Hamdani simply because he was an American hero who did his job on 9/11 – and lost his life for the effort, I would salute this. The first Muslim elected to Congress broke into tears […]