Durban III promotes what it claims to be fighting Transcript now proves that the UN-sponsored anti-racism conference was merely a charade.
In yet another effort to demonize Israel on the political battlefield, the UN General Assembly—which can bear a striking resemblance to the game of Whac-A-Mole—will adopt a new resolution this week to promote the Durban “anti-racism” declaration.

Back in September the UN sponsored “Durban III,” an event intended by Islamic states and UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay to breathe new life into the ten-year-old anti-Israel vendetta which began in South Africa in 2001. Despite the unprecedented boycott by all Western veto-holding members of the Security Council – the US, Britain and France – Durban and its insidious message have popped up a mere two months later.

The regenerative nature of UN armaments, in the form of cyclical resolutions and “follow-up” mechanisms, makes them not merely annoying but dangerous. Due to this circuitous nature, battles that are won must be fought again and again.This is particularly true of the libelous 1975 UN resolution equating Zionism with racism, which was revitalized in the 2001 Durban Declaration and Program of Action (DDPA), accusing only one state among all UN members of racism – Israel – and casting Palestinians as the victims of Israeli bigotry.

By all accounts – except the one emanating from the UN press office – Durban III failed to deliver the credibility boost that its fans were craving. In a strong rejection of the Durban III political program, 14 nations, including Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Poland, the United Kingdom, the United States and, of course, Israel all boycotted. A simultaneous counter-conference held directly across the street from the UN, involving Nobel Prize laureate Elie Wiesel and a bipartisan group of Jewish and non-Jewish luminaries, mounted a resounding historic challenge to the UN campaign.

The UN response, however, has been to rewrite history. On September 22, 2011, at the opening ceremonies of Durban III, South African President Jacob Zuma fictionalized the original conference, saying “in Durban the world spoke with one voice” – notwithstanding the very public departure of the United States and Israel. A few hours later, the General Assembly adopted a “political declaration,” “reaffirming” the DDPA and calling the declaration “United against racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance.” Today, the UN website says of Durban III that “world leaders adopted by consensus a political declaration,” paying no notice to the fact that the world’s leading democracies had already voted with their feet.


Politicide: The attempted murder of the Jewish state


Author and TJCI contributing editor, Victor Sharpe, has just completed his third volume of Politicide.

This book is a wonderful educational primer for all who wish to better understand the history, both biblical and post-biblical, of the Land of Israel. It is easily readable and informative and makes a great gift for friends and relatives during Christmas and Hanukah or at any time.

The chapters, maps, pictures and quotes in this third volume bring the reader up to date with the epic struggle of the Jewish state to defend itself against relentless Muslim aggression and attempted genocide. Politicide is the word that describes the attempted murder of a state: Israel.

This third volume also further exposes the existential Islamic threat to the very existence of Judeo-Christian civilization, to America in this time of the Obama regime, and to what is left of the Free world: Above all, it reveals how good can overcome evil.
Price: $16.00
Ships in 3–5 business days
This third volume of Politicide continues to track the relentless Arab and Muslim world’s attempt to destroy the embattled Jewish state. The chapters are filled with an immense amount of historical, political, geographical and military information, which makes this book – like the two previous volumes – a must read and a superb primer for all who wish to understand the existential conflict that threatens all of us.


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**UPDATED**PJM Exclusive: NYPD arrest Muslim in Harlem planning to blow up police, military facilitiesPosted By Patrick Poole

News is starting to leak about the arrest this weekend of a New York City man who planned to bomb police and military facilities. The NY Post reports:

The NYPD and Manhattan DA’s office have arrested a terror suspect who was planning to bomb city police facilities and US military sites, where he plotted to target returning war personnel and the families who gathered to welcome them home, The Post has learned.

The suspect, who lives in Manhattan, was arrested after he actually purchased bomb-making materials, sources said. He’d been on the authorities’ radar for about a year, the sources said.

It wasn’t immediately clear exactly where he planned to attack.

We can report here exclusively at PJM that the man arrested is Jose Pimentel of Harlem. On his Facebook page he describes himself as:

I am a Muslim convert from the Dominican Republic looking for other muslims living in the US specially in New York City to share a brotherhood with and to help each other stay firm on the religion. Also looking for anyone that wishes to learn more about Islam and other religions.

On his YouTube channel he states:

I am a Sunni Muslim BROTHER from the Dominican Republic currently living in Harlem, New York. Allah has guided me out of darkness and into the light. I support Islam and the muslims all the way and of course my heart goes out to the BIG BROTHERS of this Ummah The mujahideen i ask Allah to forgive u and give u victory over the disbelievers. Please Check out this Blog:

You can view his TrueIslam1 website here. We will post more information as the story develops.

MICHAEL YON: CHRISTIAN CROSS IS SEEN AS “MARK OF THE BEAST” BY ISLAMISTS US Army MEDEVAC helicopters in Afghanistan are marked with Red Crosses. Helicopters sporting a Red Cross are not allowed to be armed. The enemy knows this. The enemy tries to shoot down these unarmed helicopters with the added advantage that our people cannot shoot back.  And so, we push people into combat while advertising to […]

AL QAEDA SYMPATHIZER THWARTED IN BOMBING PLOT IN NEW YORK NEW YORK — An “al-Qaida sympathizer” accused of plotting to bomb police and post offices in New York City as well as U.S. troops returning home has been arrested on numerous terrorism-related charges. Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced at a news conference Sunday the arrest of Jose Pimentel of Manhattan, “a 27-year-old al-Qaida sympathizer” who […]



NEW YORK (The Blaze/AP) — Hundreds of Muslims prayed in a lower Manhattan park and marched to New York Police headquarters Friday to protest a decade of police infiltrating mosques and spying on Muslim neighborhoods.

Bundled in winter clothes, men and women knelt as the call to prayer echoed off the cold stone of government buildings.

“Being Muslim does not negate our nationality,” Imam Talib Abdur-Rashid told the crowd of about 500 gathered in Foley Square, not far from City Hall and local courthouses. “We are unapologetically Muslim and uncompromisingly American.”

The demonstration was smaller and more subdued than the Occupy Wall Street protests that led to clashes with police and made headlines worldwide. Police wore windbreakers, not riot gear, and protesters called for improved relations with police.

“We want for you to respect us,” Abdur-Rashid said, “and we will respect you.”

It was the first organized opposition to the NYPD’s intelligence tactics since an Associated Press investigation revealed widespread spying programs that documented every aspect of Muslim life in New York. Police infiltrated mosques and student groups. Plainclothes officers catalogued Middle Eastern restaurants and their clientele. Analysts built databases on Arab cab drivers and monitored Muslims who changed their names.


Memo to Washington: Kick the spending habit THE TREASURY DEPARTMENT reported last week that the national debt had surpassed $15 trillion, clocking in at precisely $15,033,607,255,920.32 as of the close of business Tuesday. Since President Obama’s inauguration in January 2009, the amount owed by the federal government to its lenders has soared more than […]

ISRAEL’S DIVIDED SOUL? JEROLD AUERBACH **** At the end of the Six-Day War, a tearfully triumphant Israeli soldier, standing at the Western Wall in Jerusalem, realized that he was “facing two thousand years of exile, the whole history of the Jewish people[.]”  Suddenly and unexpectedly, the biblical homeland — east and west from Jericho to Jerusalem and north and south […]


The assorted “Occupations” may be drawing to a close as even liberal mayors have lost patience with the occupation of public space and the budget drain created by aging radicals, wannabe hippies and random homeless people, hucksters, scammers and professional activists, but it isn’t over because it never really began.
To the left protest is an identity, which is also why the Occupations never seemed to have much of a coherent message. The purpose of their protests is to protest, the romance of the protest is all the justification that it really needs. Creating permanent protest encampments turned protests from an occasional activity into a theme park, and that was what Zuccotti Park really was, a protest theme park for overgrown children too old to go to Disneyland, who instead tried to go back to the seventies.

The left is one long permanent protest by useful idiots whose dissatisfaction makes them seek out alternative societies in the guise of denouncing this one. Zuccotti Park was Neverland, as it would be in the real world, complete with disease, rapes and a rising body count. Peter Pan had a bong, Wendy had body piercings, the Lost Boys had game consoles and no desire to go to work tomorrow. Together they recreated the same old narrative of Woodstock to Altamont.

Today’s Peter Pans and Wendys are as likely to be successful professionals as the old stereotype of dropouts who couldn’t hack it. They have degrees, often more than one, many of them have jobs that the actual 99 percent would kill for, and family backgrounds in the upper and upper middle-class. What they aren’t is adults. And that is an indictment of a culture whose top 9 percent sees no reason to keep going.

Generations of the left have produced children who are trained for success, who have the right tools and the right background, but who have also imbibed the idea that hard work is drudgery and that the only thing worth doing well is trying to overthrow society centered around some incompatible combination of the pleasure principle and social welfare for everyone. Those brats aren’t just squatting in dirty tents, many of them are lawyers, public officials and cabinet members.

The history of the left is of childishly naive ideals fought for with ugly tactics and implemented as totalitarian dystopias. “Everyone should have things and no one should feel bad” quickly morphs into “Off the pigs” and finishes as “Starve the Kulaks” and “Bring on the Gulags”. What begins with flowers ends with bombs and bullets, and depending on the outcome, sobs and bitter recollections of how the revolution was crushed, or revisionist history that denies everything that happened since the revolution succeeded.

The modern left’s strange combination of lotus eaters and fire breathers, freeloaders and fanatics, isn’t a split personality, it’s the identity of people who have been deprived of every other form of identity, who romanticize alienation even when they are actually insiders, because they are no longer members of a nation, a nationality, a religion or even a professional class. They are the lost boys and girls still looking for happiness long after their grandparents failed to find in drugs and communes, and their great-grandparents failed to find it in psychoanalysis and decadence, and their great-great-grandparents failed to find it in spirit rapping and unstructured poetry.

Those for whom happiness is escape briefly found it in a cluster of dirty tents, volunteerism, drugs, communal sleeping arrangements and the collapse of societal boundaries as the edge of a new world. Neverland with drugs, casual sex and a feeling of self-satisfaction at one’s own self-righteousness. It wasn’t a new discovery. The Lotus was known for thousands of years along with its bitter aftertaste. What follows after all the rules are broken is the discovery of how bad life can be without them.

At Zuccotti Park, the professional activist, working for unions and community groups, encountered the professional protester, who goes to a bewildering mix of rallies to spew his hate at his favorite targets, and together they ran into the lost boys and girls who confused anti-capitalism with utopia, and they all met the homeless and the huckster– the men and women living in actual poverty on the edge of their shining societies out of view of their parents’ mansions.


How to Reform Primary Education Posted By Roger Kimball URL to article: Call Mr. Jackson. Who? Mr. Jackson. He was the critic Michael Dirda’s fifth-grade teacher. Judging from Dirda’s sketch of his activities in his new book On Conan Doyle [1] (modest subtitle: Or, the Whole Art of Storytelling), Mr. Jackson understood a couple […]