Report: Over 400 al-Qaida terrorists now in Sinai Egyptian security official tells Al-Hayyat that Palestinian, Beduin, foreign citizens seeking to carry out attacks, have already attacked. Over 400 al-Qaida members have made their way into the Sinai Peninsula, a senior Egyptian security official told the Al-Hayyat satellite television station on Monday. Egyptian security officials were pursuing the terrorists, who are composed of […]

HAMAS MOVING HQ FROM SYRIA TO EGYPT, WARNS NETANYAHU, 5/30/2011 Hamas Moving HQ from Syria to Egypt, Warns Netanyahu Hamas is moving its headquarters from Damascus to Egypt, and the terror group is strengthening itself in the Sinai, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu told the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Security Committee Monday. He also noted that the Muslim Brotherhood, from which Hamas sprung, also […]

ARYEH TEPPER: THE END OF JEWISH LIFE IN IRAQ BEGAN IN JUNE 1941 WITH A MASSACRE Remember the Farhud By Aryeh Tepper The end of 2,500 years of Jewish life in Iraq began during two days in June 1941. For 30 terrifying hours, mobs of marauding Iraqi Arabs, soldiers and civilians alike, killed 137 Jews and injured thousands more, pillaged scores of homes, and destroyed more than 600 Jewish-owned businesses. […]

ANDREW BOSTOM: EGYPTIAN ISLAMO-NAZISM AND OMAR AMIN VON LEERS Egyptian Islamo-Nazism and “Omar Amin” Von Leers Posted By Andrew Bostom On May 30, 2011 [1] “Omar Amin” von Leers: The Nazi Who Found a Haven in Egypt and Embraced a More Potent Ideology to Destroy the Judeo-Christian West—Islamic Jihad Wednesday May 25, 2001 a group of Egyptians, led by founding member Emad Abdel […]

VICTOR SHARPE: IN PRAYER JEWS FACE JERUSALEM BUT MUSLIMS FACE MECCA Only under Israeli administration has Jerusalem been open for free and unfettered worship to members of all faiths In prayer, Jews face Jerusalem but Muslims face Mecca Unification Day will again be celebrated in Israel and throughout the world with the exception of that 7th century alternate universe: the Muslim world. It marks 44 […]

CAROLINE GLICK: AMERICAN JEWISH ORGANIZATIONS AND OBAMA President Obama’s speech on the Middle East at the State Department last week, his icy glares at Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the Oval Office last Friday, his address before the AIPAC conference on Sunday, and his subsequent press briefings have all made clear that he is not sympathetically inclined toward Israel, nor […]

Hamas founder remembered in new museum in Gaza GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip – The Hamas militant group has turned the modest home of its founder into a museum — seven years after the wheelchair-bound Palestinian cleric was killed in an Israeli airstrike as he was wheeled out of a mosque. The Sheik Ahmed Yassin museum, located in an alleyway in the rundown […]

ASAF ROMIROWSKY AND NICOLE BRAFMAN: END THE REFUGEE PROBLEM In President Barack Obama’s speech of May 19, he credits the recent “Arab Spring” with opening the first windows onto the prospect of burgeoning democracy across the Arab world. Crediting technology and the availability of information via the Internet with revealing the possibility of freedom to the oppressed masses under the thumbs of dictators, […]


Hannah Senesh was martyred by the Nazis in 1944 at the young and tender age of 23 leaving behind a legacy of heroism for us the living. Blessed is the match consumed in kindling flame. Blessed is the flame that burns in the secret fastness of the heart. Blessed is the heart with strength to […]


Brothers Harold “Heshy” King (19) and George King (22) died in the Normandy Invasion. Message from the President of the United States Franklin Delano Roosevelt to the family of both. “HE STANDS IN THE LONG LINE OF PATRIOTS WHO HAVE DARED TO DIE  THAT FREEDOM MIGHT LIVE AND GROWN AND INCREASE ITS BLESSINGS. FREEDOM LIVES […]