Of Muslim Firecrackers, Murderers, and Odious Songs by Victor Sharpe

The Jewish faith has bestowed many wondrous divine blessings upon the world. Among them is, of course, the Sabbath day.

The Day of Rest, the Seventh Day, the Sabbath, is the one precious and humanitarian day set aside from the rest of the week’s labors. It is a day of freedom and leisure but one which allows the human spirit the opportunity to turn to the lofty considerations of divine holiness.

Interestingly, this marvelous and utterly civilized concept was quite inexplicable to the Greeks and the Romans. Indeed, Tacitus, Juvenal and Plutarch scoffed at such an idea for it was undreamt of by them.

But these are the words of a great ethicist and contributor to the revival of Hebrew as a living language, Achad Ha-Am, who said of the Sabbath:

“Far more than Israel has kept the Sabbath; it is the Sabbath that has kept Israel.”

And so it should be with a sense of horror and utter distress that the world should know that Muslim Arabs in Jerusalem deliberately and maliciously desecrate the peace on the eve of every Jewish Sabbath.

Muslims, who impudently claim their superiority over Jews and Christians, and who have since the 7th century arrogated to themselves core Jewish and Christian beliefs, including their own version of the Sabbath, blast the peace of the Jewish Sabbath by setting off noisy firecrackers while employing loudspeakers to blast, at viciously high decibel levels, inflammatory Muslim imprecations from minarets. This occurs in those Arab settlements adjoining Jewish neighborhoods in Jerusalem.


Well this much is for sure. The play-acting is no more and Mahmoud Abbas isn’t even pretending to be a “peace partner.” He’s gone rogue.

These days this Fatah warlord openly calls for the murder of any and all Israelis and the Jewish blood that’s been spilled from Jerusalem onward — men, women, 3-month-old babies – places him at the heart and center of the reign of terror now being inflicted upon the Jewish State.

His PA (Palestinian Authority) gangs heed him word for word when he demands Jewish blood “by any means.”

Murder by automobile is the latest Islamic trick, and if that doesn’t work, Palestinian Arabs are urged to slash their victims to death.

So finally the mask is off. The double-talking, the double-dealing, the fakery of tolerant coexistence – this is finished.
This the Arabs have been doing repeatedly and gladly.

(Where, by the way, is the Left that was so outraged against the Price Taggers? Hello? We can’t hear you!)

Fattened by standing ovations at the UN, intoxicated by support from the EU, bloated by the wishful romance of a Palestinian State (to exact further terror), adopted by the Left, embraced by the media, it is no wonder that this man Abbas feels that the world belongs to him

Thank Allah It’s “Jum’ah Friday” (TAIJF) at The National Cathedral—A Guide For Perplexed Non-Muslims: Andrew Bostom

Thank Allah It’s “Jum’ah Friday” (TAIJF) at The National Cathedral—A Guide For Perplexed Non-Muslims

November 11, 1914, the Ottoman Sheikh ul-Islam (supreme Muslim religious authority) issued fatwas (religious edicts) declaring a jihad against non-Muslim state enemies of the last Muslim “Caliphate.” Subsequent fatwas (see here; here) disseminated during the World War I era would target Christian minorities, under Sharia-based Ottoman Muslim rule, for genocidal jihadism against these hapless non-Muslim victims.

Notwithstanding the recent horrific spate of atrocities committed against the Christian communities of northern Iraq by the Islamic State (IS/IL) jihadists, the Ottoman jihad ravages were equally barbaric, depraved, and far more extensive. Occurring, primarily between 1915-16 (although continuing through at least 1918), some one million Armenian, and 250,000 Assyro-Chaldean and Syrian Orthodox Christians were brutally slaughtered, or starved to death during forced deportations through desert wastelands. The identical gruesome means used by IS/IL to humiliate and massacre its hapless Christian victims, were employed on a scale that was an order of magnitude greater by the Ottoman Muslim Turks, often abetted by local Muslim collaborators (the latter being another phenomenon which also happened during the IS/IL jihad campaign against Iraq’s Christians).

At best, willfully oblivious to this grim centennial remembrance—worse still, perhaps even callously disregarding it—Muslim spokespersons are trumpeting their forthcoming midday Islamic service, to be held Friday, November 14, 2014, in the National Cathedral, one of the most iconic Christian houses of worship in the U.S.


Attorney General nominee Loretta Lynch belonged to a student group that brought Jew-hating Palestinian terrorists to Harvard Law School every year she was a member.
Lynch belonged to the Harvard Black Law Students Association (BLSA) from 1981-1984 when she was a student.
During those years the radical black group brought representatives from the Palestinian Liberation Operation (PLO).
The group’s leader, Mohammed Kenyatta, called for the “liberation of Palestine” and expressed support for the terrorist organization.
The BLSA defended bringing the terrorists in a letter to the editor of the Harvard student newspaper, The Harvard Crimson.
Jewish student organizations protested the speeches, especially in 1984. Liberal professor Alan Dershowitz joined the anti-PLO protests.
The Harvard Crimson condemned the response of Lynch’s organization in 1984.

The Black Law Students Association (BALSA) committed an unjustifiable and discriminatory violation of student liberties last week when it denied Jewish students an opportunity to participate in a campus forum featuring a representative of the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO).
More than 30 Jewish Law Students Association (JLSA) members attended the panel discussion, outnumbering members of BALSA and the Third World Coalition, the event’s sponsors. But after opening the forum to questions from the floor, BALSA moderator Muhammad I. Kenyatta refused to recognize any of the white hands raised in the audience. BALSA and TWC members were to be given priority, he announced, proceeding to call on a Black student who hadn’t raised his hand.
We defend the PLO’s right to appear in an open forum at Harvard. All groups have a right to present their views; had Kenyatta permitted all students to challenge the speaker with critical questions, the ensuing discussion might have provided a constructive exchange of ideas and opinions.
By stifling debate, however, Kenyatta reduced the event to little more than a propaganda platform for a terrorist organization that has pledged to destroy the State of Israel. His refusal to open the floor to all students views showed a glaring disregard for the principles of free discussion that are vital to an enlightened academic community.

State and White House Contradict Gen. Dempsey on Gaza

Apparently they don’t think much of Gen. Dempsey’s expertise. Or they don’t care.

When Israel launched Operation Protective Edge to stop the flood of rockets being launched at its cities, and particularly when it mounted a short ground operation to locate and destroy infiltration tunnels under the border, there was the predictable response from the UN, the NGOs and Israel’s usual critics that it was causing ‘disproportionate’ civilian casualties in Gaza. Surprisingly (or not), the Obama Administration and State Department joined the chorus.

You probably recall John Kerry’s sarcastic remark that Israel had carried out a “hell of a pinpoint operation.” And you may remember that back in July, State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki said that “there’s more that could be done [by Israel]” to reduce civilian casualties. There are also reports of a particularly ‘combative’ phone call from President Obama to PM Netanyahu during the war.


“The Black Stone,” is about a brutal rape and slaying of Rachel Lerner, investigated and resolved by a detective in 1930 San Francisco. It parallels the brutal stabbing and killing of 26 year old Dalia Lemkus, by an Islamic fanatic this past Monday.

It is available as a print book, and on Kindle and as an audio book.

Product Details

The Black Stone: A Detective Novel of 1930 (A Cyrus Skeen Mystery) (Volume 6)Jan 10, 2014
by Edward Cline


The good times are about to roll again down on the Louisiana bayou. The good old boys gathered Monday to present a solid front against Mary L. Landrieu and her fading “clout.” Gallantry be damned. The only “big hand for the little lady” is the hand showing her to the door.

The stars of Louisiana politics rallied in Baton Rouge, burying hatchets and old jealousies and grievances, pretending to love one another. But pretense is enough. Rob Maness, a retired Air Force colonel who ran a respectable third as the Tea Party candidate, showed up to endorse Rep. Bill Cassidy, the Republican challenger. So did Gov. Bobby Jindal; the state’s other senator, David Vitter; and a clutch of down-ballot candidates and former officeholders.

The colonel’s 14 percent of the vote would be enough to push Mr. Cassidy over the top with votes to spare, and he seemed to make a point in his election-night concession speech of withholding an endorsement of Mr. Cassidy. He never spoke his name.

But the two men took their wives as wingmen on what the newspapers called “their double date” three days after Election Day, and by all accounts, both men were on their best behavior, and afterward said everything was all patched up. “Bill even helped me put a new bumper sticker on our truck,” the colonel said afterward. They appeared to know enough about machinery, and got the sticker on straight.

Then it was on to the real business at hand. Neither of the seats for Louisiana or Alaska are crucial to the arithmetic of the Republican takeover — sending Harry Reid to a cold shower is a done deal — but by defeating Mzz Landrieu and Mark Begich, the Republicans would get pickups No. 8 and No. 9. Dan Sullivan, the Republican challenger, is leading in Alaska, his victory delayed by counting the votes in the backwoods, which in Alaska are well and truly deep in the back.

Mzz Landrieu led the field in what everyone calls “the jungle primary,” where everyone with the yen and a filing fee (in U.S. dollars) can scratch their itch, with the two top candidates facing off on Dec. 6. But she’s the underdog despite clout, family cred and old-enough money, and she’s treated that way.

“It’s now clear that Sen. Mary Landrieu’s relentless talk about her clout took a big hit in Tuesday’s election,” political correspondent Robert Mann wrote in The New Orleans Times-Picayune. “Not only has much of her power vanished along with the Democrats’ Senate majority; her message about what she had done for Louisiana did not resonate with voters.” Louisiana voters, no doubt ungrateful, ask not only “what have you done for me lately,” but Mzz Landrieu must find a way to answer the question of what can she do for Louisiana now that she would be sitting in the back of the room, bereft of power, relevance and consequence.

ICE Lawyer’s Lawsuit Exposes How Feds Release Illegals: Stephen Dinan

The Obama administration told federal immigration lawyers to release illegal immigrants with “old” drunken-driving convictions and those found guilty of stealing other people’s identities, according to a lawsuit filed by one of the lawyers at the center of the operation.

Patricia M. Vroom, a top attorney for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement in Arizona, filed a 67-page discrimination complaint that details repeated battles with agency higher-ups who told her to close cases and not deport people whom President Obama deemed low-priority.

Federal officials were particularly dismissive of identity theft convictions from Arizona, arguing that the state’s laws were too strict and stealing an ID to get a job wasn’t a serious enough offense to get kicked out of the country.

“This was a very significant development, as generally, criminal aliens, particularly convicted felons, are, under the [prosecutorial discretion] memos, ‘priority’ cases that should be aggressively pursued,” Ms. Vroom said in her complaint.

But she said her superiors deemed the identity theft felons low-level offenders “since the typical alien defendant convicted under these provisions of Arizona criminal law had simply been using a fake I.D. to get and keep employment.”

Homeland Security officials said the department, of which ICE is a part, was looking over the lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court in Arizona.

“We are reviewing the allegations in the complaint, which largely refer to events from 2012 and 2013 concerning workplace environment and various personnel decisions taken by key officials, some of whom have since left the department,” spokeswoman Marsha Catron said.

“The leadership of both [the Department of Homeland Security] and ICE take these allegations seriously and, when founded, will always take the appropriate disciplinary action,” she said.

Ms. Vroom, who filed the complaint Nov. 6, declined to comment through her attorney.

The Temple Mount: In Whose Hands? The Reason Jews Can’t Pray at Judaism’s Holiest Site: Rabbi Meir Soloveichik

“What our ancestors refused to tolerate from their ancient oppressors,” Begin wrote, “even at the cost of their lives and freedom, is tolerated by the generation of Jews that describes itself as the last of oppression and the first of redemption.” He went on: A people that does not defend its holy places—that does not even try to defend them—is not free, however much it may babble about freedom. People that permit the most holy spot in their country and their most sacred feelings to be trampled underfoot are slaves in spirit.”

The irony went largely unnoticed. On October 29, an Israeli rabbi and tour guide was gravely wounded in an assassination attempt several steps away from the Menachem Begin Heritage Center in Jerusalem. On the entrance walls to that building, boldly emblazoned, are these stirring words by the man whose legacy the Center honors:

Not by the right of might have we returned to the land of our forefathers but by the might of right. . . . And therein, all of its inhabitants, the citizen as well as the resident, will live in freedom and justice, in solidarity and peace.

The victim of the attack has long advocated that both Jews and Muslims be allowed to pray, in freedom and peace, on the Temple Mount, a site sacred to both faiths and the locus of Jewish aspiration for millennia. In doing so, he has championed not might but right: in a Jewish state that serves as an island of liberty in the Middle East, why should Jews be the only citizens deprived of the right to pray at what is their faith’s holiest site?

Those who speak out on this matter have been labeled by some in the Israeli and Western media as “extremists” and inciters of violence. Meanwhile, the would-be assassin has been celebrated as a hero not only by Hamas, with which his family is connected, but also by the leader of the Palestinian Authority. Two days after the October 29 incident, Benjamin Netanyahu, prime minister of Israel, reaffirmed his support for what is known as the “status quo”—the arrangement according to which Jews are allowed to visit but forbidden to pray on the Temple Mount.

As the days pass and the situation in Jerusalem and elsewhere in Israel has become more volatile—and more violent—other government figures, including Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon, have reiterated that in today’s tense circumstances, Jews should refrain from visiting the Temple Mount. Yaalon’s concerns are understandably prudential. Still, as this latest chapter in a dispiriting story continues, it may be worth setting the issue of prayer on the Temple Mount in context.



District 16

Jim Costa (D) Incumbent

http://www.jimcosta.com/ http://costa.house.gov/

http://www.ontheissues.org/CA/Jim_Costa.htm **

HEALTHCARE http://costa.house.gov/index.php/issues15/strengthening-healthcare Support and Strengthen The Affordable Care Act- Provisions Listed



Our Valley is an energy rich region, supplying the state with power from oil, gas, and renewable sources like hydropower, biomass, wind, and solar. This vital sector of our economy is a job creator in our communities and a key player in reducing our nation’s dependence on foreign sources of energy.

For these reasons, I took the lead on this issue with a bipartisan group of legislators in the 112th Congress in introducing the Infrastructure Jobs and Energy Independence Act. Unlike the “cap and trade” bill which I opposed and voted against, this bill outlines a practical, responsible energy plan for America that would further develop domestic energy production of traditional oil and gas, provide a funding stream to clean up the environment and fully develop clean energy technologies. Supports KeystoneXL without limiting amendments.
Johnny Tacherra (R) Challenger

http://tacherraforcongress.com/ Farmer, businessman, second attempt – candidate ran for this office in 2012


HEALTHCARE Jim Costa must be held responsible for the failure of ObamaCare as the Congressman who cast the deciding vote against the wishes of the Central Valley’s residents. Poor planning and implementation of ObamaCare is costing millions of Americans their health insurance, raising rates and costing jobs.

IMMIGRATION I fully support policies that will keep families together and secure our border but amnesty for millions is not a solution and will cost trillions of dollars. There must be incremental reform that recognizes we are a beacon of freedom for people savaged by repression (Cambodia and Cuba come to mind), not just difficult economic circumstances. Blanket amnesty is a solution that will only create more problems on health care and social service costs, and punish those who have played by the rules and obeyed the law.

FARM BILL Congressman Jim Costa failed on ObamaCare and now you can add the farm bill to that. By playing Pelosi-partisan politics, Costa didn’t get the job done yet again. I support reducing the SNAP program expenditures and reducing what has become a huge bureaucracy at the USDA to get it back to what its mission should be: ensuring the future of our food supply and expanding our farm economy throughout the world by opening doors to new markets around the globe.