Call It What It Is: Islamic Terrorism by Christine Williams Despite these recent attacks on innocent civilians, excuses were made that blamed the victims and exonerated the perpetrators. A growing problem, the radicalization of Muslim youth, all too often gets brushed off as a Western problem: specifically, being racist toward Muslims, and making them feel alienated and angry . Canada’s Royal Canadian Mounted Police […]

Morocco Fatwa Demands Death Sentence For Christian Converts

RABAT,MOROCCO (BosNewsLife)– Christian converts in Morocco feared for their future Thursday, April 25, after the country’s highest Islamic institute issued a fatwa demanding the death penalty for Muslims who renounce their religion.

The Supreme Ulema Council of Morocco (CSO), a body of Islamic scholars headed by King Mohammed VI, said that Muslims who reject their faith “should be condemned to death.” CSO is the only institution entitled to issue ‘fatwas’, or religious decrees, in Morocco.

The ministry of Islamic affairs declined to comment on the issue.

The fatwa dates back to April 2012 when a legal report was prepared by the government, but it wasn’t published at the time, according to local media.

Mahjoub El Hiba, a senior human rights official in the Moroccan government, denied to reporters that the government received a fatwa on “apostasy” — the word used for abandoning Islam — as the Arabic-language daily Akhbar al-Youm had claimed.


German Jihadists: Officials Fear Return of Syrian War Veterans By Matthias Gebauer and Raniah Salloum German security officials believe that a number of Germans have teamed up with radical Islamists on the frontlines in Syria. What worries them most are the training and ties they’ve gained abroad — and whether they’ll continue the jihad once home. The trail of Ibrahim R. ran cold in March 2013. The young man […]


The best vaccine against Hepatitis B Virus. (Thanks to Israel21c) Although nearly all babies are vaccinated against HBV, the virus still kills 1.2 million people every year – mainly immune-suppressed, gluten intolerant and diabetics. Israeli biotech SciGen’s Sci-B-Vac is the only third-generation HBV vaccine, given to almost all Israelis and has reduced HBV deaths in Israel significantly. It will soon be available in most countries.

US funds Israeli university to research measles virus. Ben-Gurion University of the Negev has received a two-year UN National Institutes of Health grant to investigate why the measles virus persists in its target cells and establishes chronic infection, long after resolution of its acute phase.

Praise from World Health Org chief. World Health Organization director general Margaret Chan praised Israel’s national health infrastructure on her first visit to Israel. She said, “I’ve come here to learn from your excellent health system”. She also visited Gaza children at Tel Aviv’s Dana-Dwek Children’s Hospital.

Early cancer detection saves lives. Here is a report on the cancer-screening program conducted at Tel Aviv’s Sourasky Medical Center. Its Integrated Cancer Prevention Center program is considered to be unique in the World. In a few hours you get examined for early detection of at least 11 most common cancers.

Keeping your strength up. Israel’s Health Ministry has for the first time issued standards for food served in Israeli hospitals, aiming to guarantee that patients receive more wholesome and tastier meals. Changes include less salt, wholegrain bread, menu choice, low fat poultry and fish and dairy products with up to 5 percent fat.,7340,L-4349637,00.html

Medical cooperation with Maryland. The Governor of the US State of Maryland and the President of the University of Maryland, Baltimore visited the Hebrew University Hadassah School of Medicine in Jerusalem. They pledged increased collaboration in research and academia.

A nose test for schizophrenia. A Tel Aviv University team says they can diagnose the psychiatric disease of schizophrenia at an early stage. They take samples of nerve cells from the upper internal part of the nose and test for a specific molecule of micro-RNA that has high levels in schizophrenia patients. Previous tests could only be performed post-mortem on the brain.

THE FIRE BURNS: DANIEL GREENFIELD ON LAG BaOMER The circle of men whirls around the fire, hand in hand, hand catching hand, drawing in newcomers into the ring that races around and around in the growing darkness. A melody thumps through the speakers teetering unevenly with the bass, the sound is both old and new, a mix of the past and the […]

Royce: Time to Review Administration-Picked Review Board that Found No Benghazi Conspiracy Posted By Bridget Johnson The Obama administration has leaned on the findings of its handpicked Accountability Review Board for its go-to explanation of all things Benghazi. Lawmakers still delving into the consulate attack that killed four Americans say it’s time to review the ARB. Then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton convened the ARB to delve into the Sept. 11 […]

Which Ideology Can Lead Black Americans to Happiness and Wealth? Posted By Bruce Bawer Georgetown University professor Michael Eric Dyson appearing on MSNBC to equate the significance of the Boston bombers’ religion with their musical tastes: While some black studies professors are busy indoctrinating students in strident anticapitalism and racial supremacism, and other inhabitants of the Ebony Tower are preaching only some­what less extreme versions of the same […]


The Collapsing of the American Skull
The parameters in which we allow ourselves to think about vital issues shrink remorselessly.

One of the most ingenious and effective strategies of the Left on any number of topics is to frame the debate and co-opt the language so effectively that it becomes all but impossible even to discuss the subject honestly. Take the brothers Tsarnaev, the incendiary end of a Chechen family that in very short time has settled aunts, uncles, sisters, and more across the map of North America from Massachusetts to New Jersey to my own home town of Toronto. Maybe your town has a Tsarnaev, too: There seems to be no shortage of them, except, oddly, back in Chechnya. The Tsarnaevs’ mom, now relocated from Cambridge to Makhachkala in delightful Dagestan, told a press conference the other day that she regrets ever having gotten mixed up with those crazy Yanks: “I would prefer not to have lived in America,” she said.

Not, I’m sure, as much as the Richard family would have preferred it. Eight-year-old Martin was killed; his sister lost a leg; and his mother suffered serious brain injuries. What did the Richards and some 200 other families do to deserve having a great big hole blown in their lives? Well, according to the New York Times, they and you bear collective responsibility. Writing on the op-ed page, Marcello Suarez-Orozco, dean of the UCLA Graduate School of Education and Information Studies, and Carola Suarez-Orozco, a professor at the same institution, began their ruminations thus:

“The alleged involvement of two ethnic Chechen brothers in the deadly attack at the Boston Marathon last week should prompt Americans to reflect on whether we do an adequate job assimilating immigrants who arrive in the United States as children or teenagers.”

SCOTTISH HOTEL CANCELS JEWISH CHARITY EVENT AFTER THREATS FROM PRO-PALARABS Student from St Andrews University have reportedly been stopped from holding a charity event due to threats sent to the venue – the St Andrews Golf Hotel. Jewish students were due to hold a black tie Matzah Ball at the prestigious location with almost 100 expected to attend from around the UK. Money raised was […]


For now, the push for Obama’s gun control agenda ended on April 17th. Every measure in the bill, which wouldn’t have stopped the Newtown tragedy, was voted down; Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s amendment on assault weapons garnered a meager 40 votes.

With the president unable to convince the nation to back his proposals for more restrictions on our Second Amendment rights, can we safely say that his rhetorical skills are overrated? Let’s look at his track record concerning the use of his speech.

Back in 2011, George Will aptly noted the lack of persuasiveness in the president’s power of speech. The more the president talked about his health care reforms, the more they suffered in the opinion polls.

Obama campaigned against Chris Christie in 2009. He’s now governor. During the same period, he tried to stop Bob McDonnell’s gubernatorial ambitions in Virginia. He was elected governor too. He tried to stop Scott Brown from filling the late Sen. Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat in Massachusetts. Brown was elected in the special election.

He went out to support congressional Democrats in 2010. His party ended up suffering a “shellacking,” with Democratic losses almost rivaling that of the 1938 midterms. Lastly, Obama went to Copenhagen at the outset of his presidency to lobby Chicago as the next venue for the 2016 Olympics. In the first round, the International Olympic Committee rejected the city.

Recently, Will mentioned that President Obama has spent the most critical moments of his second term pressing gun control. Almost inevitably, he lost. With the Newtown tragedy, it touched the hearts and minds of every mother, father, and grandparent in the country. 20 schoolchildren had died. How could the president not be successful in pushing for more gun control?