IN PETRAEUSTAN THE TALIBAN STARTS A SPRING OFFENSIVE: 12 YEAR OLD SUICIDE BOMBER KILLS SIX Six killed in Afghanistan attacks on first day of Taliban offensive (CNN) — A 12-year-old suicide bomber killed three other people, including a district council head, and armed attackers shot to death two police officers Sunday, the first day of a Taliban spring offensive. The attacks followed a Taliban declaration Saturday that its spring […]


What Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy’s tax hike plan tells us about liberal governance. The ‘Anti-Christie’ That’s how Connecticut’s Democratic Governor Dannel Malloy describes himself in contrast to New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, and we’d have to say he’s right. Nutmeg State residents will pay for the appellation. Whereas Mr. Christie has vetoed tax increases, cut […]


Click here: President Obama’s Mushy Announcment That Osama Bin Laden Is Dead (Updates within) – Maggie’s Farm President Obama’s Mushy Announcment That Osama Bin Laden Is Dead (Updates within) President Obama takes over all the TV networks and other media to tell us that Osama bin Laden is confirmed dead. Osama bin Laden is reported […]

A PRE DEATH OBIT FOR CHRISTOPHER HITCHENS…..WHO NEEDS ENEMIES? This remarkably gristly piece of meat cooked to toughest inedibility and served up in the Guardian on a chipped and discolored stoneware dish by Martin Amis on the subject of his dear dying friend Christopher Hitchens—so tight are they, in fact, that Mr. Amis has packed up his family and moved from England to […]


Worse Than Jimmy Carter  “Every country is different, and every situation is different.” That is the kind of deep foreign policy mystery some of us might not have puzzled out on our own but for the little tutorial delivered by the president’s press secretary this afternoon on the mowing down of demonstrators across Syria, […]

PROTESTERS IN LIBYA DISPLAY RACIST AND ANTI-SEMITIC CARTOONS….SEE NOTE PLEASE AND SEE THE CARTOONS ‘Funny’ Anti-Gaddafi Cartoons Reveal Rebel Racism, Anti-Semitism Gaddafi’s eastern Libyan opponents have been flouting their prejudice in full view of the world’s media with little to no response. WHY OH WHY IS ANYONE STILL SURPRISED ?…THERE IS A LEGACY OF VIRAL ANTI-SEMITISM IN THE ARAB/MOSLEM WORLD SINCE THE TIME OF THE PROPHET….IT IS ALL […]

CLAUDIA ROSETT: WHAT WAS JIMMY CARTER’S MYSTERY GIFT FOR NORTH KOREA’S “DEAR LEADER”??? Way back in 1991, when I availed myself of a chance to visit North Korea, the stridently guided tour included a look at gifts given by visiting delegations to the Kim regime — displayed as the trophies the North Korean government evidently perceived them to be. Since then, the American portion of the collection […]

DEARBORN MICHIGAN…AMERICA’S FIRST SHARIA COMPLIANT ENCLAVE Dearborn, Michigan: America’s First Sharia-Compliant Muslim Enclave? Andrew G. Bostom Yesterday, (4/29/11) a Muslim mob of 50, disturbingly reminiscent of their co-religionists across a vast swath of official Islamdom,  breached the security cordon at the City Hall in Dearborn, Michigan separating them from their speechifying nemesis, Pastor Terry Jones, …breaking a barricade, throwing water […]

MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD IS ON A ROLL….NOW ABETTING PROTESTERS IN SYRIA The banned Muslim Brotherhood has called on Syrians to take to the streets to protest against the regime ahead of Friday prayers. The declaration is the first time that the Brotherhood, whose leadership is in exile, have called directly for demonstrations since pro-democracy demonstrations against President Bashar al Assad’s autocratic rule erupted six weeks […]

800 INMATES ESCAPE FROM TUNISIAN PRISONS…SEE NOTE PLEASE GEEZ….TUNISIA IS THE POSTER COUNTRY FOR WESTERN DOPES STILL HAILING THE ARAB SPRING…..RSK Protesters chanted “God is Great,” and carried banners including one reading “We do not pardon those who insult the prophet.” TUNIS, Tunisia (AP) – More than 800 inmates escaped on Friday from two Tunisian prisons after fires were set in cells, […]