VICTOR DAVIS HANSON:PICK YOUR SCANDAL **** All can agree that the Obama administration is mired in myriads of scandals, but as yet no one can quite figure out what they all mean and where they will lead. Benghazi differs from all the other scandals — and from both Watergate and Iran-Contra — because in this case administration lapses led to […]


  Home Prices at gas pumps are at some of the highest levels ever and rising. Americans want answers. In particular they want the names and numbers of those to blame. To answer that question perhaps they should simply consult the phone book or look in the mirror. Because the main culprits in the rising […]

TV Reporter Who Was Fired for Alleging Possible IRS Targeting Speaks Out: ‘I Wouldn’t Do That to My Worst Enemy’: Billy Hallowell Last month, we told you about Larry Conners, a veteran St. Louis reporter who was fired after he alleged that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) may have unfairly targeted him following an interview he did with President Barack Obama. Now, weeks later and after much silence, Conners is opening up about the odd purported […]

Ethanol Use Creates a Spike in Global Food Prices

At the turn of the 21st century, biofuels appeared to be a solution to mounting concerns over greenhouse gas emissions, climate change, skyrocketing fuel prices and dependence on foreign energy. When Congress passed the Energy Policy Act (EP Act) in 2005 with a renewable fuel standard (RFS) provision mandating that producers add ethanol to gasoline, it is unlikely that lawmakers thought the act would increase hunger and social unrest in the world’s poorest countries. However, unintended consequences frequently accompany even the most well-intentioned policies, says Sherzod Abdukadirov, a research fellow with the Mercatus Center.

The EP Act simply ramped up the already increasing use of ethanol as a fuel additive with the hope of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
The law’s proponents expected higher ethanol use to offset rising oil prices by filling at least some of the domestic demand for fuel.
Further, because most ethanol in the United States comes from domestically produced corn, policy advocates hoped the act would make the country less dependent on imported oil. As an added bonus, the policy would benefit U.S. farmers.

At the time, the policy seemed perfect. As the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) implemented the policy and further increased its production in 2007, scholars and environmentalists began to question its environmental and energy benefits. Beyond ethanol’s questionable viability as a fuel, the negative environmental impacts of corn production undermine ethanol’s benefits. Scholars and environmentalists claim that ethanol production leads to air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, offsetting some of the environmental gains from its use as a fuel.


FROM AN E-PAL…..STEVE STEIN I know that many of you are not football fans or rather familiar with the game played with a pointy ball and men in suits of armour.  But the UEFA football championships are of immense interest to much of the world. That Israel hosts the Under 21competition is a great success […]

The Obama Doctrine — on The Chandler Gang

American patriot and intellectual Michael Chandler fills in for Jamie Glazov as host of the best talk show in America and produces a stellar episode!

A Must See! Don’t miss it!!

U.S. Sovereignty Under Siege — on The Chandler Gang
Larry Greenfield, Dwight Schultz and Lloyd Romeo unveil the forces waging war on American freedom and autonomy.

STEVE PLAUT…AND THE KILLER IN THE TEL AVIV GAY LOUNGE WAS…… It is now almost exactly four years since the murderous attack on the homosexual recreational center in Tel Aviv.   In August of 2009, a man with a gun entered the “Bar Ha-Noar” (the “Youth Bar”), a Tel Aviv gay lounge, murdered two and wounded others.  Then he escaped. The reaction of the media and […]

WES PRUDEN: WOULD THE GOVERNMENT LIE TO YOU? Trust us. Would your government – and the private contractors your government hires to do the work – do anything bad? Snooping into the intimate details of the lives of everyone is not nice. Besides, it could be worse, and that’s all the proof anyone needs to see that it’s not really bad at […]

Why Does the New York Times So Hate Missile Defense? by Peter Huessy Recent news is that both North Korea and Pakistan have sought help in developing EMP weapons; Iran has launched its missile tests in an EMP mode. The U.S. could, for a small additional expense, protect the country from EMP and nuclear threats through the production of short and medium defense radars and interceptors, now […]

The Power and the Power Wielders By Andrew C. McCarthy In the latest NSA surveillance controversies, there are two major, inseparable issues: (a) Is the awesome power to collect information essential for national security in light of our current threat environment, and (b) even if it is, should we trust the government to wield this power both lawfully and prudently? The problem national security […]