MOSHE DANN: THE ARAB “REFUGEE” SWINDLE,7340,L-4081706,00.html Op-ed: Palestinian refugees’ unique status stems from political rather than humanitarian motives Moshe Dann Of the estimated hundreds of millions of people who were considered refugees after World War II, with minor exceptions, only one group remains designated and cared for as refugees: Arabs who were expelled and/or left Palestine/Israel during the 1948-9 conflict. […]

WES PRUDEN: REFUGE IN THE AGE OF THERAPY You’ve got to admire the savvy of Anthony Weiner, if not the weenie himself. Not for his photographic skills, but for his insights into the national psyche. Taking leave of the House and entering “rehabilitation,” whatever that may mean, he skillfully takes refuge in the pretensions of the Therapeutic Society. Who among us, certainly […]

ALAN CARUBA: NO SHORT TERM MIDDLE EAST SOLUTIONS A problem with which American administrations have grappled since the days of Thomas Jefferson’s presidency has been Arabs and the Middle East. The Marine anthem mentions “the shores of Tripoli” because, in 1801, Jefferson sent them to there to put down the Barbary pirates. One of the best books on this subject is “Power, […]

The Choice Is Ours: What will it be? Victor Sharpe The Choice Is Ours: What will it be? Victor Sharpe A timeless paean for peace, written millennia ago by the biblical Jewish prophet Isaiah, appears ironically on the entrance wall of the building in New York City housing that most unholy, immoral and unjust organization: the United Nations. The delegates from every part of […]

Damascus, the Double Standard Gadi Adelman

Damascus, the Double Standard Gadi Adelman President Obama gave a speech on the afternoon of March 19, during his trip to Brazil. He announced that he had “authorized the Armed Forces of the United States to begin a limited military action in Libya in support of an international effort to protect Libyan civilians.” He […]


* VIDEOS * TODAY’S HOT PICKS * 1. Video: FSM Contributor Frank Gaffney: 81% of US Mosques promote Jihad 2. Video: TSA Suspends 12 Agents, Plans to Fire 36 For Improperly Screening Bags 3. ‘A Down’s Syndrome baby will expand your world': How Sarah Palin (R) imagined God talking to her in extraordinary and […]

OBAMA’S JEWISH SUPPORTERS: LEE DE COVNICK Obama and his Jewish supporters Lee DeCovnick Discussing the Obama’s Administrations deceitful, deceptive, dishonest, double- dealing duplicitous betrayal of Israel with my Jewish friends has become increasingly hazardous to our friendships.  After we dogfight over the “real significance” of Obama’s “’67 lines” speech, and the geographic minutia of the defensible borders, I drop the […]


Defenders of the Weiner  Ben Shapiro URL to article: Our short national nightmare is over.  It is, indeed, Anthony Weiner’s organ.  And the world can rest safe at night knowing that it will remain ensconced in a pair of gray Fruit of the Looms for the foreseeable future.  Now, in fact, Weiner is supposedly […]


Landslide Islamist Victory in Turkey Posted By Ryan Mauro URL to article: Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan and his Islamist Justice and Development Party (AKP) won a landslide victory in Sunday’s elections. The Islamists won half of the vote, leaving them short of the two-thirds majority they sought in the parliament, which would have allowed […]

DONALD LUSKIN: PAUL KRUGMAN, PROPHET OF SOCIALISM….EVEN CHRISTIANE AMANPOUR CRINGED Christiane Amanpour’s eyes darted back and forth in fear, and her mouth twisted in disgust, because she could see where this was going. A guest on her Sunday-morning political talk show, ABC’s This Week, was getting dangerously overexcited, and something very regrettable was about to happen. She could see that he was winding himself […]