America’s Epidemic of Black Mob Violence — on The Glazov Gang

This week’s Glazov Gang was joined by Colin Flaherty, the author of White Girl Bleed a Lot: The Return of Racial Violence and How the Media Ignore It.

Colin discussed the epidemic of black mob violence all over the country and the media’s cover-up.

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Don’t miss the Glazov Gang’s second episode this week, featuring Raymond Ibrahim, the Freedom Center’s Shillman Fellow and the author of the new book, ”Crucified Again: Exposing Islam’s New War on Christians.”

Raymond shed light on Obama’s Enabling of Islam’s War on Christians. The discussion occurred within the context of a larger dialogue about Islam’s new war on Christians, the Brotherhood’s Church-burning sprees, its rape gangs, and Egyptians’ anger at Obama.

Raymond also discussed the hypocrisy of Obama’s call for war against Assad, the Syrian rebels’ plans to annihilate Syria’s Christians, and the media’s cover-up of the whole Islamic war against Christians.

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“One of the Worst Statements by An American President in History”; Israeli Cabinet Blasts Obama’s UN Speech: Daniel Greenfield

The politicians were particularly outraged by Obama’s statement that Israel’s security as a Jewish and democratic state depends on the realization of a Palestinian state.

“That is one of the worst statements by an American president in history,” said Transportation Minister Israel Katz, who heads the Likud’s governing secretariat. “Israel’s existence does not depend on anything, especially not the Palestinians. The US helps Israel, but we have always known to defend ourselves with our own force. We desire peace, but we will not take unnecessary risks and we will not accept any solution that endangers our existence.”

Deputy Defense Minister Danny Danon called upon Netanyahu to resist pressure from Obama on the Palestinian issue, which he said he expects will only increase with time.

“At a time when steely resolve is needed in dealing with the Iranian nuclear issue, we are instead hearing of premature concessions,” Danon said. “If this is the new policy of the US administration, then our government must remain vigilant and ready for the possibility of huge American pressure in the current talks with the Palestinians.”

It’s not even a new policy. It’s the same old policy. Except now Iran smells weakness and has decided to play a little with Obama.


This week, on Sunday, September 29, 2013 in Los Angeles, the American Freedom Alliance will host yet another of its excellent international conferences — this time focusing on the 20th anniversary of the Oslo Accords.Today, we interview the conference‘s organizer Avi Davis, to discuss the purpose of the conference and its focus.

FP: Avi Davis, welcome to Frontpage Interview.

The Oslo Peace Accords, signed 20 years ago this month, have been regarded as a great diplomatic failure. Share with us the importance of revisiting them.

Davis: Thanks Jamie.

I believe there are tremendous lessons that can be learned from the Accords’ failure, not just for the Israelis, but for the West in general, particularly in light of the turbulence in the Arab world today.

For instance, the assumption that every Arab government longs for peace and prosperity, a conceit at the heart of the Oslo Accords, should be dispatched as the nonsense it is. Yasser Arafat proved that he had no interest in the kind of peace envisaged for him by his Western interlocutors – and that is a lesson that can be readily applied to many other Arab leaders today.

FP: You have a very esteemed group of panelists offered at this conference – from Bret Stephens , who recently won the Pulitzer Prize for journalism, to renowned Middle East commentator Daniel Pipes, to former State Department official Aaron David Miller, among 20 other speakers and panelists.

What will the emphasis of these speakers be?

Davis: Well, we have titled the conference Oslo@20: Cost and Consequences of the Peace Process and I expect that each one of the speakers will provide his own unique response to the question of the meaning of the Oslo Accords for both Middle East and world history.

There are indeed some unique perspectives. For instance, we also have at this conference two individuals who lived in the Palestinian territories for a good part of their early lives, – Nonie Darwish and Walid Shoebat. They will give their perspectives on their birth place, both pre-Arafat and post-Arafat and the impact that the Accords had on their individual lives and the lives of their families.

FP: The conference does seem a little weighted in the direction of those who initially thought the Oslo Accords were a bad idea or within a short time became vigorous opponents. Can you explain the choice of speakers and panelists?


Sen. Ted Cruz’s talking filibuster against Obamacare has helped to draw attention to the endless problems the program’s implementation is causing in society.

The 21 hour, 19 minute-long speech by Cruz, the junior Republican senator from Texas, that ended midday yesterday, served as a highly informative infomercial that detailed how the incipient entitlement program is boosting health insurance premiums, unemployment, and misery across the nation.

No one seems to think Obamacare is ready for prime time, except perhaps for the Obama administration and Democratic Party officials. An ABC/Washington Post poll shows 9 of 10 Americans don’t believe that the federal government, their state governments, and the health insurance industry are fully prepared to implement Obamacare. It is worth noting that in 16 ABC/Post polls since August 2009 Obamacare has never received majority support.

Moreover, six in 10 Americans (60%) now believe the federal government already has too much power, according to Gallup polls. Only 7 percent of Americans –that’s roughly one out of 14– believe the government doesn’t have enough power.

Yet President Obama sides with the statists who comprise the 7 percent.

This is the same President Obama who promised voters, “If you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor. Period. If you like your health care plan, you will be able to keep your health care plan. Period. No one will take it away. No matter what.”

Columnist and bestselling author Michelle Malkin laments that Obamacare has caused her family to get booted out of its health insurance plan.

KAREN McQUILLAN: TED CRUZ REVEALS THAT REPUBLICAN ESTABLISHMENT DESPISES ITS OWN BASE The Revolutionary War was a rebellion against Britain, but it first required a battle between Tories and Patriots.  Ted Cruz is fighting for the honor of leading the conservative movement.  The main goal is to give the American people a voice, defeat the Democrat Party, and take over Congress and the White House, so […]

A Big Step in the Fight Against Superbugs Our Study Zeroed in on an Effective Way to Prevent Deadly MRSA Infections in Hospitals. JONATHAN B. PERLIN And RICHARD PLATT

In the U.S. and abroad, humans are at risk of increasingly weak antibiotics and increasingly strong superbugs. Before the discovery of penicillin in the early 20th century, a significant portion of people unlucky enough to contract a bacterial infection died. With increasing antibiotic resistance, we risk a post-antibiotic era every bit as frightening.

A report out this month from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention highlights multidrug-resistant bacteria as one of the world’s most serious and pressing health threats. “Antibiotic Resistance Threats in the United States, 2013” notes that drug resistance is often the result of poor stewardship, defined as the lack of careful use of antibiotics in humans and animals.

When antibiotics are used unnecessarily or inappropriately, we kill the most susceptible organisms and, in their void, create a more favorable environment for the selection of more-resistant bacteria. This has resulted in a scary alphabet soup of superbugs, including C. diff, CRE, MRSA, multidrug-resistant TB, and VRE, that can be deadly to those with suppressed immune systems and are threatening even the healthiest patients.

The CDC’s strategies to address resistance include tracking resistant bacteria, improving uses of antibiotics, and developing new antibiotics and diagnostic tests for resistant bacteria. But success also means reducing the overuse of antibiotics and requires a commitment from more than health professionals. Patients need to change their expectations for receiving an antibiotic when an illness is likely viral—in which case it will never respond to an antibiotic—or self-limited, like a cold that will go away on its own. Doctors need to feel supported by patients, not pressured, when they exhibit prudent stewardship in prescribing only those medicines that will be effective.

Preventing infection is another critical piece of the CDC’s national strategy, and we still have a lot to learn on that front. That is why Hospital Corporation of America, in partnership with researchers from the CDC, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Institute and Harvard Medical School, University of California Irvine School of Medicine, Rush Medical College and Washington University, recently conducted a study known as Reduce MRSA (short for the Randomized Evaluation of Decolonization Versus Universal Clearance to Eliminate MRSA).

Holocaust Denial in Translation What Iran’s President Really Told CNN About Nazis and the Jews. WSJ

Reasonableness at last. That was the general reaction Wednesday to the news that Iranian President Hassan Rouhani appeared to acknowledge and condemn the Holocaust during an interview this week with CNN’s Christiane Amanpour. Previous President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad had rarely missed an opportunity to call the Nazi genocide of six million Jews a “myth.” But Mr. Rouhani has adopted a more tempered tone, and the world longs to see him as someone with whom “we can do business together,” as Margaret Thatcher once said about Mikhail Gorbachev.

One problem: The words attributed to Mr. Rouhani are not what he said.

According to CNN’s translation of Mr. Rouhani’s remarks, the Iranian President insisted that “whatever criminality they [the Nazis] committed against the Jews, we condemn.” Yet as Iran’s semi-official news agency Fars pointed out, Mr. Rouhani never uttered anything approximating those words. Nor, contrary to the CNN version, did he utter the word “Holocaust.” Instead, he spoke about “historical events.” Our independent translation of Mr. Rouhani’s comments confirms that Fars, not CNN, got the Farsi right.

So what did Mr. Rouhani really say? After offering a vague indictment of “the crime committed by the Nazis both against the Jews and the non-Jews,” he insisted that “I am not a history scholar,” and that “the aspects that you talk about, clarification of these aspects is a duty of the historians and researchers.”

ACTOR SAMUEL JACKSON SOUNDS OFF AGAINST OBAMA “‘Stop Trying To Relate, Be F–king Presidential’

(The actor’s use of the f-word is not out of anger. He has said that using the term “motherf**kers” helped stop his stutter.) HUH???? RSK

Samuel L. Jackson did not mince words when he said President Obama needs to “stop trying to ‘relate'” and “be f–king presidential.”

The 64-year-old recently gave a candid interview to Playboy’s Stephen Rebello. The discussion opened with talk of his new flick with Spike Lee, “Oldboy,” and then turned to talk of linguistic errors in society today. Jackson told an anecdote about how, when he was younger, he always made sure to address his elders properly. Nowadays, he sees people on Twitter who don’t even know the difference between “your” and “you’re.” (To which the actor asked: “How the f–k did we become a society where mediocrity is acceptable?”)

Rebello raised the point that even highly educated people, including Barack Obama, consciously drop g’s from words in order to sound more like the average Joe.

“First of all, we know it ain’t because of his blackness, so I say stop trying to ‘relate,'” Jackson replied while chatting with the men’s magazine in West Hollywood. “Be a leader. Be f–king presidential. Look, I grew up in a society where I could say ‘It ain’t’ or ‘What it be’ to my friends. But when I’m out presenting myself to the world as me, who graduated from college, who had family who cared about me, who has a well-read background, I f–king conjugate.”

He then addressed comments he made last year to Ebony magazine, saying he hopes “Obama gets scary in the next four years.” Alas, he doesn’t think much has changed since then, due to the political deadlock in Washington.

“He got a little heated about the kids getting killed in Newtown and about the gun law,” he told Playboy. “He’s still a safe dude. But with those Republicans, we’re now in a situation where even if he said, ‘I want to give you motherf–kers a raise,’

ANNE BAYEFSKY: ROUHANI GIVES OBAMA COVER TO DELAY, DELAY, DELAY President Obama’s standing on the world stage took another nosedive Wednesday at the UN General Assembly. According to White House officials, the president of the world’s leading democracy was prepared to shake hands with the president of the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism – and the terrorist turned the democrat down. The […]


In mounting their case against Senators Ted Cruz, House conservatives, and the grass-roots campaign to defund Obamacare, the Republican establishment and its like-minded scribes pound an oft-repeated talking point into conventional wisdom: Cruz cannot win.

In this telling, the senator has recklessly embarked on a populist campaign that taps into public anger over Obamacare but has no winning endgame. The Beltway clerisy elaborates that Cruz and his defunding partner, Senator Mike Lee, have failed to account for the Democratic majority and procedural rules that control the Senate. These purportedly immovable obstacles guarantee that the defunding measure they spurred the House to pass cannot be enacted into law. Therefore, conventional wisdom now holds, the only outcomes Cruz & Co. can hope for are (a) an ignominious, demoralizing defeat that will strengthen President Obama’s hand or (b) a stalemate between the House, on the one hand, and the Senate and Obama, on the other — a stalemate that will result in a government shutdown that, in turn, will grievously harm Republican electoral prospects.

There is a good deal wrong with this analysis. I’ve already described some of it in a recent post, and there will be more to say on it. But I want to explore a different topic that the establishment potshots at Cruz, Lee and House conservatives have obscured:

What is the GOP establishment’s strategy for undoing Obamacare?