Israel vs. Hamas — on The Glazov Gang
by Jamie Glazov
Bill Whittle, Tommi Trudeau and Leon Weinstein shed light on the path Israel now has no choice but to take.


I am ashamed that my country could vote for the PLO, an organization of murderers and Holocaust deniers, that tortures inmates in prison and more.

At the United Nations we are witnessing the creation ex nihilo of a foreign country, which never existed, and accepting the claims of the “Palestinian Arabs”, by giving them the land whose memory kept the Jews together as a people and brought them back to Jerusalem after the Holocaust.

The Western community at the United Nations, including my miserable Italy, just adopted the Nazis’ strateg. Cunning in wickedness, the Germans dangled before their victims the possibility of saving themselves at the expense of other Jews.

In this case, the Jews to be sacrified are all of those living in Judea and Samaria, but ultimately it is the entire State of Israel, since a Palestinian State would only arise upon the fall of Israel.

I am ashamed that my country will vote for the first step towards officially prohibiting Jews or any other faith from living in a certain area, the first since Nazi Germany, which sought a country that was “jüdenrein”, or cleansed of Jews.

I am ashamed that my country will vote for those who plan to take down Theodor Herzl’s picture from the wall of the Knesset, remove the seven-branched candelabra which is the expression of Am Yisrael, abolish the Chief Rabbinate and turn the name of the state into Falastin.

I am ashamed that my country will vote for the PLO, an organization of murderers and Holocaust deniers now officially dedicated to the mass deportation of Israel’s Jews.


“First, to the best of my knowledge, there has been no “alarming reduction in all marine life.” None of my colleagues are aware of it.”

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Our energy and environment deserve better – in South Africa and Qatar

A few weeks ago, perhaps as a prologue to the “global warming disaster” convention in Doha, Qatar, South Africa’s Department of Environment Affairs took out a full-page advertisement in our country’s newspapers, promoting National Marine Week.

The ad showed a map of the Antarctic continent, from above the pole, surrounded by the vast blue Southern Ocean. It also promoted South Africa’s new Antarctic research vessel, SA Agulhas II.

The advertisement’s text mentioned the massive Antarctic Circumpolar Current, which is responsible for distributing vital nutrients to the world’s oceans. It noted that the truly massive quantities of phytoplankton found in the ocean are vital marine building blocks in ocean processes. All that is true, and I certainly applaud efforts to protect the environment and promote National Marine Week and our country’s research efforts.

But then, sadly, the ad’s discussion of physics content went off the rails. Referring to phytoplankton, it said “these microscopic creatures also use carbon to create energy.” Wrong!

The most basic law of thermodynamics says energy is neither created nor destroyed, but merely converted from one form to another. The only way to “create” energy is via a nuclear process, whereby matter is converted to energy in a nuclear reaction, as Einstein famously postulated over a century ago. Nuclear processes operate outside the laws of thermodynamics, but there is certainly no nuclear process going on in phytoplankton.

I could have lived with that slip up in the physics. But it got worse – much worse. The ad went on to blame global warming for upsetting the phytoplankton. In a declaration straight out of Alice in Wonderland, it asserted: “The increase in surface temperature over Antarctica from climate change is having a catastrophic knock-on effect, depleting phytoplankton stocks, melting the Antarctic ice sheet and causing an alarming reduction in all marine life.”

First, to the best of my knowledge, there has been no “alarming reduction in all marine life.” None of my colleagues are aware of it. Second, the surface temperature over Antarctica is not increasing.

NORMAN SIMMS: EYELESS IN GAZA….WHY ISRAEL ALWAYS LOSES THE PROPAGANDA WAR Tom Scott, one of the leading political cartoonists in New Zealand, well-known for his dislike of Israel and all it stands for, offered readers of our local newspapers a drawing of a scene of total urban devastation, in the midst of which he placed a sign reading “Peace!” The implication is, of course, that […]


Once the world has been made right forever and ever, and all capitalists, “right-wingers,” “conservatives,” Objectivists, Constitution obsessers, Jews, the ideologically unfaithful, gun-lovers, Bible-huggers, libertarians, separationists, and First and Second Amendment cultists – in short, all the philosophically crippled (or “differently abled”) have been vanquished and buried in ecologically-friendly mass graves in a potter’s field, the inheritors of the earth will be able to celebrate their triumph at the Greatest Carnival There Ever Was or Ever Will Be.*

After the Transportation Security Agency (affiliated now with the Benevolent Brotherhood of Government Employees) has patted you down, groped you, x-rayed you, scanned your brain, and given you a clean bill of ideological health by the resident proctologist, and after your palm has been implanted (painlessly) with a microchip that will track your comings and goings on the Midway (as part of a customer satisfaction survey program), your clothes, purses, and carry-in tote bags will be returned to you after being screened for unauthorized items. You will then be admitted past the booby-trapped security booth to enjoy the many wonders of the New World Carnival.

(WARNING: All non-approved items found on the persons or in the clothing or otherwise in the possession of Carnival-goers, such as tobacco products, chewing gum, caffeine-related stimulants, brand-name medications, liquors of any kind, recording devices, vitamin supplements, nail clippers, plastic water bottles, hairspray, unapproved inflammatory literature, appetite suppressants, family photographs of questionable taste, mints, breath-savers, and etc., will be permanently confiscated by the TSA, and the names of their owners reported to Central Citizen Control [the CDC] for further monitoring and evaluation. See the recently revised Index of Prohibited Articles for a complete list of banned items.)

(ADVISORY: Cyclists’ helmets are provided at no cost to all Carnival-goers (unless you bring your own), and MUST BE WORN on the fairgrounds AT ALL TIMES. This is for your protection and that of your fellow citizens. Removal of a helmet for ANY reason will result in your eviction from the Carnival and a stiff penalty, and your name sent to the CDC. Muslims are exempted from this rule.)

An Irishman’s Splendid Pro-Israel & Pro-Jewish Speech (video)
Here’s Councillor Richard Humphreys (Labour) speaking on 25 November at a pro-Israel rally in Dublin. While by no means unsympatheti to the Palestinians, he calls for a more balanced approach in Ireland to the Middle East situation, and pays tribute not only to Israel but to the Jewish presence in Ireland.

Thank you, Councillor Humphreys! Thank you for reminding us that there’s another viewpoint in the Emerald Isle other than that of the horribly strident Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign.


Rice’s Real Benghazi Mission
Bill Siegel is the author of The Control Factor published by Hamilton Books.
Five days after the terrorist attack that killed Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans at our “mission” (falsely called a “consulate”) in Benghazi, Libya, Susan Rice, US Ambassador to the UN, appeared on five national Sunday morning shows and repeated the fiction that an anti-Islam video inspired what she called a “spontaneous attack.” Recently, she blamed the intelligence community for providing her with invalid talking points when “there was no protest or demonstration in Benghazi.” Blaming the video has been described as a “cover-up” of the fact that terrorism and al-Qaeda are very much alive, contrary to President Obama’s campaign posture. Rice also has been attacked for being the “wrong person” to defend the White House response. The current criticism of her from key Senators such as John McCain, Lindsay Graham, Kelly Ayotte and others in and out of government focuses on whether she deliberately lied to the American people and whether that disqualifies her to succeed Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State. While that criticism is legitimate, it misses the central point.

Put aside that an Obama compliant press is failing to examine other reasons for a cover-up such as reports that Stevens was in Benghazi to oversee a gun-running operation with al Qaeda linked terrorists both in Libya as well as Syria. Never to let a good crisis to go to waste, blaming the video was not a random press release dumped on Rice to mouth out loud. It not only shifted responsibility for the murders away from terrorists; it encapsulates a critical aspect of the ideology that Rice, along with Clinton, have been advancing at the UN. If the public battle over Rice centers on her presumed irresponsible use of information obtained from intelligence sources, she will win. Failure to grasp what an ideologue Rice has been will make a mockery of any Senate confirmation hearings to be held.

Rice was precisely the right person for the task. She has been a strong advocate for UN Human Rights Council Resolution 16/18 which was co-sponsored in 2011 by none other than Clinton. Entitled “Combating intolerance, negative stereotyping and stigmatization of, and discrimination, incitement to violence, and violence against persons based on religion or belief,” it is the latest iteration of long term efforts by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, the largest Islamic body in the world and largest–if not controlling–voting bloc in the UN General Assembly toward criminalizing any speech that is critical of Islam or the Prophet Mohammad. As seen throughout the Islamic world, forbidding such criticism through blasphemy laws and otherwise is fundamental to establishing and maintaining Islamic control. This aspect of the OIC’s 2005 Ten Year Program of Action is also fully consistent with the Muslim Brotherhood’s “Civilization Jihad” for transforming the US from within. The Brotherhood, through purported hundreds of meetings in and outside of the White House, has had a profound impact on the Obama administration’s policies.

War on Women: Afghan Savages Behead 15-year-Old Girl After She Turns Down Marriage Proposal

Sandra Fluke was unavailable for comment.

A teenage girl was beheaded by a relative in northern Afghanistan after she turned down his marriage proposals, according to reports.

The victim, named as Gisa, was decapitated with a knife in the Imam Sahib district of Kunduz province on Tuesday, local police said. She is believed to be around 15-years-old.

A police spokesman said two men, named as Sadeq and Massoud, had been arrested following the teenage girl’s murder.

The two men are understood to be close relatives of the victim that live in the same village.

Local police sources have said the men behind the attack wanted to marry the girl, but their advances had been turned down by victim’s father.

Gisa is understood to have been attacked as she returned to her home in Kulkul village after going out to collect water from a nearby well.

Well, at least she’ll save on costly birth control.


Palestinian Islamic Jihad Leader Promises “Savage Round” of Fighting by John Rossomando • Nov 29, 2012 at 5:04 pm A leader of the third-largest Palestinian faction told the Egyptian newspaper El-Balad Thursday that the truce with Israel will be brief and that Palestinians are braced for a “more savage and bloody round” of fighting […]

Kosovo PM Thaci Owns A Harem With Female Slaves, Traffics Drugs and Organs, According To Reports Kosovo’s Prime Minister Hashim Thaci is facing a wide range of criminal allegations, including owning a harem with 52 female sex slaves, drug trafficking and the sale of human organs. The Prime Minister has been accused of criminal activity in several major European news sources; among them are Berlin-based daily Der Tagesspiegel, The Guardian, […]