MEXICO:US IMMIGRATION ENFORCEMENT AGENT KILLED AND ANOTHER INJURED IN DRIVE BY ATTACK 1 US immigration enforcement agent fatally shot, 1 is wounded in Mexico Attacked while driving by unknown gunmen  Jerry Seper One U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent assigned to an attache office in Mexico City was killed and a second agent wounded when shot Tuesday afternoon by unknown assailants while driving on a highway […]

NOTICE HOW AIDS IN AMERICA HAS BEEN TAMED? THANK BIG PHARMA NOT GOVERNMENT Capitalism Kills AIDS Posted 02/15/2011 07:00 PM ET Medicine: Has anyone noticed the 800-pound gorilla called AIDS hasn’t been in the room for years? It’s disappeared from the political radar because Big Bad Pharma tamed it. A new peer-reviewed medical report describes in detail how the pharmaceutical industry turned HIV-AIDS from a death sentence […]

A BUDGET COMPROMISE WILL ASSURE RE-ELECTION OF OBAMA,_but_a_compromise_might_save_him/print A Budget Deadlock Will Defeat Obama, But a Compromise Might Save Him By Dick Morris and Eileen McGann So what happens if the cuts proposed by House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan, R-Wis., and House Appropriations Committee Chairman Hal Rogers, R-Ky., prove unacceptable to the Senate and the president? What if there is no […]

MICHELLE MALKIN: THE FIRST LADY OF JUNK SCIENCE While her husband may have paid lip service to ending the abuse of science for “politics or ideology,” first lady Michelle Obama gave herself a super-sized waiver. Two of her showcase social engineering campaigns — tax preferences for breast-pumping working mothers and expanded nutrition labels — are based on distorting or dismissing the prevailing […]

LARA LOGAN, CBS REPORTER IN EGYPT WAS BRUTALLY ATTACKED BY FRENZIED MOB Many of the scenes broadcast from Egpyt in recent days have been joyful, but events took a horrific turn for CBS News correspondent Lara Logan on Feb. 11, the day that former president Hosni Mubarak resigned. CBS News has issued a statement saying on that day, Logan was physically and sexually assaulted by members […]


Report: Petraeus to be relieved of command in Afghanistan before end of year? « Hot Air Report: Petraeus to be relieved of command in Afghanistan before end of year? AllahPundit, Most of the story’s behind a firewall. All I can give you is this: General David Petraeus, the most celebrated American soldier of […]

MAJOR HASAN, “STAR OFFICER”….DOROTHY RABINOWITZ***** Every branch of the military issued a final report on the Fort Hood massacre. Not a single one mentioned radical Islam. In a month of momentous change, it was easy to overlook the significance of another revolutionary event. Who would have believed that in the space of a few weeks the leaders of the […]


THE DAMAGE OBAMA HAS DONE By DICK MORRIS & EILEEN MCGANN Published on The mainstream media does not cover the full extent of the damage the Obama Administration has inflicted on this country. Even FOX News often doesn’t have the time to go into sufficient depth to explain what is happening. From our friend […]

WESTERN GOVERNMENTS IGNORE AND WHITEWASH CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES OF KOSOVO POLITICIANS Solzhenitsyn once said, “When people renounce lies, they simply cease to exist. Like parasite, they can only survive when attached to a person.”  But what happens when the lies, the parasites, become the protective armor of such people? From the EU Observer (via Fjordman): EUOBSERVER / BRUSSELS – Western governments have known about the […]


Wanted: A Grand Strategy for America NIALL FERGUSON NEWSWEEK’s new columnist on Obama’s Egypt debacle and the vacuum it exposes. “The statesman can only wait and listen until he hears the footsteps of God resounding through events; then he must jump up and grasp the hem of His coat, that is all.” Thus Otto […]