“Releasing terrorists in return for continued peace negotiations with the Palestinians is bad enough; accepting another settlement freeze would amount to saying: we have no right to be here. ”

The release of unrepentant Jew-killers from Israeli prisons to keep the engine of the peace process running has left many, even those sympathetic with the Jewish presence in Judea and Samaria, angrily wondering why Prime Minister Netanyahu did not accept a settlement freeze instead. There is a good reason, even for those not generally sympathetic to the Jewish presence: unlike the other concessions, a settlement freeze implicitly concedes Israel’s chief negotiating positions before even sitting down at the table.

The first thing to say is that the position Israel was put in by Secretary of State John Kerry and the Palestinians was fundamentally unjust. Israel is forced to make sacrifices even for the “privilege” of participating in peace negotiations to whose ultimate goal is “painful sacrifices” by Israel. In Israel, politicians talk about paying “the price” for peace. Kerry has put a price on paying the price: a value-added tax on peace.

Moreover, if the occupation were so terrible (or real) one would think Abbas would be in a hurry to get to the bargaining table without any preliminaries. This suggests Abbas is not in such a hurry to get an “end of the occupation” so much as particular tactical wins. Moreover, the fact that a top priority for Abbas is the release of mass murders so they can be feted and remunerated shows that “peace” is not vaguely on the horizon, regardless of whether a Kerry diplomatic achievement is. If Bibi partied down with Jewish terrorist Baruch Goldstein, it would be the end of his career.

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There are so many persons of the year worthy of respect, admiration and support. In Israel the persons of the year are the Jewish residents of Hebron the biblical first capital of the Jewish people. In spite of hardship, danger, hostility from neighbors, a vile Western media, one sided “negotiations” and Israeli leftists…they remain and they persist. They continue that miraculous link between Abraham and Sarah that has made our survival as a people possible in spite of every effort to extinguish our faith. When David Wilder, the spokesmen for the Jewish community in Hebron speaks of his city, he does not cite the incoveniences and difficulties of daily life. He calls it a privilege to live there.

hebron-day-trip-10David Wilder at home in Hebron

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