GOOD FOR JAZZ PIANIST, AND WW 2 VETERAN DAVE BRUBECK….REMEMBERING KATYN Other than WikiLeaks, two notable events occurred over the weekend: Russia’s parliament issued a resolution taking responsibility for Stalin’s murder of 22,000 Polish officers in Katyn forest in 1940, and Dave Brubeck celebrated his 90th birthday in a set at the Blue Note jazz club in New York City. Permit us to connect the […]

ELLIOTT ABRAMS:DICTATORS, DEMOCRACIES AND WIKILEAKS By Elliott Abrams Why are diplomatic cables secret at all? It’s a fair question to ask as we assess the WikiLeaks disclosures and the damage they may do. Overall, there are very few surprises in these cables. Anyone who regularly reads this newspaper, follows congressional debates, or watches cable news will know that there […]

WES PRUDEN: ALL A TWITTER ABOUT NEWS OF THE OBVIOUS OPINION/ANALYSIS: That leaked cable traffic between U.S. embassies in the Middle East and the government in Washington, which has officials in a dozen capitals all atwitter, so far only confirms what everyone who reads newspapers already knows: There’s no shortage of dangerously pious nonsense. So far we’ve seen and heard nothing explode, except for […]

HILARIOUS THAT “ALMOST LOST” SENATOR MURRAY WILL HEAD DEMS 2010 SENATORIAL ELECTION COMMITTEE….IS THIS A DEATH WISH? Senate Democrats tabbed Sen. Patty Murray of Washington on Tuesday to head the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee and lead the party’s effort to win back lost seats heading into the 2012 elections. Ms. Murray, who won a close race Nov. 2 for a fourth term in the Senate, will succeed outgoing chairman New Jersey […]

DESPITE DENIALS BY CLINTON…SECRET TALKS WITH RUSSIA FOCUSED ON MISSILE DEFENSE Secret talks with Russia focused on missile defense Clinton, Gates denied on Hill By Bill Gertz The Obama administration, despite public denials, held secret talks with Russia aimed at reaching a ballistic missile defense agreement that Moscow ultimately rejected in May, according to an internal State Department report. Russian President Dmitry Medvedev walks in […]

VENEZUELA AND CUBA SHARE DEEP INVOLVEMENT Cuban intelligence agents have deep involvement in Venezuela, according to a 2006 US diplomatic cable released by Wikileaks. Wikileaks reveal US concerns on Cuba-Venezuela ties Hugo Chavez and Raul Castro are close allies Continue reading the main story Then-US Ambassador William Brownfield wrote that Cuban spies had “direct access” to President Hugo Chavez. Another […]

DENIS MACSHANE:FORMER UK M.P DENOUNCES BOYCOTT AGAINS ISRAEL….”KAUFT NICHT BEI JUDEN” ‘Kauft nicht bei Juden’ will worsen the conflict  By DENIS MACSHANE The call to boycott Jewish commerce is Europe’s oldest political appeal. Kauft nicht bei Juden – “Don’t buy from Jews” – is back. The call to boycott Jewish commerce is Europe’s oldest political appeal. Once again, as the tsunami of hate against Israel […]

JOHN BERNARD:CONTINUED SUBTERFUGE IN THE RANKS OF OUR AFGHAN “ALLIES” Afghanistan; Continued Subterfuge in the Ranks of our New ‘Allies’ Stratfor, The Washington Post and the Washington Times have all released stories detailing the few facts known in the deaths of another six (6) American Servicemen killed at the hands of their Afghan ‘students’. Although a complete picture of the killings won’t be known […]

CAN ISRAEL LIVE WITH A PALARAB STATE?…HELL NO!!!JONATHAN ROSENBLUM Israel requires full control of that airspace to protect against potential attack from the air. Gen. Udi Dekel reveals how at Camp David in 2000, Israeli negotiators raised the possibility of a civilian airplane being diverted to a suicide attack as a reason in favor of Israeli control of a unified airspace over the […]

GABRIEL SCHOENFELD: THE TSA IS KEEPING THE SKIES SAFE….ABSOLUTELY RIGHT! By Gabriel Schoenfeld Since 9/11, al Qaeda has not succeeded in launching another terrorist spectacular in the United States. But it has succeeded in provoking a spectacular debate about aviation security. Several weeks ago-and even earlier at some airports-the Transportation Security Agency (TSA) initiated full-body scans and enhanced pat-downs, including inspections of private parts, […]