Clinton Foundation Received Millions from Saudis, Qatar, Iran- Ryan Mauro In addition, a senior Muslim Brotherhood operative recently arrested in Egypt worked for years at the Clinton Foundation. The Clinton Foundation has also received millions of dollars from Saudi Arabia, Qatar and a foundation that is an Iranian regime front. The current Egyptian government, which was put in power after the military overthrew the […]

HARVEY MANSFIELD: WHO WAS MACHIAVELLI-His Philosophical Musings on Truth are Just as Important as his Work on Politics. Five hundred years ago, on December 10, 1513, Niccolò Machiavelli wrote a letter to a friend in Rome describing one day in his life as an exile from Florence and remarked casually that he had just completed writing The Prince. This momentous book, together with its companion, the Discourses on Livy, neither published until […]

ELLIOTT ABRAMS: THE GAZA TUNNELS-CEMENTING SUPPORT FOR HAMAS At the end of May 2010, Israel seized control of a ship called the Mavi Marmara as it approached Gaza. It intended to violate Israel’s blockade of Gaza, which is meant to stop weapons from reaching Hamas; the ships carried no humanitarian cargo. Israel stopped the ship, but the incident did Hamas some good: […]

Column One: Israel and the New Munich By Caroline Glick       The Iranians have given no indication that they would be willing to suspend all uranium enrichment.           Speaking to the Knesset’s Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee on Wednesday, Strategic Affairs Minister Yuval Steinitz explained Israel’s concerns about the nuclear negotiations with Iran in Geneva. “We’re worried Geneva […]

Reversing a Weak Defense by Peter Huessy At present the military is not being allocated enough money to carry out the tasks it is being asked to do by the realities of our security. “While the military will run to the sound of the guns, we may not be ready to go.” — General Martin Dempsey, Chairman of the U.S. Joint […]


While the price of tuition has been skyrocketing, jobs for new college graduates have become ever scarcer, with most starting annual salaries less than the amount each graduate owes (and many new graduates unable to land full-time work at all). I won’t barrage you with facts and figures, but here’s a sobering one: According to the Project on Student Debt, students from the class of 2011 who borrowed to gain their bachelor’s degrees — that’s two-thirds of graduates — emerged with an average of $26,600 in student-loan debt.

The good news is that there are more affordable options where, with the right guidance and a little initiative, a student can get a true education. The Intercollegiate Studies Institute scoured the country to find the best low-cost educational options in America. In the latest edition of our Choosing the Right College, we provide detailed guidance on how to get a good education at each of them.

Some Blue Collar Ivies we profile offer full-tuition scholarships to students, sometimes in return for full-time work on campus. They are worth a careful look. But because these colleges can afford to be extremely selective, and some have income restrictions on whom they admit, we also profile at least one public university in each of the 50 states. Paying in-state tuition, a student can attend at one-third or even one-fourth of what others would pay.

The advantage of such a cost savings is obvious. And there really are excellent opportunities at most state universities. In these profiles, we point you to honors programs at state schools that often are nearly as rigorous as the options at elite private colleges. Some public institutions even offer Great Books programs; we tell you which ones. We highlight options for honors housing, which lets serious students escape the zoo atmosphere that pervades too many state-college dorms. We also tell you about schools that have set up internship programs with local employers or enable science students to work closely with senior faculty in research.

Even outside these programs, the Blue Collar Ivies have many dedicated professors — frequently people whose own degrees come from the best schools in the country. Such teachers are often frustrated by the mediocrity and ideological pressure that prevails at state universities, and they uniformly report that they are delighted when eager, intellectually curious students seek them as mentors. You will find in every college profile some names of such professors.

While spotlighting outstanding programs at state universities, we also call attention to land mines you should avoid. We flag programs and departments that are directionless, underfunded, or flooded by radical activists (as many liberal-arts departments sadly are), and we try to steer students to the strong ones. The good news is that state universities are so big, there is almost always some worth­while path a proactive student can forge through the trackless forest. We find you that path, combing through each school’s catalogue to select a solid core curriculum of classes that will guarantee a basic liberal-arts education to any student, regardless of major.

JAMES TARANTO: THE PRO DISCRIMINATION LEFT Not everyone thinks white people have constitutional rights. The Declaration of Independence declared that “all men are created equal,” but the U.S. Constitution as originally ratified did not live up to that principle. By political necessity it permitted the continued enslavement of blacks and the attendant oppressive system of racial discrimination. Only after the […]

Reading Al Qaeda Terrorists Their “Rights” — on The Glazov Gang »
Daniel Greenfield explains why Obama shuts up captured jihadists before they spill their guts.

This week’s Glazov Gang was joined by Daniel Greenfield, the David Horowitz Freedom Center’s Shillman Fellow, who discussed Reading Al Qaeda Terrorists Their “Rights” ((starts at the 11:08 mark).

He also shed light on Obama’s Shutdown Strategy, The Administration’s Brotherhood Romance, The Huma Abedin-Anthony Weiner Saga, The Unholy Alliance, and much, much more:

BARACK OBAMA AND THE BAD IDEAS OF PROGRESSIVISM: BRUCE THORNTON Barack Obama’s serial gross incompetence has elicited all sorts of explanatory theories. He’s a closet socialist, an Alinskyite radical, a secret Muslim, or an anti-American internationalist. Though some of Obama’s words and deeds give support to all these speculations, I prefer a simpler explanation. Obama is a Progressive––not a vague “progressive,” the elastic moniker […]

DANIEL GREENFIELD: OBAMA’S TAX THUGS Recently Mortimer Caplin announced his retirement at the age of 96. Caplin may have been the only IRS chief to appear on the cover of Time Magazine back when he was targeting JFK’s political enemies with audits as part of Kennedy’s “Ideological Organizations Project.” “I remember that the president made a speech and I […]