Delayed renaissance for Jabotinsky’s legacy

In 2005, the Knesset established a law establishing the Hebrew date of Tammuz 29 (which this year coincides with July 7) as the date on which Israel would hold a range of events and ceremonies commemorating the life and work of Ze’ev Jabotinsky. This law clearly indicated a shift in attitude toward a man who is widely considered one of the fathers of the Zionist movement, and who was formerly condemned by his ideological dissidents. Now, however, Jabotinsky’s legacy is experiencing an overdue — though not too late — renaissance.

David Ben-Gurion, Israel’s first prime minister, implemented a fair share of Jabotinsky’s principles, though he did so unwittingly and to meet the challenges of the time. Due to the bitter political rivalry between the two, however, Ben-Gurion refused to honor Jabotinsky’s final wishes and bring him to Israel to be buried. It was another leader, Levi Eshkol, who, shortly after being appointed prime minister, honored Jabotinsky’s final wishes and signaled a marked shift in attitude towards political adversaries from the rival camp.

One cannot deny that for several decades Jabotinsky was deemed a fascist of sorts, a dictator, and at the very least a harmful political figure. Jabotinsky’s Russian name was Vladimir, and Ben-Gurion — most likely as a result of electoral and political demands — dubbed him “Vladimir Hitler.” An actual and comprehensive political debate was never held regarding the unique ideology that Jabotinsky delineated and tried to promote.

In recent years, however, Jabotinsky and his legacy have experienced an unprecedented revival, surprisingly at the hands of the successors of his ideological opponents. The social protests of 2011, as well as the increasingly adversarial relationships between Knesset members and Supreme Court justices, have brought Jabotinsky — as well as former Prime Minister Menachem Begin — to the political forefront once again. The philosophy and work of these two politicians is now being discussed as part of a much broader agenda, which, though it is still not all encompassing, is nevertheless interesting. Last year, 72 years after Jabotinsky’s death, Opposition Leader and Labor party head Shelly Yachimovich was one of the keynote speakers during events commemorating this anniversary. Her words left no doubt as to the singularity of the man. And thus, years after it condemned these two leaders, the Israeli Left has changed its tone and tune.

Jabotinsky’s legacy is evaluated in a practical, topical manner and thus there are no limits to the respect that it can garner. The leader of Israel’s social-democratic party can speak of Jabotinsky with a sense of longing, mainly because the agenda he espoused was not dogmatic, but rather ingeniously diverse.


I have been checking out American campuses recently. I am curious about who teaches their Political Science departments and their Middle East Studies…and it is very discouraging that universities and colleges will graduate biased and historically ignorant alums into academia, the mainstream media and the professions.
What really gets my goat are the “diversity and minority” programs and departments.
Did you know that Jews are not a minority? There are no “outreach” programs for Jews. Women, gays, trans genders, and a slew of hyphenated Americans are all coddled and encouraged and invited to the diversity classes and programs. Not Jews…. Makes you wonder what the word minority means.
There are in the whole entire world only 13.75 million Jews. That is only .02% of the entire global population.
In America in 2011 there were roughly 38,000,000 Black Americans and 51,000,000 Hispanic Americans and they are considered minorities.
How did we get written off ? rsk


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This week’s Glazov Gang had the honor of being joined by Tiffany Gabbay, National Development Director for the David Horowitz Freedom Center, Dwight Schultz, a Hollywood actor, and Jennifer Serrano, the Newest California PolitiChick.

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The episode also shed light on Zimmerman on Trial, The ObamaCare Setback, and much, much more.

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Why Congress Should Scrap Big, Fat, Pork-Laden Bills LIZ PEEK

Here’s a shocking thought: maybe Congress isn’t so dysfunctional after all. Maybe it is actually executing the will of the people – people fed up with pay-offs and handouts, pork and piggishness — Congress’ “business as usual” cronyism. Obamacare put them over the edge.

Americans have resolutely opposed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act – aka Obamacare – since its inception, but Congress passed it anyway. Not only was the public rightly wary of the government’s upending of one sixth of our economy – a dangerous act of hubris in the midst of a terrible recession – they were also appalled at how the monstrous bill passed.

They were disgusted by the $100 million Cornhusker Kickback that won Senator Ben Nelson’s vote, the $300 million Louisiana Purchase that swayed Mary Landrieu, the malfeasance of legislators who blindly voted for the unread 1,000-page bill. They knew Obamacare was a stinker from the get-go, and they punished those who rammed it down their throats in 2010, electing a GOP House by a vast margin.

It is not surprising that the House, so elected, might hold fast the lessons of 2010. Among other things, they are allergic to big, fat indigestible bills. When 179 Republicans voted against the $70 billion Sandy Relief bill, the usual suspects were outraged, blasting Tea Party intransigence. But Senator Kelly Ayotte argued persuasively in an op-ed why she voted “no,” describing the bill’s hidden pork – the millions and billions snuck in to fix a leaky roof at the Smithsonian, for new cars for the FBI, and for highway repairs across the country. She had earlier supported a $24 billion package that actually targeted Sandy victims, but that bill was defeated. As she pointed out, the Sandy package ultimately ended up costing more than the annual Homeland Security budget. Imagine that.

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