DEMOCRATS’ AGENDA: PROTECT HILLARY AT ALL COSTS BY JOEL POLLAK Ahead of Wednesday’s long-awaited hearings at the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee about the Benghazi terror attack of Sep. 11, 2012, Democrats have a clear agenda: protect Hillary Clinton at all costs.Clinton, the former Secretary of State and likely frontrunner for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2016, could be severely damaged by testimony […]


The media coverage of Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev has one theme and one tack. Like 30 of the 31 men on the FBI’s Most Wanted Terrorists list, they were terrorists who just happened to be Muslim.

While the New York Times dispatched its best and brightest lackeys to Boston to write sensitive
pieces on how hard it was for the two Tsarnaevs to fit in leaving them no choice but to bomb the Boston Marathon and then send LOL texts to their friends, it fell to a UK tabloid like The Sun to conduct an interview with the ex-girlfriend of the lead terrorist and learn that he wanted her to hate America and beat her because she wouldn’t wear a Hijab.

There are all sorts of jobs that Americans won’t do. Like pick lettuce, bomb the Boston Marathon and report honestly on the motives of the bombers. The only news network that operates outside the media consensus is owned by an Australian mogul who also owns The Sun.

Americans like to think of their press as freer, but it’s only free in the sense that it voluntarily puts on its own muzzle. European tabloids get into bloody brawls with regulators. American newspapers have nothing to brawl about. They will gleefully report anything that undermines national security at the drop of a hat, knowing that they won’t be touched, but there is a long list of subjects that they won’t touch with a million mile pole.

In Europe, editors risked their lives to publish the Mohammed cartoons. In America, on the rare occasion that they were depicted, they were usually censored. CNN, which could show Kathy Griffin trying to molest Anderson Cooper, without the benefit of pixelation or a suicide button, blurred out Mohammed’s face; assuming that Muslims would appreciate the sensitivity of treating their prophet’s face like an obscene object.

Disinterested Judges and Uninterested Accomplices: The Naïve, the Ignorant, the Insane, the Evil by NORMAN SIMMS When I listened to the three young male students (who were arrested for colluding with the two Boston Marathon Bombers by throwing away the fireworks and backpack of their schoolmate) saying they didn’t want their friend “to get into trouble,” all I could hear for a moment-putting aside the later thoughts of complicity in […]

NORWEGIANS: OUTSIDERS IN THEIR OWN COUNTRY BRUCE BAWER It just keeps coming, the propaganda. A new wave every day. Poured out by ideologues determined to flood the truth – to drown it out – in wave after wave of lies. “Norway isn’t becoming less Norwegian because it’s changing,” a  man named Salimi cheerfully reassured Aftenposten the other day. Salimi – who came […]

UN: Rebels, not Assad, Appear to Have Used Chemical Weapons By Julian Pecquet
– 05/05/13 07:59 PM ET

United Nations human rights investigators said Sunday they have gathered testimony from outside Syria suggesting rebels, not Bashar Assad’s regime, may have used chemical weapons.

“Our investigators have been in neighboring countries interviewing victims, doctors and field hospitals and, according to their report of last week which I have seen, there are strong, concrete suspicions but not yet incontrovertible proof of the use of sarin gas, from the way the victims were treated,” Carla Del Ponte, a member of the independent commission of inquiry on Syria, told Swiss-Italian television. “This was use on the part of the opposition, the rebels, not by the government authorities.”

The allegations will likely make it harder for the Obama administration to justify taking a more active role in the two-year-old civil war on the side of the opposition. The administration has said in recent days that chemical weapons appeared to have been used in Syria, which would violate the “red line” Obama set for Assad’s forces.

Where Were the Muslims Who Knew Tamerlan Who Called The FBI? — on The Glazov Gang

Where Were the Muslims Who Knew Tamerlan Who Called The FBI? — on The Glazov Gang
Where Were the Muslims Who Knew Tamerlan Who Called The FBI? — on The Glazov Gang
This week’s Glazov Gang had the honor of being joined by actor Dwight Schultz, (, Borek Volarik, a Chezh defector,and Nonie Darwish, the author of The Devil We Don’t Know.
The Gang gathered to discuss: Where Were the Muslims Who Knew Tamerlan Who Called The FBI? The guests pondered a question that the media won’t ask itself or others. The Gang also discussed: Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s Three Musketeers, analyzing the expanding web behind the Jihad in Boston — and how the Obama administration and media are trying to erase its true meaning.


The climate crowd is very partial to Nazi analogies. Self-inducted Nobel Laureate Michael Mann (currently suing National Review and yours truly for mocking his hockey stick) likes to call his opponents “deniers.” Offset baron Al Gore talks of an ecological Kristallnacht.

Yet, when it comes to book burning, they’re happy to be the Nazis — and, like their libricidal predecessors, proud to be photographed in the act.*

San Jose State University Meteorology decides burning books they don’t agree with is better than reading them
by Anthony Watts

From the Fahrenheit 451 department comes this indictment of California’s higher education’s “tolerance” for opposing views. When I first got the tip on this, I thought to myself “nobody can be this stupid to photograph themselves doing this” but, here they are, right from the San Jose State University Meteorology Department web page:

The caption from the SJSU website reads:

This week we received a deluge of free books from the Heartland Institute {this or this }. The book is entitled “The Mad, Mad, Made World of Climatism”. SHown above, Drs. Bridger and Clements test the flammability of the book.

Maybe they just can’t help themselves, note the pictures on the wall.


DEROY MURDOCK: SEQUESTER CYNICISM Not lately, if ever, had a U.S. president put Americans in physical danger in order to score cheap partisan points. Obama’s just-reversed furlough of FAA employees increased the probability that overstretched, unseasoned, or distracted air-traffic controllers might miscalculate — possibly with fatal results. But what did Obama care? Blaming Republicans was his mission, even […]

The Rubio Amnesty
Mr. Krikorian is the director of the Center for Immigration Studies.

When Mitt Romney lost last November, the Republican establishment decided that his moderately hawkish stance on immigration had been a major cause of his defeat. Never mind that his share of the Hispanic vote was within the margin of error of McCain’s 2008 share. Never mind the significant drop in white turnout. There is little elite constituency for a hawkish approach to immigration, and much elite support for lax enforcement and increased legal immigration (Romney actually supported the latter).

So the Republican establishment turns its hopeful eyes, once again, to so-called comprehensive immigration reform. The same senators who pushed such a bill in 2007, prominently including Republicans John McCain and Lindsey Graham and Democrat Chuck Schumer, are at it again. They have devised a plan that would ease the path to legality for illegal immigrants while making some gestures toward enforcement. But a new element this time around is Marco Rubio.

A tea-party favorite (and a favorite of this magazine) who wrested the senatorial nomination from GOP-establishment pick (now Democrat) Charlie Crist, he’s young, telegenic, and the son of Cuban immigrants. Rubio became part of the “Gang of Eight,” four Democrats and four Republicans negotiating a deal that sought to placate a dizzying array of interests, all seeking de facto unlimited immigration but each with a different set of specific concerns. The result of all this is S.744, a sprawling, 844-page measure legalizes most of the illegal population (plus many who were deported and are currently living abroad), promises tougher enforcement in the future, and hugely increases all forms of legal immigration, low- and high-skilled, temporary and permanent.

Cotton: ‘We Have to Arm The Opposition’ in Syria By Andrew Stiles see note please


The United States should arm opposition fighters in Syria and create a no-fly zone over the war-torn nation, Representative Tom Cotton (R., Ark.) said on NBC’s Meet the Press.

Arming the “reform-minded, pro-Western rebels” fighting the Assad regime is “something that should have been done many months ago,” argued Cotton, a former Army officer and combat veteran.

“We have to arm the opposition. I think we also need to move toward imposing a no-fly zone,” he said. “We can stop Bashar al-Assad from killing his own people.”