ANDREW BOSTOM: THE LIFE OF WILEY…UNSPEAKABLE CRUELTY TO CANINES BY AFGHANS   The Life of Wylie: Canine Cruelty By Our “Afghan Allies” Posted By Andrew Bostom On August 17, 2011 [1] Australian Federal Police officer Narelle Jensz, right, with Wylie, while he was being operated on at the Kandahar base in Afghanistan. The Australian (hat tip Religion of Peace [2]) has a moving report [3] […]

THE PETRAEUS CIA…A GIGANTIC CONFLICT OF INTEREST: DIANA WEST -In an April 2011 column, I argued that both Barack Obama and the COINdinista Right had good (for them) reasons to perpetuate wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Obama’s reason is obvious. He doesn’t want the nation to watch Iraq and Afghanistan falling apart during the 2012 election year. I wrote: And falling apart — […]

TRAVELING IN STYLE: THE BIG,EXPENSIVE, BLACK BUS….NO WELCOME MATS By Carolyn Kaster, AP PEOSTA, Iowa — The supporters and critics lining the route of President Obama’s Midwest bus tour this week have been privy to something no one else has seen until now.The Big Black Bus. It stands out even though one can’t tell what its unique security capabilities are, and for one […]

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN: THE FALSE PROMISE OF BIOFUELS, DAVID BIELLO Despite extensive research, biofuels are still not commercially competitive. The breakthroughs needed, revealed by recent science, may be tougher to realize than previously thought. Corn ethanol is widely produced because of subsidies, and it diverts massive tracts of farmland needed for food. Converting the cellulose in cornstalks, grasses and trees into biofuels is proving […]

WHY RICK PERRY GIVES ME HOPE ON HEALTHCARE: DR. MANNY ALVAREZ As I watched Texas Governor Rick Perry announce his presidential candidacy this weekend, he gave me a sense of hope and his speech really resonated with me. His words reminded me of the respect that we as Americans deserve, and the importance of a government that works for us and with us – rather […]


For latest go to Rick Perry the Anti-Romney candidate: ‘Romney is out on the campaign trail agreeing with’ man-made global warming claims ‘Perry appears poised to take up a [skeptical] view of climate on the presidential campaign trail that would be right at home in a Sen. James Inhofe (R-OK) floor speech’ Morano of […]

BERNARD GOLDBERG: WARREN BUFFET THE CODDLED BILLIONAIRE Warren Buffett, Coddled Billionaire By Bernard Goldberg | During my nearly three decades in network news, all at CBS, I came to realize that when it came to economic issues most reporters were hopelessly out of their depth. Or to put it another way, they were dumb as dirt. Most wouldn’t know […]

JOHN BERNARD: THE ARAB SPRING THAT WASN’T The “Islam is a religion of peace” and the “world peace” crowds have been spouting about the beauty and hope of the “Arab Spring” phenomenon for months now. Even after the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt went back on their word not to get involved in the political process there, the nauseatingly effervescent, supporters of […]

HOT PICKS FROM FSM 1. VIDEO: MSNBC’S Chris Matthews: News Organizations Are ‘Going to Spend Every Nickel They Have’ Investigating Rick Perry 2. VIDEO: Caught on Video: Tea Party Members Confront President Obama About Biden‘s ‘Terrorist’ Description 3. VIDEO: Judge Throws Out Obama Admin’s Regulations Slowing Fuel Exploration 4. VIDEO: President Obama, Tea Party Member Spar in Iowa […]


Five Myths About Rick Perry Posted By Ben Shapiro URL to article:   Gov. Rick Perry of Texas is now the frontrunner for the Republican nomination.  Many people are aware of his focus on the Tenth Amendment, his state’s tremendous record of job creation (40% of all jobs created since the beginning of the […]