Gene Patents Drive Medical Innovation The BRACAnalysis test has warned one million woman of their risk of breast and ovarian cancer. The biotech industry began in 1978 when the University of California applied for a patent on the gene for the human growth hormone. Since that filing nearly 20% of the 20,000-plus genes in […]

BRET STEPHENS: THE FUTURE BELONGS TO CHINA, NOT China Eco-Boosterism, Revisited Why did Western liberals think China was a model for environmentalism? Once upon a time the future belonged to China—and China was going to be green. Greener than the hills of olde England. “China is pulling ahead on the environment,” was the title of a 2009 column in Forbes. “China is […]

Hundreds of Criminal Aliens Secretly Released by Obama’s DHS: New Data by JIM KOURI On the same day that Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano announced that she will travel to San Francisco and Los Angeles, Calif., on Friday to meet with technology and business leaders to discuss the need for commonsense immigration reform, a report was released on Thursday revealing that hundreds of criminal aliens were released […]


The foreign policy of President Barack Obama regarding Syria is in question. Russia and Iran back President Bashar al Assad. Turkey and the US call for his voluntary resignation. Secretary of State John Kerry stated a goal of decisions by mutual consent between the Assad Regime and rebel groups. This seems like Humpty Dumpty putting all of the pieces back together again.

Syria is an Arab country bordered by Israel, the Mediterranean, Turkey, Iraq, Jordan, and Lebanon. It is in the cradle of civilization. Damascus is the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world. Scholars believe that writing was invented in Syria around 2,000 BC. The Hebrew Bible refers to 17,000 tablets; the source of the Semitic language and later the basis for the Phoenician, Aramaic, Hebrew, and Arabic languages.

Alexander the Great ended centuries of battles. Pompey and the Romans followed, Christianity spread. Islamic fighters arrived in 632 AD. Christians and Islamics co-existed for centuries. When Caliphs began to destroy churches, Crusaders arrived. Saladin fought Richard the Lionheart who recaptured Jerusalem in 1187. Mongols, then Egyptians, then Ottomans conquered Greater Syria which is now Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Jordan, parts of Turkey, and Iraq.

Lawrence of Arabia arrived in Damascus with Emir Feisal in 1918. Feisal was King of Syria. The San Remo Agreement ended that, and Syria was divided between Britain and France. Lebanon went to the French and what are now Israel and Jordon to the British.

Syria declared independence in 1946. Instability followed until 1970, when Hafiz al Assad seized power. In the 1967 Arab-Israeli War, Syria lost the Golan Heights to Israel. Following Hafiz death, his son, Bashar al Assad, was approved as President in 2000, and 2007. USA sanctions against Syria are due to its support of terrorists groups; providing Lebanon with weapons of mass destruction and Scud missiles in violation of UN Resolutions.

DANIEL GREENFIELD: THE OBAMA MEDIA WAR by Daniel Greenfield @ the Sultan Knish blog 0 Comments Revolutions are rarely undone from the outside. Mostly they come apart from the inside as the forty thieves descend into petty squabbling over the loot. The loot comes in different forms, but at its core it is always power. It may be the power […]

RON RADOSH: FINALLY A MOVIE THAT TELLS THE TRUTH ABOUT 1960’S RADICALS…”SOMETHING IN THE AIR” Finally, a movie has arrived that treats the story of the New Left honestly and in a realistic, mature manner. That film is not Robert Redford’s dreadful The Company You Keep, a paean to the Weather Underground, but the movie by the French director Olivier Assayas, Something in the Air. It takes place in […]

ROGER SIMON; NEW REPORT WITH BENGHAZI INFO DEVASTATING TO CLINTON/OBAMA PJM EXCLUSIVE: Ex-Diplomats Report New Benghazi Whistleblowers with Info Devastating to Clinton and Obama More whistleblowers will emerge shortly in the escalating Benghazi scandal, according to two former U.S. diplomats who spoke with PJ Media Monday afternoon. These whistleblowers, colleagues of the former diplomats, are currently securing legal counsel because they work in areas […]

WALID PHARES: WHY DOES THE US ADMINISTRATION USE THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD’S INTERPRETATION OF “ISLAMOPHOBIA”??? U.S. administration wrongly advocates the Islamist interpretation of Islamophobia The State Department issued a report denouncing what it called “a spike in anti-Islamic sentiment in Europe and Asia.”  It said that “Muslims also faced new restrictions in 2012 in countries ranging from Belgium, which banned face-covering religious attire in classrooms, to India[,] where schools […]

SHOSHANA BRYEN; RUSSIA IS PLAYING A LOSING HAND LIKE A WINNER History is back and so are the Russians. After an interregnum of twenty years, during which the communist Soviet Union was demolished and a crony capitalist, Russian kleptocracy turned inward to establish firm control of journalists (oh wait, that might have been the Obama Administration), civil society practitioners including lawyers, businessmen, and little girl […]

THOMAS LIFSON: NEVER MIND IMPEACHMENT….KEEP YOUR EYE ON THE REAL PRIZE Conservatives and Republicans would be unwise to pursue President Obama’s impeachment as my colleague Bruce Walker today argues.  The odds are the effort would backfire, and there is a much more important goal that should be at the center of our political strategy: sweeping Democrats out of office in 2014 and 2016 in numbers […]