Red Lines, Red Zones, and Green Lights: Rick Richman Red lines “don’t lead to war; red lines prevent war.” Prime Minister Netanyahu’s address to the UN should be evaluated in light of the new report issued this week by the Washington Institute on Near East Policy, authored by Patrick Clawson and David Makovsky and titled “Preventing an Iranian Nuclear Breakout: U.S.-Israel Coordination.” At […]

Univision Breaks New Details of Obama Admin’s Fast and Furious Cover-Up: Bob Owens The biggest, bloodiest scandal in U.S. presidential history? On Sunday night, Spanish-language station Univision— one of the only networks to provide critical coverage of President Obama’s failures in office [1] instead of cream-puff interviews — broke open the Fast and Furious investigation, revealing new evidence of weapons smuggling and displaying shocking new images of […]

Housing, Diminishing Returns and Opportunity Cost by CHARLES HUGH SMITH The Fed’s policies of keeping interest rates at zero and buying mortgage-backed securities are intended, we’re assured, to bolster the housing market by making it cheaper for buyers to borrow money. With mortgage rates under 4% and a trillion (soon to be two) dollars of dodgy mortgages transferred from the banks’ tottering balance sheets […]

PETER HUESSEY: WHAT WILL THE NEXT ADMINISTRATION INHERIT? What then will the next administration inherit from the current one? What does 2012 look like compared to 2008 in the foreign policy arena?The next administration will most definitely face the prospects of an Iranian nuclear weapon “sooner rather than later”. At the same time, the administration will find making the case for taking […]

EDWARD CLINE: THE VILIFICATION OF FREEDOM OF SPEECH **** Slate joined the tut-tut mob of dhimmified American pundits and commentators by endorsing the abridgement of the First Amendment, at the behest of thin-skinned, super-sensitive Muslims, in its September 25th article, “The Vile Anti-Muslim Video Shows That the U.S. Overvalues Free Speech.” Slate is proof that the Internet isn’t wholly a refuge from the […]

CLIMATE DEPOT: ARCTIC ICE SETS ALL TIME RECORD HIGH…WILL THE MEDIA REPORT THIS? (Also see: NASA finally admits it Arctic cyclone in August ‘broke up’ and ‘wreaked havoc’ on sea ice — Reuters reports Arctic storm played ‘key role’ in ice reduction — NASA: ‘The cyclone remained stalled over the arctic for several days…pushing [sea ice] south to warmer waters where it melted’) It’s Official: Antarctic Sea […]

Iran, Jihad and “End Times”: Part 1 Prof. Louis René Beres Prologue to Nuclear War in the Middle East? It is an immobilizing question, a query that was once only whispered: Could certain Iranian leaders, including President Ahmadinejad, be seeking nuclear weapons in order to deliberately bring about an apocalyptic “end of days?” Might these leaders be planning a religiously-mandated and possibly nuclear Final Battle […]

Israel, ‘Palestine,’ and the Law Of War (First of two parts) By: Louis Rene Beres For the moment, at least, a state of Palestine does not exist. Historically, of course, such a country has never existed. Nonetheless, current supporters of Palestinian statehood (sometimes Jews as well as Arabs) have discovered substantial practical benefit in persistently referring to Israel and “Palestine” as if there were some existing legal equivalence between […]

MORSI’S MESSAGE: SARAH HONIG Egypt’s new leader Mohamed Morsi is proving to be a cunning communicator, at least so far as what he puts across to undiscerning Western ears. He manages to sound exceedingly moderate and reasonable, while enunciating unreasonable, indeed radical demands that must be met or else. He in effect says that “it’s my way or […]

ANDREW BOSTOM: GELLER AGONISTES-TRUTH IN ADVERTISING ABOUT THE JIHAD AGAINST ISRAEL All of us who cherish Western free speech, particularly when it elucidates irrefragable truths, owe an enormous debt to journalist and author, Pamela Geller [4]. With courageous tenacity, and unflappable poise (listen [5] to former New York Governor David Paterson’s own eyewitness account of her appearance at the New York Metropolitan Transportation [MTA] […]