Circumcision Saved My Life San Francisco’s proposed ban on the practice could lead to more HIV infections. BY DIANE COLE This is the story of how my husband’s circumcision saved my life. It’s a personal story, but let it also serve as a public health rebuttal to the proposed ban on male circumcision that will be on the San Francisco ballot this November. San Francisco’s ballot initiative would prohibit circumcision on […]

THE SHEER HYPOCRISY OF PROFESSORS: SOROS MONEY ACCEPTABLE BUT CONSERVATIVE MONEY IS NOT Professors to Koch Brothers: Take Your Green Back No one ever questions George Soros money, but apparently this $1.5 million gift violates academic freedom. DONALD LUSKIN Times are tough for state-funded colleges like Florida State University. After four years of budget trimming, FSU now faces an additional $19 million in cuts and a $40 […]

RAYMOND COOK: WITH ISRAEL OR AGAINST? THE WEST HAS TO DECIDE NOW ***** With Israel or against? The West has to decide NOW and fast whether it is willing to stand by and see a second Holocaust.Will Cameron and Sarkozy and Merkel and Obama and the rest wring their hands and say: “f only they had compromised; if only they had shared Jerusalem and dismantled the settlements. […]

MARK STEYN: MITCH DANIELS HAS PACKED UP HIS “TO BE OR NOT TO BE” ROUTINE…IS THE GOP WITHOUT A PRINCE? Mitch Daniels has wrapped up his “To be or not to be” routine, and, according to Paul Rahe, left the GOP looking like a hamlet without a prince. Paul is upset. I’m less so. As I said on the radio some months back, one should never underestimate the Republican Party’s ability to screw up its presidential […]

SHELBY STEELE: OBAMA’S RE-ELECTION EDGE Obama’s Unspoken Re-Election Edge This presidency flatters America to a degree that no white Republican can hope to match. By SHELBY STEELE “Another kind of charisma redounds to those willing to challenge political correctness—those unwilling to be in thrall to the president’s cultural charisma.Lastly, there must be a Republican message of social exceptionalism. America […]

ROGER KIMBALL:HIGHER MISEDUCATION AND THE REAL WORLD The current, and the money, is beginning to flow the other way. Peter Thiel, co-founder of PayPal, has read the tea leaves,  seen the pattern in the carpet, and felt the shifting winds of change.  Here’s the relevant headline form The Chronicle of So-Called Higher Education: Thiel Fellowship Pays 24 Talented Students $100,000 Not to […]

ANOTHER OBAMA GAFFE IN ENGLAND…THIS ONE IS A BEAUT! The US President had just begun proposing a toast to the Queen when the orchestra accidentally struck up God Save The Queen. However, rather than pause and continue the speech after the music had stopped, Mr Obama pressed on only to be rebuffed when he raised his glass to her. The Queen did not […]

Pakistan’s Military Elite: Trained in Anti-Americanism, and Believe 9/11 Was a “Jewish Conspiracy” Pakistan’s Military Elite: Trained in Anti-Americanism, and Believe 9/11 Was a “Jewish Conspiracy“ The Living Legacy of Zia Ul-Haq, Godfather of Pakistan’s Modern Jihadist Military Then U. S. Ambassador to Pakistan Anne Patterson, alarmed by her interaction with trainees  at Pakistan’s National Defense University (NDU), where, after addressing them, she had  “received astonishingly naive […]

Will Netanyahu’s Highlights or Concessions Be Remembered by Dr. Amiel Ungar Will Netanyahu’s Highlights or Concessions Be Remembered  by Dr. Amiel Ungar Everybody knows that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is a deft and articulate speaker and he proved this once again in his address before the two houses of Congress. The address had a number of good points, stylistically and content-wise, but the very fact […]

SCARECROW EMPIRES AND BROKEN ALLIANCES: DANIEL GREENFIELD Prime Minister Netanyahu’s address to congress was less about the contents of his speech and more about the familiarity. Like Tony Blair, he was startlingly at home here. His presence an instinctive reminder of an alliance based on commonality and fellowship, weighed against the realpolitik of multinationalism. The warmth in his tone countering the […]