NY Times blames Israel for U.S., Palestinian failures to advance the peace process Leo Rennert Page Printed from: The Obama administration has withdrawn a package of security and diplomatic incentives for Israel in exchange for a three-month extension of a building moratorium in West Bank settlements, admitting that this wouldn’t bring about resumption of […]

TEL-AVIV IS NOW THE THIRD “TOP CITY” IN THE WORLD?HILLEL HALKIN Sin City on the Sea?By Hillel Halkin “Today, of course, it is the Israeli Left that identifies with Tel Aviv and elements on the Right that have turned it into a symbol of a-Zionist or anti-Zionist licentiousness. No doubt this partly explains why publications like National Geographic and the Lonely Planet have become Tel […]

THE SULTAN: HOW THE INTERNET DESTROYED AMERICAN POLITICS How the Internet Destroyed American Politics Two years ago, the road to 2012 seemed like a cakewalk for Obama and an unreachable mountain for the Republicans. The roles haven’t quite reversed yet, but they are evening out. And like in the old Hope-Crosby  movies like “Road to Morocco” or “Road to Singapore”, the road […]

RUSSIANS EAGER TO “START UP” INTERRUPT US/JAPAN MILITARY EXERCISE Russian Planes Interrupt US-Japan Exercise Stars and Stripes|by Charlie Reed, Hana Kusumoto TOKYO, Japan — Two Russian planes entered air space above the Sea of Japan where U.S. and Japanese troops were conducting joint drills Monday, causing a temporary halt to the exercise, U.S. and Japanese officials said Wednesday. Japanese fighters scrambled in response, […]

DAPHNE ANSON:MOSLEM SUPPRESSION OF CHRISTIANS CONTINUES IN EGYPT…WHERE IS MUBARAK? Islamic Suppression and Humiliation of Egypt’s Coptic Community Continues. Where are you Mubarak?‏ “There is no doubt that Mubarak is a toothless tiger and allows this blatant discrimination to occur while he sleeps peacefully.” In a lecture in the USA earlier this year, Coptic Christian activist Magdi Khalil, who runs the Pennsylvania-based Middle East […]

LIBRARY OF CONGRESS: READ NO EVIL….DIANA WEST This is getting creepy. From (links from the original): The Library of Congress (LC) has been blocking access to the WikiLeaks website since December 3, on its wireless network available for visitors as well as on its own staff’s computers, according to a report on the Talking Points Memo (TPM) Muckraker website. It’s […]

CHINA AND ITS DOUBLE-EDGED CYBER SWORD By Sean Noonan A recent batch of WikiLeaks cables led Der Spiegel and The New York Times to print front-page stories on China’s cyber-espionage capabilities Dec. 4 and 5. While China’s offensive capabilities on the Internet are widely recognized, the country is discovering the other edge of the sword. China is no doubt facing […]

PEACE WILL COME WHEN THE PALARABS WANT IT: JOEL MOWBRAY….SEE NOTE PLEASE ALWAYS WAITING FOR ARAB “MODERATION”…..TIME TO SHOVE THE WHOLE NOTION OF 2 STATES….RSK Peace will come when Palestinians want it First, ‘moderate’ leaders must stop advocating terrorism by Joel Mowbray Finally shining light on one of the most important and most overlooked elements of the Middle East “peace process,” the Israeli government has compiled […]

THE DOJ CONTINUES TO STONEWALL…PANEL DISCLOSES RELUCTANCE TO DEFEND WHITE VICTIMS Panel finds Justice reluctant to take cases of white victims: Jerry Seper The Justice Department stonewalled efforts by the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights to investigate the dismissal of a civil complaint against the New Black Panther Party, leaving open the question of whether the department is willing to pursue civil rights cases “in […]

THE SUPREMES SPLIT ON ARIZONA…KAGAN ABSTAINS….SEE NOTE PLEASE Supreme Court split on Ariz. immigrant hiring law Kagan’s abstaining may be factor By Ben Conery THIS IS A BIG VICTORY FOR GOVERNOR BREWER AND FOR STATES’ RIGHTS IN IMMIGRATION LAWS….STAY TUNED AS OTHER STATES WILL FOLLOW SUIT NOW…..RSK – With Justice Elena Kagan taking no part in the case, it appears unlikely the […]