Proof that liberalism is an adolescent mindset. Magazine Celebrates Mass Murderers At Christmastime | NewsReal Blog ‘The Nation’ Magazine Celebrates Mass Murderers At Christmastime Matthew Vadum, Are you itching to buy stocking stuffers this year that celebrate psychotic mass murderers? Well then, friend, you’re in luck. The extreme-left Nation magazine is trying to […]

MARILYN PENN: “FINKLERS” FOR GROUND ZERO Finklers for Ground Zero By Marilyn Penn (bio) Howard Jacobson is the winner of this year’s Booker Prize for his satirical novel about British Jews who are ASHamed (Jacobson’s version) of Israel’s sins against humanity and form a group to protest, demonstrate, remonstrate, boycott and do whatever possible to undermine Israel and Zionists (alias […]

READ MORE ABOUT THE PROFESSOR FIRED FOR DENFENDING ISRAEL AT DE PAUL U. Justice denied for former DePaul Professor Thomas Klocek For over 14 years, Thomas Klocek was a well-liked adjunct professor at DePaul University School of New Learning. One course he taught was “Critical Thinking.” So it’s ironic that he was essentially fired by the Chicago Catholic university after engaging in a spirited discussion about Middle Eastern […]

NO ACADEMIC FREEDOM FOR DE PAUL U. PROF WHO DEFENDED ISRAEL Justice denied for DePaul professor fired for defending Israel to Palestinian students On September 15, 2004, DePaul professor Thomas Klocek got into a conversation with Palestinian Islamic supremacist students who were distributing jihadist anti-Israel propaganda. “It was very one-sided,” Klocek recalled of their literature, “and I wanted them to think about the bigger reality.” […]

ROBERT SPENCER ON GIULIO MEOTTI’S NEW BOOK….PLEASE READ Giulio Meotti’s A New Shoah: The human cost of the jihad against Israel Almost every day at Jihad Watch I chronicle yet another incident of jihadist mass-murder: jihadists kill sixteen with suicide bomb outside a church, jihadists kill ten with a bomb at a hospital, and on and on. So many murders, so many […]

LACHLAN MARKAY:MEDIA OBSESSED BY “ISLAMOPHOBIA” BUT TOTALLY SILENT ON ANTI-SEMITIC CRIMES AT INDIANA U Islamophobia-obsessed Media Silent on Anti-Semitic ‘Hate Crimes’ at Indiana U By Lachlan Markay | December 08, 2010 | 13:24 Most Americans are probably unaware that Jews were the victims of more than eight times as many anti-religion hate crimes last year as were Muslims. And the reason is simple: anti-Muslim crimes receive far more […]


Hello, I just made a new video this Friday, showing the illegal Muslim prayer that took place at 01:00 PM, today, in the street Myrha, in the 18th district of Paris : You will notice that the prayer is now broadcasted at a very loud volume. So, in one year, nothing has been made […]

NURIT GREENGER: IT IS NOW TIME FOR ISRAEL TO MAKE ITS CASE STRONGER Now that the hustle and bustle of Mitchell and Clinton’s endless travel between Washington, Jerusalem and Ramallah has come to a full halt, and Netanyahu and Abbas no longer meet in the halls of Jerusalem or Ramallah, it is will be easy for Obama, the U.N, the Palarabs (aka “Palestinians”) and the Arab League […]


NOW WOULDN’T IT IB LOVERLY IF IT’S TRUE? Friday, December 10, 2010     GET REAL Iran: Israel has assassinated 3 nuclear scientists NICOSIA — Iran has reported a Western plot to target nuclear scientists. Officials said Israel and the United States appeared to be cooperating in identifying and targeting Iranian nuclear scientists. They said […]

CAROLINE GLICK: WHY LATIN AMERICA TURNED Column One: Why Latin America turned By CAROLINE B. GLICK 12/10/2010 15:35 Given the US policy trajectory, it is again obvious that the only one Israel can rely on to defend its interests is Israel. Israelis can be excused for wondering why Brazil and Argentina unexpectedly announced they recognize an independent Palestinian state with […]