JOHN BOLTON: NORTH KOREA EDGES TOWARD NUKE TEST…OBAMA TAKES LITTLE NOTICE Obama takes little notice of menacing developments in Pyongyang and Tehran  You wouldn’t know it from the Obama administration, but North Korea’s global threat continues to metastasize. South Korea recently concluded that extensive cyber-attacks against civilian and military targets in the South emanated from the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK). Following China’s lead […]

HERBERT LONDON: THE GREAT AMERICAN AWAKENING…SENATOR JIM DE MINT What started as a murmur has become a media refrain: “America is in decline.” Stated euphemistically the twenty-first century will not be an American century. Based on a dispassionate analysis of conditions at the moment, this sentiment seems accurate. Debt is crushing the American economy. Unemployment is steady at near double digits. And a […]

DIANA WEST: AFGHANISTAN HAS SUFFERED THE MOST….REALLY? In one of the many exit interviews Gen. David Petraeus has given as his command in Afghanistan comes to an end, he made the following statement: “No country has suffered more from Osama bin Laden and al-Qaida than Afghanistan.” This comment stopped me. Partly, it was the pat sweep of the superlative. But there […]


Hezbollah in Mexico by Anna Mahjar-Barducci In June, a computer hacker group, Luiz Security, commonly abbreviated as LuizSec, targeted the Arizona Department of Public Safety (AZDPS). LuizSec has claimed responsibility for several high profile attacks; this time, however, the 440 megabytes AZDPS documents displayed a bulletin mentioning the presence of Hezbollah militants operating in […]

24,000 COMPUTER FILES STOLEN FROM DEFENSE CONTRACTOR DEVELOPING SYSTEMS FOR US MILITARY A foreign intelligence service stole 24,000 computer files in March from a defense contractor developing systems for the US military, a top Pentagonofficial said Thursday. “This was significant,” Deputy Defense Secretary William Lynn told reporters. “I don’t think it set us back in terms of the development of the system,” Lynn said, but the […]

DAN FRIEDMAN: US AID TO PLO/HAMAS IN JEOPARDY…OBAMA TO THE RESCUE If this leaves you a bit confused, imagine the muddled state-of-mind of our President. US aid to Palestinians in jeopardy over Hamas link WASHINGTON – American aid to the Palestinians is in jeopardy over their ties to the terrorist group Hamas, unwillingness to restart negotiations with Israel and push for statehood at the United […]


Alice Walker, the War Against the Jews, and Human Sacrifice Posted By David Swindle “My mother is very ideologically based, and her ideology is much more important in many ways than her personal relationships.” – Rebecca Walker. In the 1960s, The Color Purple novelist and activist Alice Walker married a Jewish man and gave […]


31 Opportunities for Statehood Squandered in Favor of Genocide Part 1 How about Israel’s squandered opportunities? They should have rejected Sadat’s barking demands for autonomy in Camp David…the Sinai was his business not Judea and Samaria; they should have rejected Oslo; they should have rejected the Wye plantation agreement; they should have rejected the […]

YARIV LEVIN: ONLY UNDEMOCRATIC ASPECT OF BOYCOTT LAW IS OPPOSITION’S ATTEMPT TO THWART IT,7340,L-4094600,00.html New law protects democracy Op-ed: The only undemocratic aspect of Boycott Law is opposition’s attempt to thwart it Yariv Levin The other day we thwarted an attempted legal putsch aimed at trampling the Knesset’s sovereignty in favor of the political considerations of a national minority. The deceptive scaremongering campaign against the Boycott Law, undertaken […]

THE ENDURING QUESTION: WILL ISRAEL SURVIVE? MICHEL GURFINKIEL…TRANSLATED BY ROGER KAPLAN Israël Peut-il Survivre? (Will Israel Endure?) By Michel Gurfinkiel Paris (Hugo & Co., 2011), 304 pp.  The new book by our friend and occasional Paris correspondent Michel Gurfinkiel could not be more timely. The talk is all of Arab springs and revolutions, while the United States appears by all evidence to be going through […]