http://www.aim.org/guest-column/the-least-we-can-do/ The one thing that Hagel, Kerry and Brennan all have in common, besides being Washington insiders, is that they all agree that terrorism is basically a misunderstanding. All three fancy themselves men of the world who know more than the peasants back home because they have spent a few days being shepherded through high […]

We Now Return You To Your Regularly Scheduled Programming: Daniel Greenfield

http://sultanknish.blogspot.com/ The last election has brought on essays bemoaning the conservative disconnect from popular culture and the need to somehow reconnect with it. The means of this reconnection are hardly ever stated, though there is the implication that conservatives would need to “evolve” on certain social issues in the hopes that its economic viewpoint will […]

UN Plan for ‘Palestine’: Israel’s Deterrence Power By: Louis Rene Beres

http://www.jewishpress.com/indepth/columns/louis-bene-beres/the-un-plan-for-palestine-and-its-aftermath-second-of-four-parts/2013/02/06/0/?print This article appeared in the print edition of the Jewish Press under the title “The UN Plan for ‘Palestine’ and its Aftermath (Second of Four Parts).” Find part one here. After further codifications of Palestinian statehood, conditions in the Middle East would become markedly less favorable to both Israel and the United States. The […]


http://professional.wsj.com/article/SB10001424127887324590904578287722010068526.html?mod=googlenews_wsj&mg=reno64-wsj&msource=DanSOpEd0206 The Bulgarian investigation into last July’s terrorist attack against Israeli tourists in Burgas points squarely at Hezbollah. Surely, with the report’s release this week, the European Union must finally do the right thing and add the Lebanese group to its terror list. Think again. “There is no automatic listing just because you have been […]


http://frontpagemag.com/2013/steven-plaut/bernie-madoffs-ben-gurion-university-connection/ Ben Gurion University in Israel is probably best known for being home to many of the worst far-leftist anti-Israel radical faculty members in the country, people like Neve Gordon, Oren Yiftachel, and David Newman. While it has some serious scholars, mainly in the sciences and engineering, the social sciences and humanities departments there are […]

Sharia Law Swallowing Indonesia by Mohshin Habib

http://www.gatestoneinstitute.org/3579/indonesia-sharia Indonesia, once a country of diversity, is now becoming a place for one-way Islam. Although Indonesia, “the world largest Muslim country” with an 87% Muslim population, was once considered a moderate Muslim country, day by day it has been leaning more and more towards conservative Islam and Sharia laws. Initiated in 2009, bylaws in […]

Paying People to Hate You by Douglas Murray

http://www.gatestoneinstitute.org/3571/european-union-anti-semitism I was asked to Brussels to address the matter of what the European Union to tackle anti-Semitism. The answer is easy: “Stop funding anti-Semites.” And so it was that I found myself once again in a meeting in the twilight world of Brussels — an ugly city filled with ugly buildings, ugly overpriced food […]


http://townhall.com/columnists/calthomas/2013/02/07/drone-double-standard-n1506749 An unsigned and undated Justice Department white paper, obtained by NBC News, reports The New York Times, “…is the most detailed analysis yet to come into public view regarding the Obama legal team’s views about the lawfulness of killing, without a trial, an American citizen who executive branch officials decide is an operational leader […]

The Obama-Morsi Dance — on The Glazov Gang


Don’t miss this special episode of The Glazov Gang in which Ann-Marie Murrell, the National Director of PolitiChicks.tv, Mike Finch, the Chief Operating Officer at the David Horowitz Freedom Center and Dwight Schultz, a Hollywood actor who played Murdock on NBC’s The-A-Team, discuss: The Obama-Morsi Dance. The discussion occurred in Part II, during which the Gang tackled why the U.S. president has taken sides with an Islamist Jew-hating tyrant. The discussion included an analysis of Islam’s cannibalism problem and Obama’s immigration reform policy. In Part I, the Gang focused on Ann-Marie’s courageous confrontation with Suhail Khan at CPAC 2012. Watch both segments of the two-part series below:



I arrived in Amsterdam last week for a brief visit, an excited acquaintance informed me of the day’s big news: the highly popular Queen Beatrix, who has been on the throne for more than three decades, had just announced her intention to abdicate in favor of her imperially bland son Willem-Alexander. The first thought that came to mind when I heard the tidings was Her Majesty’s disgraceful conduct after the 2004 jihadist butchering of Theo van Gogh. Refusing to attend the funeral of the accomplished author, journalist, and filmmaker, Beatrix instead rushed off to a Moroccan youth center to assure those present that she was their pal. According to Reuters, Beatrix didn’t want to leave the throne until she was sure “that anti-immigrant, euroskeptic politician Geert Wilders, of whom she disapproved, was in no danger of assuming real political influence….Wilders’ poor showing at the last election and loss of influence in politics, could well have contributed to her decision to abdicate.” Willem-Alexander, whom van Gogh once described as something of a royal dummy, is no Wilders fan either, sneering in 2007, apropos of the politician, that “Speech is silver, silence is golden.” (The dim-bulb prince appeared not to grasp that under the rules of the Netherlands’ constitutional monarchy, it’s his job, not that of an elected official like Wilders, to keep his mouth shut.)

Walking the streets of Amsterdam in recent days, I thought about the sudden, horrible way in which van Gogh had been struck down, shot and stabbed, on an ordinary November morning on one of those very streets. I thought about how many years it’s been since that day. And I thought about the fact that things on that front have been relatively silent lately: it’s been a while since the last high-profile killing, or attempted killing, of an Islam critic. I reflected about the fact that each of these events causes instant shock and consternation, a brief preoccupation on the part of many Europeans with the reality of the domestic Islamic threat, and is followed by a gradual forgetfulness and return to complacency about Islamization. And I found myself thinking that it was only a matter of time until the next such assassination attempt. Where would it be? Who would be the target?

No sooner had I returned home to Scandinavia that the news came. My longtime friend Lars Hedegaard, a fearless critic of Islam, founder of Denmark’s Free Press Society, and defendant in the most disgraceful trial in postwar Danish history, had just escaped being killed by a thug who came to the door of his home in Copenhagen pretending to be a mailman. The incident took place at about 11:00 on Tuesday morning. The would-be perpetrator was wearing a standard mailman’s uniform.