Christian Reporter Disguised as a Jew in Malmö, Sweden: Wearing Kippah Made Me Fearful :Zach Ponz Malmö, Sweden has become a hotbed for anti-Semitism. In 2010 the Simon Wiesenthal Centre  issued a travel warning for Malmö urging “extreme caution.” A year later a Hollywood film company scrapped plans to shoot a Jewish themed movie in the city because of concerns about anti-Semitism there. In 2012 Swedish police recorded 60 hate […]

Poison Ivy: The Islamification of Thomas Jefferson By Edward Cline Modern academic “scholarship” is similar to kudzu, that uncontrollable weed or vine that can grow from a single planting and eventually entwine every trunk and branch within its reach, and link from shrub and hedge to form a canopy over even a forest that will deny other plants sunlight and rain. Wild kudzu suffocates […]

Huma Abedin’s Brotherhood Network Unveiled — on The Glazov Gang

Huma Abedin’s Brotherhood Network Unveiled — on The Glazov Gang
Former Muslim Brotherhood member Walid Shoebat exposes a Brotherhood operative in America.

CAROLINE GLICK: THE BOTHERSOME, ANNOYING TRUTH Israel’s rights and justness are grounded in truth. But today truth isn’t worth as much as it used to be. Those who fight for it find themselves routinely maligned as close-minded extremists. A controversy is raging in the Washington, DC, Jewish community involving the local JCC (DCJCC) and its in-house Theater J. While a […]


Local elections for mayors and governors are taking shape. There is no one out there to equal the great De Witt Clinton. Who was he and when?


” Usually a city is shaped and/or remembered by thousands of events, none of which even come close to falling under the heading of “city planning”. DeWitt Clinton, who lived between 1769 and 1828, is a name that needs to be remembered in the history of New York. For, at first as Mayor of New York City, and then later as Governor of the state of New York, he initiated two different projects that would both help shape the path of New York City for generations after he left his mortal coil. He is one of but a handful of people to which we can point and go “This is the guy!”

1797-1798 — New York Assembly
1798-1802 — New York Senate
1802-1803 — United States Senate
1803-1815 — Mayor of New York City: Among his efforts during his 10 terms was the promotion of public education, city planning, public sanitation, and relief for the poor. As mayor, Clinton also held office as state senator (1806-1811) and lieutenant governor (1811-1813).
1817-1823 — Governor of New York State
1810-1824 — New York Canal Commissioner
1825-1828 — Governor of New York State

Although New York City had a great harbor it was relegated to the status of a big town with no access to the rest of the nation. In a series of elected and appointed positions, Clinton shaped the history of New York in the first decades of the nineteenth century. Best known for his indefatigable efforts to build the Erie Canal—derided as “Clinton’s Ditch” by opponents—he championed the project as U.S. senator (1802–03), mayor of New York City (1803–15), member of the canal commission (1810–24) and governor of New York state (1817–23, 1825–28). When it was completed in 1825, the canal transformed the nation by linking the eastern seaboard to the American heartland, spurring immigration to the region and leading to the creation of several cities along the canal’s path and to the confirmation of New York City as the nation’s largest urban center.
As mayor he established the New York City Public School System, and helped to shape the city by appointing the planning commission that designed the grid of streets and avenues.


Jealous Saudi Husband Divorces Wife after She Kisses a Horse — on The Glazov Gang

This week’s Glazov Gang was joined by Daniel Greenfield, the David Horowitz Freedom Center’s Shillman Fellow, who discussed Jealous Saudi Husband Divorces Wife after She Kisses a Horse (starts at the 8:30 mark). He also shed light on Obama’s Shutdown Strategy, the administration’s Brotherhood Romance, the Huma Abedin-Anthony Weiner saga, the Unholy Alliance and much, much more:

Don’t miss this week’s #2 Glazov Gang episode with Walid Shoebat, the former Muslim Brotherhood terrorist who turned to love and Christianity. He exposes Obama’s brother, Malik Obama, Huma Abedin’s Brotherhood Network and the administration’s Islamist odyssey. He also makes The Case for Islamophobia, and much, much more:

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Frontpage Interview’s guest today is Pierre Rehov, a French filmmaker who has filmed seven documentaries on the Palestinian Intifada. He collects his own footage on the field, often at high risk. This experience has taken him and his team to different war zones, such as Gaza, the West Bank, Lebanon and Iraq, where he was the only French journalist to have been embedded in the US army. His documentaries are now available at

FP: Pierre Rehov, welcome to Frontpage, it is always a pleasure to conduct an interview with you.

Rehov: The pleasure is all mine Jamie.

FP: Your work is really amazing. It is almost impossible to find the material that is in your films anywhere else, or even from the Israeli government. Why is that?

Rehov: Contrary to Arab countries, or to the Palestinian Authority, Israel doesn’t have a propaganda machine. Being a democracy, Israel lets all kind of news, good or bad, fake or real, cross its borders and, as you can imagine, it is much safer for a journalist or a reporter to write or film material against Israel than to do the same against the “Palestinian cause.”

Making films is expensive and producing documentaries which show the real facts and therefore end up naturally being pro-Israel cannot be done without accepting big financial losses. If, with the same material, I had made pro-Palestinian films, I would have sold them to every single TV network in the world, and certainly made a lot of money. But the actual balance of my whole adventure is a loss of more than half a million dollars and very few TV networks accepted to air my films.

Thankfully, my company in France has been successful and I have received help from an amazingly generous gentleman, Dr Ivan Grossman, who passed 3 years ago. He was my dear friend and I would like to take the opportunity in this interview to send an homage to his memory.

When I look back, I believe that I was a little crazy to take so many risks, but, as one often says “someone had to do it.” The end result is 7 documentaries of which I am proud, while, all together, there might have been at the most 20 films made in favor of Israel or the West.

It is scary to think that my little team and I made a third of all films presenting the truth about the Middle East conflict.

FP: What is the truth in this conflict?



This Friday marks the Chicago, Seattle, and Los Angeles premiere of a documentary called The Muslims Are Coming!, which features a band of Muslim comedians touring middle America “to explore the issue of Islamophobia!” The exclamation mark is there to let you know that the show is going to be great fun! And all just in time for the 12th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks (as they say in comedy, timing is everything).

As the film’s website explains, this project arose in a context in which “Islam has been duly tarnished by the mainstream media.” Actually, it has been duly tarnished by the barbarism of Islamic fundamentalists, and duly defended and whitewashed by the mainstream media. “We are so many years out of 9/11,” the website continues, “and Muslim fear-mongering hasn’t dissipated.” Yes, 9/11 was so long ago and yet the Islamophobia inexplicably never ends! When are we Americans going to get over it and realize we have nothing to fear from Muslims?

As FrontPage Magazine has pointed out many times, “Islamophobia” is a Muslim Brotherhood construct to paint legitimate concern about the demonstrable threat of fundamentalist Islam as bigotry and “Muslim fear-mongering.” That threat didn’t end on 9/11 – it is a continuing danger not just on our own soil but worldwide, as the most cursory look at history and current events will show. It is offensive and dishonest to claim that the media are to blame for Islam’s bad reputation and that 9/11 is in the distant past. The day that the victims of 9/11 stop living in American hearts will be a day of shame and surrender for this country.

The movie description on the website goes on to say that “the idea that Islam is somehow antithetical to American culture just won’t go away.” I wonder why that is. Could it be because the foremost clerical authorities on Islam keep openly declaring that the faith is antithetical to Western values? Could it be because the Muslim Brotherhood’s stated mission is the elimination of Western civilization? Could it be because sharia law is unquestionably incompatible with our constitutional rights and freedoms?

The description continues: “If all you’ve ever heard about Islam”

is that it’s a dangerous religion, that women cover themselves, and that those shifty eyed Muslims have evil ulterior motives, this movie wants to give you a new stereotype. Yeah, this movie is going to convince you that Muslims are just a bunch of hilarious people. By the end of this movie, you’re gonna love the pants out of Muslims.

THE ISLAMIC FUTURE OF BRITAIN: VINCENT COOPER If population trends continue, by the year 2050, Britain will be a majority Muslim nation Britain is in denial. There is no real public debate on a historic event that is transforming the country. Mention of it occasionally surfaces in the media, but the mainstream political class never openly discuss it. What is that […]

ALAN CARUBA: WE NEED ZERO TOLERANCE FOR “ZERO TOLERANCE” (AMEN!!!!) When I was a youngster a prize possession of every boy was a set of toy cowboy six-shooters and, if you were especially blessed, a belt and holsters as well. In the pre-television days we all went to the Saturday matinees to see our heroes and to learn what it meant to be a […]