That Horrible Day in September: The Munich Olympic Massacre 39 Years ago Today (Note: There are two videos in this post one at the beginning and one at the end, If you cannot see them, please click here) Thirty-nine years ago. Yassir Arafat sent five Palestinian Terrorists into an Olympic Village dedicated to peace […]

ALAN CARUBA: ISRAEL’S TERRIBLE CHOICES  I was eleven years old when Israel declared its independence and sovereignty in 1948 with the blessing of the United Nations. World War Two and the Holocaust were over barely three years and many of Europe’s Jews needed a state of their own to rebuild their lives. Jews from throughout the Middle East were […]

MARK SILVERBERG: NICHOLAS KRISTOF’S MIDDLE EAST DELUSIONS Nicholas Kristof, in his column “Seeking Balance in the Middle East” suggests that Congressional opposition to the forthcoming UN vote on a Palestinian state is a serious mistake, and he recommends that President Obama would be better advised to follow the advice of the anti-Israel Jewish group J-Street on U.S.-Israel relations so as to […]

GADI ADELMAN: PALARAB STATEHOOD….NUMBERS DON’T LIE In 1991 Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir commissioned Shai Ben-Tekoa to do a statistical analysis of U.N. voting towards Israel. Here is the total summary and remember, this is only through 1991, Security Council: 175 Total Resolutions 74 Neutral 4 Against the perceived interests of an Arab state or body 97 Against Israel General […]


Hezbollah Opens Base in Cuba Posted By Humberto Fontova : A year ago many prominent Israelis seemed smitten with Fidel Castro. “I thank you from the bottom of my heart,” wrote Israeli President Shimon Peres to Fidel Castro on Sept. 24, 2010: “I must confess that your remarks were, in my opinion, unexpected and […]

PERRY’S VETOES: KATRINA TRINKO The Vetoes of Rick Perry As Texas governor, he broke records and earned conservative support. In Texas, they called it the “Father’s Day Massacre.” In June 2001, fresh off his first legislative session as governor, Rick Perry vetoed 79 bills on the last day of his veto period — the time in which a […]

BRET STEPHENS: 9/11 AND THE STRUGGLE FOR MEANING 9/11 and the Struggle for Meaning An act of evil has been reduced, in our debased parlance, to a ‘tragedy.’ December 7, 1951, came and went with scant ceremony. Harry Truman spent the day vacationing in Key West. Alben Barkley gave a speech in Honolulu in which he defended the war in Korea. Time […]

TEXAS AND HEALTH INSURANCE The attempt to dismiss the Texas jobs record seems to have abated, at least for now, but the episode shouldn’t pass without mentioning the other great liberal theme: More than a quarter of the Lone Star State’s people lack health insurance, and supposedly this is proof that Governor Rick Perry hates the poor, as […]

DANIEL GREENFIELD: THE FALL OF EMPIRES The Cold War between the economic empire of the West and the socialist tyrannies of the East made it seem as if the future would belong to the coalition with the best industrial machine and largest military. In he 21st century though the industrial machine has been traded off to China, and ICBM’s and […]

SEE THIS VIDEO PLEASE: EGYPTIAN CLERIC Egyptian Cleric: Jews Use Human Blood In Passover And Wedding Ceremonies; Prefer Arab Blood YIKES…..BORSCHT? THIS IS STRAIGHT OUT OF THE MIDDLE AGES….RSK