ALAN CARUBA: AMERICA’S FEARFUL FUTURE? **** It’s a cliché that nations and men repeat the same errors, stumbling into various crises. The locations may change, but the patterns of history remain. The world is teetering on a new Great Depression. Democracies are at risk. In the 1930s there were an estimated two billion people worldwide. Today there are seven billion […]

The Lesson of the School Bus Monitor…..Whatever Happened to True Grit? by MARILYN PENN

When Anita Hill recounted her tale of sexual harassment by Clarence Thomas, nobody questioned why a young woman trained in the adversarial profession of the law at one of America’s most prestigious law schools couldn’t speak up and tell her employer that she was made uncomfortable by his raunchy speech. The prevailing presumption was that even an Ivy League lawyer could not be expected to stand up for herself in a situation that was unevenly matched.

But If this was too intimidating a proposition for Ms. Hill, was she in fact well-prepared or well-suited for a profession where the major requirement is to advocate forcefully for your side in a legal proceeding? My intention is not to re-open the Clarence Thomas Affair but to encourage readers to think twice about the implications in the bus monitor bullying phenomenon.

The viral video showing 68-year-old Karen Klein dumbstruck and reduced to tears as jeering middle-school boys, exhibiting the dregs of pack behavior by continuing to insult her, has resulted in an outpouring of sympathy for the traumatized grandmother and a collection of more than a half a million dollars to ease her trauma. But her behavior throughout this incident is disturbing as well. At no point, does she assert any authority over her charges nor does she seek help from the other adult on the bus – the driver.

Here’s the job description for a bus monitor: “Bus monitors are responsible for assisting children with getting on and off the bus safely. They must also make sure that children are in their assigned seats, if applicable. They must make sure that children get off the bus at the correct stop and that they are released to the proper guardians.” Ms. Klein is a severely hearing impaired woman but presumably, by the end of June, she should have known the names of boys who rode with her every day. Yet we never see her raise her voice to order them back in their seats; instead she behaves like a passive passenger who’s just there for the ride instead of the overseeing monitor she was hired to be.

HERBERT LONDON: FREEDOM AND CONSTRAINTS In a nation obsessed with creativity, freedom is the exalted position. For freedom gives meaning to our actions. Yet it is the defect of ideology to assume action is reducible to one simple principle, a uniquely explanatory element. In reality, freedom is a complex and composite affair. While freedom is often reduced to choice […]

JAMES DELINGPOLE: RIO KILLING THE EARTH SINCE 1992 Quite possibly the only good thing about [the] Rio + 20 summit is that it coincides with the publication of a brilliant new book called Os Melancias. If you’re American or Canadian you’ll know it as Watermelons: The Green Movement’s True Colors. In Britain, it’s called Watermelons: How The Environmentalists Are Killing The Planet, […]


British intelligence: Arab Spring unleashed terror (THEY NOTICED!?)
The Telegraph
Tuesday, June 26, 2012
British intelligence: Arab Spring unleashed terror
The Arab Spring has spawned a new generation of British-born terrorists after al-Qaeda lured dozens of would-be bombers abroad to train for possible attacks on the UK, the head of MI5 warned. Read more…

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Issa writes Obama to challenge executive privilege
Tuesday, June 26, 2012
A House committee chairman has written President Barack Obama to challenge the executive privilege claim he invoked to maintain secrecy for some documents related to a failed gun-tracking operation. Read more…

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EDITORIAL: Arizona fights ‘intrusion of obnoxious aliens’

EDITORIAL: Arizona fights ‘intrusion of obnoxious aliens’
The Washington Times | The Supreme Court ruled that the state of Arizona checking the citizenship status of people detained or arrested for other offenses is not racial profiling. The court, however, refused to address the core issue: What can states do to protect their borders when the federal government refuses to enforce the law? Read more…

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Afghans cross border, kill 13 Pakistan troops
Associated Press
Monday, June 25, 2012
Militants crossed into Pakistan from Afghanistan and killed 13 Pakistani troops, beheading seven of them, the Pakistani military charged, and the country’s outraged new prime minister said he would protest to the Afghan president. Read more…

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DANIEL GREENFIELD: WHY THE NEWSROOM IS GOOD NEWS FOR REPUBLICANS The last time Aaron Sorkin had a high-profile political television show, liberals used it to cope with the decline and fall of the Clinton Presidency and the long winter of the Bush Years. The West Wing was a coping mechanism for the death of a liberal dream, and so is The Newsroom. Both are […]

MOSHE DANN: JUDICIAL LYNCHING,7340,L-4247487,00.html Op-ed: Top institutions use power arbitrarily, without due process to prevent settlement expansion In 2011, the State Prosecutor’s Office asked the High Court to remove a few buildings in Beit El which it said had been built illegally on “private Palestinian land.” The Court accepted this request and ordered the buildings removed by July […]


Imagine if someone suggested that you should read a book that discusses whether or not Norway, or the United States for that matter, should exist. You would be shocked or at least surprised that anyone would want to question the right of a sovereign nation, and a member of the United Nations, to exist. In the case of Israel, however, posing that question does not seem to be out-of-bounds. At any given time, you might hear of or even attend conferences and seminars on that very subject in some American or Western European university.

It is, therefore, no surprise that Michael Curtis, a distinguished scholar and professor emeritus at Rutgers University, has devoted a whole book to examining the subject and refuting the claims of those who question Israel’s right to exist. The result is a masterly essay in which the best tools of scholarship are employed in the service of what is, after all, a moral case in support of Israel.

At first glance, Israel could be regarded as typical of the 150 or so nation-states that have emerged in the four corners of the globe in the wake of the World War II. Politically, it is the fruit of a liberation struggle against an imperial power—in this case Great Britain. Territorially, it is located in a chunk of an even older colonial power—in this case the Ottoman Empire. Legally, it is a creature of the United Nations, which, as successor to the British mandate on Palestine, endorsed the creation of the Jewish state.

So, why should Israel be singled out as the target of a campaign of vilification seldom waged against any other nation?

“THE STATE OF THE JEWS” NOBODY SAYS IT BETTER THAN EDWARD ALEXANDER The State of the Jews examines the current predicament of the Jewish people and the land of Israel, both of which still stand at the storm center of history, because Jews can never take the right to live as a natural right. The volume comprises celebrations and attacks. Edward Alexander celebrates writers like Abba […]


Islamic Slavery — on The Glazov Gang
by Jamie Glazov
Nonie Darwish, Eric Allen Bell and Dr. Nancy Bonus shed light on the continuation of a vicious institution in the Muslim world.
The Muslim Brotherhood Takes Egypt — on The Jamie Glazov Show
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