MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD GLORIFIES AND ENCOURAGES FEMALE JIHADISTS The Muslim Brotherhood Glorifies and Encourages Female Jihadists Posted by Al Mutarjim Writing for the European Council of Fatwa and Research, a Muslim Brotherhood-linked organization headed by Yusuf al-Qaradawi, Dr. ‘Ali Muhiy al-Din al-Qarah Daghi in his 2006 treatise “Al-mar’a wal-musharika al-siyasia wal-dimuqratia” (Women and Political and Democratic Participation) lists six political rights that women […]

WHO’S REALLY MINDING THE BUDGET? PAUL RYAN “Budget boot camp”: Congressman Paul Ryan trains GOP freshmen on the debt crisis In an interview with Mike Huckabee on Fox News, Representative Paul Ryan discusses his efforts to educate congressional newcomers about the “Tidal Wave of Debt” currently threatening the nation, and the solutions which need to be pursued to ensure enduring fiscal […]

Ongoing Efforts to Derail the Tea Party Christopher Adamo When the burgeoning Tea Party first became apparent in early 2009, the Democrat/media political machine attempted to simply ignore it. Later on, their response was to try to trivialize it as a “fringe movement” or, in the words of then House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D.-CA) as “Astroturf,” an obvious intimation that it was a […]

BRUCE KESLER:Obama Administration Compounds the Inherent Contradictions in Foreign Policy From Vietnam to today, the majority of US public opinion has supported confronting active threats to US security. And, naturally, Americans sympathize with the oppressed and their human rights. However, as the costs rose, time elapsed, and foreign policy dilettantes recoil from the realities of armed intervention, other firmer supporters increasingly bemoan the restrictions […]

VIDEOS FROM FAMILY SECURITY MATTERS….SEE NOTE PLEASE THIS DOG IS DOG’S BEST FRIEND…IN VIDEON 1….AND SPEAKING OF CURS CHECK OUT JOY (WHAT’S IN A NAME?) BEHAR….AND HARRY “THE TEA PARTIES WILL BE GONE SOON” REID….RSK 1. AMAZING Video: Dog in Japan stays by the side of its ailing friend in the rubble 2. Video: Behar: “People In Concentration Camps Made Jokes […]

KATHRYN JEAN LOPEZ INTERVIEWS GIULIO MEOTTI**** Genocide in Israel We in the West have much to repent for in the blind eye we have turned to the slaughter of innocents. ‘The victims were sleeping as the killer came in. The paramedics described children’s toys right next to pools of blood. It’s the worst single attack in Israel’s recent history.” That’s […]

RICH LOWRY: THE DEATH OF AN ILLUSION IN THE MIDEAST In the great Middle East whodunit, the verdict is in: The Jews are innocent. They aren’t responsible for the violence, extremism, backwardness, discontent, or predatory government of their Arab neighbors. The past few months should have finally shattered the persistent illusion that the Israeli-Palestinian question determines all in the Middle East. In an essay […]

NO MORE BULLYING!….ER….EXCEPT FOR UNIONS: DAN MILLER Bully kids? Bad. Union bullies? Role models for kids. There was an excellent article a few days ago on some of the reasons why the government is too big, expensive and pervasive. There are additional reasons, including the very nature of the bureaucratic process and the propensity of many to demand that the government […]


The Lesson in the Death of Yoav Fogel By William Sullivan Quite often, criticism of the Quran is accused of being contextually incorrect, its detractors charged with cherry-picking quotes in efforts to demonize Muslims.  Below is one of those oft-quoted blurbs that Islamic apologists insist is just another of the Quran’s messages where the […]


Qadaffi’s Chicago Connection By M. Catharine Evans Two belated weeks after the Libyan people rose up against a brutal dictator, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton finally stated that “Qadaffi must go.” Prior to the demand for the “mad dog of the Middle East” to leave Libya, Obama issued a lackluster statement with no mention […]