THE SULTAN: WEEKEND ROUNDUP PART ONE Friday Afternoon Roundup – Bully for You In New York, Osman Daramy, a 12 African boy was charged with a ‘hate crime’ because while bullying a number of kids in the school, one of the kids he bullied was a Muslim girl. And in between punching her, he tore off her Hijab. The message […]


[For latest on Richard Muller's emerging temperature con and Kerry Emanuel's woes -- go to -- Muller and Emanuel are both coped on this email.] Richard Muller’s Temperature Project Aptly Termed The ‘Berkeley Scam’ — — Muller’s team ‘are completely unbiased and open minded, though they have already determined (ahead of their neutral study) that […]


PRUDEN: The kinetic warriors playing at war – Washington Times The kinetic warriors playing at war Wesley Pruden, Washington The revolutionaries in Libya are hitting their target, the empty sky, but Barack Obama, who wants to be a secret enabler, keeps firing blanks with his teleprompter. With no particular plan and nobody in […]

JOEL MOWBRAY: DEFEAT FOR J STREET AND VICTORY FOR ISRAEL Joel Mowbray reports: J-Street defends the indefensible J-Street suffered a humiliating defeat yesterday on Capitol Hill — which means Israel scored an important victory. The George Soros-funded “pro-Israel” group inexplicably mobilized its machinery to oppose a bipartisan letter that merely called on President Obama to pressure the Palestinian Authority to end its longstanding practice […]

CAROLINE GLICK:AMERICAN JEWRY’S FIGHT Over the past year or so, American Jewish opponents of Israel like writer and activist Peter Beinart have sought to intimidate and demoralize Israelis by telling us that American Jews either no longer support us or will stop supporting us if we don’t give in to all the Arabs’ demands. But statistical evidence exposes […]


How the most transparent administration in history gets a transparent congressional debate on war in Libya [1] By Andrew C. McCarthy Greetings from sunny southern California, where I’m nearing the end of a week of speechifying. … Speaking of which, that sure was some senate debate on whether we should go to war with Libya, […]

STUPID PASTOR’S DUMB STUNT LEADS TO VIOLENCE….WHERE IS THE WORD “DISPROPORTIONATE”???? Among those murdered were Norwegian, Romanian, Swedish and Nepalese nationals. Two were decapitated, it is understood. ‘Hold Islam accountable’: U.S. pastor defiant after his Koran-burning publicity stunt led to two UN staff being beheaded and five others murdered Florida pastor Terry Jones has not apologised for a Koran burning stunt last month that led […]

AN AUSTRALIAN REVEALS HOW HE LOST FAITH IN MULTICULTURALISM GREG SHERIDAN IN 1993, my family and I moved into Belmore in southwest Sydney. It is the next suburb to Lakemba. When I first moved there I loved it. We bought a house just behind Belmore Sports Ground, in those days the home of my beloved Bulldogs rugby league team. Transport was great, 20 […]

APRILS’ FOOL NAPOLITANO “ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT STUDENTS NOT TO BE TARGETED” DHS: Illegal immigrant students not a target for deportation According to the Washington Times news report that was written by veteran Washington Times journalist Stephan Dinan, Secretary of DHS Janet Napolitano made a statement on Friday, April 1st that left me utterly astounded.  Here is how she was quoted: Homeland Security Secretary Janet […]


Arabs Condemn – But Prefer – Israel Yoram Ettinger, “Second Thought: A US-Israel Initiative”,7340,L-4050815,00.html The current seismic developments in Arab countries have removed the Middle East “screen saver,” exposing the real Middle East: top heavy on violence, fragmentation, volatility, hate-education and treachery, and low on predictability, certainty, credibility and democracy.  The collapse of Arab […]