COUNTER TERRORISM CONTRADICTIONS: GADI ADELMAN In the second paragraph of the Overview of the National Strategy for Counterterrorism it states, The United States deliberately uses the word “war” to describe our relentless campaign against al-Qa’ida. However, this Administration has made it clear that we are not at war with the tactic of terrorism or the religion of Islam. We are […]

TEACHING SHARIA LAW IN AMERICA: SANDRA WIDEMAN This week, one of the leading authorities on Islamic Law and Chair of the Islamic Studies Program at UCLA, Dr. Khaled Abou El Fadl, spoke at the 2011 Kenner Lecture Series at Lehigh University’s Zoellner Center. Dr. El Fadl served on the U.S. Commission for International Religious Freedom under President George W. Bush. He […]

ROBIN SHEPHERD: THE UK GUARDIAN’S VITRIOL FOR ISRAEL UNABATED On Friday this coming week, the Palestinian leadership will ask the United Nations Security Council for recognition of a Palestinian state on the basis of 1967 borders which are entirely indefensible for the State of Israel. Anyone but a fool can see that this is a blatant attempt to avoid direct negotiations with Israel […]

IF EGYPT TEARS UP ITS DEAL WITH ISRAEL, WHY SHOULD ISRAEL MAKE A DEAL WITH THE PALARABS?…MIRIAM SHAVIV Is there a silver lining to the rapid deterioration in Israeli relations with Egypt? Many pundits seem to assume that the near-collapse of the peace treaty with Israel’s main Arab ally, after a mob attacked the Israeli embassy in Cairo and the Israeli ambassador had to flee the country, will force the Israeli public […]


The Arab and Muslim world has made very effective use of Israeli Arabs as terrorists and bullies. From the Lebanese Civil War, to the streets of Iran, where Palestinian Arab terrorists are being used as snipers and gunmen to suppress protests against Ahmadinejad, they have always been weapons. Ideology has served to frame a mythical Palestinian identity for them in terms that make them all into mercenaries, terrorists and martyrs. Where Israel took in Jewish refugees, the Arab world deliberately perpetuated an Arab refugee problem in order to turn them into weapons. Once they were the weapons of Arab Socialism. Now they are the weapons of Islam.

In the spring of 1964, while the Vietnam War was underway, the space program had brought close up photos of the moon, and the Beatles were topping the charts; the Arab League convened to try and find a way to complete the ethnic cleansing of Jews from Israel. They had tried it once before in 1948, with incomplete results. Back then, the Arab forces had managed to capture and ethnically cleanse the eastern half of Jerusalem, as well as seizing and annexing the West Bank and Gaza. But for 16 years, Israel had managed to frustrate their designs by stubbornly continuing to exist.

THE POLITICIZED HIRING OF ERIC HOLDER’S APPELLATE SECTION: HANS A. VON SPAKOVSKY Every Single One: The Politicized Hiring of Eric Holder’s Appellate Section All seven new hires to the Justice Department’s Criminal Section have far-left resumes — which were only released following a PJMedia lawsuit. (This is the eleventh of a series of articles about the Justice Department’s hiring practices since President Obama took office. Read […]


According to Al Gore’s website, “millions” tuned in to watch the 24-hour global warming filibuster that concluded Thursday. Few were moved to anything but laughter.

Mr. Gore’s publicity stunt was intended to explore the “reality of global climate change” with a webcast from 24 separate time zones across the planet. What handfuls of viewers actually saw was the same hectoring Powerpoint lecture repeated through the course of an entire day. The message drummed in over and over was that mankind’s collective exhalations have been causing cataclysms. “This slide show, which in varying forms – the variations being representative of the varying regions that have hosted presentations over the past 23 hours – is designed to present that reality,” said Mr. Gore during his final sermon Thursday. Riveting.

Lehman rocks Navy with complaints about political correctness Ex-secretary says aviation needs swagger

The Navy’s former top civilian has rocked the service in a military journal article by accusing officials of sinking the storied naval air branch into a sea of political correctness.

Former Navy Secretary John Lehman, himself a former carrier-based aviator, wrote that the swagger and daring of yesterday’s culture has given way to a focus on integrating women and, this year, gays.

Pilots constantly worry about anonymous complaints about salty language, while squadron commanders are awash in bureaucratic requirements for reports and statistics, he added.

“Those attributes of naval aviators — willingness to take intelligent calculated risk, self-confidence, even a certain swagger — that are invaluable in wartime are the very ones that make them particularly vulnerable in today’s zero-tolerance Navy,” said Mr. Lehman, who led the Navy in the Reagan administration.


On September 16, 2011, the New York Times actually used the word “Islamist” in a front page story—not as often or as prominently as the word “militant” but still, there it was—and in an article titled “At White House, Weighing Limits of Terror Fight.”

For all those who are invested in the Lie that the infidels (i.e. Western civilization} are not under attack, allow me to point out that the anti-Israel and anti-American Paper of Record had, altogether, three articles on the front page about Afghanistan, Bahrain, and about “Islamist militants in Yemen and Somalia” as well as about “Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, based in Yemen, and the Somalia-based Shabab;” “Al Qaeda operating in Afghanistan…and in the tribal regions of Pakistan.”

In this same issue, the Times also has articles which focus on or mention Jordan, “Palestine,” Turkey, Afghanistan, Libya, Bahrain, Lebanon, Yemen, Somalia, Pakistan, and the Arabian Peninsula.

Even the Times knows that something is up, something has gone wrong, very wrong in terms of the Muslim world, that it is far bigger than Israel, and that it won’t get better merely by blaming Israel or America.

Countries who live in occupied glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. But they do – only at Israel, of course.

Steven Shamrak was involved in the Moscow Zionist movement. He worked as a construction engineer at the Moscow Olympic Games project and as a computer consultant in Australia. For several years, he has been publishing an Internet editorial letter about the Arab-Israel conflict.

There are many lands around the world that have been occupied not so long ago by other countries. Many of them are still subjugated to the rule of an occupying power. They were conquered during offensive or defensive wars, throughout the process of establishment of statehood or as a part of colonial and imperial policy.