Al-Qaeda’s Commands to Morsi — on The Glazov Gang

Telephone recordings between Muhammad Zawahiri and Egypt’s ousted president?

This week’s Glazov Gang was joined by Ann-Marie Murrell, the National Director of, Dwight Schultz, a Hollywood Actor, and Tommi Trudeau, the Producer of “Groovy Foods.”

The Gang gathered to discuss Al-Qaeda’s Commands to Morsi. The discussion occurred in Part II (starting at the 7:50 mark) and analyzed the alleged telephone recordings between ousted Egyptian president Muhammad Morsi and Muhammad Zawahiri, al-Qaeda leader Ayman Zawahiri’s brother.

The episode also analyzed CBS Edits Out Cruz’s Criticism of Obama, Lies of the State of the Union, Malik Obama’s Terrorist Scarf, Hillary “Regrets” Benghazi and much, much more. Watch both parts of the two-part episode below:

John Kerry: Misguided Zealot By Ari Lieberman See note please

Miguided? No….Zealot? Yes….He shows the same disdain for Israel that he showed for the United States in his libelous testimony to Congress in April 1971 when he called American troops in Vietnam “war criminals.”. How this hack came to be a Senator, a contender for the White House and now Secretary of the Hate Israel State Department is evidence of apathy toward the radical leftists and their destructive agenda….rsk

To fully understand John Kerry, one must examine comments he made back in 2010 when he showered Bashar al-Assad of Syria with accolades, absurdly referring to him as “a man who wants change” and advocated Israeli territorial concessions that included ceding the strategic Golan Heights to the Syrian dictator as well as Israel’s ancestral capital to Palestinian Arabs.

Of course had Israel heeded Kerry’s request, al-Qaida as well as other global jihadist elements would now be perched along the banks of the Sea of Galilee. One of Israel’s quietest borders would have been instantly transformed into a hotbed of radicalism and volatility.

In 2009 Kerry authored a letter which backed anti-Israel flotilla activists who were cooperating with the Turkish IHH terrorist organization. In it, he expressed “strong support” for their activities and referred to them as a “humanitarian delegation.” Apparently, Kerry is unable to distinguish between genuine humanitarians and those with nefarious, genocidal aims.

DAVID HORNIK: SALUTING BARRY RUBIN On a night a few years ago, I sat by my computer well past the witching hour, emailing rapidly and copiously with Barry Rubin. The subject was a couple of American Jewish “peace” organizations and what could be done to counteract them, to expose their ignorance and dangerous folly. I finally—I think it was […]

LT. COLONEL JAMES G. ZUMWALT, USMC (RET)- THE PELOSI SCHOOL OF FOREIGN POLICY As members of the U.S. Senate indicate they favor legislation imposing stricter sanctions on Iran should it violate a nuclear accord — the complete details of which U.S. President Barack Obama has yet to release — and, as he threatens to veto any such legislation Congress may pass, we learn Tehran now needs only […]

PETER HUESSY: MORE NUCLEAR ZERO GLOBALONEY The current push by America’s radical left to reduce America’s nuclear deterrent to zero is increasingly characterized by wrong-headed assumptions wrapped around highly questionable assertions ending in outright falsehoods. The most recent example is an essay on January 20, 2014 by Eugene Chow in “The Week”, titled “Why are all of America’s nuclear missiles […]

THE NECESSARY WAR: PART 2- JOHN GALT Unlike in the areas of economic and political restructuring of the old USA, where the president is so faithfully following the teachings of his ideological predecessors, in dealing with the issue of terrorism his policies are full of strategic blunders and tactical inconsistencies. In Egypt, President Obama backed the Muslim Brotherhood and president Mohamed […]

CAROLINE GLICK: KERRY’S ISRAELI SUPPORTERS Once again, on Saturday, US Secretary of State John Kerry tried to extort Israeli concessions to the PLO by threatening us with a Western economic boycott.   Kerry is obsessed with Israel’s economic success. Last May he told us that we’re too rich to surrender our land. Now he’s saying we’ll be poor if we […]


When I see news of Syrian civilians being barrel-bombed by their government and others needlessly starving to death, it is clear that only Israel can pull this crazy world out of its spiraling descent into self-destruction.

In the last few weeks, floods of wounded Syrians have been seeking and receiving treatment in Israeli hospitals. A Christian group even rushed a Muslim Syrian Kurdish child from Iran-dominated Iraq to Israel, to repair the hole in her heart. At the IDF field hospital on the Syrian border, soldiers apply a core Jewish value: “Whoever saves one life, saves the entire world”. We then witnessed the surreal spectacle of Arabs on Al-Jazeera TV questioning as to why the Syrian army, Hezbollah and other Islamic military groups cannot be more humane like the Israeli army.

Every week the Jewish State gives hope to the sick and disadvantaged around the world. Just look at some of the latest medical discoveries and innovations from Israeli universities and bio-techs.
Researchers at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem have just discovered a cure for abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) – the 13th biggest killer in the Western world. They have patented low-level laser treatment to reduce inflammation and promote wound healing that will transform the lives of the 200,000 new patients diagnosed with AAA in the US each year. Still with the Hebrew U, researchers there have developed a peptide to counteract enzymes in high blood sugar that cause brain cell death – the reason why diabetics have a much higher risk of Alzheimer’s and dementia. And doctors throughout Africa are anxiously waiting for HUJ researchers to announce their solution to the malaria parasite. The deadly disease is responsible for more than one million deaths each year.

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Turkish Financial Crisis Adds to Region’s Chaos By David P Goldman More than coincidence accounts for the visit to Iran by Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan on January 28, the same day that his economic policy collapsed in a most humiliating way. As the Turkish lira collapsed to levels that threatened to bankrupt many Turkish companies, the country’s central bank raised interest rates, ignoring […]