LIPMAN EMANUEL PIKE(B.1845): AMERICA’S FIRST JEWISH HOME RUN KING A JEWISH LIP: NEW BOOK ON LIPMAN EMANUEL PIKE EXPLORES BASEBALL PLAYER’S CAREER, RELIGIOUS IDENTITY More Articles By Menachem WeckerMenachem Wecker Lipman Pike: America’s First Home Run King By Richard Michelson Seven days after his bar mitzvah, Lip, with his dad’s approval, joined a junior baseball league.  “A couple of ladies in lawn chairs […]


Israeli lecturer attacked by Belfast pro-Palestine activists By Marcus Dysch, Stephen Jaffe, of Northern Ireland Friends of Israel, said: “The situation on campus is extremely menacing for any speaker or student who is brave enough to be supportive of Israel.” An Israeli law lecturer had to be rescued by security officers when a seminar […]

THE NEW YORKER JOINED THE FAN CLUB THAT GLORIFIES AL-HA-ARETZ AND ISRAEL’S ENEMIES: GIULIO MEOTTI*** Everyone Dribbles for Haaretz by Giulio Meotti “Israel is the only nation that has virtually no civilians, the only UN member that is threatened with extinction and is always under existential threat by a nuclear apocalyptic Iranian leadership, Haaretz is a dangerous news media wedge with its cultural wickedness and pathological self-hatred [of the […]


Nuke reactors to power your home? Nuke reactors to power your home? -  Communities could run for decades without having to refuel Jerome Corsi, Bill Gates announced last week that his start-up company, TerraPower LLC, is ready to build and test a small-scale nuclear reactor that theoretically could power a local community for […]

THE SULTAN: THE ECONOMIC REVOLUTION OF THE ENVIRONMENTALISTS The Economic Counterrevolution of the Environmentalists Capitalism had won. It was not people’s revolutions, but the slow industry of a rising middle class that toppled feudal monarchies. Productivity led to prosperity, and succeeding generations of new money made the class system nearly irrelevant. The process moved swiftest in the new American colonies, where a […]

ROBIN SHEPHERD: OBSESSION WITH ISRAEL MAKES EVERYONE IGNORANT Obsession with Israel makes us all ignorant By Robin Shepherd ” Because the bright lights of publicity suddenly go dark over the Middle East when Jews cannot be held responsible for misbehaviour.Want a sneak preview of what’s coming next? I’ll say it in a whisper. Did you know that Saudi Arabia funds university faculties […]

HUDA BEN AMIR: QADDAFI’S SADISTIC PAL By Nick Meo, Benghazi 6:00AM GMT 06 Mar 2011 When Colonel Gaddafi hanged his first political opponent in Benghazi’s basketball stadium, thousands of schoolchildren and students were rounded up to watch a carefully choreographed, sadistic display of the regime’s version of justice. They had been told they would see the trial of one of […]

HANNAH ROSENTHAL OBAMAPPOINTEE….BREAKS PITA WITH ISLAMIC RADICALS COMMENT FROM AN OBSERVER…. Friends, Look what we have here! Hannah Rosenthal, the head of the State Department’s International Anti-Semitism Committee (Appointed by Hillary and Obama) recently delivered a keynote speech at the March, 2011, Islamic Society of North America’s (ISNA) D.C. interfaith event. Do a little research on ISNA and you learn that […]

THE LYBIAN/LONDON SCHOOL OF ECONOMICS: MICHAEL WEISS….FABULOUS!! The Libyan School of Economics by Michael Weiss “Professor Mundy is an interesting sort of British academic, a woman who looks as if she might deceive an experienced undertaker into embalming on sight and yet can grow quite visibly animated when it comes to the issue of Jewish statehood and its discontents.” For a […]

ANNALS OF ISLAMIC INTIMIDATION: AMATEUR HOUR….ROGER KIMBALL “Buzz off.”  I wanted to put it less politely, but what follows is a message that should be taken on board by even by the most tenderhearted, so I decided on delicacy. A few days ago, the journalist Michael Weiss posted a column on The New Criterion weblog called “The Libyan School of Economics.” […]