IN VERSE FROM NATIONAL REVIEW: FAREWELL TO 2010 **** A Farewell to 2010 A poem to commemorate an eventful political year. Farewell to a glorious two thousand ten When tea stimulated the voters, who then — No longer content to be ruled by their betters Who’d made them a nation of destitute debtors — Went straight to the polls and kicked out the […]

ANDREW McCARTHY: THE PRESIDENT IS NO PROSECUTOR The President Is No Prosecutor Congress, not the executive, controls criminal law. With respect to the federal government, whose formation he then was championing, Alexander Hamilton assured skeptics during the debates over the new Constitution that state governments would enjoy “one transcendent advantage” — they would retain control over “the administration of criminal and […]

THE ESSENTIAL QUESTIONS REGARDING PALARAB STATEHOOD: MOSHE DANN The Two Essential Questions Regarding Palestinian Statehood Posted By Moshe Dann When the PLO was founded in 1964, “liberation” included all of Israel. In 1974, the UN granted the PLO non-state diplomatic status; its mission was, and is, to “liberate Palestine.” All of it. That goal has not changed. In 1988, when the Palestine […]

AN AMERICAN CITIZEN LANGUISHES IN RUSSIAN PRISON EVEN AFTER ACQUITTAL!!! Putin’s ‘Justice’ a Nightmare for One American Citizen Kim Zigfeld Arkady Gontmakher, an American citizen from Seattle, is languishing in a Russian jail even though he has been acquitted of the crime they re-arrested him for. “American values, and American lives, mean nothing to Barack Obama.  All he cares about is packing his political […]

O’REILLY IS A “PINHEAD” WHEN IT COMES TO UNDERSTANDING ENCROACHING SHARIA Bill O’Reilly’s Mindslaughter By Andrew G. Bostom It is somewhat ironic that immensely popular Fox News host Bill O’Reilly epitomizes willful blindness to Sharia, or Islamic Law, encroachment in the US.  Mr. O’Reilly has been pilloried by the left for both his undeniably accurate statements that the cataclysmic acts of jihad terrorism on 9/11/2001 […]


Islamic Supremacists Envision a Takeover of the Internet By Pamela Geller Page Printed from: It was hardly noticed at the time, but its consequences could be catastrophic.  Late last September, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), which assigns internet domain names, approved a huge change in the way it operates.  Europe […]

WHO IS RUSSIAN PRISONER MIKHAIL KHODORKOVSKY? A Prisoner in Putin’s Russia Khodorkovsky’s biggest crime was asserting political independence. Mikhail Khodorkovsky, the former Russian oil tycoon who became a prominent political symbol in jail, will undoubtedly stay behind bars beyond the end of his current prison term next year. The news comes as no surprise. Russia’s Vladimir Putin wanted him out […]

GOP “FRONTRUNNERS” WHO SHOULD GO TO THE BACK OF THE LINE PAWLENTY, ROMNEY, THUNE ARE BORING AND HAYLEY BARBOUR  LOOKS LIKE A SLICK AND SLEAZY SOUTHERN LAWYER IN A GRISHAM NOVEL…..RSK This month’s early, under-the-radar campaigning by potential Republican challengers to President Obama is a reminder of something too easily forgotten: Running for president is harder than it looks, and Mr. Obama ultimately will stand […]

MEDICAL ASSOCIATION ARE USELESS IN PROTESTING OBAMACARE PEREDNIA: Doctors left in the lurch by own medical associations By Dr. Douglas A. Perednia Here’s a tip for those wanting to overhaul Obamacare: Ask doctors how to make health care more efficient. They can tell you where to find hundreds of billions of dollars in cost savings. But don’t imagine that you’ll get […]

GO WEST!!! READY TO CHALLENGE THE STATUS QUO IN D.C. “Compromise should mean that you never sacrifice your principles,” he said. “I understand the Beltway two-step – or whatever you want to call it – of compromise, but you can’t surrender your principles, because when you do it the first time, it just becomes easier to do it each and every subsequent time.” SEAN […]