Are Islam and Islamists Taking Over Britain? Jerry Philipson


June 29 was Armed Forces Day in Britain.

Lee Rigby was a British soldier who was attacked, murdered, butchered and beheaded in broad daylight on a busy street near his barracks in London last month. He was attacked, murdered, butchered and beheaded by Islamists acting in the name of Islam.

Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller are great heroes of our time. Both are tireless, passionate defenders of human rights, freedom of speech, freedom of expression and freedom in general and fierce critics of Islam and Islamists because Islam and Islamists destroy human rights, freedom of speech, freedom of expression and freedom in general wherever they are found and do it in cruel, hideous ways. Spencer and Geller do not advocate violence and never have and do not speak out against Muslims as such. They speak out against Islam and Islamists and spend their time exposing both in the hope of preserving human rights and freedom and turning back the Islamic tide.

Islamists hate them both and demonize them both because they cannot stand exposure, cannot stand the light that Spencer and Geller shine on them.

Spencer and Geller were scheduled to lay a wreath for Rigby at a memorial service on Armed Forces Day but were banned from entering Britain by the British government because their presence was deemed “not conducive to the public good.” Neither was going to speak at the service…all they were going to do was lay a wreath. They were banned because Islamists threatened violence and civil unrest if they were allowed in and the government capitulated to their demand to refuse them admission as a result.

This from a government and a country that is infested and overrun with Islamists that are destroying the fabric of the nation and rapidly turning Britain into an Islamic land governed by Sharia, Islamic law.

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For the European Union (EU), labeling Hezbollah as a terrorist organization amounts to a tough philosophical question. But labeling Israeli products from Judea and Samaria as non-Israeli entails no such travails.

While there is no question that Hezbollah is a terrorist organization, defining Judea and Samaria as “occupied territory” is debatable at best.

In international law, a territory is occupied when it has been conquered from a sovereign country. The west bank of the Jordan River was neither a sovereign country nor part of a sovereign country when it was conquered by Israel in June 1967. During the 1948 War, and as a result of the 1949 Armistice Agreements, the Hashemite Kingdom conquered and annexed the hilltops of what was supposed to become part of an Arab state according to the 1947 Partition Plan. This annexation was never recognized by the international community (with the exception of Britain and Pakistan). So Israel did not seize a territory from a recognized and legal sovereign country. Rather, Israel recovered a territory that had been granted to the Jewish people for self-determination by the Balfour Declaration (1917), by the Sèvres Treaty (1920), and by the League of Nations Mandate (1922) which was confirmed by the UN Charter in 1945. Those are binding international documents, as opposed to the 1947 Partition Plan, which was a mere recommendation (like all UN General Assembly resolutions) and which became moot the moment it was flatly rejected by the Arab League. The west bank of the Jordan River is thus a disputed, not an occupied, territory.

There are many disputed or occupied territories in the world. Yet the EU does not discriminate against products from those disputed or occupied areas.


Former CNN host Soledad O’Brien is joining Al-Jazeera America as a special correspondent, the network announced Monday.

Miss O’Brien will contribute short-form segments to the network’s prime-time current affairs magazine program, “America Tonight,” and her production company, Starfish Media Group, will produce hourlong documentary specials, the company said.

“O’Brien’s career producing and reporting on the human side of many of the most important stories of the past decade will fit in perfectly with what Al-Jazeera America will be covering every day,” said Ehab Al Shihabi, executive director of Al Jazeera’s international operations. “Her dedication to that type of journalism is what makes it so exciting to announce that she and her production company are joining the Al-Jazeera America team.”

“I look forward to beginning a relationship with Al-Jazeera America, which has made a commitment to producing quality programming and pursuing underreported stories,” Miss O’Brien, the former “Starting Point” anchor, said. “I am thrilled to be back in business with Kim Bondy, who is a long-time friend and among the finest journalists in the broadcast news business today. With this agreement, Starfish continues its expansion as a cross-platform media company dedicated to compelling storytelling and enterprise journalism.”


Gallantry, like common sense, dignity, good manners and truth-telling, long ago disappeared from public life in America, so Hillary Clinton is asking for a rough ride if she runs for president in 2016. She doesn’t have to look beyond the other side of her bed to see who did more than anyone else to push those homely virtues aside.

Hillary embraced militant feminism a long time ago, and the militant feminists scorned gallantry a long time ago, along with dignity, good manners and even consistent truth-telling, as remnants of a culture organized by men.

Still, if forced to choose between feminist rhetoric and feminine privilege, she might choose the perks. Most women would. No woman wants to see herself described as “a little long in the tooth”, or read a media analysis of her wrinkles, or study the photographs and video of her face for clues to an emergency reclamation project.

Nature can be cruel. John F. Kennedy, a good Democrat for his time who would be read out of the party of the present day, famously remarked that “life is unfair.” It is, in fact, unfair that women are judged, and often severely, by looks and age. But that, alas, is how it is. Women get lots of points for looks when they’re 25, or 35, or even 45, but eventually they start paying the piper. Arithmetic writes the rules for everyone. I would change them if I could. As a young man, I fancied “older women,” and one morning I woke up and all the older women were younger than me. Mere men are subject to arithmetic, too.

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Who declared

Whatever the legal ownership, I see no reason why the West Bank as a whole should be regarded as Judenrein. The whole of Transjordan was deliberately kept free of Jews by the British, and has been so ever since.

If Jews wish to live in the historic areas of Judea and Samaria from which so much of their civilisation sprang, I see no reason why they should not do so. But that is not to determine the eventual status of the area. That remains to be settled in the context of an overall peace settlement in accordance with Security Council resolution 242.

Possible Answers:

a) Yassir Arafat

b) Saeb Erekat

c) Raad Salah

d) Barack Obama

e) Menachem Begin

f) Vladimir Putin