AND THEN THERE IS HERMAN CAIN CEO….ANOTHER LOOK: NAT BROWN When Pillsbury asked Herman Cain to take over as president of its Godfather’s Pizza chain in 1986, they knew the man could deliver. In 1982, Cain had resigned his post as vice president of corporate systems for the company and taken up a new position as manager of the Philadelphia branch of Burger King […]

IS THE GOP NOMINATION RICK PERRY’S TO LOSE? ROGER SIMON “The rap on Perry is that he is another Texan, like George Bush. And because of Bush, the country is Texas-weary. But in person the governor is much more like Ronald Reagan than Bush. If I seem overly enthusiastic, it’s because I have spent a fair amount of time with Perry — pistol shooting […]


The Nation’s Economic Future by Herbert I. London For most of the last few months the Obama administration has maintained a “recovery” is underway. Seizing on a modest reduction in the unemployment rate, the president has waxed lyrical about the upswing in the nation’s economy. But the most recent economic data provides a very […]

Israel: Hizballah has 50,000 rockets in its arsenal

Israel: Hizballah has 50,000 rockets in its arsenal “Most of these weapons are stored in some 100 villages around southern Lebanon.” An update on this story, which also detailed Hizballah’s deliberate placement of weapons and military assets near “hospitals, private homes, and schools.” “IDF identifies thousands of Hezbollah sites in Lebanon,” by Yaakov Katz […]

Reclaiming a historical truth by Efraim Karsh

Reclaiming a historical truth by Efraim Karsh I agree with Shlomo Avineri, in his op-ed “Zionism does not need propaganda” (Haaretz English Edition, May 23), that the tragedy befalling the Palestinian Arabs in 1948 was exclusively of their own making, and that there is therefore “a grave moral defect in the Nakba discourse.” I […]

‘Matchless Jew’: The Belmont’s Jewish Backstory: Eliza McGraw In the 1869 Belmont Stakes, named after the Jewish financier August Belmont, the jockey and trainer Jacob Pincus—remembered after his death as “this matchless Jew”—made racing history ‘Matchless Jew’: The Belmont’s Jewish Backstory The owner of the horse — will it be Derby-winner Animal Kingdom, Preakness-winner Shackleford or a 30-to-1 longshot? — who takes […]

DOES HILLARY CLINTON WANT ANOTHER JOB? HMMM…TURNING ANOTHER SCREW ON OBAMA? U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has been in discussions with the White House about leaving her job next year to become head of the World Bank, sources familiar with the discussions said on Thursday. The former first lady and onetime political rival to President Barack Obama quickly became one of the most influential […]

PAMELA GELLER: PALINPHOBIA AT THE NYTIMES AND WASHPO HITS FEVER PITCH Media’s Palinphobia Hits Fever Pitch: NY TImes and WaPo Beg Readers to Scour Sarah’s Emails I have written often of the irrational violent cauldron of vicious hate that Sarah Palin’s goodness (and very existence) elicits from the forces of evil the left. A new low (is that even possible?) was reached today when the […]

WESLEY PRUDEN: WEINEROAST AND THE QUALITY OF MERCY The quality of mercy is not strain’d,” or so the Bard imagined. “It droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven.” Sometimes. Maybe. But Mr. Shakespeare never lived and worked in Washington, where many things droppeth but few are gentle. The Great Washington Weiner Roast continues into early summer, to the chagrin of Democrats and […]

MOSHE PHILLIPS: I STILL MISS PRESIDENT REAGAN… On the anniversary of President Reagan’s death – Recalling His Centennial Celebration Last February in the hours before the Steelers versus Packers Super Bowl game I found myself glued to the coverage on Fox News of the Reagan centennial birthday celebration at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation & Library. President Reagan was the president […]