ANNE BAYEFSKY: ROUHANI GIVES OBAMA COVER TO DELAY, DELAY, DELAY President Obama’s standing on the world stage took another nosedive Wednesday at the UN General Assembly. According to White House officials, the president of the world’s leading democracy was prepared to shake hands with the president of the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism – and the terrorist turned the democrat down. The […]


In mounting their case against Senators Ted Cruz, House conservatives, and the grass-roots campaign to defund Obamacare, the Republican establishment and its like-minded scribes pound an oft-repeated talking point into conventional wisdom: Cruz cannot win.

In this telling, the senator has recklessly embarked on a populist campaign that taps into public anger over Obamacare but has no winning endgame. The Beltway clerisy elaborates that Cruz and his defunding partner, Senator Mike Lee, have failed to account for the Democratic majority and procedural rules that control the Senate. These purportedly immovable obstacles guarantee that the defunding measure they spurred the House to pass cannot be enacted into law. Therefore, conventional wisdom now holds, the only outcomes Cruz & Co. can hope for are (a) an ignominious, demoralizing defeat that will strengthen President Obama’s hand or (b) a stalemate between the House, on the one hand, and the Senate and Obama, on the other — a stalemate that will result in a government shutdown that, in turn, will grievously harm Republican electoral prospects.

There is a good deal wrong with this analysis. I’ve already described some of it in a recent post, and there will be more to say on it. But I want to explore a different topic that the establishment potshots at Cruz, Lee and House conservatives have obscured:

What is the GOP establishment’s strategy for undoing Obamacare?

TONY ABBOTT AMD JULIE BISHOP INTEND TO REVERS THE ANTI-ISRAEL DIRECTION IN AUSTRALIA’S VOTING PATTERMS IN THE UN Abbott and Julie Bishop intend to reverse the anti-Israel direction in Australia’s voting pattern in UN resolutions that Kevin Rudd oversaw as prime minister and foreign minister, and which Bob Carr continued. This is an immensely important sign of the Coalition government’s values and direction. Canberra will revert to the voting pattern established by […]

Iran and the Nuclear Chicken by Ali Salim The use of weapons of mass destruction to kill civilians in Syria is merely the preview for the main event, which, as soon as Iran’s nuclear project is completed, will be, in the name of Allah, the destruction of entire nations — especially those with oil — as the Saudis see better than anyone. […]

NEW YORK MUSLIM DAY PARADE PARTICIPANTS CARRY AL-QAEDA FLAGS!!!! DANIEL GREENFIELD Some are held by spectators and others by marchers in the parade meaning that the organizers of the parade had to approve marchers carrying Jihadist symbols. I can’t think of any other group that would be allowed parade around with blatant terrorist insignia in the city that those same terrorists attacked. Muslims will claim […]

CAIR Honors Leading Interfaith Islamist Posted By Ryan Mauro The rest of the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood network is admiring the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) for its success in forging interfaith partnerships. The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has announced that its 19th annual banquet will honor the Islamist that has become the face of that success: Sayyid Syeed of ISNA. CAIR […]

Obama’s Enabling of Islam’s War on Christians — on The Glazov Gang

This week’s Glazov Gang was joined by Raymond Ibrahim, the Freedom Center’s Shillman Fellow and the author of the new book, ”Crucified Again: Exposing Islam’s New War on Christians.”

Raymond shed light on Obama’s Enabling of Islam’s War on Christians. The discussion occurred within the context of a larger dialogue about Islam’s new war on Christians, the Brotherhood’s Church-burning sprees, its rape gangs, and Egyptians’ anger at Obama.

Raymond also discussed the hypocrisy of Obama’s call for war against Assad, the Syrian rebels’ plans to annihilate Syria’s Christians, and the media’s cover-up of the whole Islamic war against Christians.

To watch the interview, see below:

REMEMBERING THE CONSTITUTION: A NEEDED REFRESHER COURSE ON THE FOUNDING PRINCIPLES Everyone can use a reminder of the principles that made America the exceptional nation. That’s why Congress established Sept. 17 as Constitution Day, marking the anniversary of the adoption of that remarkable document. Robert Van Tuinen, a student at Modesto Junior College in California’s Central Valley, learned the hard way that eternal vigilance is […]

DR. BEN CARSON: THE GRIT AND GUMPTION TO RESIST OBAMACARE**** Today, the freedom of Americans to control their own health care needs is being threatened by massive governmental interference. Those attempting to fundamentally change America are attempting to take control of the most important thing any of us possesses: our health. It often comes at a heavy cost, but freedom is worth fighting for. […]

HERBERT LONDON: WHO ARE WE? Here is a question that haunts America today. The distinguished historian Samuel Huntington has an answer based on founding documents and a national creed. But the answer of a decade ago seems weak, almost feckless, in a nation transformed by demography, educational inadequacy and historical amnesia. I readily admit this “new nation” is a […]