Bermuda Triangle of the Middle East – Kurdistan disappeared. In 1920 the League of Nations carved Kurdistan into Turkey, Iraq, Syria, and Iran.

Kurds date back to 2400 BC where they live today. After the 7th Century they became followers of Mohamed. Saladin was a Kurdish Muslim and the Sultan of Syria and of Egypt. He led forces against King Richard I during the Crusades. Various empires ruled until the Ottoman Empire. WWI Allies promised a “Great Kurdistan”. It did not happen. Britain and France divided rule over Turkey, Iraq, Syria, and Iran until each was granted statehood.

Kurdistan has rugged beauty, mountains, and waterfalls. The size of Ohio, it is within countries created by the League of Nations: Turkish Kurdistan, in eastern Turkey; Iraqi Kurdistan, in northern Iraq; Iranian Kurdistan, in northern Iran; and Western Kurdistan, in northeast Syria.

Saddam Hussein’s 1988 genocidal campaign was led by his cousin, Chemical Al. The town of Halabja was attacked with nerve gas and chemical weapons; killing 5,000 people. Sixty Kurdish towns were gassed in the “Arabization” campaign.

After the Gulf War of 1991 the Iraqi Peshmerga Kurds, trained by the CIA, took over parts of northern Iraq. US and Britain established a no fly zone. United Nations gave them safe haven. The Kurdistan National Assembly was founded and based in Erbil.

UN Security Council Resolution 1441 stated that Iraq was in breach of the cease fire, weapons of mass destruction, and had not complied with Resolutions from 1991 to 2002. Hans Blix addressed the Security Council twice in 2003; stating that Iraq had misplaced 1,000 tons of VX nerve agent and that issues of anthrax and long range missiles remained unresolved. March 19, the US led a coalition of nations that started the War with Iraq, which ended on May 1.

Economic development in Iraqi Kurdistan includes high level foreign investments. Millions of barrels of crude export through Turkey. Other oil and gas pipeline projects are in the works. President Massoud Barzani participated in the World Economic Forum in Davos. Perhaps he is paving the way for Kurdish independence.


Political analysts are having a field day combing through the ashes of the recent elections for the European Parliament.

Once fringe parties, they have now entered the European mainstream reflecting dissatisfaction with EU policies, including high unemployment, austerity measures, and excessive immigration. The ugly and persistent face of anti-Semitism has also arisen yet again as blame seekers search for a scapegoat.

There is little doubt that European politics will reverberate to domestic politics in France and the United Kingdom where the National Front and the Independence Party are bound to play significant roles. Clearly xenophobic concerns about the Muslim population and its inability to integrate into European societies is a factor behind the rise of the Right. But that isn’t the only, or in my judgment, the major factor for the electoral result.

The main take away from the election is EU skepticism. A position once in the minority, led by Lady Thatcher, has now gained traction across the continent. National voters do not want to be held hostage to decisions in Brussels. The Belgium bureaucracy has one overarching goal in mind and this is the harmonization of continental policies that overlooks history, national idiosyncrasies and the issue of self government.

Just as the tide is turning against the E.U., European leaders such as Merkel of Germany and Hollande in France are calling for greater economic coordination than Europe experienced in the past in order to ensure the survival of the euro. At the same time, leaders, heeding the message of the election result, are calling for curbs on workers from other parts of the bloc.

At the risk of prediction, this electoral earthquake is merely the first tremor. Europe is likely to be seized by painful decisions, most of them suggesting the E.U. experiment was a failure. What has been gained in lower transaction costs has come at the price of national sovereignty. Too bad the European leaders did not take Joseph Conrad seriously who said “sovereign power is a fixed standard of conduct.” Take it away and people rebel.


Remove the Illegal-Immigration Carrots As long as U.S. politicians game the system, so will the illegals.

In 2012, the current administration made it clear that certain unaccompanied illegal minors would not be deported if caught. This helped create an atmosphere of tolerance that would be conducive to the current rash of illegal dumping of thousands of children from south of the border into the United States. Now we have a humanitarian crisis that appears to have been manufactured for political reasons.

One would not have to be incredibly bright to predict that families in South and Central America, as well as in Mexico, would recognize a veiled invitation to get their children into the United States with little chance of deportation. Of course, the media are asking opponents of the administration for solutions to this crisis. Almost anything these opponents suggest will be either harsh, making them appear cruel and callous, or weak, making them appear to be amnesty supporters. Either way, they will take a political hit.

Meanwhile, the administration can stay above the fray and receive the political benefit of gratitude from many legal and illegal immigrants. It’s a clever and effective ploy with the added benefit of redistributing even more American wealth. It remains to be seen how many people will be hoodwinked.

We all have heard it said many times that America is a land of immigrants, some voluntary and some involuntary. We have plenty of space in our country, but insufficient jobs and insufficient resources to support everyone who wants to come here. When we see innocent children used as political pawns, it still tugs at our heartstrings, which is the intent. The real question is: What are we going to do about it?

The combination of immigration reform’s being a tough issue and a political football has led to governmental stalemates and no useful solutions for decades. To begin to solve this problem, we must have some understanding of why it exists.

Despite all of its problems, America is still the place of dreams. As such, it is small wonder that so many from other nations would like to live here. The benefits of an American domicile are so great that they currently outweigh issues of legality.

Immigrating is relatively easy for those in proximity to the United States — we have porous borders, and it is easy for illegals to hide and obtain fraudulent identification after they have penetrated the border. Although there is some fear of deportation, unenthusiastic and inconsistent enforcement of immigration laws is the expectation. Further incentives for illegal immigration are easy enrollment in public schools, easy employment for those willing to take jobs that others don’t want, easy access to health care, and easy acquisition of public support through welfare programs. These and other inducements produce an osmotic effect that attracts ever more people to our land.

Any discussion of immigration reform should include bipartisan solutions to these inducements. If these issues are not addressed, solutions will fall short. On the other hand, if all of these issues are addressed firmly and consistently, the osmotic effect will be reversed. Just as people found a way to get here, they would find a way to leave on their own, and others would be less tempted to attempt illegal entry.


The Oklahoma Common Core Four

How a group of motivated mothers navigated a political swamp and repealed Common Core.

How’s this for an in-kind contribution: “One time when we were in Canton, Okla., speaking to the PTO moms, they gave us a basket of homemade bread and jams and all kinds of stuff!” Jenni White, the leading activist calling for the repeal of Common Core in Oklahoma, told National Review Online. “We were in heaven!”

White has spent the past four years telling Parent Teacher Organizations and anyone else who would listen that Oklahoma should not implement Common Core, the education standards that most of the country adopted in 2010.

White hasn’t been working alone. “Our organization is made up of a board that just consists of four of us moms basically,” referring to her cohorts Julia Seay, Lynn Habluetzel, and Joy Collins. “We have bankrolled the whole thing out of our poor husbands’ bank accounts.”

Ask anyone in Oklahoma politics who they think led the successful fight to repeal Common Core — Governor Mary Fallin signed the repeal into law on June 5 — and they’ll tell you that the story starts with that foursome. White served as the writer and spokeswoman for the group, which flies under the auspices of their nonprofit organization, Restore Oklahoma’s Public Education (ROPE). Together, the women have spent the past four years talking to Republican-party leaders, attending conservative conferences, and lobbying state legislators. Most of all, though, they cultivated a grassroots political movement against Common Core that overcame a bipartisan coalition ranging from the Department of Education to the Chamber of Commerce. By May 2014, a poll conducted on behalf of a Republican candidate showed that 57 percent of likely primary voters held an unfavorable view of the standards while only 9 percent had a favorable view.

In short, the four moms fought the proverbial city hall and won. “Look at Eric Cantor, seriously,” White suggested. “Some guy who had $300,000 beat him. You don’t think that kind of thing is possible when people have had enough?”

Like the immigration issue that contributed to the House majority leader’s loss last week, Common Core finds favor among political elites on both sides of the aisle and doesn’t carry much weight with the conservative GOP base. White’s analogy to Cantor’s surprising defeat is also apt because the backlash against Common Core grew while the political class was paying attention to other matters.


The Democrats talk about getting money out of politics like heroin addicts talk about quitting. Harry Reid rants about the Koch Brothers every time you pull a little string on the back of his neck, but he’s worst of the bunch.

Reid, indeed, raised a larger percentage of his campaign cash from lobbyist-bundlers than any other member of Congress, 14 percent, or $357,000 of the total $2.6 million he raised.

And so is his party.

No other political candidate or group received more money from lobbyist-bundlers than the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, which raised nearly $2.6 million from them despite regularly criticizing lobbyists and Republicans who associate with them.

And guess where the money is coming from…

Lobbyist Tony Podesta of the Podesta Group ranked as the Democratic Party’s top fundraising ally on K Street, records show, bundling about $550,000 combined for Reid and the DSCC.

Podesta, whose brother John Podesta serves as an adviser to Obama, represents a range of corporate clients, including drugmaker Amgen, BP, Google, Wal-Mart, and Wells Fargo.

Calling John Podesta an adviser significantly understates his power and impact in shaping Team Obama.

So yes, let’s talk about getting money out of politics and then stuff our pockets. It’s the Democratic Party way.

Female Genital Mutilation and Islam-Denial — on The Glazov Gang

This week’s Glazov Gang was joined by Dr. Mark Durie, a theologian, human rights activist, pastor of an Anglican church, and an Associate Fellow at the Middle East Forum.

Mark discussed,“Female Genital Mutilation and Islam-Denial,” analyzing how the world blinds itself to the Islamic theological foundation of a vicious Islamic crime [starts at the 11:00 minute mark].

The dialogue occurred in the context of “Our ‘Tend and Befriend’ Response to Jihad,” — the phenomenon of how Islamic terror has traumatized the West into psychological slavery.



Three Jewish boys were abducted by Palestinian terrorists while trying to catch a ride home from school Thursday night. And as far as the foreign press is concerned, it’s their own damned fault.

As Honest Reporting documented, everyone from The Guardian to CNN, to Sky News to the Christian Science Monitor blamed Eyal Yifrach, Gil-Ad Shaer and Naftali Frankel for their victimization.

The boys deserve whatever they get, according to the media, because they are Jews and Jews have no right to be located anywhere that the Palestinians demand be cleansed of Jewish presence. And the Palestinians demand that Gush Etzion be emptied of Jews. So the boys, who dared to be located in Gush Etzion, had it coming.

And the blame doesn’t end with the victims. In trying to rescue them, the Israeli government is also committing an unpardonable crime – against Palestinian unity, no less.

According to The New York Times’ Israel bureau chief Jodi Rudoren, by searching for the boys, Israel has “further destabilized Israeli-Palestinian relations, and challenged the new Palestinian government’s ability to hold together disparate political factions and reunite the West Bank and Gaza after a seven-year split.”

As Seth Mandel wrote in Commentary, “If the unity government can survive only by being permitted to carry out terrorism against Israel without response or consequences, it is not so much a government as a sadistic terrorist gang.”

Mandel understated the problem. There is no conditionality. The Palestinian government is “a sadistic terrorist gang.” “The disparate political factions,” Rudoren was referring to are Fatah and Hamas.

Hamas, as Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said, kidnapped the teenagers. Hamas is a jihadist movement recognized by the US State Department and the EU as a foreign terrorist organization.

Its declared goal is the genocide of world Jewry. And to advance its aim, it has murdered Jews, and incited, trained and indoctrinated Palestinians to murder Jews every single day since it was founded in 1988.


Hillary Clinton Turns Liberals into ‘Rape-Loving Scum’

When the Roman Polanski rape case resurfaced, Whoopi Goldberg coined the term “rape-rape” to describe the difference between the kind of rape she opposed and the kind she was okay with because it had been perpetrated by someone she liked.

In the political world the cases of Clarence Thomas and Bill Clinton showed how liberals delineated between the sexual harassment of men they approved of and disapproved of. Now the “rape-rape” distinction is back with Bill’s wife.

Last week liberal activists were denouncing George Will for questioning the lack of due process for accused rapists on campus. Then the Washington Free Beacon posted a tape in which Hillary Clinton had a good laugh discussing how she freed a child rapist she knew was guilty from prison.

Hillary had become the Democratic Party’s official “Role Model for Women” through her willingness to stand by her powerful husband during his affairs, cover up his sexual harassment of other women and even target those women for daring to speak out against her husband.

Now the face of the Democratic Party’s bid to make feminist history in 2016 was caught on tape cheerfully recollecting how she accused a 12-year-old girl, in formal legal language, of being a mentally ill slut. Or as the Washington Post’s Melinda Henneberger put it, “The ‘little bit nutty, little bit slutty’ defense has a long, ugly history. It’s jarring to see it trotted out against a kid by a future feminist icon.”

Suddenly the social justice warriors who were denouncing due process, such as access to legal counsel for campus rapists being tried by student committees, became big fans of due process for rapists.

As with Whoopi Goldberg, it was all about who was doing the raping and who the rapist’s lawyer was.

Amanda Marcotte, of Slate and The Daily Beast, as well a blogger for John Edwards, another noted defender of women, had called critics of the Duke Lacrosse case “rape-loving scum” and suggested that George Will was a “rape apologist” for questioning some questionable rape cases.

Barack Obama’s REAL Foreign Policy – The World Belongs To Terrorists


The map below outlines the rapid expansion of perhaps the most aggressive and dangerous terrorist organization in the world today – ISIS. It is a radical Islamic group deemed too extreme by al-Qaeda. ISIS was once a small, fragmented assortment of Sharia Law hardliners, but found itself a foothold that grew stronger by the day following Barack Obama’s ascension to the White House. Now it threatens to overtake much of the Middle East, and make no mistake, ISIS is determined to make its presence known in America soon as well.“ISIS” stands for the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. The weapons this group used to consolidate its power came from various sources, most of which originated via Obama foreign policy channels such as Libya, and later, Syria. Now ISIS operatives are enjoying an even greater stash of weapons and cash left by fleeing Iraqi soldiers who were armed and trained by the U.S. government.

The result of ISIS’s greatly expanded influence has been mass beheadings, ever increasing violence, and a full on repudiation of freedom and democracy in the Middle East – all taking place on Barack Obama’s seemingly indifferent watch. Last week reports circulated that ISIS had just obtained nearly a half billion dollars in new funding stolen from Iraq’s Central Bank – a bank that had long been propped up by the U.S. government – YOUR tax dollars. These funds now make ISIS the single wealthiest terrorist organization in the world.


Had she written a novel about life in Washington, Jane Austen might have begun: it is a truth universally acknowledged, when information requested by Congressional subpoena could cause political damage to the party charged, that that information would disappear. On June 20, 1972, three days after operatives connected to the White House broke into the headquarters of the Democrat National Committee at the Watergate complex, President Nixon held a 79-minute conversation with his chief-of-staff, Bob Haldeman. Eighteen and a half minutes of that taped conversation went missing. In early January 1996, copies of documents that described Hillary Clinton’s work for a failing savings and loan association, and which had been requested two years earlier by a Congressional investigating committee, were discovered on the third floor of the White House. The discovery occurred “a few days after the statute of limitations expired for a variety of civil lawsuits that may be brought against professionals who fraudulently advised corrupt savings associations,” according to Stephen Labaton, writing about the incident for The New York Times.

Now we are being told that Lois Lerner’s computer crashed in the summer of 2011, permanently erasing e-mails to and from people and organizations, including the White House, Treasury, Department of Justice and the Federal Election Committee. Any involvement of the White House targeting conservative organizations, we are told, would now be impossible to prove. Ms. Lerner, we are led to believe, had to have been a lone wolf. But why did it take so long for the IRS to divulge the information that the computer had crashed three years ago? The investigation has been on-going for over a year. Even more egregious, according to David Camp (R-MI) who is chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, the letter containing news that the e-mails had been lost also had the chutzpah to suggest Congress end its investigation. Why not? If the dog ate my homework, which I intended to hand in, why should I be punished? In fact, why not forget the whole thing? Next subject.