In 1938, Chamberlain Bought Time to Rearm. In 2013, Obama Gives Iran Time to Go Nuclear: Bret Stephens

To adapt Churchill : Never in the field of global diplomacy has so much been given away by so many for so little.

Britain and France’s capitulation to Nazi Germany at Munich has long been a byword for ignominy, moral and diplomatic. Yet neither Neville Chamberlain nor Édouard Daladier had the public support or military wherewithal to stand up to Hitler in September 1938. Britain had just 384,000 men in its regular army; the first Spitfire aircraft only entered RAF service that summer. “Peace for our time” it was not, but at least appeasement bought the West a year to rearm.

The signing of the Paris Peace Accords in January 1973 was a betrayal of an embattled U.S. ally and the abandonment of an effort for which 58,000 American troops gave their lives. Yet it did end America’s participation in a peripheral war, which neither Congress nor the public could indefinitely support. “Peace with honor” it was not, as the victims of Cambodia’s Killing Fields or Vietnam’s re-education camps can attest. But, for American purposes at least, it was peace.

PLO “Resignations” and the Peace Process by Khaled Abu Toameh

Erekat and other PLO officials who keep threatening to quit are hoping that the Americans and Europeans will “freak out” at the thought of losing Palestinian “peace partners.”

Palestinians understand that the “resignations” are manly aimed at prompting the US and Western countries to to exert pressure on Israel to make concessions to the PLO. The threats to quit are also intended to send a message to the Palestinian public, which long ago lost confidence in the PLO negotiators’ performance, that Erekat and his colleagues are “playing tough” with Israel.

Since the signing of the Oslo Accords 20 years ago, PLO leaders and officials have threatened to resign each time they wanted something from the international community or Israel.

Saeb Erekat, the chief PLO negotiator, who is currently heading the PLO negotiating team with Israel, tendered his last “resignation” earlier this month in protest against “continued settlement construction.”

This was Erekat’s sixth or seventh “resignation” over the past two decades. Erekat will probably enter the Guinness Book of World Records for the number of times he supposedly resigned.


JULY 6-15, 1938

“Delegates from thirty-two countries met at the French resort of Evian. Roosevelt chose not to send a high-level official, such as the secretary of state, to Evian; instead, Myron C. Taylor, a businessman and close friend of Roosevelt’s, represented the US at the conference. During the nine-day meeting, delegate after delegate rose to express sympathy for the refugees. But most countries, including the United States and Britain, offered excuses for not letting in more refugees.

Responding to Evian, the German government was able to state with great pleasure how “astounding” it was that foreign countries criticized Germany for their treatment of the Jews, but none of them wanted to open the doors to them when “the opportunity offer[ed].”

March 11
German troops crossed Austrian frontier.
The Times (London) March 12, 1938, p. 12

March 13
Austro-German Union proclaimed at Vienna: “Austria is a state
(land) of the German Reich.” Text of Anschluss law, Department
of State PRESS RELEASES, March 19, 1938, Vol. XIX, p 374.April 16
British-Italian agreement signed, whereby Great Britain
recognized the conquest of Ethiopia and Italy promised to
withdraw all troops from Spain at the conclusion of the civil
Great Britain, Foreign Office TREATY SERIES, No. 31 (1938)

April 27-29
Three day Anglo-French conference at London. Arrangement
concluded whereby the British and French general staffs would
collaborate more closely henceforth in military and naval
New York Times, April 29, 1938, p. 1; April 30, p. 1.

July 21
Chaco Peace Pact signed, ending the long conflict between
Bolivia and Paraguay.
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September 15
Chamberlain-Hitler talks at Berchtesgaden.
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September 22-23
Chamberlain-Hitler talks at Godesberg.
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p. 1.

September 26
President Roosevelt appealed for peace directly to Hitler and
President Benes.
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September 29
Chamberlain, Daladier, Hitler and Mussolini signed Munich Pact.
SEPTEMBER 29, 1938, Miscellaneous No. 8 (1938)

September 30
Chamberlain-Hitler peace declaration signed.
Great Britain, House of Commons PARLIAMENTARY DEBATES, Vol. 339,
col. 49.

October 1-10
Sudeten areas occupied by Germany.
See Great Britain, Cmd. 5848.

October 1
Czechoslovakia yielded to Poland.
New York Times, October 2, 1938, p. 1.

October 2
Polish troops occupied the Teschen area.
New York Times, October 3, 1938, p 1.

December 6
Franco-German peace declaration signed.
New York Times, December 7, 1938, p. 1.

ANDREW BOSTOM:Nuke Deal Fiasco Analyses Ignore Iran’s Genocidal Islamic Jew-Hatred ****

Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu, Iran’s President Rouhani, Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov, and his Iranian counterpart Mohammad Javad Zarif, all concur on this critical outcome of the interim agreement struck between Iran, the U.S. and five other world powers, announced early Sunday morning, 11/24/13: Iran’s nuclear enrichment program will continue apace.

United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI), a not-for-profit, non-partisan, advocacy group which seeks to thwart Iran’s ambition to obtain nuclear weapons, issued a press release highlighting the fundamental strategic failures of the interim 6-month pact:

By not agreeing to dismantle a single centrifuge, Iran has not rolled back its nuclear infrastructure and with the many centrifuges that it is currently operating, Iran retains the ability to breakout and produce enough weapons-grade uranium for a nuclear weapon in as little as 2 months. At the same time, the carefully constructed sanctions architecture developed over decades has been significantly rolled back.

UANI argued further that the Geneva agreement provided Iran disproportionate sanctions relief, which would enable the Iranian economy (as gauged by the value of its currency, the rial) to recover to an extent that Iran’s nuclear weapons development (i.e., nuclear enrichment, and plutonium generation) programs, would be abetted by this reduction in economic pressures.

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