THE STORM TROOPERS OF THE OWS: EDWARD CLINE It would be interesting to draw some parallels between Occupy Wall Street and a phenomenon that preceded and that fed the rise of Nazism and the ascension of Nazi power in Germany. That phenomenon was the post-World War I paramilitary Free Corps (Freikorps), or Freebooters. When Germany lost the war, its army was disbanded, […]


The newly renovated New York Historical Society has a new movie presentation on New York history that presents a misleading picture of the 9/11 attacks.
The New York Historical Society was New York’s first museum, founded in 1804 and dedicated to fostering the history of New York and the United States. Until recently, it was an under-utilized, somewhat stodgy institution with comprehensive collections of Audobon prints, Tiffany lamps and historical paraphernalia – but little pizazz. In the shadow of its formidable neighbor, the Museum of Natural History, it stood little chance of attracting large crowds and remained a small curiosity on a prime piece of New York real estate. In the past few years, it has undergone a transformative renovation and has just re-opened with a glorious façade and two wide- windowed entrances displaying an elegant lobby on Central Park West and a colorful gift shop with a soon to be opened café on west 77th street. A full page ad in the NY Times of Nov 8th featured the museum’s replica Tiffany lamp collection and assorted gift items priced under $30 to appeal to Christmas shoppers who might otherwise never have ventured beyond those appealing doorways. It is clear that the museum has decided to jump into the second decade of the 21rst century with a new self-importance and some strategic marketing help.

When you buy your admissions ticket, you are given an automatic pass to the orientation film about New York – an approximately 20 minute summary of the historical and social evolution of our city from its beginnings as New Amsterdam to the current metropolis that is arguably the most cosmopolitan city in the world. On a panoramic, multi-paneled screen, we are quickly introduced to one of the salient focal points of the museum – the pervasive and determining role of slavery in our country’s history. We are reminded of its place in New York, both in the use of slaves to build the city itself and in the production of products created or manufactured by slaves and shipped out of New York Harbor. There is no attempt to whitewash our national guilt in this shameful human trafficking – in fact, there seems to be the opposite intent, to place this sin front and center whenever possible. In this regard, the film echoes what is seen throughout the building. At the front of the main lobby is a bust of George Washington with slave shackles attached to its back and a small statue of a Black man next to him; additional displays or references to slavery are on every floor. Eventually, the film reaches modern times and we see the shocking footage of 9/11 with its tragic rubble and chaotic frenzy. At the right side of the screen is an enlarged NY Times headline reading, “Hijacked Jets Attack New York.” There is no further elucidation of who attacked us and no attempt to give 9/11 any context whatsoever, including no mention of how many people were killed. For the classes of young school-children who are ushered in to this auditorium, this could just as easily be interpreted as an aviation accident or an isolated incident that had no repercussions beyond the destruction of some skyscrapers downtown.

The most pivotal event to happen in New York and the United States in this century was the attack on our country on 9/11 – a topic of far greater moment for young students of today than George Washington’s slaves – yet the Museum has chosen not to identify its perpetrators nor to discuss its aftermath or significance. There is no mention of Al Qaeda or Radical Jihad, no mention of who the hijackers were – not a word about the heroism of firemen, policemen and other first responders. Though an earlier photo-montage of the Triangle Shirt Fire mentioned how many victims perished and the section on the Draft Riots of the Civil War discussed its enormous ravages, 9/11 is bereft of statistics and in a museum dedicated to history – it is suspended in a vacuum, lacking both causes and consequences.


The Hillary Moment President Obama can’t win by running a constructive campaign, and he won’t be able to govern if he does win a second term.

When Harry Truman and Lyndon Johnson accepted the reality that they could not effectively govern the nation if they sought re-election to the White House, both men took the moral high ground and decided against running for a new term as president. President Obama is facing a similar reality—and he must reach the same conclusion.

He should abandon his candidacy for re-election in favor of a clear alternative, one capable not only of saving the Democratic Party, but more important, of governing effectively and in a way that preserves the most important of the president’s accomplishments. He should step aside for the one candidate who would become, by acclamation, the nominee of the Democratic Party: Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Never before has there been such an obvious potential successor—one who has been a loyal and effective member of the president’s administration, who has the stature to take on the office, and who is the only leader capable of uniting the country around a bipartisan economic and foreign policy.

Certainly, Mr. Obama could still win re-election in 2012. Even with his all-time low job approval ratings (and even worse ratings on handling the economy) the president could eke out a victory in November. But the kind of campaign required for the president’s political survival would make it almost impossible for him to govern—not only during the campaign, but throughout a second term.
Put simply, it seems that the White House has concluded that if the president cannot run on his record, he will need to wage the most negative campaign in history to stand any chance. With his job approval ratings below 45% overall and below 40% on the economy, the president cannot affirmatively make the case that voters are better off now than they were four years ago. He—like everyone else—knows that they are worse off.

WASHTIMES EDITORIAL: EGYPTIAN MILITARY IS SAFER THAN SHARIAH LAW EDITORIAL: Military over mullahs Control by the generals is safer than Shariah law in Egypt Tens of thousands of protesters led by the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamist factions turned out in Cairo’s Tahrir Square on Friday to demonstrate against the interim military government. If these radicals represent the future of Egypt, it is […]


Editor’s not: read Part 1 of Mr. Guandolo’s article here.

The Dissenters

In September 2010, a group of prominent leaders from the Intelligence and Law Enforcement community (Team B II) stepped out by producing a report entitled, “Shariah: The Threat to America” in which Islamic Law and the Muslim Brotherhood’s Islamic Movement in America were detailed and exposed. Team Members include former Director of Central Intelligence R. James Woolsey, former Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence Lieutenant General Jerry Boykin, former Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency Lieutenant General Ed Soyster, former Inspector General of the Department of Defense the Honorable Joseph Schmitz, former Chief Prosecutor for Counterterrorism at the U.S. Attorney’s Office in New York City Andrew McCarthy, and a host of others.

THE IMPOSSIBLE NUMBERS: DANIEL GREENFIELD Some political systems are based on beliefs and identity. The American congress is built on spending money. The spoils system long ago became the spoiled system with money as the lubricant of politics. The legacy of a leader used to be measured by his accomplishments, today it’s measured by how much money he managed […]


Syria, from Civil War to Regional War The Birth of a “Shi’ite al-Qaeda”? In Syria, there is a civil war that could soon spread into a regional one. Every day, the Syrian regime is kills civilians. In four days, fo example, from November 10 to November 13, the toll of civilians killed by the […]

KING ABDULLARD OF JORDAN VISITS THE WEST BANK AND MAHMUD ABBAS…. UNEASY LIES THE SPURIOUS CROWN ON THE KINGLET’S HEAD….RSK Jordan’s King Abdullah II was on Monday holding talks in Ramallah with Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas on his first visit to the West Bank in more than a decade. The rare visit came just days ahead of a key summit between the rival Palestinian movements […]

Durban III promotes what it claims to be fighting Transcript now proves that the UN-sponsored anti-racism conference was merely a charade.
In yet another effort to demonize Israel on the political battlefield, the UN General Assembly—which can bear a striking resemblance to the game of Whac-A-Mole—will adopt a new resolution this week to promote the Durban “anti-racism” declaration.

Back in September the UN sponsored “Durban III,” an event intended by Islamic states and UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay to breathe new life into the ten-year-old anti-Israel vendetta which began in South Africa in 2001. Despite the unprecedented boycott by all Western veto-holding members of the Security Council – the US, Britain and France – Durban and its insidious message have popped up a mere two months later.

The regenerative nature of UN armaments, in the form of cyclical resolutions and “follow-up” mechanisms, makes them not merely annoying but dangerous. Due to this circuitous nature, battles that are won must be fought again and again.This is particularly true of the libelous 1975 UN resolution equating Zionism with racism, which was revitalized in the 2001 Durban Declaration and Program of Action (DDPA), accusing only one state among all UN members of racism – Israel – and casting Palestinians as the victims of Israeli bigotry.

By all accounts – except the one emanating from the UN press office – Durban III failed to deliver the credibility boost that its fans were craving. In a strong rejection of the Durban III political program, 14 nations, including Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Poland, the United Kingdom, the United States and, of course, Israel all boycotted. A simultaneous counter-conference held directly across the street from the UN, involving Nobel Prize laureate Elie Wiesel and a bipartisan group of Jewish and non-Jewish luminaries, mounted a resounding historic challenge to the UN campaign.

The UN response, however, has been to rewrite history. On September 22, 2011, at the opening ceremonies of Durban III, South African President Jacob Zuma fictionalized the original conference, saying “in Durban the world spoke with one voice” – notwithstanding the very public departure of the United States and Israel. A few hours later, the General Assembly adopted a “political declaration,” “reaffirming” the DDPA and calling the declaration “United against racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance.” Today, the UN website says of Durban III that “world leaders adopted by consensus a political declaration,” paying no notice to the fact that the world’s leading democracies had already voted with their feet.


Politicide: The attempted murder of the Jewish state


Author and TJCI contributing editor, Victor Sharpe, has just completed his third volume of Politicide.

This book is a wonderful educational primer for all who wish to better understand the history, both biblical and post-biblical, of the Land of Israel. It is easily readable and informative and makes a great gift for friends and relatives during Christmas and Hanukah or at any time.

The chapters, maps, pictures and quotes in this third volume bring the reader up to date with the epic struggle of the Jewish state to defend itself against relentless Muslim aggression and attempted genocide. Politicide is the word that describes the attempted murder of a state: Israel.

This third volume also further exposes the existential Islamic threat to the very existence of Judeo-Christian civilization, to America in this time of the Obama regime, and to what is left of the Free world: Above all, it reveals how good can overcome evil.
Price: $16.00
Ships in 3–5 business days
This third volume of Politicide continues to track the relentless Arab and Muslim world’s attempt to destroy the embattled Jewish state. The chapters are filled with an immense amount of historical, political, geographical and military information, which makes this book – like the two previous volumes – a must read and a superb primer for all who wish to understand the existential conflict that threatens all of us.