WALTER RUSSELL MEAD: A LIGHT FAILS IN EGYPT Is Egypt’s revolution falling apart? Clashes between anti-government protestors and Muslim Brotherhood supporters turned deadly yesterday, leaving at least three—including an American college student—dead. These clashes come ahead of massive country-wide demonstrations against President Morsi scheduled for Sunday. The NYT reports that on-the-ground forces are even speaking of a civil war: The use of […]

JED BABBIN: HONEY, SNOWDEN SHRANK OBAMA Wheedling and diddling for Edward Snowden. Even vacationing in Africa, President Obama isn’t far enough away to avoid the international disdain being heaped on him on the subject of infamous NSA leaker Edward Snowden. This days, you’re just not cool unless you’ve dissed Obama. It’s almost as if he welcomes the treatment he’s receiving. […]

EDWARD CLINE: OUR PERILOUS TRUST IN GOVERNMENT possess an enameled tray that holds five flash drives containing two sets of the texts of my columns, the texts and artwork of my books, and photos and other images. One set is my primary source, the other is a backup. I don’t trust my computer or the power not to fail at some […]

P. DAVID HORNIK: EGYPT ERUPTS Sunday marked Mohamed Morsi’s first anniversary as president of Egypt. By evening it was clear—if there had been any doubt left—that he had little to celebrate. Already on Saturday, amid mounting violence, Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood had had to whisk him away to safety amid reports that protesters planned to march on his presidential palace. […]

Hollywood, the Nazis, and the Chi-Coms Movie Moguls Once Collaborated with Nazis. Are They Now Kowtowing to Chinese Communists? John Fund A forthcoming book presents a strong case that pre–World War II Hollywood was in bed with Nazi Germany, in catering to its censorship demands. The Collaboration: Hollywood’s Pact with Hitler, by Ben Urwand of the Society of Fellows at Harvard University, uses archival material to show that Hollywood studios agreed not to make films […]

MARK STEYN: SO LONG SELF GOVERNMENT We might as well put the Constitution out of its misery. Wednesday, June 26, 2013 — just another day in a constitutional republic of limited government by citizen representatives: First thing in the morning, Gregory Roseman, Deputy Director of Acquisitions (whatever that means), became the second IRS official to take the Fifth Amendment, after […]


In 1992, an obscure Arkansas governor came out of nowhere to defeat blander and more mainstream candidates using a combination of dirty tricks and bravado. Campaign books like Joe Klein’s Primary Colors put it down to brilliant and ruthless tactics, but the key ingredient in the rise of Bill Clinton is the same one putting Anthony Weiner, another member of the Clinton Mafia, ahead of the pack in the New York City mayoral campaign.

Scandal. Notoriety. Publicity.

In a field of charisma-less establishment figures like Jerry Brown, Tom Harkin and Bob Kerry, men who seemed to have been born in politics and died in politics and kept on running undead for office out of sheer habit, he stood out. And what really made Bill Clinton stand out was the name recognition that his scandals gave him.

Gennifer Flowers should have buried the prospects of any presidential candidate. Instead she gave an unknown politician a national forum to ply his brand of fake sincerity and self-righteous promises of having finally learned the error of his ways. He hadn’t of course, but like Weiner’s scandal, the fame it gave him propelled him to victory.

The next eight years treated the country to a series of Clinton sex scandals culminating in impeachment proceedings. And the party may only be getting started.

While Huma Abedin, Hillary’s Brotherhood aide, uses Clinton contacts to propel her husband into Gracie Mansion, more sex scandals are gathering around Hillary Clinton.

A State Department whistleblower has claimed that Hillary’s people covered up multiple scandals, including the sexual abuse of minors by an ambassador who donated money to Hillary and Obama, as well as sexual assault and sexual harassment cases worldwide. And then there are the reports that Hillary’s security detail routinely hired prostitutes on international diplomatic visits.

P. DAVID HORNIK: ISRAEL’S FIRST ASTRONAUT….TRAGEDY AND MIRACLE It’s been ten years and a few months since the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster. After two weeks of orbiting the earth at an altitude of hundreds of miles, on February 1, 2003 the Columbia disintegrated while reentering the atmosphere with all of 16 minutes left to the flight. All seven crew members were killed, […]

P. DAVID HORNIK: THE WONDER AND BEAURTY OF ISRAEL’S OLD MOSAICS In the fall of 1983 we took a sort of pilot tour of Israel, a year before moving here. For me, naturally, as someone who had never been outside of North America, it was all a breathtaking experience. Perhaps most amazing of all, though, was our visit to Masada—the mountain fortress by the Dead […]

DANIEL GREENFIELD: A SEASON FOR TREASON Set aside all the politics over the War on Terror and then ask what Bradley Manning, Julian Assange and Edward Snowden have in common. All three are arrogant and unstable men filled with aimless grievances and animated by the sense that they never received the things that they really wanted out of life. They […]