ROGER KIMBALL: THANK YOU MR. PRESIDENT “In the space of two years, you have done more damage to this economy — which means the future not only of this country but the rest of what you would disdain to call the civilized world — than any President in history. You are a poor man’s Jimmy Carter, a midget Herbert Hoover, […]

DR. MARTIN SHERMAN: COME TO THE CARNIVAL COMRADE…..SEE NOTE PLEASE THIS IS POSITIVELY THE BEST COLUMN ON THOSE IDIOTIC ISRAELI “TENT” PROTESTS”….RSK The protests smack more of political frustration on the part of the opposition and its media cronies, than of genuine economic deprivation of the middle class With little political steam left in the “peace process,” the left-leaning opposition is looking desperately for […]


Click here: More Of The Same: Brooklyn College Common Reading A Year Later – Maggie’s Farm WITHOUT PUBLIC EDUCATION , ESPECIALLY IN THIS ECONOMY, WE ARE DOOMED AND WHAT THEY ARE TEACHING IS APPALLING AND KESLER KEEPS FIGHTING THE GOOD FIGHT …BRAVO! Last year’s choice by my alma mater CUNY’s Brooklyn College of the […]

BIRTHDAY PREZ NOW WANTS $71,600 PER COUPLE FOR POWER DINNER IN NEW YORK Obama Wants $71,600 for Power Dinner By: Martin Gould The parties just keep coming for birthday-boy Barack Obama. After a Chicago fund-raiser the night before he turned 50 and a White House party on the big day, a third event is now planned for New York.This time it is high-powered movie mogul Harvey Weinstein […]

ELOQUENCE AND ABOLITION: SARAH RUDEN’S REVIEW OF “AMERICAN TO THE BACKBONE” BY CHRITOPHER L. WEBBER The escaped slave told a white theologian that if slavery was to exist to the end of the world, whites should take their turn. In 1827, a 19-year-old slave named James Pembroke escaped from his owner’s Maryland farm but in a panic mistakenly fled deeper south instead of toward Pennsylvania and freedom. He was […]


Dear e-pals: Please read Diana West’s column listed today in case you missed it. What a colossal outrage! Why do we ask young people to risk everything for our defense and then treat them so badly? DIANA WEST: THE ONLY MURDER HERE WAS OF JUSTICE  They are the forgotten warriors of the Iraq War, […]

MONA CHAREN: RICK PERRY’S EDUCATION PROGRAM BESTS OBAMA Anticipating his entry into the presidential race, the Washington Post ran a long piece on Texas governor Rick Perry’s ideas about higher education. “A man of grand plans,” the headline warned, “criticized as not sweating the details.” Are the headline writers at the Post on summer break? Did the temps have to dust off […]

ANTHONY HAGAR :REP. DEBBIE WASSERMAN SCHULTZ: YELPS, SNARLS AND WHINES By Anthony W. Hager If Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz were a little dog, she might be a dachshund.  She charges her adversary, teeth bared and yapping viciously, until realizing the other dog is larger.  The realization sends her scurrying for cover, where she yelps, snarls, and whines.  While this analogy may seem ridiculous, it […]


The U.S. seems ready to send a signal of weakness in Asia. The Obama Administration promised under Senate pressure last month to make a decision on the sale of 66 new F-16 fighters to Taiwan by October 1, which will finally give an issue that has languished in bureaucratic limbo the attention it deserves. […]

DAVID MALPASS: WEAK DOLLAR, WEAK ECONOMY Weak Dollar, Weak Economy By choosing to pay savers nearly nothing, the Fed discourages thrift and limits income growth. By DAVID MALPASS With all eyes on the debt-limit debacle and Washington’s out of control spending, it’s easy to forget the monetary-policy mess created by the Federal Reserve and its near-zero interest rate. But it […]