Mark Steyn: Obama Builds Roadblocks, Not Roads

Instead of roads and bridges, Obama-sized government funds stasis and sclerosis: The Hoover Dam of regulatory obstruction, the Golden Gateway to dependency. the evidence of last week’s Republican campaign events, President Obama’s instant classic – “You didn’t build that” – is to Mitt Romney what that radioactive arachnid is to Spider-Man: It got under […]

LOOK AT THIS…ISRAEL HAS NO CAPITAL ACCORDING TO THE BBC In just nine days the Olympics in London will commence with a now shorter than planned opening ceremony, a questionable representation from those chosen to secure the Games and growing public disquiet over the hardline sponsorship rights which restrict local sellers from serving chips (only the McDonald’s overlords may sell you potato-based goods!) But […]


With the BBC continuing to report on the Middle East conflict in the way it does – who needs the Balen Report?

On Wednesday, The Commentator brought you the exclusive story that the BBC refused to recognise anywhere as the capital city of the State of Israel.

While our other outlets picked up on the story (and failed to credit us, ahem) we were busy celebrating what was bound to be a BBC response, especially after Mark Regev, foreign press officer for the Prime Minister of the State of Israel, issued a stern letter to the BBC.

Sure enough, a partial cave from auntie’s end has occurred (Oo-er). Instead of now leaving the capital up to the imagination of the reader, the BBC Olympics page now recognises that the government sits in Jerusalem, although a caveat insists that most foreign embassies are based in Tel Aviv (spin, spin, spin).

Nonetheless, The Commentator was also the first to discover on Wednesday night that this wasn’t an incident limited to the BBC Sport site. In fact, this was a trend set by the BBC News section in the first place, confirming our suspicions of an institutional line on the State of Israel having no recognisable capital. As an extension of the British government – question must now be asked of the British Foreign Office as well.


Der Spiegel pointed out the obvious: “A certain role of the Muslim Brotherhood in the transition process [to ‘democracy’] in Egypt seems acceptable to the Obama White House.” It was early February 2011, the moment when the uprising that would oust Hosni Mubarak was bubbling over in Tahrir Square. The prominent German newsmagazine figured, who better to ask about the Muslim Brotherhood than the American political establishment’s resident foreign-policy genius, John McCain?

So, the reporter asked him, does Obama’s tolerance of the Muslim Brotherhood “concern you”?

Senator Maverick shot back without hesitation: “It concerns me so much that I am unalterably opposed to it. I think it would be a mistake of historic proportions.”

Senator McCain elaborated that he was “deeply, deeply concerned that this whole movement [toward democracy] could be hijacked by radical Islamic extremists.” And what, he was specifically asked, “is your assessment of the Muslim Brotherhood”? McCain pulled no punches:

I think they are a radical group that, first of all, supports sharia law; that in itself is anti-democratic — at least as far as women are concerned. They have been involved with other terrorist organizations and I believe that they should be specifically excluded from any transition government.

In fact, so apprehensive was he over the Brotherhood and its sharia agenda that McCain was quick to brand Mohamed ElBaradei, the Nobel laureate, as a Brotherhood tool. Many of us watching developments at the time noted the apparent collusion between ElBaradei and the Brothers. McCain went farther: “Oh yeah, I think it’s very clear that the scenario is very likely he could be their front man.”

Senator Straight Talk reasoned that since ElBaradei appeared to be on the same page as the Brotherhood, and was being hailed as a potential Mubarak successor despite having “no following nor political influence in Egypt,” we should assume that he must be in cahoots with the Brotherhood. It did not matter that ElBaradei was a renowned international figure and an important leftist ally of President Obama’s. So pernicious was the threat posed by the Brotherhood that, in McCain’s considered opinion, you just had to assume the worst.


* Boy runs from crowd and attempts to wrestle flame from torch bearer shouting Arabic for ‘God is Great’
Anna Skora, 23, manages to keep hold of flame to carry on
* Security drag teenager away, who has since been arrested and is being held in custody
Kent police say the relay continued ‘without disruption’ as Ms Skora passes torch on to next bearer

A 17-year-old shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’ – Arabic for ‘God is Great’ – as he unsuccessfully tried to grab the Olympic torch during a stretch of the flame’s route through Maidstone towards Redhill.

Broadcast live on the BBC, the youth lunged from the crowd to try to take the torch from the hands of its bearer Anna Skora, but was swiftly bundled away by officers.

In one video posted to YouTube he can be seen waiting behind a car and as Ms Skora gets closer he lunges towards the torch.

Scroll down for video.

Hollywood’s Israel Problem & the Gentleman’s Agreement : Moshe Phillips **** The fascinating, unknown story of how famed Hollywood figures who followed Jabotinsky helped the Jews and the State of Israel. And, asks the writer, what is Hollywood like today vis a vis Israel? No different than Israel’s president. In 1947, Hollywood gave us “Gentleman’s Agreement,” a thoughtful and compelling portrait of anti-Semitism in America […]

Ze’ev (Vladimir) Jabotinsky…In Honor of His Memory by Gerald A. Honigman

Jabotinsky was both brilliant and essential in the human aspects of Israel’s resurrection and survival.
During my own graduate study days in the late ’70s, I will never forget a conversation I had with the tenured chief honcho professor of one of the doctor seminars. He would later see to it that my own academic career would be nipped in the bud by denying me a Ph.D. dissertation advisor. I was the most advanced doctoral student in the program and the department used me to secure additional funding. But, I asked too many of the wrong questions. Professor Daniel Pipes’ organization, Campus Watch, Professor Martin Kramer’s book, Ivory Towers On Sand…, and a brand new, break away academic organization from MESA, ASMEA, would later emerge over the same issues–all too late to help me, however.

After hearing a fellow doctoral student’s oral summary of her own research project covering the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem (Amin al-Husseini), it was my turn to do likewise with the extensive research I had done on Jabotinsky.

At no time during the presentation about the Mufti was it reported that Hitler had made him the leader of the Waffen SS Division in the Balkans in charge of atrocities against Serbs, Gypsies, and Jews. And the professor asked no prodding questions about such things afterwards as well. He simply went along with the whitewash.

Yet, after my discussion about Jabotinsky, the same professor was quick to question about his alleged “fascist connections.”

Alas, such experiences were and still are quite common in too many duplicitous MESA-run classrooms where one set of lenses is used to scrutinize Israel and Zionism and quite a different set–if any at all–is used to critique the “Arab” world.

Dershowitz et al happily endorse funding relocation of Jews – but recoil in horror at any suggestion of funding the relocation of Palestinians.

Fanaticism consists in redoubling your effort when you have forgotten your aim. – George Santayana, Life of Reason (1905)

The major issue is not [attaining] an agreement, but ensuring its actual implementation in practice. The number of agreements the Arabs have violated is no less than number which they have kept.– Shimon Peres, Tomorrow is Now (1978)

These excerpts aptly convey the fanatical fraudulence of two-state advocates – at least of those who claim to be pro-Israel Zionists. For in redoubling their efforts to reach their preferred mode of resolution of the Palestinian issue, they seem to have forgotten that the real aim is not an agreement on the establishment of a Palestinian state, but long-term stability and security for Israel.

Desperation, denial and disregard

Seemingly oblivious of – or determined to disregard – the fact that the greater the efforts made to reach such a two-state arrangement, the more Israel’s stability and security have been undermined, twostaters persist in their quest.

Regrettably – indeed, tragically – many in the “intellectual establishment” have embraced the failed formula of two-statism as a corollary of the historically disproven dogma of “land-for-peace,” staking their personal prestige and professional reputation on its desirability and feasibility.

In so doing, they have mortgaged their intellectual integrity to a policy that is demonstrably neither.

Not only is it impossible to justify two-statism on the basis of logical consistency or empirical validity, but its continued pursuit will almost inevitably bring about a situation that directly negate the values invoked for its adoption, and precipitate consequences which are the antitheses of those its advocates intended.

Impervious to fact and reason, its high-profile proponents cling doggedly – some might say obsessively – to it, disregarding the massive accumulation of contradictory evidence and denying the unequivocal significance thereof.

Confronted by the resolute refusal of reality to bend to their will, two-staters are beginning to promote proposals that appear increasingly desperate and detached from the real world.


Pelosi: Keep tax returns for congressmen private
Congressional leaders were defiant T…
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Obama job council meetings 0, fundraisers 106
Thursday, July 19, 2012
Obama job council meetings 0, fundraisers 106
Mitt Romney takes the White House to task: “We’re surprised that the president has not met with his Jobs Council in the last six months. … We took a look at his schedule and over the last six months he has done 106 fundraisers. And so, I think you learn something about the president’s priorities.” Read more…

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Poll: 61% say Holder in contempt of Congress
Fox News
by: Dana Blanton
Thursday, July 19, 2012

Poll: 61% say Holder in contempt of Congress
Attorney General Eric Holder Photo Credit:AP

A majority of American voters would have voted to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt of Congress for refusing to turn over documents about the Fast and Furious debacle.

The U.S. House of Representatives held Attorney General Holder in contempt on June 28 by a vote of 258-95.

A Fox News poll released Thursday shows 61 percent of voters nationally would have done the same thing if they were in Congress. That includes most Republicans (82 percent) and nearly half of independents (49 percent) and Democrats (48 percent).

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New polls show Obama vulnerable on economy
Thursday, July 19, 2012
Three new polls suggest that voters’ optimism about the state of the economy has slid, making Obama more vulnerable to efforts that seek to turn the campaign into a referendum on his economic management. Read more…

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Don’t ask why Hezbollah attacked

Wednesday’s suicide bombing in Bulgaria may have been a startling reminder that Jews are not safe in the world today, but it did not come as a surprise to anyone involved in intelligence, espionage and counterterrorism. That such acts of targeted, cold-blooded killing have not been carried out on a daily basis, as they were during the Second Intifada, is due to the incredibly heroic work of our security services, not to a weakening of the will or means of our enemies.

Nor was it accidental that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu immediately responded by pointing the finger at Iran and its chief proxy, Hezbollah. Whatever spin analysts have been trying to put on Netanyahu’s blatant and authoritative accusation, made before all the forensic facts were in, anyone paying the slightest bit of attention knows that there is a global war going on between the East and the West — with the former fast and furiously building a nuclear weapons arsenal that could blitz the latter if not into oblivion, then at least into submission.

It is being said by pundits that the purpose of Netanyahu’s statement about Israel’s not being the only entity in danger from the Iranian threat was to prepare the ground for a possible joint military operation against the Islamic republic’s nuclear facilities. This is doubtful.