The Hollywood Left Mourns Its ‘Great Hero’ Chavez: Mark Tapson Tuesday was a dark day for socialist totalitarians everywhere, including among the Hollywood elite. Venezuelan strongman Hugo Chavez finally succumbed to cancer, and a pair of Hollywood heavyweight supporters mourned him openly and proudly. “Today the people of the United States lost a friend it never knew it had,” declared Sean Penn, Hollywood’s most […]

Reign of Evil: A Look Back at the Vicious Rule of Hugo Chavez Posted By Arnold Ahlert

URL to article: It is no accident that the death of Hugo Chavez, while mourned by the usual suspects on the left, was celebrated by thousands of his fellow countrymen. In the Doral section of Miami, FL, home to the largest enclave of Venezuelans living in America, the strongman’s demise was met with unrestrained […]


On this week’s Glazov Gang, Morgan Brittany, Ann-Marie Murrell and Dwight Schultz gathered to discuss CPAC 2013: Expectations. The discussion occurred in Part II and focused on the politics surrounding the upcoming Conservative Political Action Conference in D.C., March 14th-16th. The segment also highlighted Hagel heading to the Pentagon and MSNBC hiring Axelrod and Gibbs. Part I focused on Threatening Woodward, dealing with the thought crime of a journalist in the Obama-era. The segment also included an analysis of Texas Kids Forced to Wear Burqa, shining a spotlight on the troubling Sharia education in Texas’ public school system. To watch both parts of the two part series, see below:

HANS VON SPAKOVSKY: ROBERTS AND SCALIA ARE RIGHT ON THE VOTING RIGHTS ACT Why are liberal activists exerting themselves so fervently to attack the points made by Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Antonin Scalia last week during the oral arguments in the Shelby County v. Holder case? Perhaps the justices’ critics are desperate to retain the unconstitutional preclearance provisions of the Voting Rights Act, which have […]


We kick off our eleventh year of blogging with an interview with Monica Crowley of Fox News, who drops by today to ask — and answer — the question we’ve all been pondering since November: What the (Bleep) Just Happened…Again?

That’s also the title of the new edition of her New York Times bestseller, which is out today in paperback, with a new forward focusing on the GOP’s presidential election debacle, and thus, the consequences of four more years of Barack Obama at the helm, along with his disastrous polices both at home and abroad.

During our interview, Monica will discuss:

● How Big Government destroys individual freedom.

● How much success has Obama had in changing the character of Americans?

● Will Obama’s love of big government see a renewed interest in federalism across the land as a counterweight?

● How much tension will there be between the states — many of which have GOP governors — and DC?

● Is Obama naive when it comes to the dangers of the Middle East, or is there a deliberate plan at work?

● How the media has allowed Obama to get away with debacles such as Benghazi and Operation Fast and Furious.

● How conservative was Monica’s first boss, former president Richard Nixon?

● What would Nixon think of Obama?

● When Barack Obama departs the White House, what sort of America will he leave behind?

Transcript of our interview begins on the following page.

THE DEATH OF A DESPOT: JAIME DARENBLUM In a different era, he might have been called a fascist. After all, Hugo Chávez was an anti-Semitic demagogue and chauvinistic nationalist who hated Israel, hated the United States, hated democracy, and favored state control of the economy. A onetime paratrooper and failed coup leader, Chávez aggressively militarized Venezuelan society, creating pro-government citizen brigades […]

MELANIE PHILLIPS: ACADEMY RIGHT ON THE SHIN BET FILM Phew! Thank heavens the Israeli film The Gatekeepers failed to win an Oscar. Maybe the Almighty is a cinema-goer and also felt like throwing up when he saw it. Of course this film is going down a storm among liberal Jews, who are lapping up its confirmation by apparently unimpeachable authorities that Israel has […]

Brennan Signals ‘Our Saudi Partners’ By Ken Blackwell and Bob Morrison When President Obama met Saudi King Abdullah in London in 2009, the former bowed low before the latter. No American president had ever so abased himself before one of the world’s most oppressive rulers before. Now, Mr. Obama has nominated John Brennan to be director of the Central Intelligence Agency. Signals Intelligence, or sigint, […]

Nowhere Left to Fly To :By Sohrab Ahmari

Hillary Clinton circled the globe 40 times in four years as secretary of state. But what did all this on-the-go diplomacy accomplish?

Hillary Rodham Clinton was the best secretary of state in U.S. history—if the amount of travel abroad is the criterion by which we judge the success of America’s top diplomat. Mrs. Clinton logged a million miles flying around the world during President Barack Obama’s first term. It’s a remarkable number: The Earth is 25,000 miles in circumference, so the secretary circled the globe 40 times in four years. Even more remarkable is that one can’t think of a signature accomplishment from all this on-the-go diplomacy.
As the BBC’s State Department correspondent, Kim Ghattas accompanied Mrs. Clinton on some 300,000 of those miles and interviewed her at least 15 times. In “The Secretary: A Journey With Hillary Clinton From Beirut to the Heart of American Power,” Ms. Ghattas wants to paint an intimate, on-the-job portrait of her subject during a period that began with broad outreach by Washington to old and new enemies, that encompassed many setbacks, including the fracturing of the American order in the Middle East, and that ended with an ambassador’s murder in Benghazi, Libya.

The material has world-historical heft, yet the treatment rarely carries weight. Ms. Ghattas clearly enjoys the access that her job entails and deems no detail of life in the State Department press corps too insignificant to share. There are seemingly endless anecdotes about the “chewy chocolate chip cookies” at the air bases that service the secretary of state’s plane; the chicken-salad dinners aboard the plane; the press packets handed out by the U.S. Embassy in Beijing; the “Bulgari hand fresheners” inside the Saudi king’s tent. Did you know that one time Mrs. Clinton’s plane almost took off without “Arshad Mohammed from Reuters, who had overslept”?

MARY ANASTASIA O’GRADY: VENEZUELA AFTER CHAVEZ Venezuela’s Hugo Chávez is dead. But chavismo, the military government that he fashioned with the help of Cuba over his 14-year rule, lives on. Restoring democracy in the oil dictatorship won’t be easy, even without the caudillo in the red beret fomenting hatred on a daily basis. Meanwhile, Venezuelans will endure even deeper hardship […]