SARAH HONIG: UNIVERSALISM’S TOXIC SACCHARINE If a netherworld truly exists, then its most infamous denizen, one Adolf Hitler, must be rubbing his hands in glee. During his lifetime, when he preoccupied the entire world with his war, he never ceased to proclaim hysterically that his paramount aim was annihilating all Jews. Obsessively he reiterated his resolve to cause all […]

WHO IS HURRICANE HAZEL McCALLION? AMAZING MAYOR OF MISSISSAUGA, CANADA Long-standing Mississauga Mayor Hazel McCallion will appear on Huckabee, Mike Huckabee’s Fox News talk show, on Saturday evening. At first blush, it’s a weird pairing — a 90-year-old Canadian mayor, 11 times re-elected, and a 55-year-old former Southern Baptist minister-cum-presidential candidate-cum-Fox News host. The Post’s Michael Fraiman tries to find their similarities, and is […]

LARS HEDEGAARD: A DANISH FREE SPEECH HERO, INTERVIEWED BY JERRY GORDON…SEE NOTE PLEASE A Danish Free Speech Hero: An Interview with Lars Hedegaard by Jerry Gordon (May 2011) TWO HEROES HERE….JERRY GORDON IS A HERO ALSO IN HIS PERSONAL AND CIVIC AND NATIONAL ROLES AS DEFENDER OF DEMOCRACY…..RSK In George Orwell’s 1984 the totalitarian credo of the Party is ”Who controls the past, controls the future: who […]


The Truth About Health Care Reform and the Economy Separating economic fact from economic myth Veronique de Rugy | Editor’s Note: Reason columnist and Mercatus Center economist Veronique de Rugy appears weekly on Bloomberg TV to separate economic fact from economic myth. Myth 1: Health care reform will reduce the deficit. Fact 1: Health […]


FROM RONNI SHALIT, PRESIDENT OF THE NATIONAL SECURITY ROUNDTABLE……. After covering the 1961 Eichmann trial in Jerusalem, Naphtali Lavie, a correspondent for Haaretz, wrote three articles in which he criticized the Zionist leadership for its failure to rescue European Jewry. The articles were shelved, however, “as Lavie feared they would be damaging to many people […]

J STREET STOOPS TO A NEW LOW…MEETING WITH PA ON HOLOCAUST MEMORIAL DAY….SEE NOTE PLEASE Storm of Opposition to J-Street-PA Meetings on Memorial Days AND SIMPLE SHIMON PERES IS EQUALLY GUILTY FOR SCHEDULING A MEETING WITH THE  “JEWHADIS’….RSK Representatives of J-Street are planning to arrive in Israel early next week and meet – on Holocaust Memorial Day – with leaders of the Palestinian Authority in Ramallah. They plan to […]

MOSHE PHILLIPS: THE ROYAL WEDDING AND THE WAR ON TERROR If you do not work or play in Boston, New York or Philadelphia you may have never see a Metro newspaper. What you need to know about these publications is that they feature skewed coverage of news related to the conflicts in the Middle East and the wider war on terror. You should also […]

UNITY DEAL BETWEEN TWO ARMED FRONTS AGAINST ISRAEL: ALEX JOFFE….SEE NOTE PLEASE,7340,L-4062376,00.html A nation of martyrs Why is anyone still talking about Hamas being worse than Fatah?  They are two sides of the same coin…same goals, different tactics…..rsk Op-ed: Unity deal reminds us that ‘resistance’ is core of Palestinian political and cultural identity Alex Joffe The newly announced Palestinian reconciliation agreement between Hamas and Fatah can […]

THE SULTAN: LIARS VS. RACISTS…THE WEEKLY ROUNDUP The combination of Trump, Obama and the media insured that this week’s story would be the birth certificate issue. Even though there isn’t much of a story there. The birth certificate has been part of the much larger underlying issue which is the lack of transparency by the Obama Administration in even the simplest […]

MARK STEYN; THE FED’S POLICY IS QUANTITATIVELY ACCELERATING AMERICA’S COLLAPSE Discredited The Fed’s policy is quantitatively accelerating American collapse. The other day Paul O’Neill said that . . . Oh, wait. I suppose I ought to explain who Paul O’Neill is. A decade ago, he was President Bush’s first Treasury secretary. I have no very clear memory of him except that he toured Africa […]