Ruth King reviews a book that claims that Islamic population numbers are poised to go into unprecedented rapid decline and interviews its author, David P. Goldman.
Demographic predictions often affect national security policy. President Jimmy Carter’s smarter brother Billy put it succinctly. When questioned about his shady deals with Libya, he replied “The only thing I can say is there is a hell of a lot more Arabians than there is Jews.” American policy with respect to the Middle East has been stated a tad more elegantly but it is based on the same immoral and obtuse calculations.

With respect to Israel, misleading predictions of Arab population growth were used, mostly by soft-core supporters to suggest that Jews were doomed to become a minority west of the Jordan River and should concede that geography in order to secure demography. A study : “The million Person Gap: The Arab Population in the West Bank and Gaza-the American-Israel Demographic Research Group” was published by the Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies in February 2006 with Ambassador (Ret.) Yoram Ettinger as head of the Israeli team. All the meticulous research, including birth and death records and emigration numbers, revealed a net loss of Arab births and a surge in Jewish births in the West Bank.

As Ambassador Ettinger stated: “the demographic time bomb became a demographic scare crow.”

Today’s demographic scare crow evokes resurgent Islam, growing by leaps and bounds- invincible and inevitable and never to be challenged or offended.

David P. Goldman is a columnist and editor who writes a weekly essay on Western culture, economics, and politics under the very apposite pseudonym “Spengler.” In his book “How Civilizations Die (And Why Islam is Dying Too)” he shreds this current “demographobia” with documentation, statistics, analysis and hard facts.


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Obama’s team is nothing if not creative. After running for his first term as a force of change, he’s off and running for his second term as… the force of change. Don’t like the last change, this will be the change from that change to a whole other change.

“We Can’t Wait” oddly echoes with Obama’s old slogan, “We Are The Ones We Have Been Waiting For.” Now after having waited for three for ourselves… we can’t wait for another four years of the same thing. The problem with waiting for ourselves while waiting to vote again for the man who got us into this mess is that it means we’ll be waiting a long time.

But “We Can’t Wait” echoes another slogan that the Obama team was extremely familiar with, the left’s “We Can’t Wait To Drive the Bush Regime Out.” This time around Obama might have called it, “We Can’t Wait to Drive Boehner Out”, but it’s a slogan that would have confused most people.

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Investors are looking for a home for trillions in idle Federal Reserve-generated dollars, and a little reform in Europe might attract them.
The world is waiting anxiously for Europe to use a bazooka on its debt problems—i.e., to make such a strong financial commitment to European banks and bonds that they become investable again, unfreezing markets.

But Europe probably won’t go that far in this week’s summits. This leaves in place a costly slow-motion bailout and a deepening recession.

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Fiscal Policy: This is a time for big ideas that take some political risk. Rick Perry’s flat-tax solution largely fits that bill, and so do the proposals from most others in the GOP field. Then there’s Romney.

Perry this week finally unveiled the sort of detailed economic plan that, in a well-planned campaign, he would’ve had ready a couple of months ago. So it may be too late to help him much. But it’s never too late to inject good ideas into the political mix. Perry’s plan isn’t perfect, but it would be a huge improvement over the laws in place now……GO TO SITE


True face of moderate leaders

For many years, Professor Sari Nusseibeh has been regarded as the epitome of Palestinian moderation. The urbane president of al Quds university in east Jerusalem, he has been regarded as a “two-state solution” moderate. His actual advocacy of a one-state solution and the swallowing up of Israel has been unaccountably ignored.

Yet now he has let down his guard to reveal more starkly what lies beneath this polished veneer. Considering the Israeli government’s requirement that the Palestinians must acknowledge Israel as a Jewish state, Nusseibeh declared in an al Jazeera article (in English on its website) that this was inherently “problematic” because of its “legal, religious, historical and social implications”.

Those problematic implications are that, for Nusseibeh, a Jewish state would necessarily either be a theocracy or practise apartheid — stripping Israeli Arabs of their civic rights and ethnically cleansing them from Israel, on the basis that in a Jewish state the only people with civic rights would be Jews.