Educating for Peace: Palestinian Authority School Books Preach Peace, Love…and Bomb Making Max Keisler

In an April 6 Guardian piece Harriet Sherwood described the relentless flurry of hate mail that Israeli journalist Amira Hass has recently received as a result of an article advocating the inclusion of occupation resistance as part of the curriculum for Palestinian schools.

According to Hass, Palestinians throwing stones at Israeli soldiers is “an action as well as a metaphor of resistance” and a “…birthright and duty of anyone subject to foreign rule”. As such, it is perfectly reasonable for Palestinian schools to offer “basic classes in resistance”.

In response to Amira Hass’s piece, some wild-eyed, bearded, skullcap-wearing Israeli extremists filed complaints with the police and the Israeli attorney general, demanding that she be investigated for incitement to violence and terrorism.

Guided by Messianic visions of blowing up the Temple Mount and replacing two of Islam’s holiest sites with ‘The Third Temple Resort & Casino’, craven Zionist interlopers have long asserted that the way Palestinian children are educated is proof of the true intentions of the Palestinian leadership vis-à-vis Israel.

According to Dr. Zion Ben-Judah, former assistant to the travelling undersecretary of the pro-settler Yesha Council: “When you google translate: ‘A just and comprehensive peace in the Middle East’ from English to Arabic, you get: ‘Palestine’s war ended with a catastrophe that is unprecedented in history, when the Zionist gangs stole Palestine.’”

Yet, the findings of a study released this morning lend credence to the counter claim that the Palestinian Authority has in fact done much to promote true coexistence with Israeli Jews.

The Grand Enterprise to Tabulate Reactions of the Esteemed Allah’s Loyal Legions (GET-REALL), which reviews textbooks from the West Bank, Gaza and other parts of the Islamic Caliphate, unveiled its 2013 report at a packed press conference held in occupied East Jerusalem’s Abu Shukri Humus & Felafel dining establishment.

The organization reviewed 234 textbooks currently used in West Bank Palestinian schools for students in grades one through 12.

The findings indicate that the PA is already teaching its younglings to resist their Israeli overlords – but with rules and limitations that must be adhered to. This kinder and gentler curriculum includes a clear distinction between Israeli civilians and soldiers; Israeli men and women can rest assured that while still regarded as thieving colonial imperialists, at least there’s no chance of them being hauled off to The Hague to stand trial for war crimes at the International Criminal Court.

The below sampling of textbooks reviewed by GET-REALL indicates that beyond the occasional dead Israeli, there pervades a sincere desire on the Palestinian side to usher in an era of peace, love and harmony between Arabs and Jews:

1) Diaries of a Young Contrarian – Adolf Hitler Reflects: 1918-1924

2) Jihadist in the Rye

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Jihad is Cool: Jihadist Magazines Recruit Young Terrorists

Jihad recruitment has evolved into using a mainstream format, it is now cool. Print and online magazines provide practical detailed instruction on how to commit terrorist acts. The latest offering, Lone Mujahid Pocketbook, Spring 2013, is published courtesy of al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula’s Inspire magazine, and is available on multiple websites.

It bills itself as “A Step to (sic) Step Guide on How to Become a Successful Lone Mujahid” and already has enthusiasts. Using hip, modern language conventions and rap lingo, the cover asks “R U dreamin’ of wagin’ jihadi attacks against kuffar? … Well, there’s no need to travel abroad, coz the frontline has come to you. Wanna know how? Just read ‘n’ apply the contents of this guide which has practical ‘n’ creative ways to please Allah by killing his enemies ‘n’ healing the believers’ chests.” Creepily akin to a teen magazine, the Pocketbook specifically targets prospective American jihadis with tips, tactics and incitements to carry out terror attacks.

It offers Inspire’s glossy, high quality graphics and a professional finish to pages methodically detailing the types of bombs; the best locations for attacks and other ways to generally reap mayhem. Using everyday supplies such as sugar, motor oil or pressure cookers, readers are enthusiastically encouraged to wage jihad in their communities. Many of the features are repeats from Inspire’s first 10 issues.

For example, “Make a Bomb in the Kitchen of Your Mom” and the “Ultimate Mowing Machine” offer simple, do-it-yourself advice to “cause chaos and terror among the public.”

Mixing religious devotion with a desire to be cool in the MTV generation, the magazine offers an attractive picture for jihadi wannabes, perhaps inspired by the mass popular appeal of rapping gang-bangers who make gun violence “cool.” Jihad has never been easier.


This video features a well-known Muslim Brotherhood operative from Bangladesh – Mohammed Rabi Alam (who goes by the name of MD Rabbi Alam). (He is sitting in the front of the room). Alam ran in the Democrat primary for Secretary of State in 2012 and has plans to run for office again. His organization, AMPAC, assists Muslims in political races.

At this point, MB operatives are so confident that they post some of their meeting videos on YouTube.

(7 Minutes)

Janet Levy,
Los Angeles

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From Dehumanizing Word Games to Gosnell By Andrew C. McCarthy

In Philadelphia, at a human abattoir on Lancaster Avenue, is where it ends, not where it starts. It starts with the perversion of language. It starts when the icons of a dissipated culture reduce a baby to a “fetus.” From there, Yeats’s blood-dimmed tide rolls rapidly in. Before long, a baby is not a person but a punishment, as President Barack Obama framed the matter in his familiar off-the-cuff iciness.

Of course, to describe newborn children in their boundless possibilities and wonder would be to acknowledge, foremost, their humanity. That is why, instead, abortion enthusiasts must grope for words when circumstances force them to speak publicly about their gruesome business.

“That fetus, or child — however way you want to describe it,” Mr. Obama once stammered. This was back when, as a state senator, he was unnerved by the natural resistance of babies to the unnatural insistence of their mothers — of the culture — that they just disappear. If you’ve ever watched a hit man testify, you’ve heard the same stammer: the faint glimmer of a long-forgotten but stubbornly indelible line between right and wrong.

It is the line that makes killing much easier to do than to talk about. It is the line that now impels a self-imposed media embargo against news about the shocking trial of Kermit Gosnell.

Gosnell is a 72-year-old abortionist. The formal charges against him — the murders of a woman and seven babies — are but drops in a sea of carnage. Mounting evidence reveals him to be a mass murderer of epic scale and Mengele methods. It also spotlights the evil — the apparently unspeakable evil — of legalized abortion in all its coarsening gore. Plainly, the vaunted journalists of our debased mainstream have determined that there must be no meaningful coverage. No time in the 24/7 cycle to notice the inexorable path from dehumanizing the vulnerable through word games to mass-murdering them with casual sadism.


Britain is gearing up for Baroness Margaret Thatcher’s funeral on Wednesday at St. Paul’s Cathedral in London. As is customary in the United Kingdom, protocol is as crucial as pomp and circumstance. It was therefore par for the course that one of the issues surrounding the major event was the very carefully determined guest list.

Conspicuously absent from this list of dignitaries from countries with which the U.K. has diplomatic relations was Argentinian President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner. In her stead, Argentinian Ambassador to Britain Alicia Castro will be invited, because Thatcher’s children said that “good manners” require it.

So far, however, the ambassador hasn’t had the “good manners” to RSVP.

Etiquette aside, it is with good reason that Kirchner is not welcome. This is not merely because her presidency has been marked by hostility toward Western allies and friendliness with the regimes of Venezuela’s Hugo Chávez and Cuba’s Fidel Castro — though this should suffice for her to be shunned.

No, the rationale behind snubbing Argentina’s first female president (the only thing she had in common with Thatcher) has to do with her current campaign to claim her country’s sovereignty over the Falkland Islands. And it is precisely Thatcher’s leadership during the Falklands War that is going to be the theme of her funeral, with hundreds of members of the royal armed forces taking part in the ceremonies.

The Falklands War, which lasted from April 2 to June 14, 1982, broke out when Argentinian troops invaded and occupied the Falkland Islands, an archipelago in the South Atlantic Ocean that has been administered by Britain since 1833.

In 1945, Argentina appealed to the newly formed United Nations in an attempt to re-establish its sovereignty over the Falkland Islands, which it had obtained in 1816 after gaining independence from Spain. Argentina claimed that the British had “illegally occupied” the islands in 1833.

In 1964, the U.N. passed a resolution calling on Britain and Argentina to resolve this dispute. When word got out that Britain was negotiating with Argentina over sovereignty, the Falkland Islanders were furious. They liked being British and wanted to keep it that way. As a result, the U.K. tried to get Argentina on board with furthering their self-determination. Argentina wasn’t interested. This stalemate lasted for nearly two decades, until Argentina launched the surprise military invasion.

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The Cultural Intifada and Temple Denial – on The Glazov Gang

This week’s Glazov Gang had the honor of being joined by Lela Gilbert, author of Saturday People, Sunday People, actor Dwight Schultz ( and Ann-Marie Murrell, the National Director of

The Gang members gathered to discuss The Cultural Intifada and Temple Denial. The dialogue occurred in Part I and focused on Islamists’ gambit to de-Judaize the Jewish state. The discussion was part of the Gang’s reflection on Lela Gilbert’s book, Saturday People, Sunday People: Israel through the Eyes of a Christian Sojourner. Ms. Gilbert shares what brought her to Israel, the Israelis’ warm reception of her, and why, as Dr. Gabriel Barkay shared with her, “Temple Denial is more dangerous and serious than Holocaust Denial.”

Part II dealt mostly with Saturday People, Sunday People, focusing on the dire lessons of Israel’s disengagement from Gaza in 2005, the trauma that Israeli citizens, including children, have suffered from the barrage of Palestinian terror, Jimmy Carter’s Jew-Hate, and the world’s blind spot: the forgotten exodus of 900,000 Jews expelled from Arab and Muslim countries.

The segment ended on a reflection on Margaret Thatcher and on the powerful way in which she shaped her era.

To watch both parts of the two-part series, see below: