JESSE JACKSON ON OBAMA: “SOME LEVEL OF THE EXCITEMENT IS GONE”…..SEE NOTE PLEASE,1518,druck-778990,00.html EXCITEMENT? JACKSON MADE EVERY EFFORT TO DERIDE OBAMA WHILE HILLARY WAS STILL VIABLE… IS THAT THE THRILL HE MISSES?  JACKSON IS NOW SO IRRELEVANT  …..RSK In an interview with SPIEGEL, civil rights activist and Baptist minister Jesse Jackson discusses Black America’s frustration with Barack Obama and the president’s failure to anticipate the Republicans’ tenacious will to ‘destroy’ […]


The Children of Edward Said Posted By David Solway     There is a fascinating passage from the Koran, surah 101, its initial lines variously translated as “The Disaster! What is the Disaster?” (N.J. Dawood, The Koran), “The Crashing Blow. What is the Crashing Blow?” (M.A.S. Abdel Haleem, The Qur’an), “The day of Noise […]


In Defense of David Yerushalmi Posted By Ben Shapiro   The New York Times recently ran a hit piece on lawyer David Yerushalmi, who has led the charge to stop the rise of shariah law in the United States.  With typical anti-religious flair, the newspaper pointed out that Yerushalmi is “a little-known lawyer … […]


Market Plunge and the Blame Game Posted By Arnold Ahlert   Stocks plunged Monday, suffering their worst losses since December 2008, as Wall Street reacted to the news of the unprecedented U.S. credit downgrade assigned by Standard & Poor’s (S&P) late last Friday. The Down Jones Industrial Average ended the day with a 634.76 […]

ANDREW BOSTOM: BERNARD LEWIS, THE PIED PIPER OF WESTERN CONFUSION ON ISLAM Bernard Lewis: Pied Piper of Islamic Confusion This summer’s  Claremont Review of Books contains a featured review essay by Robert R. Reillyi which discusses Bernard Lewis’s essay collection “Faith and Power,” ii and the nonagenarian historian’s reflections upon the so-called Arab Spring unrest in the Middle East, particularly North Africa.iii As distilled by Reilly, […]

US MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD ACTIVIST ACCUSED OF ACTING AS AGENT OF PAKISTANI INTEL Global media is reporting on the arrest of U.S. Muslim Brotherhood activist Syed Ghulam Nabi Fai, accused by the FBI of acting as an agent for the Pakistani intelligence service involved in secret lobbying efforts inside the U.S. According to a Hudson N.Y. report [2]: Relations between U.S. and Pakistan grow more and more tense. […]

A PALARAB STATE: THE DAY AFTER BY MARK SILVERBERG On Thursday, August 4th, Arab League foreign ministers and representatives from Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Lebanon and Qatar announced that they would support the plan of the Palestinian Authority (PA) to seek a seat for a Palestinian state at the UN General Assembly (UNGA). So what kind of state exactly would the UNGA […]

CAROLINE GLICK: NORWAY’S JEWISH PROBLEM | In the wake of Anders Breivik’s massacre of his fellow Norwegians, I was amazed at the speed with which the leftist media throughout the US and Europe used his crime as a means of criminalizing their ideological opponents on the Right. Just hours after Breivik’s identity was reported, leftist media outlets and […]

WES PRUDEN: RICK PERRY, RELIGION AND POLITICS Christians are driving atheists nuts. Atheists are trying to spread their belief—or more to the point, their lack of belief—with zeal that Billy Sunday or Billy Graham could have envied: unless Sunday schools are closed, Bibles shredded, hymnbooks torched and children jailed when found kneeling with Mom in bedtime prayer, no one is secure […]

BRET STEPHENS: IS OBAMA SMART? A CASE STUDY IN STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES The aircraft was large, modern and considered among the world’s safest. But that night it was flying straight into a huge thunderstorm. Turbulence was extreme, and airspeed indicators may not have been functioning properly. Worse, the pilots were incompetent. As the plane threatened to stall […]