ROBIN SHEPHERD: EGYPT DEFIES THE POPE Egypt plays victim card against Pope rather than address deadly Islamist bigotry against Christians I had to rub my eyes a couple of times this morning as I opened the BBC website to find two more stories about the ongoing violence against Christians in Egypt. In the wake of the massacre of 23 Christians […]


WaPo expunges Israeli rule of Jerusalem — an Orwellian ploy At first, it seemed that it may just have been an oversight accounting for the fact that the Washington Post  has turned Palestinian wishful-thinking about Jerusalem into actual reality.  But it wasn’t just a one-time mistake.  It again pops up in a Jan. 11 dispatch by Jerusalem correspondent Joel Greenberg […]

FIDEL CASTRO WEIGHS IN ON TUCSON TRAGEDY TO SLAM TEA PARTIES In a signed editorial in Cuba’s state-owned Granma,  Castro writes: “As is known, the state of Arizona, a territory that was snatched from Mexico by the United States together with many other expanses of land, has been the scene of painful events for the hundreds of Latin Americans who die trying to immigrate to […]


Cutting Defense: Save Money, Cost Lives Posted by Jack L. Treese, CWO US Army, Retired Cut “pork” before military spending. In a recent article in the “Stars and Stripes” Defense Secretary Robert Gates is planning to reduce the strength of Soldiers and Marines by up to 70,000 by 2015 due to “this country’s dire […]

POPE’S CALL TO ARAB STATES TO PROTECT CHRISTIANS SPARKS OUTRAGE Pope Benedict was tonight at the centre of a new diplomatic storm after Egypt recalled its ambassador to the Vatican in protest at the pontiff’s call for Middle Eastern governments to do more to protect their Christian minorities. Cairo’s dramatic reaction came amid reports of a further attack in Egypt in which a Christian […]


– Posted By al-Mutarajjam to “”>Translating Jihad< Saudi Sheikh, ‘Abd-al-Rahman bin Nasir al-Barrak explains that there is no equality in Islam, or at least not in the way the West and the Human Rights Charter defines it. (See original Arabic here.) Fatwa title: What is the ruling on the saying uttered by some people: “Islam […]

ULTIMATE HYPOCRISY SEN. SANDERS (VERMONT DEM AND SOCIALIST)….USES TUCSON TRAGEDY TO SOLICIT FUNDS Citing Ariz. shootings, Sen. Sanders solicits campaign donations by Sean J. Miller Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders (I) issued a fundraising plea Tuesday in which he cited the Arizona shooting and accused right-wing reactionaries of contributing to a threatening political climate. Given the recent tragedy in Arizona, as well as the start of the new […]


The boycott bluff: trading to good neighbourly relations DAVID FRANKFURTER The Middle East is full of contradictions.  It’s hard to know what’s real and what’s bluff. If you call the wrong bluff, you can end up blown to pieces. And if you miss a real opportunity, you can end up a real sucker. “Peace activists” attack with knives […]

WHAT ISLAMONLINE.NET WEBSITE SAYS…WE SUFFER IN THE TRANSLATION “Offensive Jihad Is Permissible to Secure Islam’s Borders, to Extend God’s Religion, and…to Remove Every Religion but Islam from the Arabian Peninsula” is listed as the 6th most popular Islamic website in the world. And yet, Western apologists of Islam assure us that the overwhelming majority of Muslims are peaceful, and that […]

TRANSLATING JIHAD: IN ARABIC EVERYTHING IS A ZIONIST PLOT “Removing the Christians from the East Is a Zionist Project” Naturally this columnist does not offer any plausible explanations for how the all-powerful Zionists are coercing innocent Muslims into bombing churches in Iraq and now Egypt. Unfortunately, given that his target audience is Arab Muslims, he really doesn’t have to. Their society is so […]