ANDREW HARROD: LOVING THY TERRORIST ENEMY- ANTI GUANTANAMO PROTEST SUPPORTS ENEMY COMBATANTS “Courage Muslim Brothers/You do not walk alone/We will walk with you/And sing your spirit home,” sang demonstrators inside a National Museum of American History atrium during a January 11, 2014, protest calling for closure of Guantanamo Bay’s terrorist detention facility.  The demonstration displayed an inverted morality naively proclaiming terrorist detainees innocent while condemning American […]

BRUCE THORNTON: FIGHT THE NEXT WAR- NOT THE LAST ONE Tuesday night President Obama will deliver another campaign speech, this one marketed as the State of the Union address. As such, we can expect to hear, through the usual white noise of “I,” “me,” and “my,” vacuous bromides like “moving America forward,” and empty promises “to grow the economy, strengthen the middle class, and empower all who hope to join it,” as White […]

The Arab Spring Killed the Left’s Foreign Policy By Daniel Greenfield Three years later, no one talks about the Arab Spring. Its anniversaries pass in rioting and terror; clubs, bombs and juntas mixing together in a bloody cocktail. Protesters die, police die and the liberals who once claimed that the Age of Aquarius had come to the Land of the Nile have turned their faces […]

Breivik’s Confession and the Media’s Silence By Fjordman From his prison cell, the confessed mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik in January 2014 circulated a letter in which he repudiated all association with the Counterjihad and anti-Islamists. He gloated over how easy it was to fool the Western mainstream media (MSM) into supporting his intended witch-hunt on peaceful anti-Islamists: The idea was to manipulate […]

DAVID HORNIK: ABBAS SAYS NO TO ISRAEL AS A JEWISH STATE At Davos, Switzerland on Friday, at the meeting of the World Economic Forum, Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu again sounded the Jewish-state theme. After meeting there with U.S. secretary of state John Kerry, Netanyahu told reporters: The meeting was very good. … I restated the two principal issues that concern us: mutual recognition of […]


Of bare breasts and now vaginas: Will Swedish PC madness ever end Breasts that offend adult women and Muslims are not fit for the Swedish parliament’s dining room. But smiling vaginas are perfectly ok for school kids. We promise we are not making this stuff up If Sweden didn’t exist, it would be necessary […]

DANIEL MITCHELL: CHOOSE POVERTY OR INEQUALITY Margaret Thatcher got it. China gets it. The economically illiterate Left doesn’t. Or is it that they would rather see people get poorer rather than forsake the unholy grail of equality? If you want to know why the left is wrong about income inequality, you need to watch this Margaret Thatcher video. In just […]

UNESCO: Building Bigotry in the Minds of Men and Women By Claudia Rosett

t The United Nations cultural agency has disgraced itself again, deciding at the last minute to postpone an exhibition of the 3,500-year relationship of the Jewish people to the Holy Land. This exhibition, co-sponsored by the Simon Wiesenthal Center, was due to open this past Monday at the Paris headquarters of the UN Educational, Scientific […]

VICTOR DAVIS HANSON:EATING OUR YOUNG It is popular now to talk of race, class, and gender oppression. But left out of this focus on supposed victim groups is the one truly targeted cohort — the young. Despite the Obama-era hype, we are not suffering new outbreaks of racism. Wendy Davis is not the poster girl for a resurgent misogyny. […]

ANDREW BOSTOM: INVETERATE SHIITE JEW HATRED IN IRAN Recently I gave a brief video presentation in the U.S. Senate Office Building which riveted on the most salient doctrinal features of Shiite Islamic Jew-hatred in Iran. This ugly phenomenon spans a pre-modern to modern continuum of five centuries, which dates from the ascent of Shah Ismail I in 1501, and the birth of […]