ALEX JOFFE:JEWS IN THE FOUR CORNERS OF THE WORLD DISPERSED AND NASCENT From the Four Corners By Alex Joffe Are most Jews white? The impression that this is so is partially the result of the calamitous and decimating events of the 20th century, in which the great centers of Europe were lost to Nazi genocide while those of the Middle East and North Africa were lost […]

GEORGE RUSSELL ON SUSAN LISA ROSENBERG:A TERRORIST AND HER AUTOBIOGRAPHY About the Author George Russell is the executive editor of Fox New Channel. On November 3, 1984, Susan Lisa Rosenberg was apprehended by police as she and a cohort were hiding 740 pounds of high explosive, 14 guns (including semiautomatic weapons), and hundreds of phony IDs in a storage facility in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. Rosenberg, […]

EVELYN GORDON: THE SHALIT “RIGHT TO RETURN” TO ISRAEL Contentions The West’s Shalit Test, and Israel’s Evelyn Gordon Alan Baker, a former legal advisor to Israel’s Foreign Ministry, made an important point in yesterday’s Jerusalem Post: Once Fatah and Hamas finalize their planned Palestinian unity government, the Palestinian Authority will no longer be able to disclaim responsibility for what happens in Gaza. Inter […]

USING “PEACE” TO DECEIVE ISRAEL AND THE WEST: MUSTREAD Posted by Keith Davies The objective of the Muslim world will be to use peace in order to deceive Israel and the West. We have always seen in the past our desire for peace especially from the Jewish people. This treaty will be based on a full recognition of Israel and fool them into […]

DANIEL GREENFIELD:Failed State Colonization – The Greatest Threat of Our Time Failed State Colonization is the greatest threat of our time, but it too is a symptom of the intellectual failures of the successful states. As failed states continue their prolonged collapse, they send out migrant populations which accelerate the collapse of the formerly successful states. This colonization means there will be no gradual decline. […]


Beware “The Anniversary of the Theft of Jerusalem” Palestinian acitivists, gung-ho after their Facebook-planned “Third Intifada” earlier this month, are anticipating a mass violation of Israel’s borders in early June, with – it seems – a date of 5 June being widely given. However, the date of the great rush at Israel’s borders is to be […]

PAMELA GELLER: THE BIZARRE COVERUP OF AN HONOR KILLING IN FLORIDA AFDI/SIOA is working with an extraordinary patriot, David Caton, who has exposed the possible honor killing covered up by law enforcement in Florida. I reported on it here. The cover-up is criminal, and we must protest the silence and complicity of Florida law enforcement. Atlas readers, start contacting the emails listed below. Now. A […]

TWISTED JUSTICE PART TWO: DIANA WEST Here is an update on the trial of a US soldier diagnosed by the US military as suffering from PTSD and schizophrenia whom the US military nonetheless put on trial for murdering a Taliban commander in US custody. New details below include some of the factors that just might have contributed to his battle […]

TWISTED JUSTICE PART ONE: DIANA WEST How’s this for (twisted) mirror images? Pfc. David Lawrence (above) shot and killed a Taliban commander shackled in a US prison cell in Afghanistan in October 2010. Army-appointed psychiatrists determined Lawrence suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder and schizophrenia and therefore lacked the mental capacity to appreciate the wrongfulness of his actions. Still, Lawrence was […]


After fall of Mubarak, group announces intent to form Nazi party | Al-Masry Al-Youm: Today’s News from Egypt After fall of Mubarak, group announces intent to form Nazi party THE LATE UNLAMENTED ANWAR SADAT WHO TRAPPED ISRAEL INTO MEANINGLESS CONCESSIONS AND REMOVAL FROM 92% OF TERRITORIES CAPTURED IN 1967; WHO “PEARL HARBORED” ISRAEL IN […]