MARK DURIE: ON THE DIFFICULTY OF READING THE KORAN On the Difficulty of Reading the Quran, Part A: from the Amman Letter to Yusuf Ali Dr Mark Durie is a theologian, human rights activist and pastor of an Anglican church. He has published many articles and books on the language and culture of the Acehnese, Christian-Muslim relations and religious freedom. I am grateful […]


Uncharitable Islamic “charity” is anything but humanitarian. Zakat is not about charity, but jihad. ‘In the United States, rules on charitable giving have made it harder for Muslims to fulfill their religious obligation,” President Obama claimed during his 2009 Cairo speech. “That is why I am committed to working with American Muslims to ensure […]

MARK ROCKWELL: SENATORS SAY VISA SECURITY PROGRAM IS “TROUBLING” Published on Government Security News ( Senators say visa security program implementation ‘troubling’ By: Mark Rockwell Sens. Collins (R-ME), Lieb A program meant to screen out terrorists overseas before they can get to the U.S. has significant problems with implementation and confusion among DHS, ICE and State Department participants, said two leading senators on […]

MICHAEL CUTLER:GAPING HOLES IN SYSTEM TO PREVENT TERRORISTS FROM GETTING VISAS!!! Hi Gang: I am providing you with a troubling news report that was based on a new GAO (Government Accountability Office) report that stated that there are gaping holes in a system that was implemented to prevent terrorists from obtaining visas that would enable them to enter the United States.  The report I have […]

THE TRUTH ABOUT IRAN’S SUPPORT OF ARAB TERRORISTS: BRIAN FAIRCHILD On April 15, 2011, a prominent news story described Iran’s support for Syria’s draconian crackdown on protestors. The story focused on Iran’s widespread meddling in the region, but it missed the key point: Shia Iran’s closest ally in the Middle East is Sunni Syria. Iran deals freely with Sunni Muslims and Sunni countries when […]


The Sustainable Development Hoax By S. Fred Singer Atmospheric physicist S. Fred Singer is Professor Emeritus of Environmental Sciences at the University of Virginia and founding director of the US Weather Satellite Service. “Sustainable Development” (SD) is basically a slogan without a specific meaning.  Linked to Earth Day (April 22), it masquerades as a […]


The ’1967 border’ — the lie that won’t die Both the New York Times and the Washington Post, in their April 22 editions, report that a group of prominent Israeli leftist intellectuals demonstrated in Tel Aviv in support of a Palestinian state based on the “1967 borders.” Except that there was no “border” on […]


Reconciling Rand with the Gospel By Ann Barnhardt The motion picture Atlas Shrugged – Part 1 was released in theaters last week, and coupled with the positively prophetic mapping of the plot of Atlas Shrugged to current events, Ayn Rand and her Objectivist Philosophy are front-burner topics.  I know that many Christians read Rand […]

MARK STEYN: THE ROAD TO RUIN JUST GOT SHORTER–.html Congressman Paul Ryan, one of the least insane men in Washington, has a 10-year plan.President Barack Obama, one of the most insane spenders in Washington, has a 12-year plan. After hearing the president’s plan, Standard & Poor’s downgraded the U.S. Sovereign debt outlook to “negative.” Ah, the fine art of understatement. In 1940, after […]

GLOBAL WARMING ZEALOTS TO BAN ICE-MAKERS Ice makers are the latest target in the left’s ongoing war against the conveniences of modern life. Earlier this month, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) issued a report that may condemn this essential household item to the contraband list that already includes functional light bulbs, toilets, washing machines and showerheads. Those […]