The Middle East’s Christian Onslaught Church bombings kill scores in Iraq, Nigeria and Egypt. Iran rounds up dozens of Christians for allegedly being “hard-liners” who threaten the Islamic republic. An Egyptian police officer opens fire on a crowded train, targeting only the Christian passengers. For a region that boasts of accommodating its Christian minorities, […]

J STREET’S DAYS NUMBERED? ONE CAN ONLY HOPE Are J Street’s Days Numbered? Posted By Seth Mandel On January 14, 2011 @ 8:00 am In Anti-Semitism,Email,Feature,News | 1 Comment Media bias doesn’t always help the actor it intends to shield. Often, it counterproductively insulates people and organizations from the scrutiny they are destined to face eventually, leaving them wholly unprepared when that […]

IMAM RAUF STEPS DOWN AND GETS REPLACED BY SOMEONE EVEN WORSE…..SEE NOTE DON’T POP THE CHAMPAGNE   THIS IMAM IS JUST AS BAD….SEE: “A radical New York imam who was once investigated as a possible co-conspirator in the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center will share the stage Saturday night as a featured guest and speaker when the Council on American-Islamic Relations celebrates its […]

OBAMA DOES BEST WHEN HE SAYS NOTHING…. Obama Does Best When He Says Nothing By Jack Cashill In Tucson, on Wednesday evening, we saw President Barack Obama in his full Chauncey Gardiner mode.  After the drubbing of November 2010, Obama’s handlers have come to understand that Obama does best when, like Chauncey, he says nothing at all. Chauncey Gardiner, the reader […]


Euro-Anti-Semitism The Europeans’ Incurable Disease By Nurit Greenger I have deep disdain for the Europeans for their anti-Semitic sentiments and for what they have done to the Jews; I now have even more disdain for them because they have not learned civility, not have they rid themselves of their anti-Semitic evil sentiments, thus they are […]

DIANA WEST: REJECT….DON’T PARTICIPATE IN THE BIG LIE ABOUT TUCSON “Never mind, they’ll swallow it,” said Stalin, the 20th Century’s first successful progenitor of the Big Lie. — This week’s syndicated column: The suppression of the facts is by no means the most dangerous aspect of any Big Lie. After all, facts don’t go away even amid efforts to suppress them. All sorts of […]


Gideon’s War: A Novel – Hardcover (Jan. 11, 2011) by Howard Gordon

NO GENDER DISCRIMINATION IN SCIENCE…. FOR FAUX FEMINISTS WHO WHINE AND DINE….RSK Gender Discrimination in Science Is a Myth Statistics show that women are treated fairly in technical fields. In the prestigious scientific journal Nature, my fellow University of Washington graduate, Dr. Jennifer Rohn, recently accused the entire scientific community of being “inherently sexist.” Her evidence? There are not […]

BLOOD LIBEL? OY VAY AND THANKS TO PROGRESSIVE TWEETDOM…DAVID HARSANTY EVEN JEREMY BEN-AMI OF JERK STREET JOINED THE OFFENDED CLOWNS…..RSK Wasn’t it moving to see progressive tweetdom and punditry unite in the defense of Jewry — in the Middle Ages? As a member of this most oppressed minority, I personally want to thank you. After all, how dare she? The media are so sick […]

THE LITTLE MOSQUE ON THE PRAIRIE?: DAVID SOLWAY Is a Muslim Sit-Com the Answer to Our Problems? Posted By David Solway CBS anchor Katie Couric recently went on record deploring the “bigotry” and “seething hatred” that Muslims are supposed to be facing in the U.S., and proposing a “Muslim version of the Cosby Show” as a remedy to this lamentable situation. Of […]