THE TRUE HOLLYWOOD STORY OF HOW THE LEFT TOOK OVER YOUR TV: BEN SHAPIRO INTERVIEWED BY RUTH KING The True Hollywood Story Of How the Left Took Over Your TV FSM Interviews “Primetime Propaganda” Author Ben Hecht (February 28, 1894 – April 18, 1964) was an American screenwriter, director, producer, playwright, and novelist. He became very successful in Hollywood where he authored or co-wrote stories or screenplays for more than 70 films. He […]

SAUDI ARABIA’S BARBARIC TREATMENT OF FOREIGN DOMESTICS Saudi Arabia is a dangerous place for many foreign domestic workers There are an estimated 1.5million foreign servants working in households in the oil-rich kingdom. In 2008, Human Rights Watch documented widespread abuse of Asian maids. As well as frequently suffering wretched working conditions, many women were routinely subjected to emotional, sexual and physical […]

WOMAN IN SAUDI ARABIA FACES BEHEADING FOR “CRIME SHE COMMITTED AS A CHILD”!! Medieval murder in modern times: Woman faces death by beheading in Saudi Arabia for crime she ‘committed as a child’ A young maid is facing death by beheading in Saudi Arabia for a crime she claims she did not commit. Rizana Nafeek, who alleges she was a teenager at the time of the incident, […]

DANIEL GREENFIELD: THE PROGRESSIVE REACTIONARISM OF THE POST MODERN LEFT The Progressive Reactionarism of the Postmodern Left The absurdity of the postmodern left is that it is a chimera crossbred of contradictions mixing together technocracy and environmentalism. Hunting through the trash for discarded food and triumphantly blogging about it on a 500 dollar device. Big government projects and making your own shoes. Stand up […]


Ban Ki-Moon Congratulates Iranian Fox for Guarding the Hen House? Posted By Claudia Rosett URL to article: Just when you thought it couldn’t get worse, Iran is now offering to coordinate counter-terrorism activities for us all. At a two-day “counter-terrorism” conference just hosted in Tehran and attended by such eminences as the presidents of Afghanistan, Pakistan, […]


Ohio’s Lost Decade, and Its New Hope Posted By Tom Blumer URL to article: I first saw John Kasich in person at a county Lincoln Day dinner in early 2007. Though the former congressman was a bit under the weather, his animated, passionate style and strong convictions were still quite evident. When he said, […]


Jews Not Welcome to Buy Delta Tickets to Saudi Arabia By Pamela Geller Page Printed from: at June 27, 2011 – 05:55:48 AM CDT Delta Air Lines is adding Saudi Arabian Airlines to its SkyTeam Alliance.  This will make it easier for Americans to fly to Saudi Arabia — unless you’re Jewish.  Saudi law […]

MARY ANASTASIA O’GRADY: A GET WELL CARD FOR HUGO Venezuela would be better off if the ailing dictator lives and is held responsible for his misdeeds. As Venezuela’s Hugo Chávez convalesces in a Havana hospital, his condition is shrouded in secrecy. The party line is that he had emergency surgery on June 10 for a pelvic abscess. But he has not been seen […]

US SOCCER TEAM BOOED AND JEERED….IN CALIFORNIA BY NATURALIZED MEXICANS!!! From the UK’s Daily Mail: If the U.S. soccer team were hoping for the home advantage during Saturday’s Gold Cup final then they were in for a nasty surprise. Despite being the ‘home’ side in California’s Rose Bowl stadium, the majority of fans – most of them American born of naturalized Mexicans – booed […]

HOWARD JACOBSON: WHY ALICE WALKER SHOULDN’T SAIL FOR GAZA….SEE NOTE Howard Jacobson: Why Alice Walker shouldn’t sail to Gaza SILLY, TALENT CHALLENGED MS. WALKER MUST BE THE COLOR PURPLE WITH ANGER…..RSK It should not need arguing, this late in the ethical history of mankind, that good people can do great harm. One of the finest and funniest novels ever written — Don Quixote — […]