Police in the Netherlands are hoping to save money by training rats to sniff out things like drugs and gunshot residue. The animals are cheaper and faster than traditional lab work — and they’re very accurate.

“Derrick” is unbeatable. He’s right in 98.8 percent of all cases, the kind of accuracy only machines can achieve. But Derrick is no machine. He’s part of an elite group of sewer rats currently being trained in Rotterdam to sniff out drugs, gunpowder or traces of other substances that cling to someone after they’ve committed a crime.

Shooting a gun leaves behind gunshot residue that until now could only be detected in a costly laboratory. Dutch police, under pressure to save money, now see Derrick and his four classmates as a cheaper and faster option than traditional science. The project’s potential savings has won it the support of the police’s “innovation manager.”

Derrick is named after the protagonist of a popular German TV series that ran from the 1970s through the 1990s — and also enjoyed a loyal following in the Netherlands. The four other mice are also named after famous fictional detectives: Magnum, Poirot and Thomson and Thompson from “The Adventures of Tin Tin.”

They’re kept in the darkened room of a small house in the northeast of Rotterdam, next to storage space for ropes, blankets and the equipment belonging to the canine unit. The noise of the nearby highway provides a backdrop to the barking of police dogs, whose training grounds, complete with tunnels and miniature bridges, lies behind the building. The horses are here, too, making the rats police animal No. 3.

PUTIN WILL GO TO IRAN TO CONDUCT NUCLEAR STRATEGY TALKS: REZA KAHLILI Russian President Vladimir Putin has accepted Iran’s invitation to visit Tehran to work out a strategy for the Islamic regime’s nuclear program, Fars News Agency reported Saturday. The West believes the Iranian program is a front for developing nuclear weapons. Putin, seen by Iran’s clerical establishment as a strong opponent to America and the […]

ALAN CARUBA: POST 9/11 HOW SAFE ARE WE? Two recent polls suggest that Americans are still well aware of the threats to the nation’s security. A Fox News poll found that four out of ten Americans think that the nation is less safe today than before 9/11. Overall, however, 51% thought it was safer. A Rasmussen poll found that respondents thought that […]


Last September, Barack Obama addressed the United Nations General Assembly to denounce a YouTube video, calling it “crude and disgusting” and assuring Muslims everywhere that this particular YouTube video did not represent America.

Finally Obama delivered what is surely one of the most famous YouTube negative video comments ever, “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.”

The future is still up for grabs, but the man behind the YouTube video was taken in by a crowd of armed police and locked up earning him the privilege of being one of the few movie producers imprisoned for their movies; alongside Robert Goldstein of “The Spirit of ’76”.

As YouTube thumbs downs go, a year in jail is pretty harsh. The thumbs of American presidents historically lacked the thumbpotence of Roman emperors sitting in their Coliseum boxes and deciding if a gladiator should live or die. But when a YouTube video is passed off as the biggest national security threat since a Twitter hashtag about Biden’s hairplugs, why shouldn’t Obama take on imperial airs and drop the prison banhammer?

The trailer for a movie about the Muslim persecution of Christians did not actually lead to multiple coordinated attacks by Salafists against American embassies and diplomatic missions.

Unfortunately in an election where the incumbent was running on his claim that he had single-handedly killed Osama bin Laden in an arm wrestling match, it would have been embarrassing to admit that Al Qaeda had pulled off its second worst attack on America since September 11… on September 11.


Last week at more than 200 colleges and high schools across the nation, students came together to arrange memorials on campus featuring thousands of flags representing each victim of Islamic terrorism on that date. Who could find that gesture offensive? Five student protesters at Middlebury College in Vermont, brainwashed by multiculturalist nonsense, that’s who.

“The 9/11: Never Forget Project has been an annual nonpartisan event at Middlebury College for the past ten years,” writes Hillary Cherry, Program Officer of Public Relations there. The flags have been posted at Middlebury annually in a joint effort between the College Republicans and Democrats. “By participating in the 9/11: Never Forget Project, students honor the victims of the attacks, as well as honor the American principles for which they died.”

There had never before been a problem until Ben Kinney, president of the campus conservative club, caught five vandals last week in the act of ripping up the flags and bagging them like trash. They refused to stop and told him they were “confiscating” the flags in protest of “America’s imperialism.” They also claimed that the flags were desecrating an Indian burial ground.

Two of the students, Amanda Lickers (who admitted instigating the vandalism) and Anna Shireman-Grabowski, later published statements proudly taking responsibility for their despicable action. I encourage you to read them in their entirety to get the full impact of the intolerant, multiculturalist lunacy that inspired them, but here are some revealing excerpts. First, from Lickers, complete with grammatical errors:

i am a young onkwehon:we, a woman, a member of the turtle clan and the onondowa’ga nation of the haudenosaunee confederacy…

for over 500 years our people have been under attack. the theft of our territories, the devastation of our waters; the poisoning of our people through the poisoning of our lands; the theft of our people from our families; the rape of our children; the murder of our women; the sterilization of our communities; the abuse of our generations; the
uprooting of our ancestors and the occupation of our sacred sites; the silencing of our songs; the erasure of our languages and memories of our traditions

i have had enough.

So had I, but I kept reading anyway.

ARI LIEBERMAN: OBAMA’S FOREIGN POLICY- THEATRE OF THE ABSURD “President” Bashar Assad of Syria has responded to President Obama’s demand for WMD disarmament with some demands of his own.  First, he demands that the US drop its threats of use of force. Second, he demands that the US cease “arms deliveries to terrorists,” a euphemism for anyone wishing to overthrow Syria’s murderous warlord. […]

RICHARD BAEHR: THE WORLD’S OLDEST HATE METASTASIZES A review of Demonizing Israel and the Jews by Manfred Gerstenfeld, RVP Press, New York, 2013   In the six years 1939-1945, two thirds of Europe’s  9 million Jews were executed by gunfire, starved to death, or incinerated in gas chambers during the Holocaust. While Nazi Germany was, of course the principal actor in […]

BRET STEPHENS: THE PRICE OF IGNORING MIDEAST REALITY President Obama’s plan on Syria will fail for the same reason the Oslo Accord did. Forty years ago Israel blundered disastrously on the eve of the Yom Kippur War because its military leaders had a concept about the circumstances in which it might be attacked, and the concept was wrong. Twenty years ago, Israel […]


“Making public policy on the basis of what science “suggests” is not much wiser than summoning a fortune teller. This is a problem for the governing class, which has accepted as fact since the 1997 Kyoto Protocol the premise of a direct correlation between human-caused carbon dioxide and an overheated planet. The engine for global warming advocacy, the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, now must explain that global warming’s hiatus. A portion of the U.N.’s fifth assessment draft report, due for release Sept. 27, is expected to pull back warnings to more closely reflect actual temperatures. Their credibility is at stake”

A climate scientist, comfortable in his government digs, nevertheless has a lot in common with the palm reader at the mall, hunched over her crystal ball between Nell’s Nails and Wanda’s Wigs. Both make their money from predictions, and as any high-end soothsayer could tell you, the more outlandish the prognostication, the more readily the client can be parted from his cash. Speed is essential, because the game ends when the mark realizes he has been played the fool. That’s why the weather clairvoyants who have been predicting global warming doom — “climate change” is the current name for it — are starting to sweat.

Bureaucrats being who they are, the government handouts will continue long after everyone is onto the game. But a new study in the journal Nature Climate Change found that of 117 computer models used to make climate predictions over the past 20 years, 114 overestimated global warming. The models predicted an average rise in the earth’s surface temperature of 0.30 degrees Celsius per decade; the actual temperature increase was less than half that. The study noted that the “predictive inconsistency” over the past 15 years “is even more striking.” The simulations predicted four times more warming than actual readings showed.

In 2007, climatologists predicted that rapid melting of sea ice in the Arctic would leave the top of the world ice-free by 2013, prompting hysterical prophecies of melted ice that would raise the worldwide sea level, inundating coastal cities and drowning cuddly polar bears. NASA satellite photos of the Arctic Ocean during the summer of 2012 showed the ice was indeed disappearing. Snapshots of the region last month revealed that a chilly summer has expanded the ice sheet by nearly a million square miles. The polar bears, never actually cuddly, are nevertheless in the pink. The scientists are red in the face, or should be.

THE NEW YORK TIMES AND THE ONE STATE DELUSION PF IAN LUSTICK JEROLD AUERBACH “Two-State Illusion” was an especially catchy title for the lead Opinion column in the Sunday The New York Times Review section (September 15). It was about time, I thought, after years of reading endless Times columns and editorials about the urgency of just that outcome, with Israel and Palestine living amicably side-by-side in wonderland. […]