SMEARING TED CRUZ: MATTHEW VADUM Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) is not disappointing his conservative supporters. In his first few weeks in the world’s most sclerotic deliberative body, Cruz has already come under intense fire from the Left, and surprisingly, from a few corners in the GOP. Leftist Obama sycophant Greg Sargent, the Washington Post‘s in-house ideological purity enforcer, confers […]

RUTHIE BLUM: THE JARADAT INTIFADA There is nothing the Palestinians like more than a dead body on which to pin their protests. After weeks of leadership-instigated “spontaneous” riots on behalf of hunger-striking terrorists imprisoned in Israeli jails, they finally got their coveted corpse. The name of their beloved “martyr” is Arafat Jaradat. Jaradat was a 30-year-old gas station attendant […]


Ed Smith, who lost his wife Monica and un-born son in the 1993 terrorist attack, said after the 19th anniversary ceremony, “I miss my wife and my son every single day.” Today is the 20th anniversary.
—Personally, my horizons at the time were defined by newborn twins so I recall the event impressionistically and in a surreal light.

But the event was surreal — ghoulish, comic-book-crude evil — and it set the standard for this age of jihad that the Western world resolutely refuses to face.

Tim Sumner of Freedom Radio writes:

At 12:17 PM, on February 26, 1993, Islamic terrorists detonated a 1,300-pound bomb in the parking garage beneath the World Trade Center. Their intent was to cause one Twin Tower to collapse into the other murdering the more than 25,000 people inside.

Ed Smith joins us in remembrance of his wife Monica. She and their soon to be born first child, a son they planned to name Eddie, were killed that day.

Former Special Agent Richard “Rick” Hahn served with the FBI for 32 years and was then the agency’s lead explosive expert in New York City. He joins us to discuss the investigation.


North Korea is expanding its network of camps for political prisoners, apparently to meet demand for a growing gulag population, according to new satellite images.

Analysis of images by the Committee for Human Rights in North Korea indicates that the size of Camp No. 25 alone has increased 72 per cent and perimeter guard posts, which numbered 20 in 2003, had increased to 43 in 2010.

The camp is believed to house some 5,000 prisoners, in conditions that human rights groups have described as “deplorable.”

CHARLES COOKE: AGAINST GUN REGISTRATION If, as is frequently claimed, conservative fears of a federal gun registry are paranoid and spurious, then the stand that Oklahoma senator Tom Coburn is taking in the Senate will presumably be welcomed by all sides. On this week’s Fox News Sunday, Coburn bluntly affirmed that any background-check bill emanating from the Senate “absolutely […]


Republicans are terribly confused over illegal immigration. They still can’t quite figure out its role in the last election.

Did the issue lose them the Latino vote? Maybe — but why did they also forfeit the Asian vote, and by nearly the same margin? Why did the caricature of Republicans as old white nativists resonate with Asians as well? If support for closing the border and refusing amnesty lost Republicans the election, why do a majority of Americans continue to poll in opposition to any sort of collective amnesty?

And why, in some polls, did Latinos seem more concerned about continuing big-government readiness to help the poor and tax the wealthy than about immigration reform? Alan Simpson and Ronald Reagan, who helped to give us the 1986 amnesty, are not heroes to the Latino community. Is there statistical support for the often-repeated axiom that Latinos, as a group, are more likely than members of the so-called majority culture to embrace traditional family values — lower divorce rates, lower rates of illegitimacy, lower crime rates, higher graduation rates?

Of course, kinder, gentler talk — unlike the buffoonery that was heard in some of last year’s sloppy Republican primary debates — would have helped. Yet in 2008 circumspection and prudence did not aid all that much the moderate John McCain, who in the past had championed a sort of amnesty lite. And all the silly and often gratuitous braggadocio about upping the height of the border wall or electrifying it was more than trumped by the crass pandering of Barack Obama, who called on Latinos to “punish our enemies”; joined with a foreign nation, Mexico, to sue one of his own states, Arizona; and claimed his opponents wanted to arrest children on their way to ice-cream parlors. Note there is no national commentary deploring the fact that the president of the United States engaged in just the sort of crass ethnic showmanship that characterized the Republican debates. Apparently, because his pandering worked and the Republicans’ did not, under the laws of politics only the latter was pandering.

Confused by questions like these, Republicans don’t quite know what to do about the 11 to 15 million illegal aliens in our midst, with more to come in future years. And in lieu of wisdom, principles, and consistency, Republican are mostly experimenting, trying to square the circle and win the Latino vote with clichés about conservative values and a vaguely familiar message of amnesty for those already here predicated on no additional illegal immigration. But the problem can be only reduced, not solved, by kinder, gentler language and outreach to Latino groups, for in the end it is an existential issue well beyond trimming.

In truth, illegal immigration is illiberal to the core, based on reducing the legal applicant to a formalistic naïf, making a mockery of the law, undermining the American poor, enabling the worst policies of the Mexican government, and aiding the American well-off. True, it was mostly conservative employers and mostly liberal partisans, hand in glove, who have created the problem in the last 30 years — the one wanting cheap non-union labor, the latter wanting future dependents and constituents. But that said, there are now forces in play that ensure that the status quo is antithetical to everything the Republican party claims it stands for.

Republicans profess that they favor a meritocracy and a nation that looks at the content of our character rather than the color of our skin. But contemporary illegal immigration is not a theoretical issue about federal law. Rather, in terms of particular immigrant groups, it is largely of concern to Latin Americans, who want more Latin Americans to enter the United States, preferably legally but, if not, then illegally. This is largely for reasons of ethnic solidarity, never mind that it interferes with integration and assimilation. If it is a question of keeping the present system of massive influxes of illegal aliens, periodically remedied by amnesties of the 1986 sort, versus an entirely legal system that privileges education and skill sets, and therefore might well result in true diversity, with tens of thousands of Asians, Africans, and Europeans entering legally, rather than mostly a monolithic influx of Latin Americans entering illegally, then I fear most activists would prefer the present non-system.

In other words, if the southern border were closed, and only legal immigration were permitted, predicated on criteria other than ethnic profile, proximity, pseudo-historical claims on the American Southwest, and family ties, then Republicans would still lose the Latino vote, at least for the short term.


Hollywood has no problem being dumb, sleazy and violent. Those are all known and marketable qualities. What it does not look is appearing desperate. Desperation however is what the Oscars of this year and last year have in common. They stink of an industry desperately racing its own age and irrelevance reaching for gimmicks to try and hang on to a younger audience.
The dirty little secret is that Hollywood hardly exists anymore. The industry is bigger than ever, but its bread and butter consists of 200 and 300 million dollar special effects festivals filmed in front of green screens and created in Photoshop and three-dimensional graphics programs. They star obscure or mildly famous actors and they do two-thirds of their business abroad.

America is still the official headquarters of the global entertainment industry, but many of the bigger projects are filmed internationally with foreign money and intended for foreign markets. What the American corporations bring to the table is the intellectual property which is why the latest spasm of mergers and buyouts has focused on taking control of every treasury of classic marketable properties.

Disney has put Star Wars, Mickey and Marvel Comics under one roof. It’s impressive from a business standpoint, but bankrupt from a creative standpoint. Old Americana is being milked dry for the sake of turning out another disposable movie starring familiar characters. The movies are actually still the same.

The blockbuster has mutated into its final stage. The “individual” movie is almost dead. Forget Jaws or Raiders of the Lost Ark. The modern blockbuster is seamless and soulless. An impersonal work that renders the director and cast irrelevant. The criticism has been made before, but what is new now is the percentage of special effects and the cost. The more expensive a movie becomes, the more risk averse its producers are.

If a movie is going to cost 200 million dollars to make, then it has to be identical to the other 200 million dollar movies that were profitable. The template is there. All that’s left is to plug in another talented Korean, British, Russian or even perhaps American director, and then roll out the same movie with characters from another property.


BBC reporting on the Middle East is no longer even biased, it’s just a joke…

You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot force it to drink.

This is a lesson that for some reason or another, we were persistently taught as children. The BBC seems keen on it too, dedicating an entire webpage to it, here.

It’s no wonder then that their journalists employ such tactics, leading readers to the water in the hope that they’ll partake of the flagrantly anti-Israel bias that comes with almost every BBC report out of the region.

If you haven’t yet heard, ‘militants’ (terrorists) in Gaza have broken the ceasefire from November after the intensive Operation Pillar of Cloud which struck at the very heart of terrorist infrastructure in the Gaza strip. Somehow though, this is Israel’s fault.

Of course, the BBC report here doesn’t overtly state it. But it leads the horse to the water. Observe:


“A rocket fired from the Gaza Strip has landed in southern Israel – the first such attack since shortly after a ceasefire ended eight days of clashes in November, Israeli police say. The rocket caused some damage to a road in Ashkelon but no injuries.

The strike follows confrontations in the West Bank between Israeli forces and Palestinian protesters. Riots broke out across the West Bank at the weekend after a Palestinian man died in Israeli custody.”

Wait. Did you see what happened there? Blink and you may have missed it. In fact, many of the millions of people who consume BBC reports such as this do indeed miss such things. Instead, their worldview is shaped by this passive propaganda. Read the second paragraph again. This time with our emphases:

“The strike follows confrontations in the West Bank between Israeli forces and Palestinian protesters. Riots broke out across the West Bank at the weekend after a Palestinian man died in Israeli custody.” (no mention of who he was, what he did, or the ongoing investigation around his death).

And now, read what a more accurate report of the circumstances should have read.



Galloway’s latest comments on Israel come straight out of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s playbook on the Jewish state

In a Facebook update from just two hours ago, the Member of the British Parliament for Bradford West, George Galloway, released a statement on the incident that saw him walk out of a debate with an Israeli student last week.

Galloway, who is known for his crude demeanour, channelled the words of the Iranian tyrant Mahmound Ahmadinejad, stating that, “Israel is a cancer at the heart of the middle-east”.

It was reported last year that Iran’s president said that Israel was an “insult to humanity” and “a cancerous tumor” and called for “a new Middle East with no trace of Americans or Zionists”. The remarks were widely condemned by the international community, only to be repeated a day later by Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, who said: “The great powers have dominated the destiny of the Islamic countries for years and… installed the Zionist cancerous tumour in the heart of the Islamic world.”

Galloway’s comments being so closely linked to that of the Iranian leadership will come as little surprise to some, given the Member of Parliament’s fawning over Ahmadinejad on previous occasions, and his links to Islamist-linked television networks.

The statement, it seems, comes on the back of messages to Galloway demanding an explanantion for his behaviour last week. His reference to the ‘conservative establishment’ is thought to be a veiled nod at The Commentator, which urged readers to contact Galloway last week, resulting in a number of e-mails being sent to Galloway’s parliamentary inbox.


Me and the Palestinian cause: A number of questions have recently arisen I need to deal with.

Firstly if people want to talk to the Palestinians they need to contact the Palestine Liberation Organisation. This is the sole legitimate representative of the Palestinian people and has been for many decades.

Secondly, an organisation calling itself “BDS” does not own the words or the concept of boycott, divestment or sanctions. They are entitled to their own interpretation of these words but they don’t own or control me. I will make my own interpretation. And it is this – no purchase of Israeli goods or services, no normal contacts with individuals or organisations in Israel who support the existence of the racist Apartheid creed of Zionism. That’s what I mean by boycott. That’s what I do.

Israelis who are outside of and against the system of Zionism are comrades of mine – like Prof Ilan Pappe. My opponent at Oxford University did not meet this test. The organiser of the event momentarily lionised by the liberal as well as the conservative establishment needs to know this, especially as he is a medical student.

To compare Israeli Zionism to “Vegetarianism” is like a doctor not knowing the difference between a pimple and a tumor. Apartheid Israel is a cancer at the heart of the middle-east. Only it’s replacement by a bi-national democratic state from the Jordan River to the sea will cure this. That is what I am fighting for.

George Galloway MP

House of Commons

State-Dept-Issues-License-For-Sale-Of-Tear-Gas-To-Muslim-Bros-Led-Egypt: Kerry Picket The United States federal government has approved the export of tear gas to the Muslim Brotherhood-controlled government of Egypt, the State Department stated Monday. A reporter asked Deputy Spokesman Patrick Ventrell about the sale of tear gas canisters from a U.S. manufacturer at a midday press conference, and Ventrell confirmed the State Department had […]