Health Care Reform: Death by a Thousand Cuts or Repeal and Replace? Posted By Rich Baehr The vote to repeal the health care reform bill in the House scheduled for Wednesday was postponed due to the shooting of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords. At some future date, the repeal effort will pass the House and be […]

YOU WILL BE SHOCKED AT HOW MUCH OF YOUR MONEY WASTED ON CLIMATE CHANGE How Much of Your Money Wasted on ‘Climate Change’? Try $10.6 Million a Day Posted By Art Horn Seems everyone is talking about the massive United States federal deficit and how it has now reached an unfathomable $14 trillion. Is there any way to comprehend such a bloated number? Try this: the speed of […]

ANDREW McCARTHY: THE PRESIDENT MADE A PROSECUTOR’S JOB A LITTLE HARDER Before giving a much-anticipated speech in which he would lavish attention on the smallest details of a horrific crime that is now the subject of his administration’s most closely watched federal prosecution, Pres. Barack Obama spent hours with his attorney general and trusted legal adviser, Eric Holder. Flying across the country together, preparing for […]


COMPILED BY SCOTT POWELL A FELLOW AT THE HOOVER INSTITUTION Thomas Jefferson was a very remarkable man who started learning very early in life and never stopped. At 5, began studying under his cousins’ tutor. At 9, studied Latin, Greek and French. At 14, studied classical literature and additional languages. At 16, entered the College […]

12 AL QAEDA LINKED PRISONERS WALK OUT DRESSED IN POLICE UNIFORMS!! Iraq: 12 al-Qaeda-linked jihadists walk out of Basra prison dressed in police uniforms “Of course, there was collusion from within the compound.” “Iraq seeks militants after Basra jail breakout,” from BBC News, January 14: Twelve militants linked to al-Qaeda have broken out of a prison in Basra in southern Iraq, the authorities say. The […]


EDITORIAL: Mugged by Medicare Court case tests federal bullying authority over Social Security The Obama administration is trying to shove Medicare coverage down the throats of senior citizens who don’t want it, but it’s efforts are falling flat. Five plaintiffs are suing, arguing that no statute or regulation allows government to implement this requirement. […]

ASTROLOGY PROFESSOR: “CLIMATE CHANGE IS HAPPENING….IT’S REAL” Will they blame crop failures on witches next? ABC News: U.S. snow, floods in Australia and Brazil the product of global warming Astrology Prof. Richard Sommerville tosses away science: ‘This is no longer something that’s theory or conjecture…We’re observing the climate changing. It’s happening, it’s real, it’s a scientific fact.’ – [Climate Depot […]

THE SULTAN:THE MEDIA’S BLOODY CIRCUS….SEE THE PICS Friday Afternoon Roundup – The Media’s Bloody Circus Ends This was what the political climate looked like back in 2006 when this was the DVD cover of a widely promoted movie featuring the murder of President Bush, as a way of discussing how awful Bush is. This wasn’t the work of a single lunatic. […]

WILL INDEPENDENCE BRING FREEDOM TO SUDAN’S SLAVES? JOHN EIBNER AND CHARLES JACOBS I’ve just returned from South Sudan, which is voting to separate from the Arab/Muslim North and form an independent state. On the eve of his country’s birth, I met with President Salva Kiir and I took part in an operation that liberated 397 slaves from Arab masters. I’m delighted that the Wall St Journal […]


After independence from France Habib Bourgiba became President of Tunisia…He was an interesting man, often compared to Ataturk. He was the only Arab leader to protect the Jewish community and refrain from the blood curdling invectives against Israel although he early promoted recognition in exchange for going back to 1949 borders. After the Lebanon war, […]