Merchandising Trayvon Martin URL to article: http://frontpagemag.com/2012/04/02/merchandising-trayvon-martin/ In the music industry, it’s not about the music; it’s about the t-shirt, the poster and the songbook. In the modern politicized tragedy, it’s not about the dead body; it’s about the hoodie, the t-shirt and the keychain. At a rally in Sanford, Florida, where the whole thing […]




“That’s why all Republicans need to stop playing games and united behind Romney and get him elected in November. I love Rick Santorum, but he has to understand that he’s not on a mission from God, and that no miracle will make him president. Santorum needs to use his rapport with the religious right (that includes people like me) to rally support for Romney and ensure a maximum turnout in November. If Santorum can accomplish this, all the effort and passion he invested into his campaign will accrue to the common good.”

Palos Verdes, California — Mitt Romney didn’t attend this year’s retreat of the Horowitz Freedom Center — he’s got other things on his agenda — but he was an interrupted presence in the minds of conservative politicians, journalists and business people who gathered here for the weekend in the advent of the most important presidential election since 1980. Remarks were off the record (mine better have been) but I can report one telling incident: a panel on the presidential election featuring four well-known political consultants and journalists turned into a Romney-bashing fest. The man was out of touch, he wasn’t a real conservative, he didn’t know how to campaign, he was facing inevitable defeat at the hands of Obama, and should be replaced at the convention by Christie or Daniels.

The session’s last question fell to me, and I undertook a defense of the former Massachusetts governor. Do you really want Romney to be Scott Walker? I asked, and answer came there none.

This election might be more important than 1980, but it wasn’t 1980, because the crisis was of a different order. The problem Republicans face is clear from Wisconson Gov. Scott Walker’s troubles. Walker is the most courageous Republican official in the country, the only one to assault the fortified positions occupied by government unions and take on entitlements. For his trouble he is facing a recall election that has the state’s undivided attention: a recent poll shows that Wisconsinites care more about the Walker recall election than the presidential election by a margin of 51-37. Other polls show that Walker has a 50-50 chance of withstanding the recall vote.


http://sultanknish.blogspot.com/ On Christmas Day of last year, Muslim terrorists set off bombs in churches across Nigeria. It was one of the worst attacks by Boko Haram which is determined to continue its reign of terror until the country is ruled by Muslim law. Christian pastors have been beheaded by Boko Haram and a spokesman for […]


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Anti-Putin flash mob leads police to close Red Square
Sunday, April 1, 2012
Anti-Putin flash mob leads police to close Red Square
A protest against Vladimir Putin erupted outside Moscow’s Red Square today, with police arresting dozens of activists after a planned opposition flash mob turned into a full-blown demonstration, the Ria Novosti news agency reported. Read

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China threatens U.S. with high-technology arms
Commentary Magazine
Sunday, April 1, 2012
China threatens U.S. with high-technology arms
In November 2011, the Pentagon conducted an unusual rollout of a new military unit called the Air Sea Battle Office. The concept calls for the Air Force, Navy, and Marine Corps to integrate forces and other capabilities to defeat high-technology arms that can prevent or deter the United States military from operating in certain areas. Read more…

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Danish group rallies against growing Muslim presence
Arutz Sheva
Sunday, April 1, 2012
Danish police arrested 80 protesters Sunday in a rally against the growing Muslim threat of turning Europe into part of an Islamic empire. Read more…

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In a 2010 article in the New York Review of Books, pundit and writer Peter Beinart accused the U.S. Jewish establishment of alienating young American Jews by refusing to criticize Israeli government policies. He has now published a book, The Crisis of Zionism, which expands on his argument and proposes that Zionists support “democratic Israel” but boycott goods produced in the settlements. In advance of the book’s publication, Beinart launched a blog on the Daily Beast titled Open Zion (formerly Zion Square)—dedicated, he said, to an “open and unafraid conversation about Israel, Palestine, and the Jewish future.” The blog engaged Dr. Yoel Finkelman to report regularly on the ultra-Orthodox community. Finkelman was enthusiastic about participating in the project. But after several weeks of Open Zion, he has concluded that its conversation is not, in fact, open—and is not one in which he can continue to take part. In the letter below, he resigns his position. —The Editors



Around the world there are thousands like Myriam, kidnapped, raped and murdered by the followers of Allah because of religious doctrine and a culture that hates Jews and despises woman and girls. It won’t begin to end until political correctness ends.

Writing these words and looking at your picture with tears in my eyes, I wonder what kind of man would kill an eight year old girl. What does this person gain by his cruel and heinous act? At the moment I saw your picture in the news as a victim of the shooting, I immediately understood why this tragedy took place.
Myriam, you are another victim of jihad – an act of pure hatred perpetrated against you. The one who boldly pointed his gun toward your little body had to fulfill the dictates of his Allah – kill the infidel, kill the hated Jew.
I speak of the morning of Monday, March 19th, in Toulouse, France when three children were shot to death. The shooting occurred in front of a Jewish school. The French media reported the tragedy with political correctness in order to appease Jihadist terrorists, which only assures more horrible attacks in the future. We are all responsible for the loss of innocent lives, all of us who deny reality and hide behind political correctness.

Lawmakers Probe Lax Visa Enforcement and Terrorism Jim Kouri, CPP


The House of Representatives’ Homeland Security Subcommittee on Border and Maritime Security, chaired by Rep. Candice Miller (R-MI), held a hearing entitled “From the 9/11 Hijackers to Amine el-Khalifi: Terrorists and the Visa Overstay Problem” last week, according to officials from the National Association of Chiefs of Police (NACOP).

“This important hearing examined the track record of the Department of Homeland Security to secure the U.S. borders through the passport and visa system. It also addressed the challenges U.S. law enforcement faces in identifying individuals who overstay their visas — specifically those individuals who entered the U.S. prior to implementation of post-9/11 reforms,” said a Michigan police commander, Maj. George Thompson.

According to a DOJ press statement released last month, a 29 year-old Moroccan man, Amine el-Khalifi, was arrested by FBI agents for plotting to detonate a bomb during a suicide attack on the U.S. Capitol Building. El-Khalifi entered the United States in 1999 on a tourist visa that expired later that year, but remained undetected in the United States illegally since that time.

“This hearing gives [committee] members the opportunity to examine how gaps and vulnerabilities in the visa and immigration system have been addressed in the 10 years since 9/11, and review what deficiencies in tracking visa overstays remain,” said Rep. Miller in a press statement.



The global atmosphere has been poisoned by an ocean of oily, bloody money that feeds those who incite anti-Jewish riots, promote divestments from Israel and spread blood libels under the guise of “objective journalism.”
Some academic careers are funded by those who believe Jews have no right to exist. Saudi Arabia spent one hundred billion dollars to spread Wahhabism in the West, the most anti-Semitic version of Islam (the Soviet Union during the Cold War invested much less for its propaganda).

Currently there are 17 federally-funded centers on American campuses devoted to Middle Eastern studies: All of these support pro-Islamist and anti-Israel ideas. Stephen Schwartz, director of the Center for Islamic Pluralism, just summarized these in a report for the Middle East Forum. Georgetown, the oldest Catholic university in the US, received 40 million dollars from the Saudis.



The recent killing of Trayvon Martin needs more investigation. But where’s the outrage over the daily scourge of black-on-black crime?

The shooting death of Trayvon Martin in Florida has sparked national outrage, with civil rights leaders from San Francisco to Baltimore leading protests calling for a new investigation and the arrest of the shooter.

But what about all the other young black murder victims? Nationally, nearly half of all murder victims are black. And the overwhelming majority of those black people are killed by other black people. Where is the march for them?

Where is the march against the drug dealers who prey on young black people? Where is the march against bad schools, with their 50% dropout rate for black teenaged boys? Those failed schools are certainly guilty of creating the shameful 40% unemployment rate for black teens.

The Rules of Outrage — Or Why the Trayvon Martin Tragedy Divides the Country: Victor Davis Hanson

From the Trayvon Martin Tragedy to a National Travesty Posted By Victor Davis Hanson

URL to article: http://pjmedia.com/victordavishanson/from-the-trayvon-martin-tragedy-to-a-national-travesty

Every year hundreds of Americans are shot and killed under controversial circumstances, where the evidence is incomplete and subject to dispute, often making impossible an immediate charge of murder or manslaughter, at least until further witnesses or information come forth.

We, the public, rarely, if ever, hear of such tragedies. These certainly are not national news items. What, then, made the Trayvon Martin shooting so different?

A few unpleasant facts were assumed that explain the subsequent protests—and the growing backlash against the protests. I think they run something like this, presented here without much editorial commentary.

1. If Trayvon Martin had been white, or George Zimmerman had been black, or had both been black or both white, there would have been no outrage: 94% of murdered blacks are killed by other blacks, to almost no national outcry. Just this past Friday in Florida, fourteen were gunned down (two killed) to silence (at a funeral parlor, no less), as the protestors of the single Martin fatality went ahead with further demonstrations.

Whites are far more likely to be murdered by blacks than vice versa, despite the latter comprising only 11-12% of the population — again to no national outcry. The distinction in this case was that Martin was black. Zimmerman was not. The rule in America is apparently that only rare white on black crime — not far more common black on black, or black on white, or white on white — is symbolic of larger pathologies, both past and present. In earlier decades of American history, the reverse was more likely true: black on white crime aroused public furor in a way white on white or black on black or white on black crime did not. That fact in time was accepted as clearly symptomatic of racial bias, but the inverse of that today is said not to be.