When my oldest grandson was a little boy and he participated in our family Seder, in addition to asking the four questions, he told the story in his way.

“The Pharaoh was really mean to the Jews. Moses the leader of the Jews got sick and tired of it and after the Pharaoh refused to let up Moses said to his people: “Guys, we are out of here. We are going home. When the people followed him and ran away from Egypt, the Egyptians chased them, but a miracle happened. The sea parted for the Jews and “drownded” the Egyptians. ”

Well miracles just never cease. In 1948 another miracle occurred and the seas were parted again by the steel hulls of ships bringing the Jews home. The tattered and humiliated and traumatized remnants of the Shoah came home and created a nation with its restored ancient language, once nearly extinct, a state of the arts army, a powerful navy, and fighter jets that streak across the air- all with the Star of David clearly displayed.

Today, seventy years after the Passover of 1943 when the Jews of the Warsaw Ghetto fought valiantly against the Nazis with makeshift guns and explosives and knives and forks, Israel lives and thrives.

That’s a miracle. I don’t know what else one can call it.

Happy Passover!!!

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The US Civil War was a watershed that involved 10,000 Jewish soldiers from all over the nation fighting side by side with their gentile comrades.

“When we gaze back at the American Civil War, and the Jews who struggled to preserve their traditions even amid the gunpowder and cannon-fire, it is an example well worth remembering.”

It was April 24, 1864, at the height of the American Civil War, and in between his duties as an infantryman, young Isaac J. Levy sat down in camp on one of the intermediate days of Passover to write a short letter to his sister back home.

Levy, who served in the 46th Virginia infantry unit, was a soldier in the Confederate army which was battling on behalf of the southern states that sought to secede from the United States.

The war had just entered its fourth year, and it would prove to be the bloodiest conflict in American history. New research published last year in the journal Civil War History by demographic historian J. David Hacker of Binghamton University revealed the death toll may have been as high as 750,000 people.

Levy and his regiment, which included his brother Ezekiel, who served as a captain, were posted at Adams Run, South Carolina, and the fog of war had cast a shadow over his observance of the holiday.

“No doubt you were much surprised on receiving a letter from me addressed to our dear parents dated on the 21st which was the first day of Pesach,” he wrote to his sister Leonora, with the word “Pesach” carefully printed in Hebrew letters. “We were all under the impression in camp that the first day of the festival was the 22nd,” and he had therefore unwittingly failed to observe the holiday’s start on the appropriate day.

But Levy went on to assure her that his brother had purchased matza “sufficient to last us for the week” in the city of Charleston at the cost of two dollars per pound, and that they were “observing the festival in a truly Orthodox style.” Sadly, just four months later, Isaac Levy was killed in the trenches during the Siege of Petersburg on August 21, 1864. He was 21 years old.

On the eve of the Civil War, which began in April 1861, American Jewry numbered an estimated 150,000 people, out of a total population of some 31 million. The overwhelming majority of American Jews at the time were recent arrivals: just a decade earlier, there had been 50,000 Jews living in the United States.


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This lovely verse was occasioned the caterwauling tears of Leon Wieseltier but it evokes all those rats who sob”more in sorrow than in anger” so selectively about the world’s inequities….
On Wieseltierian tears

Oh blithersome couturier of wordifactious spewage,
Your loathsome predilection for effluxicating brewage
Has found its proper gallery in hurricanus sewage.

Oh odious splendiferatious tonguer of all piety,
Ambassador-at-very-large for platitudiniety,
Your prosody’s ontology’s all Sartric nullibiety.

It’s thus we say, with due respect, and many years’ assizing:
Oh, literary colporteur, the words of your devising

Appear to land upon the page without palpable revising.