This is why anti-sharia legislation is so essential. What happened to equal protection under the law?

Back in October, I reported on Ernest Perce, a parade-goer wearing a “Zombie Muhammad” costume while marching in a local Pennsylvania Halloween parade. He was viciously attacked and choked by Talaag Elbayomy, a Muslim (who was enforcing the sharia — he assumed that it was illegal in this country to insult Muhammad). “He grabbed me, choked me from the back, and spun me around to try to get my sign off that was wrapped around my neck,” reported Perce.

Last week, an American judge in Pennsylvania, Judge Mark Martin, ruled on the case and sided with the Muslim, and said that the victim would have been put to death in Muslim societies for his “crime.”


War On Terror: As the Taliban assassinate U.S. military officers and poison troop chow in Afghanistan, the president secretly plans the release of Taliban prisoners from Gitmo.

Whose side is this commander in chief on? Just days before members of the Taliban took credit for infiltrating the Afghan Interior Ministry and murdering two American officers, the Obama administration was finalizing a secret deal with the terror group.

“If all goes as hoped,” reported Reuters, “U.S. and Qatari negotiators will meet soon to nail down final details for transferring Taliban prisoners from Guantanamo prison — a momentous step for President Obama, the Afghan war and perhaps U.S. foreign policy as well.”

The deal reportedly includes a political office for the Taliban in Qatar and possible power-sharing for the banned terrorist group in Kabul. What does the U.S. get out of the deal? More treachery and bloodshed.

On Saturday, a Taliban agent planted inside the high-security Interior Ministry murdered in cold blood a U.S. major and lieutenant colonel while they were visiting the building. The Taliban operative, posing as a ministry employee, pulled out a gun and shot the two unarmed officers in the head at close range.

The Taliban also claimed credit for infiltrating a NATO base in Afghanistan and poisoning fruit and coffee with bleach in a mess hall…….READ THE REST AT THE SITE

HERBERT LONDON: THE JEREMY LIN STORY For die hard New York Knicks fans the last four decades have been years of promise and years of frustration. The Patrick Ewing era began with dreams of championship rings and ended with ringless fingers. For a time Madison Square Garden resembled a tomb of interred memories from Clyde “The Glide” Frazier, to Willis […]

Only Full Vetting will Defeat the Obama-Mainstream Media Machine Lawrence Sellin, PhD
Only Full Vetting will Defeat the Obama-Mainstream Media Machine
“In his brilliant book, “Radical-in-Chief: Barack Obama and the Untold Story of American Socialism,” Stanley Kurtz wrote:
“From his teenage years under the mentorship of Frank Marshall Davis, to his socialist days at Occidental College, to his life-transforming encounters at New York’s Socialist Scholars Conferences, to his immersion in the stealthily socialist community-organizer networks of Chicago, Barack Obama has lived in a thoroughly socialist world.”

The Republican establishment is fully aware that Barack Hussein Obama is surrounded and protected by a fraudulent personal narrative.

Despite constantly ranting and railing about the dire need to defeat Obama in the 2012 election, Republicans and conservative pundits, because of fear or complicity, withhold their most potent weapon against Obama – the truth.

And that approach will guarantee an Obama victory.

DANIEL PIPES: PECULIAR PROLIFERATION OF PALARAB “REFUGEES” Of all the issues that drive the Arab-Israeli conflict, none is more central, malign, primal, enduring, emotional and complex than the status of those people known as Palestine refugees. The origins of this unique case, notes Nitza Nachmias of Tel Aviv University, goes back to Count Folke Bernadotte, the United Nations Security Council’s mediator. […]


Wards and Warders Posted By Roger Kimball

On February 11, The New York Times ran a long, front-page story titled “Even Critics of Safety Net Increasingly Depend on It.” [1] It was — and I say this in full cognizance of the fierce competition there is in this arena — one of the most mendacious stories I have ever read in the Times. Even the title had a dollop of mendacity about it. The burden of the story was to show that many (most? all?) people who criticize big government and the welfare state are hypocrites because so many of them are recipients, in one way or another, of government largess.

There followed one of those interminable journalistic litanies, full of down-home anecdotes about the real-life stories of Ki, the jeweler, who is highly critical of big government but nevertheless collects a government subsidy worth several thousand dollars, and Barbara, who lives on Social Security and needs Medicare to “pay for an operation.”

Ah, yes, “pay for an operation.” Cue the violins. Distribute the Kleenex. The lady needed an operation and these anti-government beasts would deny her medical care.

Between 1955 and 1959 I was a student at the University of Miami. It was perhaps the best four years of my life and remembered fondly for its combination of fun and learning. On Thursday, February 23, President Barack Obama was on the UM campus to tell the biggest bunch of lies about energy in America I have heard compressed into a single speech.
This President has already set records wasting taxpayer’s money on a range of so-called clean energy and renewable energy “investments”. Solyndra, the solar panel company that went bust and stuck taxpayers with a half-billion in loan guarantees is just one of those “investments” and I keep waiting for someone to ask why public funds are being flushed down the toilet when, if the companies involved were viable, they could not raise private venture capital?


Defeating the devil’s advocate

It is understandable that American opponents of the presidency of Barack Obama are growing increasingly worried about the primary election for the Republican candidate who will challenge the incumbent in November.

Iran is stepping up its uranium enrichment. The Arab Spring has turned out to be a predictable Petri dish for radical Islam across the Middle East. The U.S.’ economy is being molded by a socialist agenda that would make Karl Marx kvell. The education system is at an all-time low. Universities are robbing students and parents of all their past savings and future earnings by over-charging and under-teaching (or, worse, imparting politically correct propaganda rather than higher learning). And “values” — to borrow a liberal buzz-word — have gone down the toilet.

Uncle Sam’s updated moral code means that anything goes, everything is relative, and nothing is sacred — other than high self-esteem and low sodium intake.


Submission to Islam has been institutionalized by our national security apparatus. The official handling of the Fort Hood massacre proves the case.

On November 5, 2009, Major Nidal Hasan, a U.S. Army psychiatrist who had previously served at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center, shot 45 of his fellow soldiers at the deployment center at Fort Hood in Texas, killing thirteen. It was the most deadly shooting attack ever on an American military base. Maj. Hasan, who had been scheduled to deploy to Afghanistan, was charged with murder and attempted murder, but not terrorism. His court-martial will begin next month. Meanwhile, Maj. Hasan continues to receive military pay, as well as free medical care and legal representation from the Army.

Immediately after the shootings, President Obama called Hasan’s actions “inexplicable” and suggested that he may have “cracked” under stress. The media followed suit, emphasizing the stress of treating soldiers emotionally scarred by war, and insinuating that Hasan had been unfairly picked on by his colleagues. One talking head said “we may never know if religion was a factor” in the killings. Another lamented that Hasan had failed to “reach out for help.” In reality, Hasan had long exhibited bizarre, menacing behavior that would have gotten him kicked out of the Army several times over if not for his protected status as a Muslim. The sympathetic disinformation was intended to hide Hasan’s actual purpose — to kill as many infidel American soldiers as possible for Allah.

A ticking bomb

During his residency at Walter Reed, Nidal Hasan was asked to prepare a scholarly presentation on psychiatric issues. Instead, he produced a completely off-topic lecture that failed to include a single medical or psychiatric term. In it, he wrote that the Qur’an teaches that unbelievers should have their heads cut off and be set on fire. His superiors asked him to make changes, but the final version of Hasan’s PowerPoint presentation, which he gave in June 2007, still focused almost entirely on Islam and the Qur’an. Hasan stated that having Muslim-Americans in the military poses the risk of fratricidal murder of other soldiers, and added the comment, “We love death more then (sic) you love life!”

Nevertheless, Hasan was selected for an elite two-year fellowship at the Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences. Two months later he gave another off-topic presentation, arguing that since America was at war with Islam, suicide bombings and other violent responses were justified. Hasan’s classmates protested his remarks so vigorously that the instructor had to stop the lecture. Later, Hasan told classmates that his allegiance to the Quran took precedence over his military oath to defend the Constitution.


Israel rated second-best cleantech innovator in the world Only Denmark scores higher in index of 38 countries

Israel was named one of the most innovative countries in the world in cleantech innovation in a study released Monday, with young Israeli companies leading the world in developing new ideas, methods and products for water reclamation, agricultural development, and energy production. Israel came in second on the first-ever Cleantech Global Innovation Index of 38 countries for its efforts in development and commercialization of environmental technologies, behind Denmark, which topped the study.

Clean technology, also called cleantech, refers to the intersection of business interests and investment with environmentally friendly products and services that use alternative energy sources, water purification methods, and the like.

The study was conducted by the Cleantech Group, which represents thousands of investors and companies in the cleantech industry (the company says it represents companies with $3 trillion in assets), and theWorld Wildlife Fund. The countries were evaluated on 15 indicators related to the creation and commercialization of cleantech start-ups companies and ideas, with an index measuring each country’s relative potential to produce entrepreneurial start-up companies and commercialize technology innovations over the next 10 years.

Israel came in second on the index, the report said, because “it leads the pack in its capacity to produce new innovative cleantech companies” — meaning there are more innovative cleantech companies per capita developing new technologies in Israel than in much larger countries like the US, Canada, Germany, France, Japan, and many others (most of the countries listed in the study are OECD members). Two factors kept Israeli out of the top spot: Israel’s small domestic market, and a lack of government support for cleantech development.

“Israel places second on the overall index, primarily due to its very high score for evidence of emerging cleantech innovation,” the report said. But Israel comes in second on the index instead of first because “the country lacks a cleantech-supportive government policy.” However, the dearth of state money is somewhat made up by VC activity, with venture funds and angels funding many small, promising projects, the report added.

Israeli companies also lead in patent activity. As an example of Israeli innovation, the report cited a company called TaKaDu, which develops software-based technologies to detect and prevent leaks in commercial water systems (TaKaDu was named Cleantech’s Company of the Year in 2011, and was one of the Wall Street Journal’s top innovation award winners last year as well). “Israel is especially strong in water innovation, driven by the serious water scarcity that affects the region and supported by Mekorot, the highly innovative water utility that regularly partners with local cleantech start-ups,” the report said.

Although Israelis have developed many great ideas, not enough have been implemented at home. “Israel’s success in giving birth to cleantech companies is not matched by its performance on the evidence of commercialized cleantech innovation factor — the country places 14th,” the report said, adding that “this is likely due to the limited domestic market in Israel as well as a scarcity of local expansion capital.” Most of Israel’s ideas are actually being implemented abroad, benefitting the entire world – but not Israelis.