GADI ADELMAN:MOST ISRAELIS ARE SATISFIED WITH THEIR LIVES…WILL THAT CHANGE WITH INDEFENSIBLE BOUNDARIES? “Why is it so hard to for people to accept the truth? The same people in Gaza that danced in the streets while passing out candy on 9/11 as they celebrated the deaths of 3000 Americans are the same people that have fired a total of 4955 Qassam rockets into Israel since 2001.” According […]

EDWARD CLINE: “OFF WITH THEIR HEADS”…ISLAMIC “LAWFARE” “And who are these?” said the Queen, pointing to the three gardeners who were lying round the rose-tree; for, you see, as they were lying on their faces, and the pattern on their backs was the same as the rest of the pack, she could not tell whether they were gardeners, or soldiers, or […]

HAMAS AND THE CONVICT CONNECTION: PATRICK DUNLEAVY Contributor Patrick Dunleavy is the former Deputy Inspector General for New York State Department of Corrections. There is an old saying “War and Politics Makes for Strange Bedfellows” Now it seems we may add a third part to the equation: Prisons. In the present situation in Gaza with its current government run by HAMAS, […]

HANNITY CALLS OUT REP. KEITH ELLISON FOR LIES AND BIGOTED SMEARS Hannity Calls Out Rep. Keith Ellison for His Lies and Bigoted Smears Posted By Diane Schrader Sean Hannity took on the media last week in a tour de force that should forever and always dismantle any argument that the mainstream or “legacy” media is objective. With such a large viewing audience, the hour-long special […]


An Unholy Marriage Posted By David Solway One of the most profound conundrums of our time is the passionate love affair carried on by the young inheritors of the liberal and presumably enlightened West with the totalitarian specimens of the Arab Middle East. They tend to be meltingly soft on Islam—the “religion of peace”—and, […]

THE BLOODY STREETS OF SYRIA: RYAN MAURO The Bloody Streets of Syria Posted By Ryan Mauro At least 120 civilians were killed by the Syrian regime this weekend as the anti-government protests become stronger each passing Friday. The gross human rights violations have been decried by international human rights groups and spectators in the West, leaving many to openly wonder why […]

RICK PERRY’S TENTH COMMANDMENT: KEVIN D. WILLIAMSON Rick Perry’s Tenth Commandment Kevin D. Williamson From the Apr. 4, 2011, issue of NR. ‘If Jeb Bush’s name were Jeb Smith, he’d be the next president of the United States,” says Texas governor Rick Perry, and then there’s a long pause in the conversation to let pass the unspoken corollary: “And if Rick […]

THE WHITE HOUSE WANTS A LIST The White House Wants a List Want a federal contract? Show politicians the money. Here’s another reason to think the 2012 campaign is underway with a vengeance: If a company wants a federal government contract, from now on it will first have to disclose if the company or its executives gave more than $5,000 […]

GREAT NEWS! THE CLIMATE TORT GOES DOWN…EVEN LIBERAL JUSTICES CAN’T ABIDE IT How unconvincing is the green legal doctrine of the climate tort? So much so that not a single Justice seemed persuaded when the Supreme Court heard oral arguments last Tuesday—even some of the liberals questioned the theory with Scalia-like vigor. In American Electric Power Co. v. Connecticut, a group of state attorneys general are […]

ARGENTINA’S “PRESIDENTA” KIRCHNER’S TERRIBLE POLICIES Kirchner Copies Peron’s Model MARY ANASTASIA O’GRADY The government fines independent economists who predict inflation above 10%. Argentine President Cristina Kirchner has not yet declared herself a candidate in the October presidential election, but her government and her party—the Kirchner wing of the Peronists—are already in full campaign-mode. In recent weeks “la presidenta” has […]