THOMAS SOWELL: PART TWO OF “IS BARNEY FRANK?” October 22, 2010 Is Barney Frank?: Part II By Thomas Sowell 10/22/2010 Among long-time politicians who are being seriously challenged for the first time this election year, Congressman Barney Frank of Massachusetts best epitomizes the cynical ruthlessness which hides behind their lofty rhetoric. Having been a key figure in promoting the risky mortgage lending […]


THIS IS THE LAST TIME SIMPLE SHIMON HAD A GOOD IDEA Peace with Palestinians would help U.S. on Iran: Peres 1 hr 40 mins ago JERUSALEM (Reuters) – Israel needs good ties with the United States to survive and must be more understanding of U.S. demands over securing peace with the Palestinians, Israeli President Shimon Peres said in remarks […]

U.S. State Department’s Duplicity at the U.N. Human Rights Council For Immediate Release: October 21, 2010 U.S. State Department’s Duplicity at the U.N. Human Rights Council As the American midterm election campaigns head to the finish line, the Obama administration is trying to convince Jewish voters that its treatment of Israel is not as hostile as it appears. In fact, it’s worse. The U.S. […]

BEST ELECTIONS NEWS TODAY: ALLEN WEST PULLS AHEAD IN FLORIDA; ELECTIONS ARE COMING West Winning Wild CD 22 Race, Poll Shows In rematch, Republican holds slight lead over Rep. Klein in ‘referendum on the president’ By: Kenric Ward | Posted: October 21, 2010 4:05 AM Tags: 22nd Congressional District, Allen West, Barack Obama, Clay Shaw, News, Rick Wilson, Ron Klein, Vietnam veterans, Voter Survey Service, Politics | […]

ANDREW CUOMO’S SCANDAL… “Remarkably, Cuomo so far hasn’t had to answer for his scandalous past at HUD in his race against Republican challenger Carl Paladino. Only the Village Voice has looked into his role in the subprime scandal. “Andrew Cuomo, the youngest Housing and Urban Development secretary in history, made a series of decisions between 1997 and […]

A MODEST PROPOSAL TO THE RIOTING FRENCH: ROGER KIMBALL A modest proposal to the French Posted By Roger Kimball There they go again: blocking traffic, disrupting fuel supplies, marching in protest against . . .  against what? Why, against the draconian proposal by the French government that the retirement age be raised from sixty to sixty-two. Yes, that’s right folks: the mean French […]

THE SULTAN: LIBERAL GRIEF FOR OBAMA….GET YOUR TISSUES OUT The Five Stages of Liberal Grief for Obama There are five stages in the grieving process from Denial to Acceptance. American liberals are now moving through their own five stages of dealing with the decline and fall of the myth of Obama. The last time they had invested this much in a politician was […]


Ahmadinejad’s American Supporters Posted By Ryan Mauro When Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad spoke before the United Nations General Assembly on September 23, he caused outrage by suggesting that elements of the U.S. government had carried out the attacks of September 11, 2001. His remarks were widely denounced, but one organization in the U.S. called […]

A HERO FOR OUR TIME….PHILIPPE KARSENTY:DAVID SOLWAY Hero of Our Time Posted by David Solway In 1839, the Russian novelist Mikhail Lermontov published A Hero of our Time, the tale of a melancholy romantic by the name of Grigory Pechorin. In the preface to the book, Lermontov explains that his protagonist is “a portrait, but not of one man. It is […]

CLIFFORD MAY: OBSTRUCTED VIEW OF ISLAM Obstructed View Comedians and academics unite to limit freedom of speech. An African-American woman who affects a Jewish-sounding surname as a running joke storms off the stage in response to what she regards as the slander of Muslims. Only in America. But let me back up, in case you missed it: Last week, Fox […]