Cruz to Holder: Appoint an Independent Prosecutor in IRS Scandal By Andrew C. McCarthy   Senator Ted Cruz has written a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder calling for the Obama administration to stop stonewalling and for the attorney general to appoint an independent prosecutor to probe the IRS scandal. The letter can be found and shared at the senator’s site here. The IRS harassment of the president’s political adversaries […]


Amid peace talks brokered by John Kerry, the Palestinian leadership has published new, blood-curdling terror threats against Israeli civilians

According to news just released by watchdog group, Palestinian Media Watch, (PMW) the Palestinian leadership has published a threat to bomb Tel Aviv. The message said the Israeli city would be turned into a “ball of fire.”

The threats were published yesterday on the Facebook page of Fatah, the leading faction within the PLO, and which is headed by Palestinian Authority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian leader.

“We swear to you that we will turn the beloved [Gaza] Strip into a graveyard for your soldiers, and we will turn Tel Aviv into a ball of fire,” the message said.

ED CLINE: STUDIED CENSORSHIP **** Stealth treason by usurping the Constitution. Stealth surrender to Iran. Stealth indoctrination of children in schools. Stealth fascism. Stealth amnesty. Stealth wealth distribution. Stealth health care. Stealth censorship. It’s all of a piece in the name of domestic tranquility. Its feasibility must be “studied.” The nation must be made “safe” from provocative words.  If […]


Sen. Tim Scott (R-S.C.) called the remarks of a state NAACP leader who called him a “ventriloquist dummy” for the right “pretty remarkable, and absolutely ridiculous.”

“We must not give up the so-called high moral ground to the right-wing extremists,” the Rev. William Barber II, president of the North Carolina chapter of the NAACP, said Sunday. He singled out Scott in the speech at Zion Baptist Church in downtown Columbia. “A ventriloquist can always find a good dummy,” Barber said. He said “the extreme right wing down here (in South Carolina) finds a black guy to be senator and claims he’s the first black senator since Reconstruction and then he goes to Washington, D.C., and articulates the agenda of the Tea Party.”

“I certainly understand why people would have some kind of opinion that suggests that we’re not as strong on the right. But here’s what happens when you almost flunk out of high school. You meet a mentor who teaches that you can think your way out of poverty. That in fact, the best and brightest opportunities aren’t found by looking for the government to bring it to you, but it’s found by looking in the mirror and blaming yourself if you don’t succeed. If you’ve been given the God-given talents and skills to work — and if you do so, this country rewards you with amazing opportunity, outstanding success, and what we should be preaching all over the country,” Scott said on Fox News.

“…It’s actually having a conversation where we embrace people who are in need and in trouble. And we show people, as I was shown, the path forward using basic common sense principles that govern the actual economy. And that’s where you create a job, you make more money, make a profit, you can use that profit to create wealth, these are basic simple principles that are taught every single day in the workforce.”

Scott said he didn’t expect an apology, and the NAACP doubled down instead of issuing any apology.

“Duty” and the Taint of the Tell-All- Victor Davis Hanson

Robert Gates’s insider memoir is the latest in a dishonorable genre.

For all the hysteria over former defense secretary Robert Gates’s new insider memoir of his tenure during the Bush and Obama administrations, the disclosures are more breaches of trust than earth-shattering revelations. Much of Duty: Memoirs of a Secretary at War is the ordinary stuff of public service.

What little gossip in the book there is that may be controversial — revelations that both Senators Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama cynically opposed the successful Bush-era surge in Iraq on political grounds, or that Vice President Joe Biden is a buffoonish blowhard — was already common knowledge to many Americans.

Gates sees himself as reluctantly drawn to Washington to help rescue the fading Bush administration’s unpopular wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. In 2009, he grudgingly stayed on at the Defense Department, apparently to add some sobriety to an at times comically inexperienced new Obama team.

There is a long tradition of retired court insiders revealing unflattering details about their bosses before they leave office — and it is not uplifting. The Roman court insider Petronius thought he could get away with caricaturing the buffoonish emperor Nero through his racy novel The Satyricon. He didn’t, and was forced to commit suicide as a result.


“Mexicans are a rabble of illiterate Indians.” (Ernesto “Che” Guevara, May 1956)

Singer-actress Maria Conchita Alonso, a multiple-Grammy nominee, was scheduled to star in a Spanish-language production of the Vagina Monologues next month in San Francisco’s Brava Theater. Then she starred in a video ad for California Assemblyman and gubernatorial hopeful Tim Donnelly, a Tea-Party Republican who calls for enforcement of U.S. immigration laws.

Only the torches and pitchforks were missing from the outraged mobs of San Francisco’s “Latinos” who (verbally) set upon Ms. Alonso during a subsequent radio show. The woman could hardly get a word in edgewise. Callers insulted her relentlessly. “I’ve been called all these horrible names, like you can’t believe,” Alonso told Megyn Kelly. “They were saying they were going to burn down the theater, they were going to boycott (the show.)”

The hipster area’s “Latino” politico-cultural establishment joined the chorus, if slightly more decorously.

“We don’t act like that,” snapped Jim Salinas, former president of the San Francisco Latino Democratic Club. “First of all, that is not a typical Latina.”


“The worst part for me is that nobody remembers,” Mark Nevells said last year on the anniversary of the Hezbollah bombing of the Marine barracks in Beirut.

A Marine had thrown his body in front of the truck to try stop the vehicle and afterward for five days, Nevells and other Marines had dug through the rubble for the bodies of the men they had served with.

One of the first Marines on the scene heard voices coming from underneath the rubble. “Get us out. Don’t leave us.”

The Marines lost more people that day than at any time since Iwo Jima and the number of Americans murdered that day by a terrorist group was a record that would stand until September 11.

In Washington, the murder of 220 Marines and the Iranian, Ismail Ascari, who drove the truck full of explosives that tore through their barracks, are inconvenient truths and lost memories. And it has always been that way.

Before the attack, the NSA intercepted a message from Iranian intelligence in Tehran to the Iranian ambassador in Damascus ordering “a spectacular action against the United States Marines.”

Obama’s True Legacy: Not Healthcare — on The Glazov Gang »

This week’s Glazov Gang was hosted by Ann-Marie Murrell and joined by Beverly Zaslow, a documentary film producer, Michael Hausam, a conservative writer and activist, and Nonie Darwish, the author of The Devil We Don’t Know.

The Gang gathered to discuss Obama’s True Legacy: Not Healthcare (the title of Nonie’s recent Frontpage article.) The discussion occurred in Part II and shed a disturbing light on what Obama has truly succeeded in.


Dimitry Shumsky is a young anti-Israel far Leftist whose diatribes litter the far Leftist fringe media in Israel, especially the leftist daily Haaretz. Since 2009, according to his own published resume, he has held a tenure-track appointment at the Department of the History of the Jewish People at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Shumsky in Haaretz on January 20, 2014 joins the cat fight of the far Left in Israel over the decision by the University of Haifa to veto an honorary PhD to Prof. Robert Aumann.

The Nobel-Prize winning economist Aumann was denied an honorary PhD by the University of Haifa on grounds that he holds conservative political opinions. It was a great victory for the campaign of the Far Left in Israel against freedom of thought and freedom of speech. Prof. Ariel Rubinstein, a distinguished economist in Israel, denounced the decision and denounced speakers at a conference at Tel Aviv University who defended the operation of a thought police in the Aumann affair.

Rubinstein is himself quite far off to the Left. However his Op-Ed in Haaretz a couple of weeks back criticizing those who insist on a political thought police in Israeli academia triggered indignation in the caverns of the Ultra-Left. Among those chiming in was Tel Aviv University Professor Rivka Feldhay. You may recall Feldhay as the Tel Aviv University leftist that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu insisted NOT be invited to participate in a state reception in Germany. The reason is that Feldhay had signed petitions demanding that Israeli soldiers engage in mutiny and insurrection to force the government to accept diktats from the Left about the “occupation.” After decades of the Left insisting that everyone should have the “right” to boycott anyone, including settlements, Israeli universities, and all of Israel, the same Left suddenly was aghast that Netanyahu had decided to “boycott” Feldhay. (Actually he did not boycott her, he just chose not to invite her.) Feldhay responded with shrill hysteria in a number of Op-Ed articles.

DANIEL GREENFIELD: THE TOTALITARIANS OF NEW YORK New York City mayors excel at banning everything from salt to carriages, but they are not very good at cleaning up the streets after a snowstorm. There are two ways of looking at any major city; as a mechanical problem of buildings, streets and sewers whose infrastructures need to be maintained or as a […]