BETRAYING THE BRITS: ARTHUR HERMAN Betraying the Brits By ARTHUR HERMAN Documents from Wiki Leaks indicate that the Obama administration, desperate to get the Russians to sign the new START treaty, agreed to pass on secret information about the British nuclear arsenal — right down to the serial numbers of the warheads. In 2009, the United States lobbied Britain […]

CAROLINE GLICK: IDEOLOGICALLY DRIVEN STRATEGIC INEPTITUDE **** Many believe that the Obama administration are just screw-ups. If only that were the case | In the midst of the political turmoil engulfing Egypt and much of the Arab world, last month’s revelation that Pakistan has doubled the size of its nuclear arsenal over the past four years has been largely ignored. […]


George Soros: I challenge you to confront reality — and the truth By David Suissa Our personalities and characters are guided by our actions, not the other way around. We become our actions. And you, Mr. Soros? | Dear Mr. Soros: I saw that you wrote in The Washington Post last week that Israel […]


Assessing America’s Foes By Paul Johnson VIGILANCE AND PATIENCE TO RIDE OUT ISLAM? HARDLY ENOUGH….. | Which is the bigger threat to the U.S. and its vital interests — Islamic terrorism or China’s economic and military expansion? History teaches that extremist phases in Islam’s development come and go and that the present surge of […]

SARAH HONIG: WE HAVE NO ONE TO TRUST BUT OURSELVES Another Tack: No one to trust By Sarah Honig “We make our fortunes and then we call them fate.”– Benjamin Disraeli Democracy above all mandates a preexisting mind-set. It rests on transparency, literacy, tolerance, the rule of law, a context of equity, prevailing rights-oriented legalisms, an autonomous judiciary and nonviolent transfers of power. This […]


Weasel Zippers » Blog Archive » Prince Charles to Global Warming Skeptics: “How Can You Face Your Grandchildren and Admit You. Prince Charles to Global Warming Skeptics: “How Can You Face Your Grandchildren and Admit You Failed Their Future?”… He might be a prince to the Brits, but to everyone else he’s King Moonbat. […]

WILLIAM HAGUE: ISRAEL’S FAIR WEATHER FRIEND William Hague – Israel’s Fairweather Friend – and Little Sir Echo from the Camel Corps: “We Will All Suffer if Israel Persists in this Present Course of Trying to Survive by Force of Arms” The actress Joan Collins once cruelly said of William Hague that he looks like a foetus. None of us can […]

MEANWHILE IN INDONESIA “SECTARIAN” VIOLENCE RUNS AMOK….SEE NOTE THE NEW EUPHEMISM FOR JIHADIST VIOLENCE IS NOW “SECTARIAN”…. Indonesians have been shaken this week by some of the country’s most horrific episodes of sectarian violence in recent memory. On Sunday, hundreds of Muslims stabbed and clubbed to death three members of the minority Ahmadiyya sect in a village in Java. Mobs struck again […]

THE OUTRAGEOUS PHONY CHARGES AND FINES ON TOYOTA…. HMMMM…AND WE WERE RESCUING GENERAL MOTORS….WEIRD HUH? A record $48.8 million in fines, nearly eight million vehicle recalls, hundreds of lawsuits and one humiliating set of Congressional grillings later, we finally learned Tuesday that Toyota cars can’t magically accelerate on their own. So what happened? “Pedal misapplications.” Now there’s a euphemism for the bureaucratic […]

MIDDLE EAST LITERATURE REMAINS MIRED IN ANTI-WESTER AND ANTI-JEWISH HATRED FROM FEBRUARY 2011 COMMENTARY Middle Eastern literature remains mired in anti-Western and anti-Jewish hate. Let’s Get Westoxicated! Sohrab Ahmari My middle-school archnemesis in Tehran was Mr. Pourmand, a Koran teacher and fanatical devotee of Iran’s clerical regime. We often clashed over my preference for Jules Verne and Metallica over labyrinthine Koranic passages. When, near […]