BILL GERTZ: JIHADISTS SPRINGING UP IN LIBYA: US “ON ALERT” Jihadists among the Libyan rebels revealed plans last week on the Internet to subvert the post-Moammar Gadhafi government and create an Islamist state, according to U.S. intelligence agencies. U.S. officials said spy agencies are stepping up surveillance of Islamist-oriented elements among Libyan rebels. A government report circulated Tuesday said extremists were observed “strategizing” on […]

THE DUMBEST RABBI RACHEL KAHN TROSTER WRITES THE DUMBEST OP-ED OF ALL TIME:”THE LEGACY OF OF 9/11 SHOULD BE ENDING TORTURE”….SEE NOTE IT IS PURE TORTURE TO READ THIS POSTURING, SELF RIGHTEOUS IDIOT OF THE CLOTH…..RSK (Rabbi Rachel Kahn-Troster, of Teaneck, N.J., is director of North American programs for Rabbis for Human Rights-North America. She is a member of the board of the National Religious Campaign Against Torture.) TEANECK, N.J. (JTA) — What is the legacy […]

PEPE ESCOBAR: HOW AL QAEDA GOT TO RULE IN TRIPOLI His name is Abdelhakim Belhaj. Some in the Middle East might have, but few in the West and across the world would have heard of him.  Time to catch up. Because the story of how an al-Qaeda asset turned out to be the top Libyan military commander in still war-torn Tripoli is bound to […]


PA TV host sends “best wishes” to “our glorious” prisoner who transported suicide bomber to attack that killed 15, including 7 children by Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik  Palestinian Authority TV has chosen to honor two more terrorists serving multiple life sentences for murder in its continuous glorification of Palestinian prisoners in Israel. […]

THE NAZIS AND FASCISTS WHO FOUNDED THE EU (And Their Influence Today) by Julia Gorin “The European Union is based on the Nazi plans published in Berlin in 1942.” In 2008, director of the Freenations site Rodney Atkinson — former British Ministerial Adviser, author, and lecturer at University of Mainz in Germany — sent out the following press release: 26th June 2008 – “THE NAZIS AND FASCISTS WHO FOUNDED […]

Chamberlain’s secret bid to reach a deal with Hitler, revealed in newly released documents By Abul Taher British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain held secret talks with Hitler’s henchmen to work out ways of making the Nazis look more sympathetic to ordinary Britons, classified documents released last week reveal. The cloak-and-dagger meetings in London came shortly after Chamberlain signed his disastrous appeasement deal with Hitler in Munich in September 1938, declaring ‘peace […]

ANDREW BOSTOM: HOW SHARIA UNDERMINES WESTERN JUSTICE How Sharia Undermines Western Justice Wife-battering imam of the Darul Quran Mosque in Munich, Sheikh Abu Adam, is the face of Germany’s Islamic “Justice [2].” Adam gave a lecture at the city’s Catholic University entitled “An Islam which distances itself from violence,” shortly before being arrested (12/10) for allegedly assaulting his spouse so violently […]


Israel PM pledges action after mass protests By Sara Hussein | AFP – 16 mins ago   Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu pledged “real” economic change on Sunday after massive nationwide protests that broke Israeli records and prompted questions about the future of the social movement. Speaking to his cabinet after an estimated 450,000 people turned out […]

DEROY MURDOCK: LABOR LEADERS TELL OBAMA “STOP KILLING JOBS” Even Big Labor is complaining about Big Government. As 9.1 percent unemployment plagues America this Labor Day, major unions are clashing with a Democratic administration with which they normally would march in lock-step. Echoing the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, at least eight unions are begging Team Obama to abandon regulations, statements, and procedures that […]

DAVID WILDER FROM HEBRON: SEPTEMBER IS HERE….PLEASE READ Well, it’s finally arrived. Summer vacations are over. The kids are back in school. Autumn is approaching. Labor Day barbeques are in full swing. September also witnessed the ‘jovial’ signing of Oslo, exactly eighteen years ago. And this year, we may be privileged to witness another international farce, this time, not on the White […]