RICHARD BAEHR: THE NEWS…FIT AND UNFIT TO PRINT The Baehr Essentials Richard Baehr There are a lot of serious subjects today , so I have chosen to start off with some lighter fare.  First, an article from the New York Times on Sunday, that is so ridiculous, it should have been a front page story in the Onion. The Gallup Organization conducted […]

PLEASE WATCH THIS VIDEO: SIX IDF GENERALS INDICATE WHY ISRAEL CANNOT GIVE UP ITS SECURITY NEEDS The following video clip must be watched by everybody, even those who think they understand everything about  Israel’s security needs. It is an excellent and clear graphical presentation compiled by six former-IDF generals for the Jerusalem Institute. This clip does not indicate what Israel  can give away, rather it shows what Israel  cannot relinquish […]


Ahmadinejad: Master of Canada? Posted By Sara Akrami In February 2011, the news media reported that the screening of the controversial documentary, “Iranium,” had been banned in Ottawa due to pressure from the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Embassy. Despite all the threats, the documentary was shown in two different places — Archives Canada in […]


HERE WE GO AGAIN, ANOTHER YEAR ANOTHER “ISRAEL APARTHEID WEEK”…FROM LAST YEAR IN MARCH….. Apartheid is Alive and Well in Araby By Victor Sharpe We stand in the midst of a new round of Israel-bashing called by the organizers of “Israel Apartheid Week.” Those doing the bashing are busy turning logic on its head. […]


SEX AND THE SILLY Ross Douthat, the token conservative at The New York Times, is, tonally, the very soul of moderation. For those of us of a more foamingly right-wing bent, he can, indeed, be excessively mindful of his readers’ sensitivities – and a fat lot of good it does him. So this week he writes about […]

THE SULTAN: HOLLYWOOD’S WAR ON AMERICA Hollywood’s War on America Posted: 08 Mar 2011 08:35 PM PST Hollywood’s war on America may have claimed its first two casualties with the murder of two US airmen in Germany by a Muslim terrorist who was inspired by the Koran, and apparently by a clip from Brian DePalma’s movie, Redacted. This isn’t the […]

DIANA WEST: ALL HAIL THE CHIEF DIVERSITY OFFICER DIANA WEST All Hail the Chief Diversity Officer Quick — What’s very, very, very wrong with this picture? —To be white, to be male is to be dehumanized in the 21st century. Behold the “diversity” report from the Millitary Leadership Diversity Commission, as reported on by the AP: Headline: “Report: Too many whites, men, […]

PETRAEUS’ GLIB IDIOCY ON THE BRET BAIER SHOW ON FOX Exclusive Interview with General Petraeus Bret Baier asks about the hunt for Bin Laden at about 5:33– Go to 5:48–“For all we know he (Bin Laden) he could be in Las Vegas next to Elvis” Thanks to his COIN strategy and his rotten rules of engagement young Americans were killed by the Taliban that […]

IN A VALEDICTORY SPEECH, DEFSEC GATES ACTUALLY MAKES SENSE HANSON: Gates versus Gates Secretary comes down four-square on both sides of future mission debate By Jim Hanson Robert M. Gates is on his farewell lap as secre -tary of defense and is making his final speeches to the service academies. He also seems to be debating himself in the process. He made the […]

ISRAELI INTEL ANALYST ASSESSES REVOLTS…. By Eli Lake THIS IS AN “INTEL ANALYST”?????ANYTHING HE SAYS HERE WAS SAID BY ANDREW McCARTHY, ANDREW BOSTOM, ROBERT SPENCER, ADRIAN MORGAN…..WEEKS AGO….RSK One of Israel’s top intelligence analysts says it is too soon to say whether the wave of uprisings in the Middle East will bring more democratic societies or empower political Islam. […]