ASTONISHING NUMBER OF US TV SHOWS COME FROM ISRAEL Coming to America As Hollywood producers scour the globe desperate for TV show ideas, it’s not just about Britain anymore. Why Israel is the new hot spot; POWs and henpecked husbands By AMY CHOZICK and JOSHUA MITNICK The Israeli TV series “Hatufim” traces what happens when two soldiers in the Israel Defense Forces return […]

KING STANDS BY HIS HEARINGS King stands by hearing on Islamic radicals Testimony is emotional, at times heated By Seth McLaughlin “The division between Democrats and Republicans reflect one of the thorniest debates to emerge in the years since September 11: How to prevent homegrown terror.” Pushing back against a firestorm of criticism, the chairman of the House Homeland […]


Where Is The Outcry Against Arab Apartheid? by Khaled Abu Toameh Mohammed Nabil Taha, an 11-year-old Palestinian boy, died this week at the entrance to a Lebanese hospital after doctors refused to help him because his family could not afford to pay for medical treatment. The tragic case of Taha highlights the plight of […]

OBAMA ADMINISTRATION SEEKS TERRORISM HELP-FROM MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD SPINOFF Obama Administration Seeks Terrorism Help – from Muslim Brotherhood Spinoff Ben Johnson As more sober minds consider ways to keep the Middle East from falling into the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood, Barack Obama is “fighting terrorism” by reaching out to the leader of one of the Brotherhood’s American creations. In the process, a […]

PERUSE AND CHOOSE FROM FAMILY SECURITY MATTERS: HOT TOPICS,css.print/pub_detail.asp In 18-1 vote, Wis. Senate Approves Bill Curbing Bargaining Rights Through Senate (WSJ) Senate Dems Suffered A Wave Of Defections – Their Proposal To Cut $6 Billion From Federal Spending Went Down To Defeat (THE HILL) Schiller Forced Out as NPR President Following Hidden-Camera Sting (FOX) The governor does his duty, and all hell […]

RALPH PETERS: A HILARIOUS SPOOF ON NPR AND HAMAS Gaza Strip — Newly installed in her Gaza City office, National Public Radio’s Vice News Chief (Oppression and Victimization Department) Consuela “Muffy” Leer-Geist looks right at home. Generously granting her first on-site interview to FSM, Ms. Leer-Geist wore a tasteful chador, set off with a stunning Sweetbriar-logo headscarf (black is always correct). Her half-veil, designed by […]

RALPH PETERS: TENDER, LOVING CAIR***** The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is furious. For the first time since the birth of Mohammed, it isn’t getting its way in Washington. In the past, whenever our government raised the possibility of doing the least little thing of which CAIR might not wholeheartedly approve, the soft-core jihadis shrieked, “Bigotry!” And presidents, cabinet secretaries, senators, representatives […]

WHAT’S IN A NAME? THE JEWISH GUILD FOR THE BLIND IS NOT A JEWISH ORGANIZATION AT ALL N.R. GREENFIELD, PUBLISHER…OF THE BEST JEWISH INTEREST NEWSPAPER IN THE COUNTRY…..RSK Last week the Forward’s Nathan Guttman published an article about a group called the Jewish Guild for the Blind, saying that is was one of the fastest growing charities in the nation. He listed their revenue at around $50 million and points out […]


By Andrew C. McCarthy In this morning’s column,[2] I argue against intervention in Libya’s internal strife — a battle proponents of intervention portray as the incorrigibly terrorist anti-American Qaddafi regime (known up until about 10 minutes ago as a staunch U.S. anti-terror ally) versus the “rebels” (the term used to obscure the fact that Qaddafi’s […]


Compelling Testimony, Political Theater at Radicalization Hearing IF YOU THINK ONLY REP. JOHN BOEHNER GETS WEEPY, YOU SHOULD SEE KEITH ELLISON SOBBING AT THE HEARINGS…DEFINITELY A KLEENEX MOMENT….AND THE DEMS WERE CLOWNS….RSK When members of Minneapolis’ Somali community realized their sons had disappeared and likely gone back to Africa to join a jihadist group, […]