If you’re a movie buff of a certain age, you’ll remember a film called The Mouse That Roared, in which a tiny, debt-ridden country declares war against the United States in order to gain all the benefits that would be showered their way as the losers. It was a sharp little satire that unfortunately persists in ringing true to this day. It comes to mind not only with respect to foreign policy, but also with how we deal with criminals and terrorists. In today’s paper we learned that the state of New Jersey continued to pay 23 million dollars of entitlements and benefits to incarcerated people who were not entitled to any of it while in jail. This should aptly be considered “criminal negligence” and heads should roll all the way to the diminishing hulk of the governor. More disturbing in today’s news is the ongoing saga of Nidal Hasan, the Muslim army psychiatrist who shot 45 people at Fort Hood in 2009, killing 12 and severely injuring the rest. It is four years later and though Hasan is incarcerated, he has still not been tried for this heinous act of terrorism. During the past years of legal stalling, he has collected $280,000 of salary, because according to our American system of justice and the vagaries of military protocol, he is entitled to his money until proven guilty. No matter that there is no disputing who pulled the trigger each time during his rampage – the only thing to be determined at trial is what degree of murder this fits and what the appropriate sentence will be. If common sense prevailed, would a terrorist still get paid?

Further adding to the head-scratching wonder of this case, Hasan has won the right to grow and sport a bushy beard though that is against army regulations. Now a hemiplegic and wheelchair-bound, he has petitioned the court to allow him to represent himself in his upcoming trial in July. To determine whether he would be physically competent to handle this, the judge ordered a medical examination. In another questionable accommodation, the judge agreed to Hasan’s request to not be examined by the chief of medicine where he used to work. In short, Hasan first killed and maimed the soldiers of Fort Hood and now demands that his trial not be compromised by the judgment of the medical officer under whom he served. This used to be the classic definition of chutzpah – the murderer who shoots his parents and begs the mercy of the court because he is now an orphan. Does this make sense?

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Drip, drip, drip. And then the deluge.

After that the roof falls in. The perfect storm dashing Barack Obama’s second term onto the rocks is not the consequence of a sudden squall. This storm has been a long time coming.

The White House still doesn’t get it. Sending the president out to make another speech won’t change anything. Calling in a favored few to listen to more bloviating won’t do it, either. Neither will sacking Eric Holder, which is an idea whose time has come, but that would only buy a little time, with the emphasis on little.

The president may be tempted to cast the perfect storm as a matter of national security. When his speech to the National Defense University, declaring that the war against the terrorists was over because he had vanquished all the bad guys, landed with the thud of a noisy dud, he invited a gaggle of media elites to the White House for a session of the familiar argle-bargle. That didn’t work then, and it won’t work now. Mr. Obama’s administration is the enemy “foreign and domestic” the founding documents warned us about.

An invitation to the White House is ordinarily the invitation no good citizen declines without a very good reason. If a president, or one of his deputies, summons a citizen to come to the aid of the government, a good citizen catches the next streetcar to Pennsylvania Avenue, even if the streetcar is a bus. This time it’s fashionable to say thanks, but no thanks. Eric Holder’s invitation to media executives to “air concerns and exchange ideas” is not necessary because if he wants to hear the concerns he can read about them in the morning papers. Meetings to “ensure that First Amendment rights are respected by the Department of Justice” are not necessary, either, nor are conversations with news executives, lawyers and intelligence and investigative ‘experts’.”

The First Amendent needs no explanatory help from politicians, lawyers or anyone else. The language of the amendment, the cornerstone and guarantor of all the other rights of Americans, is as plain as the language of the Gospel, written so that the humblest among us can understand it. Presidents and their administrations have understood the words of the First Amendment for two centuries, with the further understanding that trifling with the words and meanings is always reckless and foolish.

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Are you appalled as I am by the escalating demonstrations of lies and libel against Israel in American campuses? One might have thought that the Hillel, the Foundation for Jewish Campus Life would be a haven for Jewish students who feel besieged by the bias and hatred. Well, in what amounts to fraud against real supporters of Israel who contribute to Hillel,a growing number of Hillel chapters’ leaders at top universities co-sponsor events with vicious anti-Israel groups and enable J Street’s Israel-bashing events presented to large numbers of Jewish students. Consequently, a growing number of well meaning, impressionable, young Jews are becoming alienated from Israel and many turn into anti-Israel activists.

There is an excellent film in production documenting this travesty which will be made public very soon. However,Hillel is currently in the process of selecting a new national President/CEO. This is a key position. Getting influential pro-Israel people in the Jewish community, to use their influence and to demand that Hillel nominate a President who will change Hillel’s dangerous course. Their involvement will ensure the choice of an effective pro-Israel president who can halt and reverse this situation.

Stay tuned.

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Saudi Muslim Cleric Says Women Who Work Should Be Sexually Molested By Daniel Greenfield

This is your country. This is your country on Islam.

A leading Saudi Arabian “self-help” writer has urged his 97,000+ Twitter followers to sexually molest working women in the nation’s grocery stores. Using the hashtag #harass_female_cashiers, Abdullah Mohammed Daoud reportedly called for the move as a means to press for Saudi women to stay at home and protect their chastity.

And using Muslim logic, there’s no better way to protect female chastity than through sexual abuse. Either that or an honor killing.

But surely this horrible behavior can’t be based on Islam? Yes, yes it can.

Daoud’s tweet, which was translated and picked up by Gulf News, was apparently “justified” by a homily about a 7th century Islamic warrior who did not want his wife to leave home to visit the mosque.

The paper writes: “Daoud claimed that Al Zubair hid in the dark one night and molested his wife on the street. The wife rushed home and decided against ever going out of her house again, saying ‘there is no safer place than home and the world out there is corrupt’.”

If you ever wanted to read some Muslim versions of O’Henry stories, Al Zubair is apparently your guy for that. I hear Al Jazeera is thinking of making that into a sitcom.

But let’s be fair here. Abdullah Mohammed Daoud is just a writer. He’s not a Muslim religious authority. No Muslim cleric would distort say that Islam in any way supports molesting strange women to get them to quit work.

But wait…

Sheikh Khalid Ebrahim Al Saqabi, a conservative cleric, endorsed Al Dawood’s calls and said a law proposed by the government against sexual harassment in newly mixed workplaces was “only meant to encourage consensual debauchery”.