TODAY’S HOT PICKS AT FAMILY SECURITY MATTERS 1. Video: Full Speech: Herman Cain at Iowa Faith & Freedom Coalition 2. Video: Peter King Defends Muslim Hearings Against Liberal Media 3. Video: Starbucks CEO Worries About ObamaCare Burdens on Small Businesses 4. White House adviser spoke to Hamas-linked group 5. Video: Juan Williams Reacts to NPR Video Sting 6. Wish comes true […]

CUBA’S AMERICAN HOSTAGE….SEE NOTE PLEASE MANY US AIRPORTS WILL NOW FEATURE CHARTER FLIGHTS TO THE BUENA VISTA CONCENTRATION CAMP….RSK SEE:,8599,2057888,00.html 8 U.S. Airports Get OK for Cuba Flights While Arabs are ousting dictators, it’s tyranny as usual in Cuba, where U.S. government contractor Alan Gross went on trial last week for espionage. Or at least that’s what the […]

JUST SEX AT NORTHWESTERN: PAM MEISTER Author’s note: This article discusses a topic that may offend some readers. Why do parents hope their children will go on to college? Most parents I know hope that college will provide the education and training needed for a satisfying and rewarding career that will also pay the bills. As the mother of two […]

NYC MADRASSA FLOPS…VIOLENCE, EXPULSIONS AND LOW ENROLLMENT Yes, we were right. Again. The first public school madrassa in Brooklyn is an abject failure. They are closing the middle school because of the low enrollment and perhaps the worst violence of any of the city schools. Last year I reported that the school was forced to suspend more than one-third of its […]

PLEASE CHECK JIHAD WATCH FOR THESE REPORTS ON EGYPT’S PERSECUTION OF CHRISTIANS Egypt: At least 9 dead as army fires live ammo at Christians, “Muslim youths” firebomb monastery CNN reports all of the known fatalities are Christians, though it masks the genesis of this incident under the term “sectarian clashes” and describes the cause as “a feud between a Muslim and a Coptic family,” continuing yet […]


The Protocols of the Elders of NPR Posted By Roger L Simon URL to article: As well they should, Nation Public Radio is backing and shuffling fast [1] to cover the public humiliation of the promulgation of a video [2] showing NPR execs playing funding footsie with two putative donors masquerading as representatives of […]

AL QAEDA ALREADY USING WIKILEAKS MATERIAL AGAINST US….SEE NOTE Al-Qaeda Already Using Wikileaks Material Against Us The terrorists have tapped into their extensive network of sympathizers to glean intelligence from the leaked cables. I SURE HOPE THAT DERSHOWITZ IS PROUD OF HIS CLIENT…RSK Al-Qaeda Already Using Wikileaks Material Against Us Posted By Brian Fairchild About a month ago, I wrote a PJM article […]

RICHARD BAEHR: THE NEWS…FIT AND UNFIT TO PRINT The Baehr Essentials Richard Baehr There are a lot of serious subjects today , so I have chosen to start off with some lighter fare.  First, an article from the New York Times on Sunday, that is so ridiculous, it should have been a front page story in the Onion. The Gallup Organization conducted […]

PLEASE WATCH THIS VIDEO: SIX IDF GENERALS INDICATE WHY ISRAEL CANNOT GIVE UP ITS SECURITY NEEDS The following video clip must be watched by everybody, even those who think they understand everything about  Israel’s security needs. It is an excellent and clear graphical presentation compiled by six former-IDF generals for the Jerusalem Institute. This clip does not indicate what Israel  can give away, rather it shows what Israel  cannot relinquish […]


Ahmadinejad: Master of Canada? Posted By Sara Akrami In February 2011, the news media reported that the screening of the controversial documentary, “Iranium,” had been banned in Ottawa due to pressure from the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Embassy. Despite all the threats, the documentary was shown in two different places — Archives Canada in […]