Dear Rep. King: Forget ‘Radical’ — Islam is the Culprit: By Amil Imani By Amil Imani Republican Congressman Peter King has strengthened his security in the wake of “hostile phone calls” and threats from overseas, as he is getting ready to chair a hearing on Islamic radicalization in the United States today. The Congressman’s hearing on this important issue, though much overdue, is perhaps the first step […]

CAIR Caught On Tape Warning Muslims Against Cooperating with FBI at Same Mosque Obama Spokesman Visited March 6 Posted by Adam Savit The White House at the ADAMS Islamic Center In a concerted attempt to stay on message in attacking the Homeland Security Committee hearings on radicalization of Muslims, on March 6 the White House put out the same message being pushed by radical leftist Max Blumenthal, pseudo-conservative Muslim Brotherhood associate Suhail […]

BENEDICT BROGAN: IF WE ARE ISRAEL’S FRIENDS NOW IS THE TIME TO SHOW IT’s-friend-then-now-is-the-time-to-show-it/ If we truly are Israel’s friend, then now is the time to show it By Benedict Brogan Politics Last updated: March 9th, 2011 His belief in Israel, David Cameron announced last week, is indestructible. This statement of bomb-proof support was made at the annual dinner of the Community Security Trust, a group that tracks […]


Al-Banna was and is Islamic “modernism” = “obscurantism” = “forever-ism” !! Al-Banna’s “Mainstreamism”- For those who may never have actually read his main treatises/tracts From the introduction to Charles Wendell’s magisterial translation of Hasan al-Banna’s five pathognomonic treatises, or “tracts” as Wendell translated the Arabic word “risala” in al-Banna’s case. This seminal work is out […]

THE SULTAN:HOW ISRAEL’S APPEASEMENTS ENDANGER ITSELF AND STABILITY IN THE MIDEAST How Israel’s Peacemaking Endangers Itself and the Stability of the Region When Israeli leaders embarked on peace negotiations with the Islamic-Marxist terrorists who called themselves representatives of the “”Palestinian people”, they hoped to improve relations with the Muslim world. But not only did Israel not succeed in improving relations with the Muslim world, but […]


Methodically Maligning Israel – Leaders of Britain’s Methodist Church In an essay entitled “Christian Theology and the New Antisemitism,” which appears in A New Antisemitism? Debating Judeophobia in 21st-Century Britain, a book of essays published in 2003, Melanie Phillips quotes Dr Patrick Sookhdeo, director of the Institute of Islam and Christianity, as saying that […]

THE HISTORY OF “PALESTINE”…THE SHORT (ARAB VERSION) AND THE VERY LONG JEWISH HISTORY**** On The Usage of “Palestinian Arabs” in the 1920s  YISRAEL MEDAD The term “Palestinian Arabs” is ubiquitous today.  It means there is a “Palestine”, and some people, too many, presume there always was a “Palestine”, and that it is/was a state, a very real geo-political entity and that it was Arab.  These Arabs that […]

CAL THOMAS: HUNTING FOR TERRORISTS…NOT WITCHES | In Times Square last Sunday, an estimated 1,000 people gathered to protest the March 10 hearings before Rep. Peter King’s Committee on Homeland Security entitled “The Extent of Radicalization in the American Muslim Community and that Community’s Response.” The protesters called the hearings a “witch hunt.” Since there are no “witches” of […]

Return Libya To Its Rightful Rulers!…..INTERESTING HISTORY OF LIBYA’S JEWS STEVE PLAUT The world is wringing its hands over the fate of Libya. Being a helpful sort of guy, and what with Purim fast approaching, I know just the proper solution. Control of Libya should be returned at once to the natural and rightful owners of Libya, the people who controlled it before it […]

Feds Request Leniency For Terrorist Who Still Backs Killing Of Americans Feds Request Leniency For Terrorist Who Still Backs Killing Of Americans Mohammed Babar, Convicted of Aiding Al Qaeda, Gets Early Release The U.S. government formally requested the early release of a convicted terrorist from federal prison, even though the terrorist admitted that he continued to support the killing of U.S. soldiers serving in Muslim […]