THE WHITE HOUSE WANTS A LIST The White House Wants a List Want a federal contract? Show politicians the money. Here’s another reason to think the 2012 campaign is underway with a vengeance: If a company wants a federal government contract, from now on it will first have to disclose if the company or its executives gave more than $5,000 […]

GREAT NEWS! THE CLIMATE TORT GOES DOWN…EVEN LIBERAL JUSTICES CAN’T ABIDE IT How unconvincing is the green legal doctrine of the climate tort? So much so that not a single Justice seemed persuaded when the Supreme Court heard oral arguments last Tuesday—even some of the liberals questioned the theory with Scalia-like vigor. In American Electric Power Co. v. Connecticut, a group of state attorneys general are […]

ARGENTINA’S “PRESIDENTA” KIRCHNER’S TERRIBLE POLICIES Kirchner Copies Peron’s Model MARY ANASTASIA O’GRADY The government fines independent economists who predict inflation above 10%. Argentine President Cristina Kirchner has not yet declared herself a candidate in the October presidential election, but her government and her party—the Kirchner wing of the Peronists—are already in full campaign-mode. In recent weeks “la presidenta” has […]


WOULD THEY HAVE DONE A SPECIAL ON HOW CHIC EVA BRAUN LOOKED IN SPITE OF THE RIGORS OF BUNKER LIFE?….RSK Asma al-Assad, Syria’s dynamic first lady, is on a mission to create a beacon of culture and secularism in a powder-keg region—and to put a modern face on her husband’s regime.

DR. ASSAD MEET DR. MENGELE: ROGER SIMON In more proof, if any were needed, that liberals are the reactionaries of our time, it was only weeks ago that Hillary Clinton was calling Bashar al-Assad a “reformer” and Vogue magazine was proclaiming his wife a “rose in the desert.” The president himself has no real values, only vague notions received from […]

JEROLD AUERBACH: PALARAB BABY KILLERS Palestinian Baby Killers Jerold S. Auerbach For demented cruelty there are no precedents, even among Palestinian terrorists, for the recent slaughter of three Israeli children (and their parents) in Itamar. Their targets, 11 and 4 year old brothers and their 3-month-old baby sister, were stabbed and slashed while asleep in their beds. Just before […]

THE SULTAN: BAD ASSUMPTIONS LEAD TO BAD POLICIES What is so terribly interesting about bad governments is that they are as self-deceiving as they are deceptive. The straightforward clarity of Orwell’s Oceania with its apparatchiks who knew exactly what the system was about and how evil it was, is woefully lacking in our own apparatchiks who assemble the most ridiculous plans out […]

RIOTING AND MASSACRE IN NIGERIA AFTER ELECTION OF CHRISTIAN PRESIDENT HILLARY CLINTON ON APRIL 19, 2011: “On behalf of President Obama and the people of the United States, I applaud the people of Nigeria for their enthusiastic and orderly participation in the April 16th presidential election. This historic event marks a dramatic shift from decades of failed elections and a substantial improvement over the […]


Bannerless in Berlin: A Queer Kind of Pride It’s reported that when gay and lesbian Israelis from Tel Aviv march this coming June in Berlin at that city’s Gay Pride events, they will not be carrying the Israeli flag, and will divest themselves of any other other symbols that may identify them as citizens […]

AT LEAST 450 TALIBAN TERRORISTS BREAK OUT OF PRISON IN PETRAEUSTAN!! Taliban break more than 450 out of Afghan prison By MIRWAIS KHAN and HEIDI VOGT, Associated Press Mirwais Khan And Heidi Vogt, Associated Press 25 mins ago KANDAHAR, Afghanistan – Taliban militants dug a lengthy tunnel underground and into the main jail in Kandahar city and whisked out more than 450 prisoners, most of whom were […]