RIO DE JANEIRO…JIHAD IN SCHOOL GOES UNREPORTED….11 DEAD…20 WOUNDED I think it’s important to note that all of the headlines in the news reports in Portuguese call the murderer an Islamic suicide bomber and report that his letter refers to Islam, while none of the English outlets are reporting this critical clue. “In recent months, she said, he appeared to have got closer […]

FSM: HOT PICKS 1. Video: NBC’s Brokaw: Saudis ‘So Unhappy’ With Our Administration They Sent Emissaries to China, Russia Seeking Enhanced Ties 2. Video: Donald Rumsfeld: Eric Holder’s Turnaround on Tribunals for 9/11 Suspects Vindicates President Bush and his Administration 3. Audio: Laura Ingraham: Reminds Us of Debbie Wasserman Schultz’ (D) Civil Tone 4. President teams up […]

JAMES DELINGPOLE: “I LOVE GLENN BECK” (ME TOO) So Glenn Beck is to lose his show at Fox. If you want to know why this is a bad thing for the world, forget what you may think of his sometimes over-the-top, lachrymose schtick and his tendency towards overstating the case. Concentrate instead on the unbridled joy and delirium Beck’s dethronement is already […]


The Nazi-Inspired Jew-Hate of the Muslim Brotherhood Posted By Seth Mandel URL to article: THIS IS TOTALLY WRONG AND A TERGIVERSATION OF HISTORY. MOSLEM ANTI-SEMITISM LONG ANTEDATES THE RISE OF HITLER AND SERVED AS A MODEL….READ ANDREW BOSTOM’S “THE LEGACY OF ISLAMIC ANTI-SEMITISM”….RSK The Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism: From Sacred Texts to Solemn History […]

Afghan Blowback: There is no reason to restrict our freedoms at home. Paul Marshall & Nina Shea Last weekend, there were violent demonstrations in Afghanistan to protest a Koran burning in Florida. The Afghans who incited the demonstrations have delivered on several key Taliban objectives. They scored important points in the battle for hearts and minds when the U.S. president and senior American and NATO military […]

HAMAS MOVES TO WAR WITH ISRAEL…..BARRY RUBIN Hamas Is Moving Toward War With Israel Two events show us that an emboldened Hamas in the Gaza Strip is moving toward war with Israel. First, an Israeli school bus, painted bright yellow, was hit by fire from the Gaza Strip and at least one child was seriously wounded. This is not just another […]

BBC BIAS IS A NATIONAL DISGRACE AND GLOBAL MENACE: ROBIN SHEPHERD BBC bias is a national disgrace and a global menace As the second senior BBC presenter this year slams the BBC for politically correct bias, it is now time for the Western world’s most powerful media outlet to put its house in order, or face the prospect of its eventual abolition. For two decades, […]

RYAN PRESENTED A REAL PLAN…NOW IT’S UP TO THE GOP: KIMBERLY STRASSEL House Republicans have thrown a grenade in the entitlement debate. Budget Chairman Paul Ryan bravely did what few—if any—politicians have done before. He issued a 2012 budget that forthrightly confronts the entitlement crisis. Politicians have shrunk from this debate for decades, and there were plenty of Republicans who would have been happy to continue […]

ALEX JOFFE: CLASH OF CIVILIZATIONS…THE GRISLY POLITICAL THEATER The death toll in Afghanistan has passed the two-dozen mark in the riots “inspired” by Pastor Terry Jones’s burning of a Quran in Florida. The grisly political theater has served its purpose. Laying Down the Law  In Malaysia, where Islam is the state religion, the prime minister’s office has informed parliament that non-Muslims […]

Why Has the Domino Effect Been Halted?Mordechai Kedar

Why Has the Domino Effect Been Halted?Mordechai Kedar Center for the Study of the Middle East and Islam (under formation) Bar-Ilan University Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali, president of Tunisia, fled his raging country this past January 14th, after a twenty-eight day period of protests left seven hundred dead.  Husni Mubarak, president of Egypt, left office […]