GANDHI WITHOUT THE BLINDERS: ANDREW ROBERTS Among the Hagiographers Early on Gandhi was dubbed a ‘mortal demi-god’—and he has been regarded that way ever since  By ANDREW ROBERTS Joseph Lelyveld has written a ­generally admiring book about ­Mohandas Gandhi, the man credited with leading India to independence from Britain in 1947. Yet “Great Soul” also obligingly gives readers more than […]


Read more: JON JACQUES: SPORTS ILLUSTRATED It’s wild to think that just a year ago my Cornell teammates and I were on center stage of March Madness; that’s what happens when you are the first Ivy League team to advance to the Sweet 16 since 1979. Thanks to Cornell’s historic success last March […]

DAPHNE ANSON: ANCIENT PREJUDICES INDOCTRINATING THE YOUNG Not Just a Funny Old Lady: Ancient Prejudices Indoctrinating the Young There she was, right on time, an hour before noon, when the supermarket was beginning to get busy for the day.  From across the car park I recognised her instantly, a small elderly figure with grey pudding-basin hair.  Rain or shine, she and  […]

ROGER KIMBALL: “KINETIC MILITARY ACTIVITY???”….CALLING THINGS BY THEIR RIGHT NAMES Writing yesterday about what Obama’s minions are calling our  “kinetic military activity” in Libya, I noted that the folks presiding over Orwell’s Newspeak would have liked the phrase “kinetic military activity.” As a mendacious and evasive euphemism for “war” it is hard to beat.  But Orwell is not the only important thinker the Obama […]

DECODING LIBYA: ANDREW McCARTHY Decoding Libya Sharia can tell us how this story ends. For nearly 20 years, we’ve willfully blinded[1] ourselves to the Rosetta Stone that decodes our enemy’s war doctrine. But the jihad (or shall we call it “kinetic Islam”?) is catalyzed not by al-Qaeda but by sharia — by Muslim law. So is the “Arab […]

THE SULTAN: THE MASSACRE OF MEANING When terrorists planted bomb in a bag near a bus station killing a Scottish Bible translator studying ancient Hebrew, and wounding dozens more including six Americans — Reuters decided it was time to explain to its audience what that peculiar Hebraic term, “Terrorist Attack” meant. “Police described the explosion as a “terrorist attack” — […]

THE SULTAN: SAVING A BILLION PEOPLE FROM THEMSELVES The West is almost as in love with improving the world, as the Muslim world is with conquering it. These two contradictory impulses, the missionary and the warrior, intersect in the Clash of Civilizations. The Muslim world has two approaches to the West, underhanded deceit and outright terror. The former are considered moderates and […]

GEERT WILDERS IN ROME: THE FAILURE OF MULTICULTURALISM AND HOW TO TURN THE TIDE Geert Wilders in Rome: “The Failure of Multiculturalism and How to Turn the Tide” Signore e signori, ladies and gentlemen, dear friends of the Magna Carta Foundation, molte grazie. Thank you for inviting me to Rome. It is great to be here in this beautiful city which for many centuries was the capital and […]

DISPROPORTIONATE RESTRAINT: DAVID ISAAC “Disproportionate force” is the accusation invariably hurled at Israel when she does anything beyond lie down in response to Arab attack. In Dec. 2008, for example, Israel launched Operation Cast Lead in an effort to reduce Hamas rocket fire coming in from the Gaza Strip – 1,750 rockets and 1,528 mortar bombs were hurled […]

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC REONSTRUCTION OF ATLANTIS: FROM THE CONNECTICUT JEWISH LEDGER Reconstruction of Atlantis that appears in the National Geographic documentary. WEST HARTFORD – Anybody who has read Plato’s “Dialogues” or listened to ‘60s pop-star Donovan knows about Atlantis, the legendary island city that disappeared into the sea “in a single day and night of misfortune” some 3,000 years ago. Those who read the Book […]