ROGER KIMBALL: OBAMA’S PETULANT PROSE POEM TO HIGHER TAXES “Mr. Magoo,” my friend said: “He’s like the cartoon character Mr. Magoo, stumbling around blindly, somehow avoiding the open manholes, careening buses, and other deadly  hazards that surround us.” We were talking about Barack Obama, his petulant prose poem to higher taxes — a.k.a., his speech on the deficit last week — as well […]


Remember Scott Ritter? – HUMAN EVENTS Remember Scott Ritter? John Hayward, Human Does the name “Scott Ritter” sound familiar?  It should.  He used to get a lot of media attention. Ritter was the chief United Nations weapons inspector in Iraq during the Nineties.  He became a darling of the press and Democrat Party […]

IS THE PA READY FOR STATEHOOD?Hadar Sela & Eli E. Hertz Hadar Sela & Eli E. Hertz Europe has the right to demand and ensure that before it accepts Turkey as a member of its Union, Turkey should be capable of economic independence and stability. It should also live up to standards of freedom, democracy and rule of law, civil, religious, political and social rights. […]

ROGER KIMBALL: ON GOREONIC AL’S THEORIES…..SEE NOTE THIS BLOKE ALMOST GOT TO BE PRESIDENT?…. Please listen up people. We have a global emergency. Former Vice President Gore has done us all the service of sounding the alarm. Some excerpts: “our polar caps are melting . . . we’re doing bad things to the atmosphere . . . if we don’t wake up, […]


Anti-Semitism as Thick as a London Fog By Janet Levy Anti-Semitism reached a new low in London earlier this month as the Hamas-affiliated International Solidarity Movement (ISM) successfully forced Israeli-owned AHAVA to close its London shop.  For almost two years, the Israeli-based cosmetics company, a manufacturer of Dead Sea mineral skin-care products sold worldwide, […]

QUARTET MAY RECOGNIZE A PALARAB STATE….A THREAT TO NETANYAHU,7340,L-4058472,00.html ‘Quartet may recognize Palestinian state’ FROM MY E-PAL NURIT GREENGER….”BAD BAD BAD News! The Israelis must produce a suicide note…the Arabs you sit, do nothing, we will give you your state against the Oslo Accords and the Road Map. In other words, the nations that pushed Israel to sign these disastrous agreements now abrogate […]

JIHAD IN NIGERIA: MUSLIMS RIOT, TORCH CHURCHES Nigeria: Muslims riot, torch churches, attack Christians after Muslim candidate loses presidential election The violence is “neither ethnic nor religious,” and yet the “mobs” and the “protesters” seem to be targeting Christians specifically. “Deadly riots hit north Nigeria as results show Jonathan wins,” by Aminu Abubakar for AFP, April 18 (thanks to An Infidel): […]

REP. KING DEMANDS ANSWERS FROM HOLDER AND DOJ ON FAILURE TO PROSECUTE HAMAS LINKS King demands answers from Holder on DOJ decision not to prosecute Hamas-linked CAIR and other unindicted co-conspirators in jihad terror funding case Patrick Poole revealed several days ago that the DOJ had decided, apparently for political reasons, not to prosecute Omar Ahmad, cofounder and longtime Board Chairman of Hamas-linked CAIR. Now Peter King is […]

GIULIO MEOTTI: MIDEAST WITHOUT CHRISTIANS,7340,L-4058379,00.html Mideast without Christians Op-ed: Christians must realize Israel’s fate intertwined with fate of non-Muslims in region Giulio Meotti This is the saddest Easter in the long epic of Arab Christianity: The cross is near extinction in the lands of it origin. The much-vaunted diversity of the Middle East is going to be reduced to […]

The Myth of Palestinian Christianity by Malcolm Lowe

The Myth of Palestinian Christianity by Malcolm Lowe REFUTING THE MYTH OF AN ERA OF COEXISTENCE… There has been much excellent academic study of the history of Christianity in the land of its birth. It could fill a whole library. In recent years, however, all that fine work has been eclipsed by the myth, […]