BACK TO BUSINESS IN IRAN: COMMANDER NAGHDI: “WE HAVE NO OPTION BUT TO DESTROY ISRAEL”… (BREAKING) Iran: ‘We Have No Option but to Destroy Israel’ Posted By ‘Reza Kahlili’  In reaction to the recent assassination of Iranian scientist Dariush Rezaiinejad, chief commander of the Basij Brigadier General Mohammad-Reza Naghdi stated [1]: The main plot for this criminal act was conceived by the American government, and since it is scared […]

CAL THOMAS: NORWAY “Police are calling the gunman, Anders Behring Breivik, a “Christian fundamentalist” because we must have labels (except when describing Muslim fundamentalists, which police, politicians and much of the media try to avoid for fear of angering Islamists). Breivik is as much a “Christian fundamentalist” as Judas Iscariot was and he deserves a similar fate.”When […]

MICHAEL YOUSSEF:OBAMA’S PLAN TO INGRATIATE HIMSELF TO ISLAMISTS BACKFIRES Since his election to the Presidency of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama has been on a campaign to ingratiate himself to the Wahhabis, the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamic hardliners. In doing so he is magically transforming them, in his mind at least, into “moderates.” According to his logic, as long as Islamic […]

CAROLINE GLICK: SQUANDERING ISRAEL’S LIMITED INFLUENCE The past month has been a difficult one for the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for the Palestinians (UNRWA). First Palestinians in Hamas-controlled Gaza held mass protests against the agency’s attempt to change its name to the United Nations Agency for Palestinian Refugees. Conspiracy theories claimed the name change was part of a […]

PAMELA GELLER STRIKES BACK AT NEW YORK TIMES….SEE NOTE PLEASE THE EFFORT TO LINK BRAVE OPPONENTS OF JIHAD AND SHARIA WITH THE NORWAY MASSACRE IS THE VILEST FORM OF LIBEL AND APPEASEMENT. RSK Pamela Geller strikes back at NY Times for tying her to Oslo shooter I still intend to examine the New York Times hit piece in some depth, but have been swamped […]


The Character Assassination of Robert Spencer Posted By David Horowitz URL to article: The New York Times today has a wretched editorial masquerading as a news story on Robert Spencer and his alleged complicity in the Oslo massacres because his ideas are cited by the lunatic responsible. Joseph McCarthy could not have done it […]


Not Stealing Palestine, but Purchasing Israel The real history of Israel’s founding, and why it matters Zionists stole Palestinian land: That’s the mantra both the Palestinian Authority and Hamas teach their children and propagate in their media. This claim has vast importance, as Palestinian Media Watch explains: “Presenting the creation of the [Israeli] state […]

ADRIAN MORGAN: BREIVIK’S ADMIRATION FOR OBAMA In its online edition, British left-leaning newspaper The Guardian has released an article which maintains that the Norwegian mass-murderer Anders Behring Breivik was in communication with the British anti-Islamic group known as the English Defence League (EDL). The article states that Breivik: “boasted online about his discussions with the far right English Defence League […]


The Oslo Factor: Blame Free Speech Edward Cline Norway: No Media Bias? Gadi Adelman A Message to the People of Norway Amil Imani

PATRICK DUNLEAVY:TRAGEDY IN NORWAY: UNDERSTANDING THE THREAT On Friday morning the world was confronted with the evil madness of Anders Behring Breivik, the man accused of killing ninety three people in Norway. The profile coming out now describes the man as a “right-wing Christian Fundamentalist.”  He is also said to have posted a manifesto online decrying multiculturalism and Islamism in Europe […]