JOHN BERNARD: RON PAUL MOURNS ANWAR AL AWLAKI There are many things for which President Obama will be held accountable in the 2012 election. He initiated, approved of and presided over many decisions which have been and will be injurious to the economy of this country and it’s security. The citizenry of this nation have never felt so exposed and unsure. Because […]


MSM More Concerned with Perry’s Relationship with Rock than Obama’s Racially-Charged Past So tell me if I have this right: decades ago, on a hunting ranch Texas Governor Rick Perry’s family was leasing a very small portion of, Perry’s father pro-actively painted over a rock with an offensive word on it and according to […]

PAMELA GELLER: THE JIHAD LAWYER The New York Times reported last week that the Islamic supremacist lawyer Lamis J. Deek, who is representing Ahmed Ferhani in his trial for a jihad plot to blow up a synagogue, also represented for a short time the undercover cop who helped put together the case against Fermani. Deek denies there was any […]

JEFF DUNETZ: LIBERAL MEDIA CALLS WALL STREET BRATS A LEFT WING TEA PARTY? HORSE CRAP! Liberal Media Claims “Occupy Wall Street” is a Left-Wing Tea Party The liberal media has constantly found ways to put down the tea party movement.  First there were the sexual slurs we were ‘tea baggers.” Then we were racists, stupid and finally we were stubborn extremists whose only wish was to close […]

REZA KAHLILI:”ARAB SPRING PART OF IRANIAN PLOT TO DOMINATE…. ‘Arab Spring’ Part of Iranian Plot to Dominate By Reza Kahlili For the first time, an official entity of Iran’s Islamic government has detailed the horrific goal of the regime: destroy America and Israel as part of the Muslim “awakening” sweeping Africa and the Middle East. That “awakening,” which the West has labeled the […]


Who Really Is “Anti-Science”? Posted By Bruce Thornton URL to article:   In any national election we can depend on the usual liberal ad hominem attacks on Republicans and their candidates. One chestnut already appearing is the charge that Republicans comprise the “anti-science party,” as even a Republican, presidential primary candidate Jon Huntsman, fretted […]

AMIL IMANI: DEFEATING ISLAMISM AT HOME The world is rapidly crumbling under the combined political, economic, and religious assaults. Politically, nations are at each other’s jugulars. Economically, there are more people than humanity can adequately feed, house, and care for. Our numbers keep on exploding, while resources of all sorts are depleting, the environment degrading, and other life forms are […]

CHARACTER AND EDUCATION: MARILYN PENN When I went to City College fifty-something years ago, ALL of my friends finished school within four years, unless they were interrupted by army or medical problems.  Students who had financial or family problems went to school at night and worked during the day and they naturally took longer,  but of all the people I knew, 0 […]

HOT TOPICS FROM FSM Today’s Hot Topics We choose, you peruse. s   Documents Suggest Holder Knew About ‘Fast and Furious’ Earlier Than He Claimed [FOX] Right-to-work drive gains steam in Michigan [WT] ‘Underpants bomber’ to denounce America as trial begins [TELEGRAPH] South Carolina sets primary for Jan. 21, advancing GOP primary calendar [WAPO] Obama: No regrets over […]


The “Fast and Furious” gunrunning probe is creeping closer to the Obama White House. It appears administration officials were willing to sign off on just about anything to accomplish their ends, and the result of this botched operation has has been over a hundred dead. Someone needs to be held accountable.

On Friday, the administration reluctantly released new and incriminating documents showing then-Special Agent William Newell with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) had discussed details of Fast and Furious in a series of emails with White House National Security Council staff member Kevin O’Reilly. In one of the communications, Mr. Newell gave Mr. O’Reilly a heads-up about an upcoming press conference announcing indictments in a dozen “straw purchaser” firearms trafficking cases and a Gun Runner Impact Teams performance report containing statistics on investigations.