In one of the curious ironies of history, the Democratic Party, in its present form, is animated solely by opposition to majority rule; an obsession that it attempts to disguise with insincere attempts at class warfare.
There is nothing that the Democratic Party fears so much as democracy, which is why it is far more comfortable ruling through judicial rulings and the unrestricted powers of an unelected bureaucracy. Obama’s two victories have given it a taste of a post-majority and post-American country ruled by a coalition of minorities, but its glee at that may be premature.

The Democratic Party has built its house of cards on locking in political and economic privileges for the different tiers of its coalition. From food stamps to government jobs, it is the old political machine gone nationwide, dispensing money and privilege to the different group of its coalition, as a remedy for the supposed privileges enjoyed by the majority.

It still talks about equality, now and then, but it has no interest in equality, because that’s too close to democracy. An equal population might start voting on economic merits, rather than the old game of special favors and privileged positions, and the Democratic Party, with its baggage train of professors who have never done anything more difficult than bore a class to death, bureaucrats who fear reform worse than death, and corporate and union bosses who expect special favors, would have nothing to offer them.

The coalition of the privileged underprivileged, united against the majority rule of the people who, unlike them, only erratically vote in their own self-interest, can achieve impressive turnouts, but that turnout is dependent on having something to gain from an election. And the closer the coalition of minorities comes to being the majority, the more unsustainable the payoffs become.

Liberalism has spent so much time working to destroy majority rule, that it has no idea what to do beyond that. Its only ideas involve suppressing majority rule through government power. It is incapable of meeting any challenge that cannot be oriented on the old familiar axis of oppressor and oppressed… and that makes it incapable of mature government.

Democrats with any economic sense turned on Obama after it was clear that he was incapable of having a serious conversation about economic reform. Those who didn’t, like Bloomberg, made it clear that they supported him for his social policies, not his economic policies. After the election, Obama justified their fears by going back to pushing tax hikes and cuts to the military as the solution for out of control spending and debt.

Cutting the military has long been a fond dream of the left and there’s plenty to cut. By the time Obama is done with the military, they really will be down to horses and bayonets. Raising taxes will bring in a little more money which will be thrown down the same old coalition hole as the money that came before it.


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I dislike Senators Barbara Boxer, Carl Levin and Charles Schumer, Frank Lautenberg, Bernie Sanders, Joe Lieberman and Richard Blumenthal and Dan Cardin. I also don’t like David Axelrod, Stocking Stuffer Sandy Berger, Rahm Emanuel and Tom Friedman, just to name a few of my favorite nolikes.

Now, the question. Does that make me anti-Semitic? That’s rhetorical and makes the Black congressional Caucus’s claim that bashing Susan Rice is racist simply ridiculous.


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One mo time: AFSI preceded the ZOA’s excellent opposition to the Gaza surrender. In fact, our national director Helen Freedman went with a group to Gush Katif to support the settlers and farmers who were uprooted to make way for Hamas. But then, AFSI opposed the Camp David Treaty, Oslo, the Wye surrender of Hebron, the so called Bush “road map” and all pernicious plans which called for Israeli surrender of its patrimony and security…..I am prouder than ever to be a member of AFSI….rsk

Caroline Glick, a senior editor at the Jerusalem Post and now the director of a new Israel defense project at the David Horowitz Freedom Center, blasts the mainstream conservative media for silencing critics of the so-called peace process:

Leading voices like former Jerusalem Post editor and Wall Street Journal editorial board member Bret Stephens, Commentary editors Norman Podhoretz and Neil Kozodoy, commentator Charles Krauthammer and Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol not only lined up to support the dangerous planned withdrawal. They barred all voices of opposition from the pages of their publications.

To greater and lesser degrees, their shunning of voices that warned against the Gaza withdrawal continues to this day.

So, too, with the exception of the Zionist Organization of America, every major American Jewish organization supported the withdrawal.

Like the editors of Commentary, the Weekly Standard and the Wall Street Journal, they barred voices of opposition from speaking to their groups.

All commentators who warned of the strategic calamity that would befall Israel in the aftermath of a withdrawal from Gaza were marginalized and demonized as extremists.


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