The Middle East Mindset by Mark Silverberg It is now clear why Mahmoud Abbas and his Palestinian Authority have refused negotiations with Israel for more than a year, even after Israel agreed to freeze Jewish construction in Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem: they have been busy working behind the scenes with South American leaders to […]


Click here to download the current unabridged issue (Part Seven) of Vin’s Notes (pdf). I am offended In a week that saw close to 30 people murdered in Afghanistan and Pakistan, the liberal and dhimmified media are quick to blame the loon, attention seeking Pastor Jones over the burning of a Koran. Right or […]

AMIL IMANI: THE ANACHRONISM OF APOSTASY Whereas the practice of slavery enslaves the body, the dogma of apostasy ensnares the mind. Whereas slavery is a shameful practice of the past, some shameless religionists still use the doctrine of apostasy to intimidate and severely punish people who elect to choose their own belief. Islam is extremely possessive of its subjects. It […]

VICTOR SHARPE: A LITTLE HISTORY NEVER GOES AMISS President Obama’s lugubrious policy of denigrating America whenever he visits developing Third World countries includes craven, mournful apologies for perceived past American sins to some of the world’s worst thugocracies. British Prime Minister, David Cameron, alas, appears to be sinking to the same level in apologizing for alleged British sins. The Prime Minister was […]

PROTECTING CHAVEZ: ENDANGERING AMERICA….FRANK GAFFNEY Protecting Chavez, endangering America? By Frank Gaffney, Jr. President Obama’s recent trip to three Latin American nations was absolutely surreal.  For one thing, he launched a war against Libya from there.  For another, he lauded and pledged support for offshore drilling in Brazilian waters that he has shut down in our own.  And he spoke […]

THE NEW AXIS OF JIHAD: PETER HUESSY US security policy in North Africa and the Middle East faces a dramatic test: will we be able to weave a strong tapestry of help for our allies and take down our enemies or will a new stronger coalition or “Axis of Jihad” banner arise from Iran to Tunisia? This coalition is now intent […]

THE CASE FOR PESSIMISM IN THE MIDDLE EAST: ROBERT WEISSBERG As events in the Middle East unfold (the “Arab Spring”), the obvious question is whether the changes in leadership will bring what the demonstrators demand. Will Egypt or Tunisia of tomorrow resemble the Egypt or Tunisia of yesteryear? Will the carnage in Libya and Syria be worth it if the old despots are kicked […]


End of Libya Conflict ‘Depends on Gadhafi Himself’,1518,druck-756609,00.html During Operation Odyssey Dawn, Major General Margaret Woodward coordinated the air campaign against Libya leader Moammar Gadhafi from the US’s Ramstein Air Base in Germany. She talked to SPIEGEL ONLINE about the challenges of that operation, German opposition to the military intervention and being a woman in […]

RYAN’S VISION AND BACHMANN’S COURAGE: DICK MORRIS Amid a Congress of baby steps, Paul Ryan strides like a giant. In a party of timidity, hand-wringing and hesitation, Michele Bachmann roars like a lioness. Together, Ryan and Bachmann are the core of the new, young Republican Party in the making, rising — as Gingrich did in 1994 — from the ashes of […]


The Mullahs Come to Assad’s Rescue Posted By Ryan Mauro The regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad is in big trouble. It has killed over 200 civilians since the anti-government uprising began, but the unrest is spreading across the country. Assad has been forced to turn to Iran for help, and now, the Reform Party […]