THE HISTORY OF “PALESTINE”…THE SHORT (ARAB VERSION) AND THE VERY LONG JEWISH HISTORY**** On The Usage of “Palestinian Arabs” in the 1920s  YISRAEL MEDAD The term “Palestinian Arabs” is ubiquitous today.  It means there is a “Palestine”, and some people, too many, presume there always was a “Palestine”, and that it is/was a state, a very real geo-political entity and that it was Arab.  These Arabs that […]

CAL THOMAS: HUNTING FOR TERRORISTS…NOT WITCHES | In Times Square last Sunday, an estimated 1,000 people gathered to protest the March 10 hearings before Rep. Peter King’s Committee on Homeland Security entitled “The Extent of Radicalization in the American Muslim Community and that Community’s Response.” The protesters called the hearings a “witch hunt.” Since there are no “witches” of […]

Return Libya To Its Rightful Rulers!…..INTERESTING HISTORY OF LIBYA’S JEWS STEVE PLAUT The world is wringing its hands over the fate of Libya. Being a helpful sort of guy, and what with Purim fast approaching, I know just the proper solution. Control of Libya should be returned at once to the natural and rightful owners of Libya, the people who controlled it before it […]

Feds Request Leniency For Terrorist Who Still Backs Killing Of Americans Feds Request Leniency For Terrorist Who Still Backs Killing Of Americans Mohammed Babar, Convicted of Aiding Al Qaeda, Gets Early Release The U.S. government formally requested the early release of a convicted terrorist from federal prison, even though the terrorist admitted that he continued to support the killing of U.S. soldiers serving in Muslim […]

Dispatches from Tom Gross CONTENTS  1. Harvard, too, teams up with the dictator’s wife 2. Sanitation worker loses hand in Jerusalem terror attack 3. Israel grouped with Iran & North Korea as world’s least popular countries 4. Even in the midst of Arab uprisings, Western pop stars target Israel 5. The sound of silence 6. Justin Bieber says […]

New Study on Hate Crimes against Muslims Contradicts Claims of Islamophobia in America

The full text of the white paper, and accompanying excel tables and charts, can be found at New Study on Hate Crimes against Muslims Contradicts Claims of Islamophobia in America Washington, DC, March 9, 2011 – The Center for Security Policy today released a groundbreaking longitudinal study, Religious Bias Crimes against Muslim, Jewish and […]

The ominous rise of Asia’s bachelor Niall Ferguson

Men Without Women The ominous rise of Asia’s bachelor Niall Ferguson In 1927, Ernest Hemingway published a collection of short stories titled Men Without Women. Today, less than a century later, it sums up the predicament of a rising proportion of mankind. According to the United Nations, there are far more men than […]

Rachel Ehrenfeld:The King Hearings: Muslim Radicalization Vs. American Constitutional Freedom by Rachel Ehrenfeld Mar 9th 2011 The hearings on radicalization in the American Muslim community, scheduled to begin on March 10, 2011, are past due. The reluctance to confront this disease affected American policy makers, monitoring organizations and the media, and judging by the wide spread dhimmi supported demonstrations, the revelations expected during the […]


NEXT TO FALL: SAUDI ARABIA on March 9, 2011 We can do without Libya’s two million barrels a day of oil albeit with significant disruptions in the global economy.  But if we lose Saudi Arabia’s nine million, we will face a global catastrophe. And the Saudi monarchy will be the next casualty of the […]

MOWBRAY: American patriot – and Muslim MOWBRAY: American patriot – and Muslim King committee witness shows his co-religionists how to be both by Joel Mowbray Looking at Zuhdi Jasser, you wouldn’t expect him to be a national lightning rod. Polished and polite, he is a medical doctor and Navy veteran who finds no contradiction between being a proud Muslim and […]